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Lawrence Auster's entries: [LAWRENCE AUSTER: JANUARY 26, 1949 - MARCH 29, 2013 ] [I am still here]

Week of March 17, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [An important entry posted last night has disappeared from the main page] [When in the course of human diseases it becomes necessary for one person to set forth before the world the recent history his own disease …

] [I’ve contradicted myself on the question of prayer] [The present course of my case] [Calling Joel LeFevre, again] [Don’t be afraid of making valid criticisms and complaints: criticisms and complaints work.] [My highest beliefs] [LA, March 18, 2013] [A further account of recent developments in my case] [A basic rule of e-mail etiquette] [What is writing?] [More on the talented poor] [My computer problems] [“The Right Prayer,” cont.] [Progress report on book] [NYT: talented poor not choosing to attend good colleges] [More letters] [A funny and true comment at Lucianne.com ]

Week of March 10, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Letter from an old friend] [Straightening the record on Kevin MacDonald and me] [For my tombstone] [Searching for Joel LeFevre] [The Right Prayer] [Unwanted and bothersome comments continue to arrive] [Further update, with hopeful ending] [Pain—and relief from pain] [Keep fighting] [Lucianne.com is dead and doesn’t realize it] [A new view of VFR and of the traditionalist mission] [Letters from readers continue] [Comments and personal e-mails are welcome] [A request to readers] [A beautiful day with friends] [Viewing passing phenomena from a stable point of truth] [What’s wrong with Intelligent Design and the Discovery Institute]

Week of March 3, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Amending Washington’s letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport] [I have not made sacrifices.] [A reader who was converted from atheism and anti-Semitism by VFR] [A hopeful comment about VFR’s influence] [How I came to write The Path to National Suicide ] [How dependent is gentile society on the Jews?] [A reader’s suggestion for me] [What is heaven?] [Comments] [The computer malfunction seems to have healed itself] [No comments] [Is liberalism doomed by demographics, cont.] [Computer problems ] [How to prevent Christianity from turning into liberal gnosticism] [A human ape in Tokyo] [Why liberalism may be doomed] [It keeps happening like clockwork] [Separate buses for Palestinians in Israel] [Times: Obama is demagoguing the budget issue] [Is a sign of life—life?]

Week of February 24, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [In America, politics has died] [The best of Lawrence Auster, selected by Ideologee] [Decadent culture, self-esteeming selves, sloppy minds] [How one becomes a traditionalist conservative through Christianity] [Letters] [What is anarcho-tyranny?] [Beyond surrender, beyond death] [Status report] [Right-wing whites at the left end of the Bell Curve] [The ultimate cheapening II] [Derbyshire and me] [What’s wrong with Theodore Dalrymple, and other atheist/materialistically minded conservatives] [Announcing the American Traditionalist Society] [The ultimate cheapening] [A wandering Dutchman in Australia] [The anti-human reality of mutually incompatible and uncomprehending people squeezed into the same space] [The strange career of a book] [Wilders in Australia on the Islam menace] [Letters] [The afterlife and Christ] [The Etiology of Cultural Suicide] [Man shoots home invader dead, saves parents]

Week of February 17, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A request to holistic advocates] [Decadent conservatives, cont.] [“The best of Lawence Auster”: first installment] [More readers’ letters] [Decadent conservatives] [The eternal worth and example of George Washington] [The road ahead] [What is the ultimate destiny of the human self?] [Weak but alive] [LA at work] [Jeffersonian’s proposal for the peaceful separation of liberal and conservative Americans] [Still shocked by reality] [What happens to us after we die?] [Goodbyes, cont.] [What one man can do pushing relentlessly against the entire world’s opinion] [Racial conservatism]

Week of February 10, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Secession: The Road to a Rebirth of America] [Our goodbyes] [The Republicans’ chronic and irresistible instinct to surrender America and themselves] [The Republicans’ distortion of Ronald Reagan’s position on amnesty] [Letters from readers] [Happiness] [Cicero says goodbye] [Maggots in the sun pretending to be a political party] [How I feel] [E-mail problem] [Big Lie on Parade ] [Pope’s replacement] [Bad news on the Auster health front] [In America 2.0, non-liberals are murdered with approval] [A primer for the Stupid Party] [How do I despise thee? Let me not count the ways.]

Week of February 3, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The comedy that is the state of Massachusetts] [Support for Lars Hedegaard] [The argument against using drones to kill enemies] [GOP drinks the Kool-Aid] [Medical update] [The hysteria about “killing Americans” ] [More detailed account of Hedegaard assassination attempt ] [Assassination attempt on Lars Hedegaard] [How to use an overused word] [My fault] [The body of Richard III found] [Standard lying politician] [African immigrant rapes and tortures Irishwoman; gets nine years]

Week of January 27, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Another Western woman who thought she could go anywhere alone and do anything she liked is missing, probably murdered] [Too dim to serve?] [The former breadbasket of Africa has $217 in the bank] [Woman in London disfigured, blinded, in acid attack by woman in niqab ] [Hagel ] [Life of an inner city security guard] [“How am I doin’?” Ed Koch, R.I.P.] [Thadiwe convicted] [An insane liberal] [Health update] [Whites continue to be murdered and maimed because of liberal America’s teaching that whites oppress blacks] [The Hispanic John McCain] [Rushdie’s definition of a fascist: a person who does not want to allow into Britain the people who are trying to kill me] [Obama’s anti-American foreign policy] [Man admits that he peppered with gun fire an ambulance carrying his wounded enemy and the car following the ambulance carrying his enemy’s family and friends.] [The utter degeneracy of the neoconservatives—and of America] [Was the American Revolution a revolution?] [Egypt gives death sentence to the people involved in the video “Innocence of Muslims”] [Michelle as Darth Vader] [Another major battle on “comprehensive immigration reform” is gearing up] [How VFR differs from today’s academic philosophy] [The traditional view of man and society as distinct from the liberal view] [How America 2.0—that’s their America, not ours—observes its most important public ceremonies] [Catching up] [Death by Vitalism] [How homosexuals and Muslims learned to cooperate in Canada—even on same-sex “marriage”] [In Egypt, it’s gone beyond extreme rioting: the rioters control an entire city] [Poland’s parliament rejects giving legal status to homosexual relationships] [Victim in Raleigh home invasion, paralyzed from waist down for life, is described as plucky and hopeful]

Week of January 20, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Hell frozen over] [Massively fatal soccer riots in Egypt result in mass death sentences which trigger more massively fatal riots—Ahh, freedom! ] [What does “conversation”—the liberals’ cure for all controversies and social ills—actually mean?] [In home invasion, husband is shot and paralyzed, and his wife is sexually assaulted] [All caps or italics?] [Doctor: good news (or, more precisely, not the worst news)] [Women in combat, cont.] [The ultimate victory of feminism] [Is Mormonism Christianity?] [Why liberals believe that Muslims and Western homosexuals can get along] [How I’m doing: update] [Hollande to White Catholic France: Drop Dead. ] [Another robotic conservative] [I covered Obama’s inaugural address, without saying anything about it.] [The next new step of the ever-unfolding liberal project: arrests of minority youth must be reduced so as to equal those of white youth.] [A new step in the unfoldment of liberalism: Diversity is not just one of the highest goods; and it is not just the highest good; it is the only good.] [What takes priority over healthcare in America 2.0] [If people look like thugs, does that automatically mean that they are not journalists?] [Diversity über alles: Harvard scientist proposes creating an entire race of Neanderthals] [The GOP’s leading voice on foreign affairs says “Yay, Morsi!”] [Another sign of the American conservative movement’s surrender to homosexual “marriage”] [Schumer says the NRA Is an extreme “fringe group”]

Week of January 13, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [It’s getting better all the time (with a little help from my friends)] [The son of Obama who stabbed a white woman with a baby twenty times in a Bed, Bath & Beyond] [White woman with baby stabbed a dozen times at Bed, Bath & Beyond] [Ugly movies, beautiful gowns] [“TV news crew” asked victims for an “interview” before tasering them with stun gun and filming it for “fun”] [Breaches in the liberal fortress? ] [A new calendar, with new holidays, marking the ascendancy of America 2.0] [Progress, at last] [Status update] [Liberal society’s Ideal Father morally destroyed his only daughter] [It’s not American gun violence that is exceptional—it’s black and Hispanic gun violence] [The liberal will to murder] [Too specific?] [The Million Normal Human March] [Thanks] [Vigil] [A story of Muslim assimilation into the USA. ] [How today’s feminized men speak to boys]

Week of January 6, 2013:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Prayer] [Status report] [New York Times closes its environmental desk] [Virtuous liberalism announcing itself] [With suffering, a blessing] [Robbers hold clothing store employees hostage, then flee] [LA, January 10, 2013] [Don’t worry; and messages from readers] [Tyrannical liberalism announces itself] [Now that the U.S. is in effect the facilitator of the bad guys, what will happen to the relatively good guys?] [De Tocqueville in 1831 saw the America of today] [Notes from readers] [What do you get in a city populated by blacks and run by liberalism?] [Obama’s egalitarian eugenics program] [Local New York paper conducts fascist-style intimidation of gun owners, then claims martyrdom over pushback] [Tyranny is coming in the form of gun control—we must fight it] [Why the House GOP rejected the disaster relief bill] [Recommended entries] [A prayer] [Obama doesn’t want Americans to be able to defend themselves from his sons] [What type of arms does the Second Amendment protect? And the parallel between self-defense in the Founding period and today.] [The metaphysical core of anti-whiteness] [Mobs of armed blacks shooting up malls] [Hagel]

Week of December 30, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Thanks from a reader] [Finally, parts of New Hampshire are becoming diverse! Even vibrant!] [Elementary school in Salinas, California named after Mexican bandit and murderer] [Russians for gun rights] [Farewell, past perfect?] [Letting it all hang out: What liberals want to do about guns] [A white reporter so whipped that he can’t even refer to the word “nigger” while interviewing the star of a movie that amply uses it] [Awlaki link to 9/11 hijackers] [Update] [Derbyshire’s philosophical blindness] [Am I toxified by the things I write about?] [Paglia the nihilist] [Personal note] [Hannity’s viewership has declined by 50 percent post-election] [New York Times op-ed calls for throwing out the Constitution] [Canadian man missing in Afghanistan had close jihad ties] [Instead of removing “assault weapons” from society, how about removing violent schizophrenic people from society?] [A universalist wants the U.S. to keep defending its “exclusivist national interests”] [Darwin Award Supremo: Young American-Canadian couple went traveling by themselves in Afganistan, have been missing since October. ]

Week of December 23, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The truth sinks in that liberals do not believe in self-defense, and thus do not believe in protecting the innocent] [Three blacks kidnap woman, repeatedly rape her for five hours, in Philadelphia] [The left’s increasingly murderous hatred for conservatives] [VFR] [Why any further restrictions on guns must be opposed] [Liberals would rather be mass murdered by terrorists than discriminate] [If the left thinks it’s right to publish the names and addresses of gun owners, isn’t it also right to publish the names and addresses of non-gun owners?] [Gun control bill to be introduced in the Senate next month will cover some handguns] [Is powerlessness in itself good? Leftist Christians say yes.] [What the European left seeks: the fascist super-nation of “Europe”] [Liberals would rather be killed than defend themselves] [The decline of The Atlantic, and of much else besides] [The latest from the intellectual leader of the paleoconservative movement] [Tonsor on tradition, and the left’s deliberate destruction of tradition] [If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?] [Chinese man (in China, thankfully) runs down 23 middle school pupils] [Kaplan: A specter is haunting the world, the specter of non-universalism] [Guilty Republicans] [We reap what we sow—and what we’ve sown is nihilism] [Merry Christmas] [Sam Donaldson Tells Tea Partiers “It’s Not Your Country Anymore—It’s Our Country”] [Romney’s son says he didn’t want to run] [Sub-proletarian nation] [Meanwhile the hysteria goes on] [How about banning hands and feet?] [Are the media downplaying the Patriots’s chances of breaking the all time scoring record because the offensive squad is almost all white?] [A defense of anti-psychotic drugs] [Must we oppose any restrictions on the firepower of semiautomatic rifles, cont.]

Week of December 16, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A fathead] [The gun debate] [Crazy and stupid white liberals who believe that Laura Wood is really Lawrence Auster] [A black woman named “Eloi” enters a Muslim school carrying a sword] [Correction and apology] [Confiscation] [The obvious way to prevent school mass murders, which liberals automatically reject] [Three dimensions of freelance mass murder] [Why do gun-rights defenders oppose any restrictions on the firepower of semi-automatic rifles?] [Thirteen House Republicans stop “Plan B.” ] [Weston on UKIP, cont. ] [The urgently demanded SOMETHING which we must have NOW would not have prevented the Newtown massacre] [Happy Hispanics] [Robert Bork, R.I.P.] [Bollinger and Christmas] [The four main reasons why boys become pathological] [Elie Wiesel chimes in] [The horrible costs of leaving dangerously schizophrenic individuals free and on medication instead of putting them in state hospitals] [Asking the principal of one’s child’s school: What you are doing, and what are you willing to do, to protect my child?] [The rise of the UKIP in the polls—what does it mean?] [The pure evil of the homosexualist movement] [A terrific comment on the gun control issue] [What can be lost when a civilization is destroyed] [Antidepressants defended] [Revival of The Music Man ] [Liberals and state psychiatric hospitals] [Harry Belafonte and the General Will—democracy as tyrannical mob rule] [Correcting media myths on guns] [Why America is becoming hell on earth] [The urgency of NOW] [Antidepressants and mass murder] [Django’s agenda] [LA, December 2012] [Jamie Foxx: “As a black person it’s always racial.”] [The forgotten, down-the-memory-hole, Michelle Obama] [Did I draw incorrect conclusions about the killer based on his photographs?] [A Rumer with any better credentials would sound as silly] [How our culture symbolizes itself] [Reply to Bollinger ] [Nutty mother, homicidal son] [The road that will not be taken: a traditionalist, male-centric response to the Connecticut holocaust] [18 year old arrested for planning school mass murder] [Black and white football players abused, raped, urinated on white girl during drunken party—and disseminated it all on the Internet] [An image of terminal decadence] [More bizarre names of celebrity children] [Nancy Lanza was weird, too] [Newtown and the garbage media] [Liberalism and mental illness, II] [Liberalism and mental illness] [The way liberals see reality, and the way I see it] [Am I a madman who has said evil things?] [The horror] [Another side of Adam Lanza—no, it’s the same side]

Week of December 9, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Adam Lanza] [Were the people of Sodom—innocent? ] [An angle on school violence that is never addressed] [Non-believing liberal society asks: How could God allow this?] [We, the innocent, who have turned our society into a madhouse] [Why “anti-violence” campaigns are nihilistic] [Who says the liberal West doesn’t care—deeply care—about right and wrong?] [We are not innocent] [Our false innocence, cont.] [Our false innocence, our real guilt] [On the shooting] [Connecticut shooting] [The stupidest sentence ever written, revisited] [Comments] [A typical specimen of the female Homo eloiensis] [An extreme specimen of Homo negrothugathletensis ] [The delicate souls at the Times find it terribly mysterious that a black criminal was killed by another black criminal] [Was Foxx called a nigger? And the new John Brown’s raid.] [Jamie Foxx says it was great to kill white people in his new movie] [The true thinking of the left] [UK Boy Scouts will admit atheists] [Liberalism applied to foreign policy: “If you treat a mass murdering monster like a statesman, he’ll be a statesman.” ] [Exposing conservatives’ racist code] [More on Republican cluelessness] [“So let her think opinions are accursed”: What happens when women treat opinions as if they were their children or their lovers.] [Union thugs assault Fox reporter for simply asking why they oppose right to work laws] [How can people believe in a system that is anti-existence? ] [White woman tells three black youths to “get a job”—they shoot her dead] [Greenfield on cultural secession] [Are all murders by blacks now “random”?] [How to equalize Shakespeare’s plays] [Are blacks the most violent? ] [Obama’s staggering imperial perks] [Preferring unpleasant truths to pleasant falsehoods] [The more dominant liberalism becomes, the more threatened liberals feel by any remaining milquetoast conservatism] [Who needs the massive lesson in suffering that is coming on America?] [God keeps sending dramatically clear messages about the badness of liberalism, and liberals keep ignoring them.] [Worshipping the Beast] [Susan Rice, lover of tyrants] [Starting over again] [VFR dinner] [Second Negro NFL player in eight days commits homicide ] [Republicans’ delusory confidence that Obama would lose]

Week of December 2, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The world we have lost] [Separating from America 2.0; creating the seed of America 3.0] [Barnhardt against the regime] [Phone Call from a Stranger ] [How I’m doing] [For the first time, conservatives are seeing the terrible truth about mass nonwhite immigration] [Against “studies”! ] [A majority of young whites voted for Romney] [Why the news about racial inequality should not be so alarming] [The non-thinking liberal mind] [The model minority’s racial dislike of us] [Asking a neoconservative a question] [Once the worst has happened, what do we do?] [How my ideas are being spread] [Are whites historically as savage and dangerous as blacks?] [The black mentality and how to deal with it] [The White House press corps] [American politics: mindless bodies smashing mindless bodies, while mindless masses cheer] [Black man pushes Asian man onto NYC subway tracks, killing him] [Bush emerges to preach on his favorite subject] [The liberals bring out the long knives against Rice] [Is “family” plural or singular?] [Is it wrong to say, “It’s their country now”?] [Drudge at his worst] [Conservatives who still think that Britain is a self-respecting country] [Gun control now? ] [A society that routinely—as a matter of policy—awards intellectually incompetent persons with officers’ commissions] [How professional sports help turn the American people into a mindless, easily manipulated mass] [When he was 13, Belcher repeatedly beat up and threatened a white boy until the boy’s family were forced to move] [A message for Bob Costas] [Apocalypse now? ] [Should we debate with our liberal relatives?] [Are Asian men voting Democratic to get revenge on white men?] [Costas uses halftime to lecture nation on gun control] [All hail our new country—the United Freaks of America] [What drove Belcher to kill his girlfriend] [De Tocqueville (and me) on the distinction between a people and a tribe] [Glenn Beck emulates Andres Serrano—live] [Will white guilt subside with the passing of the Baby Boomers?]

Week of November 25, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Negro professional sports] [No longer the forbidden topic?] [Finally, someone has frankly stated the true lesson that the GOP should derive from the election (note: that’s irony). ] [Negro government] [The potential quasi-incest of “blended” families] [Most existing civilizations originated in the conquest and displacement of earlier peoples] [Romney puts his seal of approval on Obama’s lies and lawlessness ] [The ignorance of the intellectually superior; the viciousness of the morally superior] [Two different views of the past] [All you need to know about the Republican party and its prospects] [Conservatives’ endless escapist dependence on polls to assure them that the left hasn’t won] [Do liberals really believe that all desires are equally good?] [Ian Jobling loves Big Brother] [How the Romney camp sees the election outcome] [The Hispanic/Italian analogy, again] [Egypt sentences Terry Jones to death] [How Romney’s Mormonism explains his moral and intellectual emptiness] [Sandra Fluke for Person of the Year] [Saudis open “center for tolerance” in Europe] [VFR] [Did Kristor counsel defeatism and retreat?] [Family wiped out as result of attempt to rescue their dog] [The next twist in Conservative Optimism Maintainance (a.k.a. “Conservatives are winning!”)] [What are male and female? And do their differences matter?] [Egypt in turmoil over Mursi’s assumption of dictatorial power] [Wash Post: Betray-us gave his broad classified material] [The typical response of a relative of a victim of black-on-white savagery: “There was no reason to do this” (implying that in most cases there is a reason).] [The presidential election in New York City ] [Why has atheism become tyrannical?] [Another typical example of inappropriate casting] [Romney’s emptiness, dramatized and explained] [Romney is a success after all—he got what he was seeking] [Against tribalism, again] [Three views of the universe: that it was born of itself; that God fashioned it like a human artificer; or that it was born of God] [Against catacombs; for resistance]

Week of November 18, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A typical example of inappropriate casting] [Is it legitimate to thank the universe?] [D.H. Lawrence on the white race’s fanatical destruction of itself. ] [Egypt becomes officially a sharia dictatorship] [Britain erupts at the C of E’s failure to approve female ordination] [Black Friday mayhem from sea to shining sea] [The unreal world of the Republicans/neocons] [As neocons and Republicans walk down the street, houses collapse behind them.] [Going where no reader of Victor Davis Hanson has gone before] [Thanks, universe] [Fallout from the C of E’s rejection of female bishops] [The meaning of Benghazi] [Obama’s and the Times’ dance on Israel] [Liberal Jews asking for the wrong thing] [The Conservative Web’s Liberal Gasbag-in-Chief] [Where we are and what we are to do] [California terror plot: the whole immigrant gang is in on it!] [The anti-Romney conservatives, cont.] [More blood and soil ] [Further thoughts on the medical device industry] [The coming economic ruin, with specifics ] [Another “conservative” who will never see reality] [America under the rule of entitled blacks] [Can the West and France be restored?] [“Blood and Soil,” cont.] [What lies ahead] [Should we go back to the Founding and the thirteen-star flag?] [Another “conservative” who doesn’t get it, and who cannot afford ever to get it] [Allen West fights on for a true recount] [Lieutenant Columbo’s real prey] [Re-trial in the Knoxville Atrocity ] [What to do about Gaza] [Roebuck on the Catastrophe—and the way forward] [A “conservative” who admits he’s aligned with the left against traditionalist conservatives ] [“Mere” Christianity]

Week of November 11, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Shredding a leading lie in American politics] [Is there an American people as distinct from the United States of America?] [Egypt fires rockets at Israel—the first hostilities between the two countries since the peace treaty in 1979] [The wonderful world of Jill and Scott Kelley, and the wonderful world of today’s military] [The end of homework] [A wholistic, non-reductive view of American identity] [Michigan Civil Rights Initiative overturned by federal appeals court] [Against global governance] [The missing Republican vote is much smaller than has been previously believed] [Beyond dissidence, cont.] [Another remarkable aspect of Broadwell, and what it says about Petraeus] [The new American people] [What Broadwell’s e-mails indicate about her character—and about Petraeus’s] [What would happen to the liberal campaign against American inequality and racism, if conservatives stopped opposing it?] [On why young women voted for Obama] [The face of the United States armed forces] [VFR discussion of the Petraeus affair] [Another aspect of the new America] [The Self-Serve Eucharist] [Operational rule of the new America: Democrats and liberals are never wrong] [Were an admiral and a general fired for moving to help Americans in Benghazi?] [The fervent, clueless Michelle Malkin] [A welcome distraction] [Trying to be fair to Jill Kelley] [Broadwell told TV interviewer in February 2012, “I’m not in love with David Petraeus.”] [The woman problem rears its head] [Did the scandal drive a craven Petraeus to tout the false White House line on Benghazi?] [Broadwell’s intimidating e-mails to Kelley included information about Petraeus’s movements] [Jill Kelley’s amazing power over men] [How Petraeus and Broadwell carried on their correspondence] [The neocons were as sure of Obama’s defeat as they are that Muslims want liberal democracy and that all non-Western immigrants will assimilate] [Why Romney lost Ohio, and the country] [Petraeus wrote letter on behalf of Kelley’s “unstable” twin sister in custody battle] [Why it’s too late to be a Solzhenitsyn-type dissident in the U.S.] [“An inevitable affair?”, cont. ] [Wouldn’t camp followers and prostitutes be better than the likes of Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley?] [Afghan commander Allen being investigated for numerous contacts with the “other other woman,” Jill Kelley] [The investigation. And why, since Petraeus did not break any criminal laws nor breach national security, did he have to resign?] [Mrs. Petreaus, cont.] [Obama supporters] [Unintentional hangman’s humor?] [The woman that set off Broadwell’s fatal jealousy] [How to protest the end of America] [The affair, cont. ] [The world just keeps getting more and more random] [Tammy Duckworth, revisited] [Further evidence that race matters] [The VFR Missing Conservative Bloggers Bureau] [Why the American people are beyond caring that they’re driving toward a cliff] [Hitchens: The U.S., like Britain before it, has begun the long slow descent into the Third World] [The percentage of the Jewish vote for Obama] [Overload] [The coming ruin of the economy under Obamacare, and who will be blamed for it] [Senior military officer who knows her and Petraeus gives his view of Broadwell] [An inevitable affair?] [The empowered modern woman and the general; a full account of the biographer’s relationship with Petraeus] [More dead are still being found in the storm-ravaged areas] [Nicholas Stix]

Week of November 4, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [More on Petraeus and Broadwell] [Speculation hopping on the Petraeus affair] [Did Paula Broadwell’s husband tell the New York Times about his wife’s affair?] [The call on Drudge to stop publishing racist articles] [A theory of Petraeus’s retirement] [More readers’ responses to the election] [The terrible truth, without buffers] [Obama makes good on his pledge in Cairo: maker of “Innocence of Muslims” video is sentenced to a year in prison.] [A scenario of secession] [Petreaus’s biographer-bimbo] [Vanishing American ] [The quintessential Republican loser] [How the House could stop Obamacare] [The No-Spin Zone becomes the No-Reality Zone] [Apparently Limbaugh is not surrendering on illegal aliens like Hannity and Boehner] [Boehner surrenders on amnesty] [Sean Hannity has “evolved,” now supports legalization of illegal aliens] [The mystery of the whites that didn’t vote, cont.] [A totally different view of the election: Obama won, not because of increased nonwhite vote, but because of mysteriously missing white vote] [Muslim woman beats her seven-year-old son to death for failing to memorize Koran] [How people are affected by the Catastrophe] [California’s one-party government of dependants] [Is Limbaugh evolving, or only revolving? ] [Will conservatives abide in the terrible truth, or revert to their standard optimism?] [The Republic—gravely injured, or deceased?] [Did I grossly misstate Ann Coulter’s record on the immigration issue?] [In the midst of terrors, a further terrible thought] [After the catastrophe, a new conservatism, a conservatism of truth] [Which mainstream conservatives will admit that we are no longer a “center-right country”?] [On the “Asian” vote] [On the end of European America] [VFR readers on the election] [Why racial reality occasionally bubbles to the surface of the conservative consciousness, and then is suppressed again ] [A conservative colleague tells me to terminate VFR] [Asians are as pro-Democratic as Hispanics] [My mind’s eye was more accurate than an army of Republican pollsters] [L-dotters on the election—it looks as though “Republican optimism” has finally had its day] [A request to commenters] [As I hoped, Ann Coulter is addressing immigration again] [13 million fewer people voted in 2012 than in 2008] [When there are no norms, nothing is strange and discourse is precluded] [How we have lost America and put ourselves under the power of leftists, aliens, and parasites who intend our harm] [By the way, Ohio seems awfully close to have been called] [Fox declares Ohio for Obama; it’s over] [It continues not to look good for Romney] [Ohio, etc.] [Pessimism and anguish at Republican blogs] [Some state results] [Tonight America could very well re-elect an openly treasonous president] [Eight raceless males stomp raceless male almost to death] [The strange merger of the objective and the subjective] [The two conflicting theories of the election, again] [Marina Krim and killer nanny had “epic argument” the day before the murders] [On The Tyranny of Liberalism ] [The Democratic view: Republicans are an illegimate part of America] [The New York area has lost its immunity] [Just saying “no” to black America] [Benghazi and the stimulus: the two worst things (other than Obamacare) that Obama has done ] [Conservatives’ certainty, cont.] [All the national polls show a tie (or at most one point of difference)] [How Obama’s sons behave during a vast human catastrophe] [Revenge against whom? ] [The insular mayor of the Isle of Manhattan] [Obama’s campaign of character assassination] [Before Obama, there was Kerry] [A home invasion, on tape] [Hanson’s dream of Mexican immigration—and the reality] [The “investigation” of Benghazi] [A triumph of wishful thinking] [The staggering damage from the storm] [The liberal/feminist unreality continues] [Katrina, with a Democrat in office] [Why Obama threw away the broad-based support he enjoyed at the beginning of his presidency] [A reader declines to vote for Romney] [Two mutually incompatible perspectives on the election]

Week of October 28, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [In re Obama’s loins] [Noonan essentially says that Obama is an empty black suit] [Comments] [My place in liberal society] [Barone’s prediction] [The wind damage] [Secret Service agent commits suicide] [Jew beaten by gang of blacks in Brooklyn as he headed home during the superstorm] [What blacks believe] [More on the storm’s terrible consequences] [Talk about litigious nation] [Rasmussen—it’s too close to make a prediction] [Why this election is very bad news, no matter who wins] [Kardashian and culture] [The Proles of New York] [Bellevue evacuated] [Hatefact: Different peoples will form different kinds of societies] [Debbie Wasserman Schultz] [America’s underutilized intellectual talent] [The state of the conservative mind—mainstream and paleo] [The divergence between the national polls and the state polls] [Coulter on the most important issue in the election] [Dolorous thoughts] [Pictures of New York] [Blacks looting in the wake of the storm, and displaying the stolen goods on social media] [An exchange on the election] [Cataclysm] [Why we can have confidence that Romney will repeal Obamacare] [The American Conservative: overwhelmingly for Obama] [Michael Savage echoes VFR on the killer nanny] [Has Halloween become a government holiday?] [South African girl shot in face and killed by blacks] [What happened to the black boy who tried to stop his friends from dropping a shopping cart on Marion Hedges] [A sub-mediocre newspaper, in a country of sub-mediocre newspapers] [Do computers need to be completely redesigned?] [Lower Manhattan flooded; parts of Brooklyn flooded up to a half-story high, with cars under water up to their roofs] [The effect of the storm on New York] [The strange path of the storm, and what it may bode] [The world’s greatest city, in the midst of the storm] [Modern liberalism and the pursuit of darkness] [Glandular Republican triumphalism, cont.] [Christian News Service touts the precipitous plunge of Obama approval rate to … 46 percent!] [A super Perfect Storm, consisting of a Perfect Storm plus the election: Bible Code predicts Romney victory! ] [Rasmussen: Romney leads in Ohio by two] [Sex and reality] [Kim Kardashian: A study in self-creation] [A way of getting a fix on liberalism ] [A reader’s counsel] [The decision not to help those in Benghazi must have come from Obama; and what this means] [Why Romney is not twenty points ahead] [Does this look like a woman you’d want to have caring for your small children?]

Week of October 21, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The Benghazi story grows more terrible by the day] [Stuart Taylor, yet another adherent of the Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom Pretend Conservative School of Racial Unreality] [How Romney can win without Ohio] [American democracy in one sentence] [Massive voter fraud using recent Somali refugees in Ohio?] [The Dominican nanny’s life was “in chaos” before she killed the Krim children; did the Krims notice? ] [Classy French women aren’t what they used to be] [Sex and the City on a Hill: Obama ad tells young women that voting for Obama is like having sex for the first time.] [Our vote, cont. ] [Autumn Pasquale’s Facebook exchange with the black teenager who murdered her] [How liberal feminist society hands over its children to envious aliens] [Two good signs for Romney] [A day in the life of an American black man] [In liberal society, everything’s normal, including the freakish rejection of normality] [Jacques Barzun, historian, cultural conservative, dead at 104] [Romney’s Ascension? ] [“Four dead because of Obamo”] [Manhattan mother returns home to find two of her children stabbed to death by the nanny] [My non-statistical intuitions about the election have corresponded almost exactly with the predictions of one of the most respected statistical pundits in the country] [Liberal America—the Sodom that pretends it’s Kansas] [Man murders police officer, then pulls a driver from his car and shoots him in the head on Cross Island Parkway] [The importance for both campaigns of the get-out-the-vote effort] [Romney Gallup advantage shrinks] [Race crime hoaxer offered White House post] [Another day, another “white racist” violence hoax, while the real, black-on-white violence continues unabated and unnoticed] [What the administration is covering up in Benghazigate] [Twelve-year-old girl murdered by two unarmed black teens in New Jersey town] [Why I will vote for Romney] [Who introduced Ryan at a Romney-Ryan rally in Nevada] [Liberal society—forever trying to turn anomalies into the norm] [Rasmussen: Romney up 50 to 46; and Obama sounding as though he expects to lose] [Readers’ thoughts on the third debate] [Know-it-all Obama shows himself ignorant] [Will Romney’s non-combative posture work?] [Romney’s plan] [Romney on the Mideast] [The big question hovering over tonight’s debate] [Whoops! Another freedom-loving Muslim turns out to be … a sharia-loving Muslim] [A change in Obama’s image?] [Why equal freedom does not bring us closer] [The Biggest Liars] [VFR’s editor still delinquent] [A strange incident in the second debate (not about Benghazi)] [If the historic American nation has ended, when did it end?] [Communist News Network] [Must-see Fox program on Benghazi attack] [Génération Identitaire is not altogether new] [What is the French Republic?] [Génération Identitaire’s statement on mosque occupation]

Week of October 14, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [New French group, The Generation of National Identity, occupies mosque site near the site of Charles Martel’s victory in 732] [Atlas back from the dead] [More polls] [Comments] [Obama’s Big Benghazi Lie, demonstrated graphically and irrefutably] [The disgrace of the Al Smith dinner] [James Bond and today’s world] [Has the elite liberal culture jumped the shark?] [Will on illegal immigration] [On the reliability of Gallup] [The unrepentant, repeat-offender, Soviet-level liars of the Democratic-Media Complex] [Did Ambassador Christopher Stevens seek “members of same-sex marriages” for his Libyan security team?] [Another liberal/Democratic paper endorses Romney] [D’Souza resigns from The King’s College] [Unprecedented events in the second debate] [Romney ahead in RCP electoral votes for first time] [Big Lie on Parade temporarily off-line] [What’s happening with D’Souza?] [Obama versus Reality] [A liberal paper comes out for Romney] [The French Left: even when they’re saving humanity, it’s all about moi] [Newsweek to go out of existence as a print publication] [Our leaders, our authority figures] [Those astonishing polls on the debate are not what they seem to be] [Gallup shows biggest lead for Romney yet] [The Romneys kiss, women go “Awww”] [Exposing Obama’s Big Lie that it was Romney (not Obama himself) who politicized a national security issue] [Astonishing poll figures on debate] [Analyzing Obama’s lie and Crowley’s assist-lie about the White House’s response to the Benghazi attack] [2008 Obama voters now strongly for Romney] [Official confirmation of increase in assaults on whites] [Earth-size planet discovered in the nearest solar system] [Lois Lane without a Superman: Crowley admits her interference in the debate was uncontrollable female impulsiveness] [Female ego running amuck ruins debate] [TAS writer wildly enthusiastic over Romney] [First reactions to the second debate] [The Rule for avoiding anti-white violence that contains all the other rules within it] [The Kerner Commission Report—the Bible of Black-Run America?] [An account of the Supreme Court hearings in Fisher v. University of Texas] [Why the administration lied about Benghazi] [An election scenario] [Americans to Afghans: Sure, kill us, we don’t care] [A new generation of young Frenchmen declare war against the multiculturalist, socialist, pro-Muslim, anti-white French regime] [The Sermon on the Smirk] [Who was Obama’s father?] [Is Obama ill?] [The new White Negro: an encounter with a wigger] [What happens to black males the moment they stop having supervised activities] [VFR] [A prediction about the second debate] [Not just a bounce from the first debate, but sustained momentum which Obama must reverse in the second and third debates] [Virginia] [Defending the Irish from a “typically self-deprecating Irish analysis”] [Another Chicago weekend] [Madonna reveals the essence of liberalism] [What nice-boy Ryan should have said; and, Why I write what I write] [All his sons: three people shot during football game at Obama International Studies Academy] [The shift in Ohio; and, how the national shift toward Romney is reflected in the shift of key states toward Romney] [What today’s Democrats really believe, once all their unprincipled exceptions have been removed] [A president who had the right idea, and the ability to explain it to the nation] [Africa in America] [Afghan man in Canada slit his wife’s throat because she was becoming Westernized] [The spelling of “Muslim” and “Islam”] [What was happening in Benghazi while Obama was hanging with Beyoncé] [A glimpse of the dream-mind]

Week of October 7, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Another Romney gain at RCP] [The one story about Obama you’ll never see on the conservative Web] [What Ryan should have said about Biden’s Big Smile] [VFR discussions] [Hillary says that Muslim violence must not deter us from supporting Muslim democracy—you got a problem with that? ] [The Empty Black Uniform] [Stephanie Cutter, the Democrats’ Big Liar du jour] [Biden’s Big Smile—a variation on the Big Lie ] [Responses to the VP debate] [RCP average now puts Romney slightly ahead in Florida] [Comments] [RCP moves Michigan from the Obama column to Toss Up] [The majority versus the anti-majoritarians] [A proposed experiment on liberals] [The vexed question of what is the white race; and, Have the Irish been good for America?] [My first laugh of the day] [The presidential polls] [If whites are not for themselves, who will be for them?] [Obama’s big lie about Katrina] [Abbreviations and mathematical symbols] [The bien-pensant West is shocked, shocked, that a 14-year-old Pakistani “prominent women’s rights advocate” is shot by the Taliban] [White man slashed to death on West 14th Street] [Rand discussion, cont.: what’s the good of being a hyper-logical thinker, if your first principles are divorced from reality?] [A paradigmatic black-on-white assault—update] [A question to ask the Obamas] [What will come next?] [Romney’s mindless foreign policy speech] [On foreign policy, Romney is a brain-dead follower of the establishment] [A paradigmatic black-on-white assault, captured on video] [Pipes “worries” about Romney’s support for Syrian intervention] [The increasing burdens of doing business in statist America] [Romney thoughtless, clueless, mindless on Islam] [How Obama’s abilities to be a winning candidate have been damaged by his conduct of foreign military campaigns, cont.] [The audacity of Obama’s fakery] [Two men give birth! ] [Panic on the left] [Pew (Pew!) shows Romney ahead by 4] [Precise definition of “random attack”] [All regions must be equal—everything must be equal (in order, primarily, to make blacks equal)] [Swedish town bans excellent school meals because they’re better than average school meals] [Blacks continue to enrich American culture] [Potemra on the wonders of black culture and more] [Has the supernal thrill worn off?] [It wasn’t the hippies that destroyed English culture, but the skinheads] [College running back killed by muggers] [What the election turns on: turn-out] [Is everything about the Sixties tainted?] [The (for the moment, in the realm of perceptions) reversed campaign] [The Virgin Mary thanked for the Christian victory at the battle of Lepanto] [A frightening experience] [Entry removed] [How many ridiculous excuses can the left come up with for Obama’s poor debate performance?]

Week of September 30, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [No Trayvons for me: a moment of racial realism] [Whites are far more capable, but what good will it do if nonwhites are the majority?] [An enemy of (liberal) society] [The empty debate podium] [Revealed! Obama’s notes to himself during the debate] [Romney’s preparation] [Professional race man says racism rendered Obama incompetent in debate] [VFR covers the gamut, from the biggest issues to the smallest] [Tough slogging] [Blacks’ response to a self-assured white man] [Is it possible the Supreme Court will prohibit racial preferences? And why they might not.] [How the Republicans can win the election] [What wasn’t discussed in the debate—violence at the Mexican border] [Double standard?] [Obama’s incredible demeanor while Romney was speaking to him] [Romney happy, Obamas grumpy] [Gore blames high altitude for Obama’s poor performance] [Matthews’s diatribe against Obama] [The conventional wisdom and one person who didn’t get it] [A contrarian view of the debate and the election] [Media turning against O. and his minions?] [The president’s media advisors, and the president’s socialism] [Debate on the debate] [The Beatles, revisited] [Must one read Rand’s other works, before one has the right to state conclusions about Atlas Shrugged?] [A terrible photograph for Obama] [A telling description of Obama?] [Flawed perceptions?] [Romney improving in some key states where he was behind] [The left seems to feel that a hyper-aggressive Romney beat up a passive and hesitant Obama] [Analysis, or professional cheerleading?] [Thoughts on the debate] [Philippe Rushton, R.I.P.] [I write to the author of the first serious article about Islam ever published in the mainstream conservative press] [Is Romney leading Republicans to destruction?] [The United Degenerates of America] [Teaching grammar the politically correct way] [Grocery shopping in a liberal democracy with 35 million blacks] [IBD has article declaring that Islam itself—not “jihad,” not “terrorism,” not “extremism,” but Islam itself—is the thing that threatens the West] [Maybe natural sex roles matter after all] [Solving a (to me) major puzzle about Atlas Shrugged] [Pamela Geller’s anti-jihad ads as a model to follow] [Today’s media] [Romney’s response to Obama’s Dream Act fiat] [Is Ayn Rand as American as apple pie, cont.] [What a liberal democracy with 35 million blacks is—part of an ongoing series] [Social Contract meeting; and a story by Tancredo about Republicans and the border invasion] [Chavez fighting for re-election] [Simon: We live in a Media State] [Conservative hypocrites—the latest in a continuing series] [Ongoing discussions] [How to reply to “It’s Christianity’s fault.” ] [Fall in New York] [A request to commenters] [What America now is—what a liberal democracy with 35 million blacks is. ] [The conservatives’ impotent hysteria, or is it hysterical impotence?] [Islam’s 1,400 year long war against the West] [Romney’s pathetic statement on the Arab Spring] [VFR] [Is Ayn Rand as American as apple pie?] [A religion of war—eternal war] [Who is John Galt?] [The way people dress today, and what it means]

Week of September 23, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A difficult question of usage] [Liberalism’s next frontier] [The Western self and its deformations] [Americans are turning their bodies into representations of hell] [Ayn Rand, an author who didn’t know when to stop piling on; and, John Galt as a substitute Christ] [What happened to the words “mother” and “father”?] [A fantastic story that demonstrates in the clearest, most dramatic terms what liberal society is] [Have we become a society of Randians? And is the Randian, self-worshipping self a product of Christianity?] [Romney’s shocking realism on the Israel-Palestinian issue] [The mindless, unprincipled reactiveness of The American Conservative] [It’s a random world] [Words to avoid when dealing with a certain demographic ] [Why the FBI have not gone to Benghazi] [Elizabeth Warren has practiced law in Massachusetts without a law license] [Beyond weakness, beyond appeasement, beyond farce] [Communism being normalized in Middle America ] [Drudge’s visual rhyming] [The insanity of Britain, captured in a song] [The GOP, timelessly lost] [The Peter Principle, applied to race] [Another Druxtaposition] [NYT: “Small numbers of Pakistanis are wrecking their country’s values and traditions”] [Romney gets real—not because he is real, but because he had no choice] [George W. Hussein Obama ] [The satanic religion of Islam] [Cyber attacks on U.S. banks] [Nation-crushers for Christ] [Blacks and nature] [Libya had a problem with Islamic militants; who knew? ] [On the death of the historical America] [Naomi Wolf continues to be Naomi Wolf] [Barack and A’jad express same view of Israel] [Another despicable conservative hypocrite—part of a continuing series] [20 year old white man killed by a “random” “punch”] [Even when Buchanan urges the right course, he does so for bad reasons] [Japanese Major League hitter cares for his bats as though they were violins] [Why we make a god of “democracy”] [Woman stabbed to death in the new Egypt, brought to us by American democracy lovers] [How to upset the American ruling class] [How a liberal journalist sees Obama] [France will ban “mother” and “father”] [Catching up] [For Obama (and for liberals generally), the only rational, good-faith position is his own. ] [A datum about the First World War] [The horrible costs of “democracy”] [Horowitz realizes his god is a savage god] [Does the Silent White Liberal Effect doom Obama?] [Catholics against Islam] [Stewardess steals passenger’s iPad] [A categorical call for the separation of Islam from the West] [America seeks to put revolutionary Islamists in charge of Syria]

Week of September 16, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Ideologues] [Michelle “could be president”] [How to get the Islamics to stop rioting] [America’s impotent appeal to Muslims] [Johnny Carson as a politician taking a polygraph test] [The Republicans and the neocons] [Greenfield calls for good fences (i.e. Separationism) between Islam and West] [Malkin gives it to Brooks] [Blacks on social media promise anti-white mayhem, murder, rape if Obama loses ] [Pakistan’s “Love for the Prophet Day” results in 17 deaths, many scores wounded] [Iron, Norway, the fall of Neville Chamberlain, and synchronicity] [350 pound black man repeatedly slashes white man in Greenwich Village McDonald’s] [France rushing toward the abyss—or is it already in the abyss?] [Now the animals (a.k.a. “students”) are taking their animalistic rivalries into subway cars] [Obama: another Dinkins?] [Double Plus Untrue] [A victory for truth] [An intriguing but lazily written article] [A funny comment about Ann Romney (actually, about everyone) at Gucci Little Piggy ] [Obama’s deliberate, outrageous, and now exposed lie about the consulate attack] [Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s solution to Islamic extremism] [Egypt indicts Terry Jones and seven Copts on capital crime] [The debate on the consulate attack: why should we care?] [Syrian rebels and “Innocence of Muslims”] [A cultural conservative] [Why blacks need to vote] [Can people choose to change their culture, their personality, their being? ] [Our totally Orwellian media, and what the Republicans should say about it] [VFR] [Interview with Wilders] [Pakistani wins Darwin Award ] [The Redistributor] [Who was right about the nature of the Libyan rebels—Kaddafi or the West? ] [Ferguson calls Iraq a democracy] [A self-evident but forbidden thought] [How Islam—and the ever-present threat it poses to humanity—could be brought to an end in one, simple step] [Additional benefits of Separationism] [Netanyahu makes strongest argument yet that Iran is close to nuclear bomb] [Taliban mount huge attack on heavily fortified U.S. base, destroy jets, cause $200 million in damages] [Beware of random men! ] [Standing firm against interracial marriage ] [Could the video be a deliberate provocation to bring out the insanity of Muslims, and should this approach be pursued?] [Antietam] [A video that supposedly disproves the official story] [Despicable conservative liars (an ongoing series) ] [The Nothing-Cons] [Greenfield on Stevens] [Christopher Stevens gets his wish] [Does the average conservative now understand how much trouble we are in?]

Week of September 9, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Is this the farce that launched a thousand sharia riots?] [The Orwellian truth controllers semi-admit their Orwellian truth control] [Man arrested in connection with anti-Islam movie] [One American woman’s outreach to the global Islamic community] [The effect of the liberal culture on science] [Muslim mobs wreak havoc on Western embassies and properties throughout Muslim world] [The final solution to one rapper’s problem] [Our leaders apply the liberal template to the embassy attacks] [Race and marriage] [The conservative establishment’s mission: to be unserious and keep surrendering to the left] [Psychopathic rapist with long criminal record arrested for raping elderly woman] [Too many things to write] [Another gem from the brainless woman who served for eight years as Bush’s brain] [The silliest man in America] [Stevens addresses the Libyan people] [Obama administration has dropped pretense that embassy attack was caused by anti-Muhammad movie] [The three legs of Obama’s Islam policy] [First impressions of Romney, March 2007] [The rumor that crops up whenever a person is murdered by a Muslim mob] [How the neo- and mainstream conservatives pretend that they are not responsible for the outbreak of Muslim extremism] [Drudge’s headlines on the flowering of the Arab Spring] [Libyans’ treatment of the dead Stevens] [Report: U.S. ambassador in Cairo prohibited Marine guards from carrying live ammunition] [Robert Spencer’s take on murder of Christopher Stevens is the same as mine] [A taste of the MSM’s construction of reality] [Mass murder in the French Alps] [A world-wide system of lies is threatened by one man who speaks the truth] [Is there a single responsible adult in the U.S. major media?] [Was it wrong to post the photo of Stevens?] [The battle at the consulate] [How to be a liberal saint] [Brooks buys into the female superiority thesis, ignoring everything modern society does to diminish and demoralize men] [Russians’ response to murder of U.S. ambassador is the same as mine] [Instant karma] [Despicable conservatives, cont.] [Traditionalism versus liberalism] [On the origin of stars] [The repellent conservative hypocrisy, cont. ] [That ol’ Muslim democracy, it jus’ keeps rollin’ along] [Support for Barnhardt] [What the Chicago teachers will not accept] [Anti-Islamization conference] [Hubble telescope has found ancient galaxy that scientists say shouldn’t exist] [Why are they striking?] [“I want to discuss world peace with bin Laden, but not alone with him in his cave.”] [The guilt unto (national) death] [Barnhardt on the coming violence and how to prepare for it] [How America’s cities may explode in minority violence] [Ann Barnhardt is on a tax strike] [Communism in the memory hole] [Does “Government is the only thing that we all belong to” have a less threatening meaning than appears?] [Craig Romney’s outreach to Hispanics] [Are Canada and the U.S. trading identities?] [The U.S. government and the Republicans—worse than nothing] [Who’s the empty suit?] [Korea seen from space—an image of two alternative destinies for mankind] [The Italian peninsula as seen from space] [Foreign jihadists who seek Islamic state swell ranks of rebels in Syria]

Week of September 2, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The GOP throws down the gauntlet on social experimentation in the military (sarcasm off)] [Democrats want to ban profits] [Obama camp says it had nothing to do with “we all belong to government” video] [How the electoral vote looks now] [The Democratic Party has finally made its credo explicit: We all belong to the state.] [The party of liars] [Seeing the real Dems at last—a revolutionary party out to conquer America] [Why did Obama give such a nothing speech?] [Bain Capital enriches the people who demonize it] [People who admire families with well-behaved, happy children…] [Like Peter, the Democrats denied God three times] [Entire staff of NR flees unsuitable motel in unsuitable neighborhood in Charlotte, following Derbyshire’s rules] [Personal update: good news] [Michelle O.’s speech: one big lie after another] [Why Clinton surpassed himself in praising the President who has undone Clinton’s own works ] [The Democratic Party platform and the Western heritage] [The Democrats’ anti-God membership, and their lawless, anti-democratic leadership—what a choice!] [Does the Obama White House replicate the African matriarchal pattern?] [The second most powerful person in the White House ] [We need to understand liberals’ principles; we don’t need drive ourselves crazy attending to everything liberals say] [Another example of why coming under the rule of blacks is not a desirable fate, though it may provide some laughs] [More thoughts on Eastwood’s speech] [When it comes to elections, urban America is less anonymous than we think] [One person’s feeling about the election] [Los Angeles Times promotes “moderate” Islamism] [Stupak emerges from the fumes of Hell to say Obama deceived him] [The heteronormativity that still dominates American national politics] [Obama’s self-love] [No post-convention bounce] [Our anti-children culture] [A new explanation of Islamic extremism: hot weather and stress] [A glimpse of the inconceivable scale of Democratic Party voter fraud] [RNC and DNC: another distinction lost. Or is it? ] [As long as there are Muslims among us, there will always be Sudden Jihad Syndrome] [The Milky Way, as seen from Mars] [The sort of people Britain seeks to deport] [The regime of hysterical, unthinking liberalism] [NRO does not post readers’ comments politely criticizing Muslim immigration] [The fundamental error of liberalism: it makes democratic process, rather than the substantive good, our highest principle ] [Obama the Great is fallen, is fallen … to 43 percent! (Rev. 18:2)] [Comments] [The massive injustice of liberalism, which liberals call justice]

Week of August 26, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [My commentary on Drudge’s “racist” headline] [Liberals give Eastwood the Soviet treatment] [A fight over the use of the word “savages” in the public square; and, Is it correct to call violent jihadists “savages”?] [Comments] [One quarter of births in Britain are to immigrant mothers] [New Jersey Pathmark employee goes on shooting spree, kills two and himself] [The City of the Big Shoulders becomes the Sister City of Baghdad] [What happens when public-spirited whites inhabit the same public space with lawless blacks] [Drudge’s most racist headline yet] [The debate about Romney] [In liberal society, male and female are made not in the image of God, but in the image of feminism] [The life-breath of liberalism: the ever-exfoliating racism charge] [Hispanics—Republican and Democratic; and, the systematic injustice of liberalism] [Romney relentlessly pushes a sexual egalitarianism that would have made his own exemplary family life impossible] [Why liberals hate Christians] [Sixty years ago, Ayn Rand anticipated Obama’s “You didn’t build that”—and also provided the perfect response to it. ] [The Republican party and women] [Eastwood] [Romney’s speech] [The shocking failure of the Republicans, and why we can’t trust them] [Black teen uses fashion accessory to murder her rival] [The constant danger posed by living cheek-by-jowl with the black underclass] [VFR’s author exposed (once again) as a hippie] [Unregenerate GOP groupies] [Open comment forums—freedom at its worst] [Ryan’s speech] [Robber wears Obama mask] [L-dotters LOVE Ann Romney] [Is this the GOP National Convention, or the Gyneocracy National Convention?] [Ann Romney’s disgusting appeal to the female vote] [Republicans think they want to win, but they really want to lose; they think they want to live, but they really want to die.] [White man fired from Wells Fargo for stealing a dime 50 years ago, while black armed robbers, drug dealers, and rapists are hired as police officers] [Was this the best Christie could do?] [The nominee’s wife—and all nominees’ wives] [New achievement for feminism! Woman uses knife to force a man to have sex with her. ] [Are there disincentives to black savagery that are both effective and civilized?] [What is the purpose of business?] [What I and VFR are not about] [The malignant-narcissist-in-chief] [The ideology which rules over us, and which we do not criticize] [Why many Greeks wanted to be part of the EU, and why they now fear losing their “European” identity] [A movie about a Christian conversion] [Power-holders cannot be criticized] [A word that keeps popping into consciousness, no matter how wrong it is] [Augusta National bows to the Zeitgeist] [Zulu discussed] [Obama injects himself into his tribute to Neil Armstrong; and the conversion of NASA into a project for Muslim self-esteem]

Week of August 19, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Why whites are so passive in the face of racial homicide] [Tampa] [The recurrent myth—and reality—of civilizational ruin and the Remnant] [Suspects arrested in robbery gone wrong of Megan Boken; and now the police and media categorize black-on-white murders] [A small unit of British soldiers holding off a huge Zulu assault] [Another white liquidated by the Negro savagery that America has unleashed and continues to ignore] [Is Maggie Gallagher still a same-sex “marriage” opponent worth taking seriously?] [Baghdad on Lake Michigan: 19 people shot overnight in Chicago] [Liberalism and shame] [Liberalism, applied consistently, is simply a demand for the suicide of human society.] [Twenty-three-year-old Russian Jewish immigrant, rendered brain-dead by a rampaging Negro gunman while riding in a livery cab in Brooklyn, dies] [Ye olde cultural stereotypes argument, revisited] [Race relations in America: the worthless blaming the non-worthless for their own worthlessness] [Maggie Gallagher announces her readiness to surrender to homosexual “marriage”] [The Obama Undertow? ] [Immigration agents suing our criminal government for forcing them to break the law] [Chicago: a black-and-brown majority city, with almost totally black-and-brown public schools] [Can America be saved, if it doesn’t want to be saved?] [Ugliness and equality] [Why law-abiding citizens need to be armed—there’s no way around it] [The continuing black mayhem which our society refuses to identify as such] [Six black teens knock down white man and kick and punch him repeatedly on the ground causing serious internal injuries; police say their motive was “boredom,” not “hate”] [The racial rules for media coverage of mob violence] [Liberalism and dignity] [Romney campaign gives white voters permission to vote against Obama] [Chicago police chief and blacks’ moral agency] [Democratic Party rent-a-mob disrupts Romney rally in Virginia; and what such tactics portend for Election Day] [Can a material reductionist honestly declare that he “likes” anything? ] [Bush, Spreader of Islam] [Simple observations that white people may not make ] [The Egyptian catastrophe, brought to us by U.S.] [A black man tortures, destroys his white wife] [A nation—and a conservative movement—that prohibits thought] [Man handcuffed for walking his dog in Toronto park in vicinity of Muslims] [Ferguson’s opportunism] [Democratic job creation] [Is honesty about race increasing?] [Why Newsweek did it] [A leftist American pol bows to Mecca] [The more he fails, the better he thinks of himself, and the better he expects us to think of him] [Yet another way to avoid being killed or severely injured by blacks] [The question of subhumanity, cont.] [How an empty black suit regards a man of accomplishment] [Question: why did Obama pick Biden, whom he despised, as his vice president?] [Black youth in Mississippi town steals car of 89-year-old white woman, then beats her almost to death with brick] [Derbyshire list addition: 10(w) If you are serving black females in a restaurant, don’t refill their water glasses too often. ] [Thirty people shot, six killed in Chicago between Friday evening and Sunday morning] [Our “ally” Iraq is helping Iran avoid the impact of sanctions] [Oklahoma police captain demoted for declining to attend an Islamic religious event] [Is the behavior of Pakistani Muslims subhuman?] [Newsweek calls for Obama’s defeat; and a discussion of Niall Ferguson’s weird reversal on the Arab Spring] [Does God exist?] [Why it makes sense for people to thank God for good things but not to blame God for bad things] [Conservatives who have lost the concepts of control, restraint, order]

Week of August 12, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Reports of murderous attacks on opponents of Muslim Brotherhood, including crucifixions] [The pro-Islam West] [If not unqualified freedom, what? ] [Touré, an embodiment of America’s black culture] [The demonic Olympics] [Afghan trainees are still murdering their U.S. trainers, and the U.S. Army is still scratching its head and wondering why.] [How should civilized people behave, when they are co-existing in the same society with dangerous savages?] [Detroit pizza franchise announces it will no longer make nighttime deliveries after savage shoots delivery man] [Romney’s terrific counterattack on Obama] [The career of “Touré”] [Technical work completed] [Western civilization, brought down by slogans] [VFR changing servers] [On the n----rization of Obama, and the n----rization of America] [The best explanation of Obama yet? ] [The West, without remorse, continues to allow its females to be raped by Muslims] [The ongoing destruction of the Syrian Christian community: ignored, covered up, and facilitated by the West] [Democrats take the racism charge where no racism charge has gone before] [Why almost all conservatives today are liberals and don’t realize it] [Sex and the Single Python Researcher] [Fifteen people shot in one afternoon and night in Chicago] [Olympics flaming fascism: more thoughts on the closing ceremonies] [Is it possible for the Obama administration to go too far for the liberal media?] [Ryan on happiness, cont.] [The Grand March of Liberal Progress toward … witchcraft] [Nixon’s ethnic ancestry, cont.] [A clarification—from God—on the meaning of “image of God”] [The first verse of the Gospel of Mark] [Why violent criminal aliens are being released in the U.S. to kill again] [Ryan on happiness] [Ryan, neocon] [Olympics coverage] [Youthist violence again troubles France] [Obama’s ultimate consigliere] [Greenfield’s searing indictment of Obama] [Ancient Caucasians had tattoos, and a discussion of English tradition] [Do the jihadists now realize that we are their greatest friends and facilitators?] [Don’t stop at the surface] [The neocons acknowledge the disaster in Egypt—but blame it all on Obama] [VFR’s first mention of Paul Ryan] [Ryan’s lifelong interest in economics] [Can we even call it a conservative “surrender,” since the conservatives never believed in the things they they supposedly believed in?] [The Sounds of (Neocon) Silence] [America’s victory in Egypt, Part II: Egypt now has a democratically elected Islamist dictator] [Twenty year old attempts to rape his grandmother, while hitting her head with a hammer] [How U.S. athletes celebrate the gold] [An unfond farewell to the Olympics] [Information on the Curiosity rover] [Police shoot man in Times Square] [The terrible truth—and what is worse than the terrible truth] [The total worldwide victory of leftism, brought to us by the world’s leading conservative institutions] [Victory for America! Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president kicks out military rulers] [“Yes, Usain, you are the greatest.” ] [On what the London Olympics have meant for Britain] [America’s finest]

Week of August 5, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Ryan’s beard] [A better—but still inadequate—side of Romney ] [A refuge] [Romney—a nice, liberal-leaning nonentity in the true Republican tradition] [The rising security state, from sea to shining sea] [You can’t defeat evil with nothing] [Why did many states ban concealed carry in the 19th century?] [Steyn on the financial gulf into which we are heading] [Greenville, South Carolina woman found beaten to death in her home] [Which is worse: Babylon, or our global liberal culture?] [How liberal self-celebration goes together with the liberal attraction to ugliness] [Living in Babylon] [The death of St. Lawrence] [On trashy athletes and avoiding the sight thereof ] [It’s not just U.S. Supreme Court justices who get mugged/robbed in our nation’s capital

] [“Teen” rapes 84-year-old woman] [The liberal cult of ugliness] [Whither Higgs?] [The Global Garbage Culture in which the New Humanity Worships Itself] [Mannish females in hot pants] [At the Olympics, officially facilitated free sex] [Trashy Olympic athletes, cont.] [These are the people—this is the country—we’re supposed to root for?] [Romney campaign confirms that he still wants the Boy Scouts to include homosexuals] [Homosexual man reported hate crime, now admits he lied] [We should root for the U.S. team] [The key to Obama’s mind] [Why no one at Columbia remembers Obama] [What is the Pope? A functionary of the man-worshipping New World Order] [14-year-old invades rural Massachusetts home, severely beats woman with shovel] [Crime fighter] [How the left portrays the good as the bad; why Obama sees producers as parasites; and why blacks make the most devoted leftists] [Economically expiring Greece starts mass-expelling illegal immigrants] [D.C. in the Sixties, D.C. now] [Seven-year-old participates in home invasion and beating of female victim with rock

] [Heavily tattooed man murders six at Sikh temple] [Elton John and his designer baby] [The Dark Knight killer’s psychiatrist had expressed serious concerns about him both to university police and to a university threat-assessment team] [Do black deficiencies disprove God’s creation of man?] [Curiosity—not a black thing] [White South African farmers face genocide, genocide experts warn] [View from the Right, a.k.a. Indiscriminate Good Samaritans Anonymous] [How the Catholic position on evolution is similar to the liberal position] [Why VFR’s recent focus on blacks?] [Thuggish black athletes, worshipful white fans: what’s wrong with this picture?] [White Supreme Court justices keep being mugged, physically assaulted, and almost killed by blacks—a white racial awakening must be right around the corner!] [Blacks at the Olympics as compared with whites at the Olympics] [Another man (probably white) ignores Derbyshire’s advice not to be an indiscriminate Good Samaritan—and is kidnapped] [Blacks at the Olympics] [Respected conservative blogger says that I have “tainted the entire VFR community,” Part II] [The Olympics: Cult of the New World Order]

Week of July 29, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A further exchange with Lydia McGrew] [A different approach to the meaning of the image of God] [Gov. Paterson wanted all the white state troopers on his personal security detail to be replaced by blacks] [Respected conservative blogger says I have put myself in grave moral danger and tainted the entire VFR community, cont.] [How many homosexual activists?] [The typical Obama campaigner] [Young man texts, “I need to quit texting,” before driving off cliff ] [Blacks and civilization, cont.] [And we should root for the U.S. team because … ?] [Beyond blogging, there’s a whole world out there] [Guilt by association] [Are blacks, as a group, capable of civilization?] [Reader says that I have put myself in “morally highly dangerous territory” and have “tainted the entire VFR community”] [A break ] [The Dark Knight mass murderer had announced his plans a week before the event] [On women and guns, cont.] [On ending the discussion about feral blacks and the image of God] [Nationwide pushback against the homosexualist tyranny] [Examiner.com: “Gays’ calls for boycott of Chick-fil-A not exactly having the desired effect”] [Can men lose the image of God, cont.] [“Why is Romney Losing? Because Immigration Is Electing A New People”] [The Dark Knight ] [Laura Ingraham] [Can men lose the image of God?] [The rules on white behavior that white liberals implicitly believe and strictly enforce but refuse to state] [How to write numbers] [Chick-fil-A: a homosexualist step too far?] [On Chick-fil-A, the homosexualist tyrants may have gone a bridge too far] [Man in subway tells female wolfpack to “Relax, calm down,” and they stab him] [Feral blacks and the image of God] [A stadium of diamonds with nobody in it] [Was Papachristou’s joke just a convenient pretext for getting rid of her?] [Black murders 79-year-old white woman in her home] [Three blacks beat young Irishman in the face with a bottle] [On a Bronx street, a black man smashes the head and face of a young Irishwoman] [The simple, true, and vitally important things that you cannot say if you wish to have a place in mainstream society] [In Liberal World, the human cost of making the slightest “misstatement” about blacks ] [Olympics opening ceremony was created by hardline Marxists] [The country that celebrates its self-contempt, cont.] [A reader’s journey beyond mainstream conservatism, and his experience teaching at an all-black school ] [It’s not only Huma Abedin’s family members who have Islamic-extremist ties, but Abedin herself] [The Republican/conservative establishment’s black-out of the Huma Abedin problem]

Week of July 22, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Carrying concealed as a normal part of life] [The London Olympics opening ceremony; or, the maggots in the corpse of a once-great nation] [Reign of terror by nine-year-old in day care center] [The next frontier—racially equal outcomes in school discipline] [The fruits of consistent, applied liberalism in the Bay Area Rapid Transit system] [Via our support for democracy, we now support our mortal enemies] [Frum, revisited] [Fouling up is now part of Britain’s national identity] [Diversity—the dream and the reality] [Bloombrain surpasses himself, calls for nationwide strike by police] [In Johannesburg, three men slaughter mother, father, and 12 year old son] [Batman Begins ] [The truth about tattoos] [The Democrats’ current line] [An unbearable social stigma] [Another naïve white momentarily forgets about the sacredness of blacks, and has her career ruined] [Obama has new TV ad claiming he didn’t say what he said about entrepreneurs] [Another defense of The Dark Knight Rises ] [Racial “probes” by blacks in Chicago] [A proposal for a new type of school for blacks] [A question about obeying traffic lights in Black-Run America] [Can the portrayal of utmost violence be artistically legitimate?] [“Well” and “good”—each has its place] [How you can get killed while driving through the black part of town: a bummed cigarette gone bad] [Sally Ride] [Why liberals call mass murders “senseless” ] [Kersey: Conservatives should not condemn The Dark Knight Rises for its attack on capitalism] [America’s support for regime change in Syria] [The Jewish emphasis on the concrete and practical] [Today’s hyper-violent movies serve the same function, and have the same moral effect, as the gladiatorial shows in ancient Rome] [Love of God, self, and others] [Extreme nihilism, in a PC package] [Where Batman is really at] [Another reader’s response to The Dark Knight Rises] [Britain—a country that celebrates its self-contempt] [The nightmare of the London Olympics] [A reader’s response to The Dark Knight Rises ] [Liberals’ good cop / bad cop routine, a.k.a. the Phony Mainstream] [Is Russia now a force for traditionalism against culturally revolutionist America?]

Week of July 15, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A new name for this polity] [No defense for modern, disgusting movies] [Warner Bros. pulls trailers for Gangster Squad] [From Proposition Nation to Politburo Nation] [Discussion of the “Dark Knight” massacre] [A defense of the Dark Knight movies] [Dark Knight director describes his movies as innocent and joyful, and the copy-cat massacre inspired by his movies “senseless”] [The West, sinking steadily into oblivion, without even an audible cry of resistance] [Have America and Russia switched roles?] [The great Noël Coward ] [Why watch O’Reilly?] [Responses, pictorial and discursive, to Obama’s Communist, anti-human vision] [The proximate cause of the Batman massacre identified, with almost 100 percent certainty] [Coulter on immigration] [Dems pretend that the Alien-in-Chief didn’t actually make the most objectionable remark ever made by a U.S. president] [CNN’s coverupage of Obama’s collectivist statement ] [We keep eating the fruit of the knowledge of evil, and guess what—we keep knowing more and more evil] [What George Zimmerman should have said to Hannity] [A Christian-oriented major restaurant chain] [Stupidity and tattoos] [Among blacks, the mindless sub-human violence that can—and in this case does—break out at any moment] [Here’s one organization that has rejected our society’s homosexualist imperative] [Shirts and the modern self] [France’s socialist president sees a struggling auto company, and shoots it dead ] [How to stop an armed robbery] [George Zimmerman to be interviewed on Hannity tonight] [The left’s unforgivable sin] [Life under Islamic law—the same Islamic law that the U.S. is spreading by encouraging democratic elections in Muslim countries] [Fast and Furious—another perfect storm of Democratic evil and Republican fecklessness] [What’s next: anti-male quotas in science education] [Discussion on sex and IQ] [The weather] [Two shot dead, 22 injured as Standard Negro Violence erupts at Toronto block party] [300 blacks trash a Wal-Mart; zero indignation from media or anyone; zero response by police] [Obama adopts the Elizabeth Warren collectivist line] [Sex and IQ] [The Jewish super-success in America] [In America, the black man just can’t catch a break, even when he’s trying to make an honest living as an armed robber] [Physicist says the Higgs boson is far less than what it’s been claimed to be] [Hog’s bisons and turtles, all the way down]

Week of July 8, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [What the discovery of the Higgs boson demonstrates about the nature of the universe] [Krauthammer acknowledges that the “Arab Spring” has led to Islamist rule] [When illegal aliens and blacks kill or injure whites, it’s the car or the gun or the knife that did it] [Not Rice] [Condoleezza Rice is an idiot—and so are the “conservatives” who support her] [Continuing discussions, July 13] [A time for silence?] [Where’s the Beef? Part II; or, More Hog’s bison bull] [Rice] [Tattoo thread still continuing] [Romney and the ritual Republican candidate’s speech to the NAACP] [Extremism exemplified] [Tattoos] [Certain tattoos not wanted in U.S.] [Revised entry on Trayvon (excuse me, Trayon)] [The fullest account yet of why Roberts did it] [Seventeen year old Trayvon (excuse me, Trayon) Washington arrested in shooting of Wendy Fisher] [Tattoos, cont.] [Tattooing and synchronicity: Is existence mental, or what?] [Why this horrifying epidemic of tattoos?] [Good news for once: Two-thirds of Americans support Arizona-type illegal-immigration laws] [A threat to American culture previously ignored by VFR:
The Pizza / Split Infinitive complex
] [The animals amongst us] [Which is worse: heavily tattooed people, or lesbian couples who want your children to play with their children? Answer: Heavily tattooed lesbians who want your children to play with their children. ] [The Egyptian military still rules Egypt] [The president from who knows where] [Are blacks the cultural Huns, not just of the West, but of all cultures? ] [Another white girl killed by blacks, but with a twist: she was their partner in crime] [Blacks in speeding car almost hit woman’s dog; she asks them to slow down; they shoot her dead in a hail of gunfire] [Continuing discussions] [Human, or animal?] [Why Obama hides his b.c.] [Conservative child prodigy turns liberal] [Google becomes global activist organization for homosexual and transgender “rights” ] [At that final meeting in the twilight kingdom / Where empty suits meet Higgs bosons] [Where’s the beef? (or the pork, or the buffalo meat, or the anything?) ] [Another lesbian stages a fake hate crime] [An article that claims to explain the importance of the Higgs boson ] [My favorite novel] [Another conservative hopeless idiot] [Obama’s a gut fighter, and Romney’s not even in the fight] [Thanks from a reader] [Lincoln’s Calvinism sans Christ and sans redemption]

Week of July 1, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A Chicago-type Friday night in New York] [Real philosophy] [You can keep Naperville out of Chicago, but can you keep Chicago out of Naperville? ] [The perennial question of “good” versus “well” ] [Beneath liberals’ self-celebration, the despair of nihilism] [Daily News takes the “X gone wrong” formula to new depths] [The uniqueness of Romney] [What scientists really believe] [To go on celebrating July Fourth as though nothing has changed is to be an Eloi] [Pro Higgs] [The “white Hispanic”] [Zimmerman needs a million to get out of jail] [A revelation of nothing] [How the “right” keeps moving to the left without realizing it] [Mocking the hype] [The God Particle returns—the total victory of materialism impends!] [So close, and possibly ever closer, to the possible discovery of the possible Higgs Boson] [What happens to white women when Africans are brought into their country] [Animated versions of VFR articles] [The mainstream conservatives’ hopeless schizophrenia] [A silver lining in Obamacare?] [A people at war with civilized society] [LAPD coins new phrase for rampant black homicide of non-blacks] [Is it true that Roberts has broken no new ground? ] [In July 2007 Roberts had a seizure, was “ashen-faced and foaming at the mouth.”] [What happened on the Supreme Court] [The human sacrifice cult that is liberal society, cont., and cont., and cont.] [Limbaugh on the ball for once] [Is the 1964 Civil Rights Act the father of Obamacare?] [July Fourth and the Declaration of Independence] [The ultimate escapist conservative article] [Why it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that Obama is a Muslim] [The Confederates are not our models! ] [The man who destroyed America] [Camden] [Will Big Sis come and get me for this?] [More on the split infinitive] [Why all modern men, insofar as they are modern men, are hollow men] [The Perennial Prager ] [An indefensible decision made for the basest of reasons] [What the decision means: producers are the slaves of non-producers] [The Stupids who think they’ve won] [A symbol of what happens to a nation that defies truth, God, and law; or, Synchronicity on a national scale] [Coleridge, a Toyota dealership, and synchronicity] [The Climax of the Adreno-Cons]

Week of June 24, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Coulter on Roberts, 2005] [The Roberts principle which gives the Congress unlimited power over the American people] [VFR on John Roberts in 2005—Part VII] [VFR on John Roberts in 2005—Part VI] [The mindless indifference of many Americans to the well-being and future of our society] [Another Lara Logan] [The possibility of repeal] [Thoughts on the Roberts decision] [The headquarters of conservative cheerleading for the Obamacare decision] [Chimpanzees pull man under a fence, drag him for a kilometer, and bite and maul him, leaving him near death] [VFR on Roberts in 2005—Part V] [The most hopeful interpretation yet of the Obamacare decision] [Has Limbaugh joined the conservative escapists?] [The mainstream conservatives’ alternative reality] [What Obamacare will do to America] [At a historic moment, the empty response of an empty man] [Bachmann doesn’t think it’s the end] [VFR on John Roberts in 2005—Part IV] [Is the decision fortunate, because it gives Romney a compelling issue on which to campaign?] [The cheerleaders who keep turning into mourners, and they never learn] [VFR on Roberts in 2005—Part III] [VFR on Roberts in 2005—Part II] [VFR on Roberts in 2005—Part I] [A good week for real Americans?] [What the four vote minority on the Court would have done] [VFR] [The end] [Obama saved by Roberts] [The big day cometh] [French Socialists want to have it both ways] [The kinds of things make blacks resort to violence] [The rot of the rotting corpse continues] [No exit for the white race?] [Man bites dog (white man kills black woman)] [Female empowerment => death] [A man who has no relationship to truth] [Are VFR readers an entourage of yes (wo)men? ] [Whose Second Thoughts?] [Rice takes herself out of VP speculation] [Not just another terrible Supreme Court decision] [Another white female police officer who joined her life with a black male police officer and ended up dead] [Another white woman savagely killed as a result of Britain’s mass importation of blacks] [The lawless U.S. government vs. the state of Arizona] [Negro mayhem takes life of black female police officer] [Israel’s Operation Wetback] [Sexy government!] [Does decency preclude survival? ] [A shocking and disastrous decision] [The inadequacy of Second Thoughts] [The beginning of the re-thinking process on which our survival depends] [Supreme Court upholds main provision of Arizona law on illegal aliens] [Hollande’s cabinet babes] [Pure anti-whiteness—and the racial conservatism that is needed to oppose it] [U.S. reaches historic milestone in its campaign to spread Islamic law—excuse me, I meant to spread democracy. ] [What was the purpose of Fast and Furious?]

Week of June 17, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Oakland now and then] [Open war on whites in Oregon park] [Riding while white] [Had I but energy enough, and time] [Blacks’ failure, whites’ fault] [Six blacks plan and carry out murder of delivery driver, then take the food home to eat] [Armed Services chairman will not try to roll back homosexualization of the military] [Thoughts on reading list; the criminal nature of the Soviet Union; and could we become like that?] [Indians, cont.] [In Chicago, near Wrigley Field, a black man grabs a white pedestrian from behind and slashes his throat] [A cross between The Great Gatsby and I, Rigoberta Menchu] [Partisan Politico ] [Heat] [Openly totalitarian Britain ] [Are Indians a model minority? ] [Whom do I like?] [Arab Spring update] [How Chicago’s gang fighters, facilitated by the media, are claiming to be innocent victims] [Another symptom of liberals’ nominalism about black-on-white violence] [South Orange goes LGBT] [What’s more important to the media than increasing readership? Protecting the liberal ideology. ] [Hatfields-McCoys versus Chicago’s intra-black mayhem] [Williams, again, on black flash mobs and other manifestations of the racial double standard] [How modern people, living without rules, still think that there are rules] [Jewish intelligence, cont. ] [The Soon-Yi affair as a paradigm of liberalism] [Restore freedom of speech in Canada? Perish the thought! ] [Solicitations to young people to become homosexual, funded by the federal government] [The contemporary reluctance to offer spelling (and grammar) corrections ] [How not to send a comment] [On Father’s Day, Woody Allen’s son tweets, “Happy Brother-in-Law’s Day.”] [Kidist Paulos Asrat at VFR] [Cambridge, Mass. is considering a ban on all sodas in restaurants] [Obama’s amnesty: not just a lawless power grab, but the selling points are all lies] [Another white female—and great-great granddaughter of Franklin Roosevelt—gets her Obama] [Actual Black Run America ] [Scandalous conduct in Secret Service much more widespread than previously thought] [Free?] [Social networking and me] [In Chicago, those mysterious, descriptionless young people just keep killing other mysterious, descriptionless young people] [How right-liberalism opens the door to left-liberalism] [Testing Derbyshire’s theory] [The reality of “dating” today] [Was there any escape for her?] [Former next-door neighbor of Timothy Jorden says he assaulted his wife and was expelled from the military]

Week of June 10, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The evolution of “dating”] [U.S. Bishops support Obama’s amnesty fiat] [The latest white woman who thought she was getting Barack Obama, and instead got dead] [More on the suspected relationship between Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Davis] [Democratic unhappiness growing] [The indescribable lowness of contemporary political leaders] [Doctor in Buffalo murder has committed suicide] [Gay Pride in the U.S. armed forces (doesn’t it make you feel proud?)] [British atheism, and Laura Wood’s first comment at VFR] [Elizabeth Warren: if blacks are less successful than whites, it’s because of racial discrimination] [Stanley Cup victory in Los Angeles] [What Obama gives his funders] [A question on federal election law] [Sweden still in the forefront of progress toward complete human equality] [Pizza as the anti-Christ] [Who is doing what is right?] [A new word for what the mainstream news industry does with all the news that doesn’t fit the liberal view of reality] [Asma Assad] [Unending black racial savagery in Chicago, facilitated by the liberal establishment] [The American leaders responsible for the murders of Americans] [Fast & Furious makes it onto the NBC Evening News—after a year] [Notes from the Chicago Intifada, 2012] [Man in Buffalo states the truth about blacks; conservatives freak out] [Young businessman dies after being punched by attacking gang in Golden Gate Park] [Laziness vs. enterprise] [Another nail in the coffin of “conservative minorities”] [VFR becomes more user friendly] [Has Obama lost the Democrats?] [Horrific] [The Kennedys and the Obamas] [Detroit’s Götterdämmerung: “It’s about race, stupid.” ] [New data on the campaign to eliminate “food deserts”] [The problem of black loudness, cont.] [Scott Walker’s achievement] [Murderer of Canadian family is Indian] [“What is it, Negro, that the white man still owes you?”] [Young white Canadian woman meets and marries waiter from Mauritius on family vacation cruise; now she and her parents are dead] [Why did God create a race whose intellectual capabilities are so far behind those of the rest of mankind?] [Republican fans smell victory, switch into triumphalist mode]

Week of June 3, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Delivering pizza to blacks, a white woman is stabbed 50 times and killed] [The Democrats are so crazy they are looking like losers] [What do whites owe blacks? And, Why did God create a race whose intellectual capabilities are so far behind those of the rest of mankind?] [A chief crown prosecutor says grooming and sexual exploitation of young girls is a Muslim-on-white thing] [On America’s underutilized scientific and poetic talent] [Rachel Maddow frankly admits that the Democratic Party’s survival depends on the tyrannical rule of public employee unions] [Sudden Savage Syndrome—or just a drug deal gone wrong?] [Study: the existence of traditional marriages is a threat to the Gender Revolution] [An issue forced into the shadows] [Liberals equal and surpass our parodies of them] [Hmm, it turned out that ending the “digital divide” didn’t help after all] [Did Obama make a double entendre at LBGT fundraiser?] [Why conservatives, notwithstanding all their fulminating on the subject, still don’t understand the liberal media] [Why it was right, then and now, to be highly suspicious of Obama’s putative birth certificate] [New search tool] [A party of liars that believe their own lies] [What should be done about public employees’ pensions, work rules, etc.] [The toughest night for liberals since Nov. 2, 2004] [Slapping Barrett in the face, a woman reveals the essence of the Democratic Party] [Our Communist media] [A note on synchronicity] [A sensible argument for racially segregated schools] [How homosexual “marriage” is anti-human] [Gov. Walker wins big! (But the media don’t want anyone to know it.)] [The anonymous Hemingways of the 17th century] [Can truth only be known after death?] [The correct way to describe the incident in Toronto] [Hoodie on the loose] [Man under “house arrest” kills one, wounds seven in Toronto shopping mall food court] [One man’s escape from NRO to VFR] [Some news] [Zimmerman back in jail] [If liberals thought about Hitler the way they think about blacks] [What level of reading ability should set the norm for our literary culture?] [The evolution of one person’s views on racial differences in intelligence] [For the EU leaders, the only way the crisis can be resolved is through the creation of the EUSSR] [A Rothschild falls for a rapper]

Week of May 27, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The NIV hits another home run] [Jim Kalb on Robert Spencer’s apologia for unrestricted freedom] [Robert Spencer replies to my criticism of him over “Lady Gaga”] [For Scott Walker] [The New York Times’ uniquely affected way of making the world unintelligible] [The truth comes out] [A tragic irony of history: without Lee’s brilliant generalship, the Southern way of life would have survived] [How the sister-brother dance team of Adele and Fred Austerlitz became Adele and Fred Astaire] [The real meaning of liberal progress: things keep progressing from bad to worse, then to much worse, then to much, much worse …] [Not everything is grist for my mill] [Our racist universe] [What can we do to secure women’s rights in Afghanistan?] [Raceless people’s violent hostility to police and first responders] [Seattle police say one man—who is white—committed both sets of murder today] [Obama’s non-random evolution] [The Darwinians have won! Randomness is taking over urban America! ] [A meditation on guns] [Murder by guns busting out all over in Seattle] [Derbyshire’s list and my additions] [More on reasonable segregation] [Is VFR’s expansion of Derbyshire’s list a grotesque recipe for dhimmi-like surrender? ] [Attorney General of the U.S. advises black pastors how to campaign for Obama] [Do any top black athletes have black girlfriends?] [Seattle police officials tell city council that guns, not gangs, are the cause of violence] [What happened to liberty? ] [Bring back reasonable segregation] [More synchronicity, re Bob Dylan] [Just my average synchronicity experience—something like it happens nearly every day] [How Chicago’s young black males celebrate Memorial Day] [World Star Hip Hop] [He Belongs to Us: The relevance of Bob Dylan to traditionalists] [What drugs was Trayvon Martin using? ] [Black man on Japanese train goes all-out in confirming certain stereotypes] [The case against Zimmerman is very weak (but that’s been clear from the start, and it hasn’t made any difference, has it?)] [All My Sons] [One way to avoid being beaten to death] [Newark’s version of Memorial Day festivities] [The vanished white ethnic neighborhoods of Queens] [A tale of mutual help] [Unbridgeable differences] [Victory of the democracy spreaders, cont.] [Seattle family man, software engineer, is shot and killed while stopping for light on Martin Luther King Jr. Way] [Remembering a white working class neighborhood of the mid twentieth century] [Another white young female non-VFR reader is murdered] [Another white person is murdered by a black for no other reason than that she was white—and our society ignores it]

Week of May 20, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Wanted: Christian and conservative warriors] [The good-freedom distinction and my critics] [Christie is not a conservative; and the conservative illusion that he is] [Why the spread of Muslim democracy simply equals the spread of jihadism, 2005] [Before public nakedness was good] [Letting down the side?] [Victory of the democracy spreaders] [The new homosexual-friendly U.S. Air Force] [Is equal rights the road not taken?] [In liberal land, Warren not hurt by false claim of Indian ancestry] [The Naked City (or, The Naked City of Man)] [The anti-Obama Democrats] [If Churchill had been a modern liberal] [Western man can only be saved by true Christianity] [The problem of solutions to the black problem that aim too high] [The happiness of choice] [Bad news for Zimmerman?] [Why Baltimore is in such bad shape] [The premise that enables liberals to tell Big Lies without a pang of conscience] [Why obviously fake hate crimes must always be treated seriously, no matter how many such hoaxes have been exposed in the past] [The Napoleon of open borders] [Conservatism ] [Lesbians charged for faking hate crime] [The latest risible example of how society discriminates against blacks] [How same-sex “marriage” stabilizes homosexuals] [State legislator calls on Baltimore mayor to resign if she won’t stop Inner Harbor gang violence] [VFR’s Rules on How to Protect Yourself from Black Violence and White Political Correctness] [20 blacks invade pub with sticks, bats, and knives, stab young white man to death and critically wound his father as he tries to protect his son] [Black woman murders two female tourists in Atlantic City] [Is VFR becoming a one-issue blog?] [Yet another naive white who thought she could correct misbehaving blacks the same way she would correct misbehaving whites] [Following the dictates of female empowerment, female college student went for four-mile bike trip alone at 1:45 a.m., and disappeared] [The saga of Dodger Stadium] [Image of a dead country] [Products that have made America great] [Are whites waking up in response to increasing black anti-white violence—or descending into an even deeper sleep?] [Massive homosexualist propaganda on Fox] [Fender bender outside Dodger Stadium holds man to the ground and repeatedly kicks him in the face] [White asks black to pick up beer can he dropped outside white’s condo; black swears, knocks white to ground, then kicks him in face causing broken jaw, multiple other facial fractures, and loosened teeth] [A high school teacher in Black-Run America] [A new strategy: suing liberal institutions for claiming to be non-liberal] [Exchanges on Eastern Europe] [Ravi sentenced in webcam case] [Nicknames for bloggers] [Talk on Islam] [How to ruin a person: give her five million dollars] [Liberalism not only leaves whites helpless before black racial violence, but destroys their minds in the process] [A congressman calls for dropping the two-state solution] [The present and coming vengeance against whites, applauded by whites] [Douthat on Warren] [Police have no clues on the murder of Harry Stone] [Now that a key threshold in the de-Europeanization of America has been crossed, how are the race-blind conservatives reacting? ] [Leftist storm troopers in America]

Week of May 13, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Filipino Christian youth group protests “Lady Gaga”; and more on Robert Spencer’s liberalism] [An eloquent statement about the insanity of Western women] [Another day, another random stabbing ] [Obama the native Kenyan, Warren the Native American: both seeking left cred] [The Thinking Housewife on France’s First Girlfriend] [Robert Spencer says test of moderate Islam is acceptance of Lady Gaga] [“I’m an Indian, too!”] [In conformity with the Islamic law, Hollande bans pork at his official residence] [A picture of life in black ghetto America—what can you do but laugh?] [Two Chinese graduate students at USC shot dead in their car; their parents sue university] [Fifty Romanian beggars set up camp in London’s exclusive Park Lane—authorities helpless] [Are friendships between whites and blacks possible? ] [The meaning of “random” black-on-white attacks] [Black-Run, Leftist-Run, Homosexualist-Run America, and its Black-Run, Leftist-Run, Homosexualist-Run white Suburbs] [Maryland legislator calls on state to suppress “roving mobs of black youths” in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor] [While blacks disfigure and murder whites, whites apologize for segregation] [The Democrats are a thug party] [The accelerating feminization of the military] [When a single “white” kills a black in self-defense, it’s a white racist murder spree threatening blacks across the country; when blacks target and kill whites across the country, it’s random, meaningless, purposeless.] [The investiture of a president of the French Republic] [What’s wrong with Obama and his camp] [What is European-America?, revisited] [Sowell on the black-on-white intifada] [Zimmerman had facial injuries, and the FBI is thinking of charging him with hate crime. Not a non sequitur! ] [Why I don’t like Buchanan] [Personal update] [Another kind of separationism] [President Clouseau] [Bristol Palin in the news] [Brooks, husband, to be charged with concealing evidence] [Warren insists on her American Indian ancestry] [New England Genealogical Society refuses to defend or comment on its earlier statement about Warren’s ancestry] [Fauxcohantas, cont.] [Those delicate flowers at Powerline ] [The National Front, the UMP, and the Socialists] [The wealthy socialist] [A country that is trying to banish sex distinctions] [Hoodlums throwing rocks at cars from Chicago overpass] [GAO: Oil shale in American West equals the rest of the world’s proven oil reserves]

Week of May 6, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Warren is not American Indian at all ] [High earners are departing from France to escape the Socialists’ confiscatory taxes] [The horse must have been racist] [The empty lives of Republican partisans] [Weston on the official cover-up of Muslim gang rape of English females] [How Elizabeth Warren got hired at Harvard] [Double agent foiled bomb plot ] [Bob Strait, 90] [Englishman asks black man in restaurant if his crying daughter is OK; black man, enraged, stabs Englishman to death.] [If they made a movie of Dirty Larry ] [The only thing that can drive a Western politician to oppose mass non-Western immigration and Islamization] [On Pim Fortuyn] [Has the Zimmerman persecution lost its momentum? ] [Stoking up the lie that the West, until the day before yesterday, treated women the way Muslims do] [The Thai custom of coercive social accommodation and favor-trading compared with the blessed American freedom to speak one’s mind] [Prosecution rests case in Edwards trial] [Homosexual rights supporter Roger Stone denounces Obama over homosexual “marriage” statement] [The surreal ascendancy of homosexualism] [90 year old Bob Strait, veteran of D-Day, dies two months after wife’s murder at hands of savage home invader ] [Billionaire in a hoodie] [Bushobamerica, still spreading radical Islam—excuse me, I meant spreading democracy] [EDL joins with British Freedom] [O’Reilly exposes the cover-up of the racial mob attack in Norfolk] [Two Americans residing in Asia debate Asian culture] [What Romney did when a colleague’s daughter disappeared] [A vacation] [Greater Manchester police ignored cries for help from white girl being sexually victimized by Muslim gang] [The fall of Richard Lugar] [Asian Confusionism?] [Color film of spontaneous victory celebrations, Honolulu, August 14, 1945] [Asians and the West, cont.] [Sleepy British conservatives rub their eyes and say, “Eh wot, Cameron’s not really a conservative, is he now.”] [Monstrous Britain] [Amnesty proponent Lugar—whose record on immigration is worse than McCain’s—is defeated by amnesty opponent in GOP primary] [The amoral-tribalist mindset that permanently distinguishes Asian culture from the West] [The immediate story: racial violence by raceless “kids” forces Cleveland to cancel summer fairs.
The larger story: endless accommodation to violent and dysfunctional blacks causes whites to cancel civilization.
] [Discussion on ineluctable racial incompatibilities continues] [ Is “PIIGS” an anti-European term?] [Another example of the lack of integrity of the conservative media] [The meaning of France’s election of a Socialist idiot as its president] [Goodby blacklist, black hole, blackmail, blackhearted, etc.] [Did AP correspondent Edward Kennedy do the right thing in reporting Germany’s surrender on May 7, 1945 in violation of censorship?] [Citizens’ obligations to ex-cons, cont. ] [E-mail problem]

Week of April 29, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Why France is likely to elect a Socialist Über Loser as their president] [More disappointments from Michael Reagan] [Norfolk race attack gets onto TV] [WND article on the black intifada] [NBC scapegoats a couple of reporters for doing what all the liberal media have been doing] [A true case of desperation] [Even more palpable hatred] [From VFR, January 2005: “A new religion is born”] [How a liberal became a conservative] [The omnipresent maximum leader] [Can Asians assimilate into American culture?] [The things black people believe] [Bad signs for government’s suit against Arizona law on illegal aliens] [Three-quarters hiatus] [“Farewell Intercourse” originates from Muhammad] [What does society owe to ex-cons, cont.] [Why Asian immigrants, though well-behaved, are nevertheless a disaster for America] [Two white reporters assaulted by black mob in Norfolk, Virginia] [Another instantiation of Black-Run America] [Do conservatives want to exclude from society ex-cons who have paid their price to society?] [What “All men are created equal” now means] [Washington on America’s dependence on God] [The effort to get blacks interested in Gettysburg; and, how America became Black-Run America] [Terry Jones burns more Korans] [We should never treat the sick and transgressive as normal and acceptable] [How else would we have known who is the Frenchman?] [Raceless man strikes several raceless pedestrians on head with hammer, kills one] [Which is worse, murder or racism?] [Wealthy class warrior Elizabeth Warren falsely denied having touted herself professionally as a minority] [Why liberals are bullies]

Week of April 22, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [On ridding our language of discriminatory words] [The latest manifestation of liberalism in hyper-speed: liberals want to eliminate ordinary words as racist] [Anti-Bullying speaker curses Christian teens] [Hollande?] [The ineluctable racial incompatibilies that are bringing us to destruction, unless we radically reverse course] [Black man invades home, bludgeons mother and daughter to death, critically injures father] [At a McDonald’s in Des Moines, 20 to 30 unarmed juveniles of undetermined race surround a man and woman of undetermined race, throw rocks at them, rob them] [Happiness—or the eye of the hurricane?] [A dress code and its effects, 1957] [The latest step by which the imperative to raise up blacks drags down the whole society: the federal government is making it impossible for businesses to conduct criminal background checks on applicants] [Colombia wants the United States to apologize—but for what?] [The latest fruit of Muslim democracy! A proposed law allowing husbands to have intercourse with their deceased wives] [VFR’s work on the Martin-Zimmerman case] [February 26, 2012: the pre-history] [The French left—sicker than the U.S. left] [The Jews and resurrection, cont.] [America’s police forces—allies of the liberal media] [Hey, Zimmerman was once an innocent-looking boy too] [Lowry on blacks and murder] [You can’t even call Britain a Zombie Nation, because zombies show more animation than this] [Why did the Jews give up the belief in the resurrection? ] [Young testifies that Mellon was told the money was for personal expenses] [By executive fiat, “transgendered” persons now come under the 1964 Civil Rights Act] [How far we must go today to conceal our identity] [“The hatred that liberal whites have for us is palpable, and you can begin to sense their impatience.”] [Is the photograph of the hooded, young-looking Trayvon Martin a fake?] [On the French election] [Bearing witness] [“I miss the country I once knew.”] [What O’Mara has revealed about the Martins] [What have blacks contributed to our civilization?] [How I lost it] [Black man beats white McDonald’s manager with baseball bat] [What’s Equal Dignity Got To Do With It? Black mob armed with brass knuckles, chairs, and paint cans, and yelling “Justice for Trayvon,” beats white man in front of his house, putting him in critical condition] [Clothing for the fashion-aware gun owner] [O’Mara: canny defense attorney or buffoon? The verdict is still out] [Finally, accurate and objective photographs of the two principals in the Martin-Zimmerman affair] [What happened to a Good Samaritan who failed to heed John Derbyshire’s “racist” warning] [The destructive consequences of believing that blacks are the same as whites] [Is the left “desperate”?] [The horror, seen with clarity and passion] [A changed view of the John Edwards trial] [Why it is incorrect to call Breivik insane] [Forbes contributor: people who dispute manmade global warming must be punished] [Did O’Mara blow it?] [What blacks would be like if it weren’t for white racism] [A thought, instantly materialized] [Trayvon, the fake and the real] [More on Breivik trial] [Analysis of April 20 bond hearing]

Week of April 15, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Feminism has brought America to a new level of social depravity] [Two blacks knock white man to ground and hit him numerous times in the head in revenge for Trayvon Martin] [Another liberal lie] [Zimmerman’s “whiteness,” cont. ] [The prosecutor has never sought information on Zimmerman’s injuries] [A response to VFR’s tenth anniversary] [Joel Kotkin on the downfall of California] [“I am that N-word!” ] [Gunman who stalked couples at motels and forced them to have sex is caught] [Yet another twist on the photograph of Zimmerman’s bloody head] [Dershowitz, agreeing with VFR, says that Angela “Nifong” Corey has probably committed criminal acts in her prosecution of Zimmerman] [VFR’s birthday] [Lars Hedegaard acquitted of hate speech in Denmark] [The latest racism charge] [Levon Helm, Dick Clark dead; how the Times tells its readers what to think, without telling them that it is telling them what to think; and a discussion of Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released”] [ABC News shows photo of Zimmerman’s head wounds they previously suppressed—isn’t that nice of them?] [Robert Spencer calls Anders Breivik “insane”; says the Counter-Jihad movement is about spreading “equal justice and the human rights of all people”] [Weston: Britain is already a sharia state] [Article on the transparent falsehoods/contradictions of the Darwinians] [Those still unidentified Secret Service agents; and, a needed booklet on black violence] [How serious a felony did Fellony commit?] [A prediction of Obama’s overthrow] [Display of special characters] [How to commit racial and civilizational suicide: make women superior to men; and, this was the real goal of feminism all along] [Angela Corey, an adherent of the Michael Nifong school of prosecution] [Criminal stupidity] [Black boys beat white female doll piñata] [A woman named Fellony] [Yelling, “F**k the white man!”, black in Washington Metro head butts and punches in the face a white passenger] [Black federal jobholders’ instant path to riches: discrimination suits] [A new book saying the Darwinian-Materialist model has failed, because it cannot explain consciousness and intentionality] [Taquanda claims to have shot and killed Quantavius in self-defense, but the police think she’s covering up for her significant other] [Thanks from a reader] [Those racist Swedes] [In the aftermath of Zimmerman case, whites are not allowed to defend themselves] [Woman murdered as she tries to prevent her infant from being kidnapped] [How to reply to the stupids] [Another path to national suicide] [What must I do to be saved?] [Charles Bolden’s Greatest Quotations] [Amazing developments in Egypt] [Islamic malevolence toward Christianity ] [More critiques of the affidavit in fhe Zimmerman case] [Thank you] [Unarmed 17 year old black kills white man with a punch to the head] [Is the liberal belief in black equality losing its hold over people’s minds?] [The Anders Breivik trial has begun] [Liberals, like Germans under Nazism, “don’t know anything about it” ] [Britain gives half its state housing to immigrants] [New York Post—part of the lynch mob] [Another anti-Semite smokes me out] [Anti-Semites: the evil and stupid party] [A book on black-on-white violence and the media’s cover-up of it] [The Secret Service gets secretly serviced] [VFR readers on various topics] [Sweden prohibits home schooling; requires all children from age one to go to state-run day care; some families are fleeing to Finland] [How the media describe the crimes against Bob and Nancy Straight] [A fire in the mind: VFR readers on the Zimmerman case ] [What blacks contribute to civilization] [Why should we care whether Secret Service agents hired prostitutes? Don’t we believe in freedom?] [Remembering the Titanic, and its time; synchronicity; and the feminist degrading of men] [Derbyshire, as a materialist nihilist, is unable to explain why we should care about race differences, or, indeed, why we should care about anything] [From monarchy to republicanism, from republicanism to democracy, and from democracy to … blondeocracy?] [Diversity and standards] [The Zimmerman case clearly shows the totalitarian aspect of our society; yet many don’t see this]

Week of April 8, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Language suited to a prosecution in a totalitarian, scratch that, a liberal society] [The feminist/libertarian Republicans] [Angela Corey] [Critiques of Zimmerman affidavit] [From O.J. Simpson to Trayvon Martin] [Second Thoughts] [The Rosen / Romney matter] [Lowry: quick to condemn Zimmerman the victim of PC without facts, and equally quick to expel non-PC writers with facts] [A race war against whites—led by the U.S. government] [An event so bad it can make a person turn against our civilization] [In America as it now exists, it doesn’t matter that the charge against Zimmerman is totally without foundation] [The Great White Defendant makes brief court appearance] [Report: Murderer of Brittany Watts may have been motivated by intense racial animus ] [NR then and now] [Comments on the Zimmerman case] [Richard DiGuglielmo Jr.—still serving decades in prison for defending his father from a black assailant] [Angela Corey’s gross siding with Trayvon’s parents] [Are waiters racist to black customers?] [The Lonesome Life of George Zimmerman] [Community-minded man turned into the hate-object of the entire nation] [Zimmerman’s new attorney] [Angela Corey’s idea of prosecuting a case on the facts and the law] [George Zimmerman, political prisoner of Black-Run America ] [Second. Degree. Murder. ] [The real sin of Derbyshire and Weissberg that led to their dismissal] [Is the groundwork being laid for another Rodney King riot?] [Derbyshire says he was surprised by the outrage over his race article] [Zimmerman to be charged] [Black motorcycle gang chases white motorist, forces him out of his car, and stabs him; not newsworthy] [More hate-facts from the liberal media—and a question for Andrew McCarthy] [A man whom conservatives should have spit out and excluded, but whom they grovelled over and adored] [Practical objections to anti-Semitism] [What compassion for Somalis has foisted on America] [Weissberg excluded from NRO’s Phi Beta Cons] [What happened the night Trayvon Martin was killed] [A liberal crucified by liberalism] [George Zimmerman speaks] [The latest victim of America’s human sacrifice cult] [Malkin on Progressives of Pallor] [A devastating, definitive summing up of Zimmerman’s case] [White man in Gainesville, Florida is jumped by a group of blacks shouting “Trayvon,” who beat him up for five minutes and disfigure him] [Why Andrew McCarthy is blind to the facts of black anti-white violence and condemns John Derbyshire for talking about them] [Liberal Fascism, American-style: U.S. Department of Labor encourages its employees to be Sharptonesque political activists] [Washington Times writer doesn’t know the difference between an announcement and an unsourced leak] [Derbyshire’s interview; and, does he give a damn?] [The racially indeterminate flash-mobbing “youths” of yore have become the racially indeterminate “daring pack of kids” of today] [Derbyshire’s accomplishment] [The value of Derb’s firing] [Steyn Alone?] [Comments on the Derbyshire episode] [An apparent motive in the Tulsa killings—revenge] [How is this Derbyshire article different from all other Derbyshire articles?] [An Indian immigrant on Indian anti-white animus and America’s suicide] [At the Daily Mail, a daily bath of personalism—plus the truth about nonwhite crime] [Woman arrested for driving while black] [A reader’s story: from socialist to traditionalist] [The Fall of the Robinson Wall? And, a traditionalist understanding of free speech] [Self-esteem and the case for segregation] [Telling the Passover story] [Signs of hope] [Unchurched conservative Christians] [A reader who had it with VFR] [Derbyshire on New Jersey’s official poet] [News to put the atheists in despair—or to redouble their fury] [An article you’ll never see at National Review ] [Happy Easter] [What the conservative movement’s response to Derbyshire’s article tells us about conservatism]

Week of April 1, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [NR dumps Derb] [Good Friday and the silence of death] [We cannot save ourselves, but we can align ourselves with Christ] [Abortion and the slaughter of the Canaanites] [Derbyshire’s “Talk,” and the controversy it has triggered] [Can our society be saved?] [What the police told Tracy Martin about the events leading up to the shooting] [Is abortion a form of sacrifice, cont.] [A report so extreme it’s probably false, but who knows?] [Can Satan bind Satan? ] [Why Obama is so audacious] [Let the left rage; and, can our society be saved?] [Holy Thursday] [Department of Justice complies with judge’s order] [Man wearing hoodie forces his way into severely disabled neighbor’s apartment and rapes her] [News hounds in heat for Obama] [Obama’s sickening audacity] [Are Obamacrats’ bullying tactics hurting them?] [Is abortion a form of child sacrifice?] [How liberalism bans every type of discrimination, except for discrimination against non-liberals] [White man mobbed and stripped by blacks on an urban street—the full video record] [The guilt that liberals will never feel] [The victim in Sanford, Florida hammer attack is white] [Black America Burning] [NBC News announces result of “internal investigation”] [Guess the name of the community-spirited man who came to the defense of a black man when the NAACP wouldn’t] [Do liberals feel any responsibility for stirring up black violence against whites?] [Two blacks pull man from car and beat him on head with hammer] [Obama takes his leftist war against the American system to a new level] [The on-scene police report emerges again—will it make any impact?] [Yet another white (or white Hispanic?) female murdered by her black boyfriend] [Ahead of the rest] [Clarifying my position on the Martin case] [Conservative writer buys into highly questionable liberal media “conclusions” about Zimmerman] [Mugged by reality: what happened to a white man who went walking in a black neighborhood] [Did Martin double back to confront Zimmerman?] [Fashion and the New Order] [Sexual equality means the rule of women] [How America has fulfilled Nietzsche’s prophecy] [Discussions] [Fatal shooting of unarmed man deemed justified] [Frum on the Martin case] [Will wonders never cease? Study finds genetic differences between blacks and whites.] [Hispanics and Obama] [The culture of the black wilders] [Why is France suddenly arresting, uh, violent extremist radical Muslim extremists? ] [Taylor on the Trayvon case] [The lynch mob as a primitive religious phenomenon] [Report says it wasn’t Zimmerman yelling on the 911 call] [Since liberals deny the existence of the good, where are they to find the good? ] [Anti-Trayvian cartoon in student paper sets off outrage, cartoonist is fired] [Michael Coren on the Obama-fueled anti-white hysteria] [The horror, seen and felt]

Week of March 25, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [And they say religion is on the decline in America!] [NBC News doctored Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound racist] [Why George Zimmerman may have been justified in using deadly force against Trayvon Martin] [Why did Obama not wait until after the election to declare war on the Catholic Church?] [Six blacks outside restaurant call white man a “tree honkey,” hit him on the head with a gun, then kick him repeatedly in the face and head as he lies stunned and helpless on the ground] [Blacks don’t just commit vastly more violence than other groups, but a vastly different kind of violence] [At the funeral of a gang member, a mourner touches the dead body “disrespectfully,” setting off a gun fight outside the funeral home in which two are killed and 12 more wounded] [Another example of how blacks are being targeted by whites in the racist hells of North America] [15 year old Hispanic boy surrounded by ten blacks, beaten to ground, repeatedly kicked in head, loses teeth] [How Obama shafted the Church] [The last multi-roll call convention] [Feminism boiled down] [“I Still Miss Someone”] [The Thinking Housewife on the death of a feminist saint] [Sarkozy initiates cosmetic crackdown on Islamists in lead-up to presidential election] [Obama says nation must do soul-searching about horrible racial attack on white boy] [Parents and friends of young British men slain in Florida declare that Obama has no compassion for the victims] [On living among blacks] [All My Sons] [The meaning of hoodies] [Cleburne on Rubio] [How George Zimmerman became white—and how whiteness became something bad] [A change in the wind] [Over-the-top outdoors achievements] [Limbaugh: When a story of white-on-black violence is suddenly everywhere, it should be disbelieved pending PROOF] [Wanted Man] [Is the Trayvon America-is-racist campaign continuing? ] [The mandate is not about interstate commerce—that’s another Democratic lie] [An argument by Kennedy that could spell the doom of Obamacare] [Are mainstream conservatives starting to identify one of the key unspoken truths of liberal society—that white people murdered by blacks don’t matter?] [George Zimmerman’s ancestry revealed!] [Hutaree militia acquitted] [Sharpton—symbol of (the former) America’s collapse] [Black girl erupts, pummels prone white girl with repeated punches in high school soccer game] [Men with guns attack bus] [The leftist mind of Elena Kagan] [Are amazing outdoors achievements about a pursuit of the transcendent, or about the cult of the self? The debate continues. ] [Bernard Goldberg on the media’s invention of the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman; and (a more abstruse question), is Zimmerman even Hispanic?] [Twelve years after she was disfigured and mutilated in acid attack, 33 year old Pakistani woman commits suicide] [How to make stop-and-frisk non-discriminatory! ] [The black problem that conservatives cannot see] [A new blog cataloguing black-on-white crime] [Blacks see the Martin affair as a chance to regain the moral stature they have trashed] [The U.S. senator from Hispania] [Elderly couple put in fear of their lives by blacks spreading incorrect address of George Zimmerman] [Williams: there is no way to avoid racial profiling of blacks] [Truth spreading to the mainstream] [Why I’m not following the Obamacare arguments at the Supreme Court] [The marriage of flash mobs with social protest] [Obama on Trayvon, along with a picture of the actual Trayvon] [Three quarters of Americans say Zimmerman should be arrested] [A question to be asked] [In other news … ] [The Last Skittles of Trayvon] [On the psychic emptiness of outdoors cultists and other liberals] [Given the realities of black violence, how should whites conduct themselves?] [How many additional white people will be robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered because of the Martin-Zimmerman event? ] [What black rule (over any society, any institution) is like] [NY Post neocon Arthur Herman urges us not to throw away our “success” in Afghanistan] [The selected tweets of Trayvon Martin] [At college rally, black football player held sign saying, “I am Trayvon Martin.” Hours later he severely beat, broke teeth of, and kidnapped his girlfriend.] [The fullest version yet of Zimmerman’s account to police] [First steps toward the official founding of Trayvianity] [The birth certificate] [Trayvon’s tweets: America’s icon of innocent black youth was, in his own description of himself, a “NO LIMIT NIGGA.”] [A prediction] [A fundamental but unrecognized fact of blacks’ interactions with whites] [The first police report] [Why isn’t Obama a white Negro?] [Juan Williams is deeply stupid] [Evidence indicating Trayvon was a burglar] [Black senators dress up as black hoodlums] [Christians express solidarity with thugs and hoodlums, and replace the bread and wine with Trayvon’s ice tea and skittles] [The official lie continues to collapse: former NAACP leader condemns Sharpton and Jackson for exploiting Martin’s death and concocting non-existent white-on-black violence] [Just as happened with Tawana Brawley, and with the Duke lacrosse case, and with so many other similar cases, the bubble of lies is about to burst ] [Hanson breaks new ground—NOT; and, the question of interracial violence rates] [Are more whites seeing and speaking the truth about black violence? ] [Five year old Indian girl, dancing in aisle of her uncle’s London shop, is shot and paralyzed for life by three Afro-Caribbean thugs] [A nation commits suicide, then is shocked to find itself decomposing] [Twitter message from Trayvon’s brother suggests he was suspended from school for assaulting a bus driver] [Martin and Zimmerman] [Jackson calls for “war”] [The story of two mass murders] [NR’s non-entity editor strikes again] [The official story] [Deconstructing Obama’s remark, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”]

Week of March 18, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [What sets blacks off: anything, or nothing] [An eerily correct prediction, nine months ago] [New Black Panthers offer reward for Zimmerman] [Not an occasion for national soul searching] [Trayvon, we hardly knew thee] [Another superficial “conservative” celebrates the defeat of liberalism] [Steyn and Islamization, cont.] [Finally, America is honestly facing its racial problem—blacks are under threat from racist whites! ] [Martin vs Zimmerman—who was the aggressor? ] [Skilled female hiker falls to her death; and, are extreme outdoor achievements an expression of the cult of the self?] [Obama says, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”; and, the TRUTH of why Zimmerman shot Trayvon] [Steyn courageously declares that (no, Steyn tentatively inquires whether) Muslim immigration is endangering Europe] [Fashion marches on! ] [VFR is up again ] [VFR outage] [Photos of Titanic at the ocean’s bottom] [The worst man in America still doing his thing] [Is Romney a conservative?] [Liberal media true to form on “causes” of Toulouse killings, as predicted] [The siege continued…] [The apprehension of the gunman in France (notice I do not say French gunman)] [Thinking Housewife is Leading Lady] [Life with a homosexual college roommate] [ German man kills Muslim thug who was attacking him, the police let him go because he acted in self-defense, and Muslims swear vengeance ] [New Jersey’s Thought Crimes—excuse me, Bias Crimes—statutes] [White America’s latest payment to the Tax Man] [Bristol Palin to President Obama: Since you called Sandra Fluke, how about calling me? ] [Further questions on Ravi case] [The racial speech that is permitted for Democrats] [Liberals’ next move: to criminalize anti-liberal speech] [How Trudeau and the Liberals set out to destroy Canada] [And now the next Next Frontier: the sterilization mandate] [Readers comment on the Toulouse shootings] [Debate on VAWA] [Deliberately to embarrass a person is a felony, if the person belongs to a favored group] [The best explanation of hypergamy I’ve seen] [A thought experiment] [VFR] [Another next frontier of liberalism (every day now brings another next frontier)] [Liberalism gone wild: White-dominated boards face legal threats over racial makeup in California

] [Jewish dentist sues over being fired from Dearborn dental office for wearing yarmulke, while Muslim dentists wore Muslim head coverings and clothing] [Shootings of and by people of indeterminate race in Indianapolis] [What is racism, revisited] [Tradition] [Neighbors] [Modern man … and pizza] [Pro-Western Muslim-Canadian columnist calls for separation of Islam from the West] [What Muslims believe, and what we don’t want to believe that they believe]

Week of March 11, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [How those high-toned Canadian liberals react to the Rutgers peeping-Tom “hate crime” case ] [Why do I call the followers of Rand “Randians,” not “Objectivists”? ] [Honor killing, or Eloidom? ] [Indiana father knocks his daughter’s basketball coach to the ground, punches him repeatedly in the face until unconscious, because … ] [Liberals celebrating the future in which women will be 60 percent of students in higher education] [Britain’s “conservative” prime minister on the endless struggle for liberal utopia] [The contemptible U.S. bishops] [Is racist white America simply locking up millions of innocent blacks, because it hates blacks? That’s what liberals and blacks keep saying, and keep getting away with saying. ] [Rutgers student found guilty of “hate crimes”] [Madmax] [Why the outrage over voter ID? ] [Romney supports statehood for Puerto Rico] [Fawning Becomes Cameron] [Marine Le Pen] [In a world of pathological presidents and prime ministers, Sarkozy is in a class by himself] [Obama edict on birth control is law of the land] [Pinker—just another bigoted liberal] [Larry Elder asks: ” Where’s Sharpton’s Apology for Accusing a White Man of Raping a Black Teen?”] [The Feminist Church Militant] [The church of liberalism still spreading the message that black incarceration is the result of white racism] [Another blasé Western couple deliver themselves into the Third World maw] [How one man discovered the solution to the Islam problem] [Feminist demand for technological substitute for pregnancy and birth goes back to 1970] [End-of-ice-age fossils that combine modern, archaic, and previously unknown features] [On Obama’s lethal effectiveness] [Still here] [Why do we keep inviting people to immigrate into this country who have Mexican agendas and Muslim agendas and Chinese agendas, but not American agendas? Because that’s what America is about. ] [Our “silly” enemy] [A further exchange on Molech the god of liberalism] [Bush democracy supporters are as irresponsible and dishonest as ever] [The liberal anti-discriminatory principle carried to its logical conclusion] [Is money the root of all liberalism?] [EU posts bizarre “anti-racism” video (or anti- or pro-something video), which is condemned as racist and is pulled from the Web] [Why I won’t be watching Game Change ]

Week of March 4, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [What is Critical Race Theory?] [What does “access” mean? ] [Question on capitalization] [Is “slut” now like “nigger”—a designation that only women are allowed to use, for themselves?] [America—not so alone—is leading the way to the Islamization of Europe] [A new leftist rule on speech is announced, along with a new protected victim class] [Apple’s famed countercultural libertarianism turns into hyper PC—as countercultural libertarianism is destined to do] [Our new friends in Libya, for whose sake we criminally overthrew and killed that country’s previous leader, with whom we had made peace] [How did liberalism get installed in people’s heads in the first place? ] [The religion that British atheists have no problem with] [Is it really true that feminists think pregnancy is an injustice to women from which society must rescue them?] [On Breitbart] [How Kansas City public schools’ anti-white teachers and teachings sent blacks the message that whites are fair game] [Liberals’ new/old god: Moloch] [Embracing the devil: civilization symbolically reverting to the evil it once rejected] [Has the time come for conservatives and Christians to stop working through the courts, and start disobeying tyrannical edicts? ] [At last! A cure for racism. ] [Continuing discussions] [Are people who think that women have a right to lifetime free birth control pills—intelligent?] [What happens to a society when it turns away from Christianity—and, worse, when it fiercely rejects Christianity?] [What liberals say about conservative women] [Tech issues] [Among the intellectual classes of Dead Britain, atheism is not just prevalent, and it is not just dominant; it is required. ] [How we live now] [The Party of the Big Lie] [Barnhardt’s theory of Obama] [The conservative case against free trade] [Fluke’s pun-rich name; and, guess what else she wants universities to provide free of charge to their students?] [Obama’s kiss of death] [Charm, kindness, and God’s grace] [In re Rush Limbaugh: A man’s gotta know his limitations ] [Geert Wilders again leads the way] [The financial sector now takes it for granted that the euro-zone—and thus the EU itself—is doomed] [Two 16 year old blacks set 13 year old white boy on fire] [What conservatives don’t get about the demand for free birth control] [The Democrats take off their humanitarian mask] [Why the left beats us every time] [Unimaginable disaster] [Sandra Fluke—spokeswoman for a new oppressed class that no one ever dreamed of before] [It only counts if they’re hit] [BBC: against us, for our enemies (I call that a single standard, not a double standard)] [Us and the left: what are the rules of engagement? And more on Fluke.] [More detail on the Koran disposal]

Week of February 26, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Sandra Fluke and the way the left operates] [Israel and Canada] [Breitbart: right-wing culture warrior or Brentwood RINO?] [Where the Koran-disposal crisis seems to be heading] [Breitbart on the culture] [A strategic and tactical thinker and activist] [Since the left are our enemies, why are we always upset when they act like enemies? And given that they are our enemies, how should we behave toward them?] [At last, society takes on the enemies of society] [Paul Weston on Britain’s future] [Increasing number of African children in Britain are being murdered as witches by their relatives] [How a liberal writer responded to the death of Andrew Breitbart] [Homosexual “marriage” is just the beginning] [Stanley Kowalski reduced to an appendage] [A music video about beta males] [School board candidate wants children to learn about the white men who founded America before they learn about MLK] [Is Reagan our authority in all things?] [Forget about sloth, lust, envy, and greed—liberal Christian prelates have discovered a new and much worse sin.] [Why Suzanne Hart died] [Andrew Breitbart dead at 43] [Has the uber neocon given up on Muslim democracy?] [The Taliban’s classic Taliban-like behavior, hmm, raises questions] [What is pantheism?] [“Teens” set 13 year old boy on fire] [Another classic Romney situation] [R&R] [The personality of a culture] [VFR’s stand against the split infinitive is starting to have an effect] [Democrats fail to turn out in sufficient numbers for Santorum] [Intelligent conservatives? ] [Santorum appealing to Michigan Democrats] [What the uber neocon derives from the Afghan mess] [What is this with conservatives and Rubio?] [Liberal psychologist says that conservatives are more in touch with human reality and human needs than liberals] [Rubin on Iran] [We are under the power of our enemies] [More on God and evolution] [Cleveland high school student kills two, wounds three others in school cafeteria] [The official truth about Afghanistan starts to approach the real truth] [Streep looking like an empress] [Another Bush supporter calling for Afghan pull-out] [Democratists no more] [Protests spread to Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India] [Fox News surrenders to Obama] [The answer to our Islam problem?] [And at least some of us aren’t that into them] [I guess they’re not that into us] [Reader has “the most synchronistic experience of my life” in relation to VFR entry about synchronicity] [If the individual mandate is overturned by itself, the result will be worse than if it is not overturned] [We are none of us climate skeptics now]

Week of February 19, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Rioting Muslims are sending us a message. Will we get it? Don’t be ridiculous. ] [Homo liberation -> Homo tyranny -> Ever-spreading Homo tyranny] [The latest installment of Bush’s legacy: Two American officers are murdered inside the Afghan Interior Ministry building in Kabul ] [Homosexual TV advertisement for Key West: “Close to perfect, far from normal”] [A leftist sees a humorous cartoon about a fish evolving into a man, and what does it make him think of? ] [U.S. general apologizes to and praises the Afghans, and tells American soldiers to continue with the mission

] [A developing civil war in Britain, and we can only know about it by reading tea leaves] [McCarthy on the lesson of the Afghan riots and Obama’s apology] [God, evolution, and synchronicity] [Right rules for commenting] [Right-liberalism as a form of gnosticism] [Robert Spencer remains, at bottom, an ameliorative liberal, not an Islam realist] [The endless grotesque and deadly absurdities produced by the liberal West’s involvement in the Mohammedan East ] [Did Muhammad exist? ] [The two fundamentals of justice—and of existence itself—that whites have rejected] [Another maimed victim of a white woman / black man relationship] [The Freedom Party’s platform] [What Obama appears to say, and what he really means] [The socially disastrous imbalance between men and women under conditions of sexual liberation] [Santorum] [DSK, the representative man of this age] [A chance to undo a terrible injustice] [A country that has gone off the rails] [The statist horror that is descending upon us, unless Obamacare is repealed] [How Lin blew his chance to push back against America’s PC insanity] [More billions for Greece, in exchange for even more austerity by Greece] [Clearly, the notion of intelligent design is absurd] [Dharun Ravi, victim of the homosexualist tyranny] [VFR] [They’ve gone about as far as they can go—NOT] [The military’s predictable next sensitivity move] [Another epoch-making announcement by the New York Times: There is no God] [What Obama really thinks about America] [How white liberals see America: as a roiling cauldron of murderous white male bigotry just barely contained by liberal rule] [The gynocracy] [Soldiers don fake breasts, bellies] [Why whites allow blacks to get away with the racial double standard] [George Will: “Eisenhower Memorial misses the man”] [An unusual panel at the CPAC conference] [From the dark forests of Alternative Right, a call to genocide] [The destructive left] [How liberalism turns everything into itself] [Is the latest Kennedy a Lockean, or a socialist? ] [What is it that drives the left? GREED. ] [If a tree fell in a forest, and it was reported by one of today’s “journalists,” would it still be true that the tree fell in the forest?] [What to do about Iran] [The deadly threat of Obamacare, and the intellectually lazy conservatives who do not see it]

Week of February 12, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Gillard’s bizarre response to the boast of an Afghan who shot his Australian trainers (correction: it’s not bizarre but typically liberal) ] [A country delivered into desperate straits—by greed] [Gillard about to be ousted, while her party faces electoral disaster] [A national motto that stands for substance, not just procedure] [Comments] [The Times on free access to birth control] [The real meaning of liberalism: making whites the slaves of nonwhites] [The return of the Kennedy curse, and what it means] [How did birth control become health care, and then become an entitlement?] [The EU’s unfolding apocalypse ] [The U.S. government is investigating the food at the Frankfort School] [Too much fear?] [Choir at a Colorado public high school sings song with lyrics, “There is no truth except Allah”] [The British asylum judge who has taken “Turn ‘em Loose Bruce” to whole new level] [Black America’s culture and role models] [Earnest 13-year-old interviewed by dubious Brit about his presidential candidacy] [On the cusp of a great darkness] [How am I supposed to take this guy seriously?] [How liberals lessen the meaning of savage crime, or simply ignore savage crime, even at their own mortal risk] [In today’s society, not only are whites universally labeled as racists, but if they use cogent arguments to defend themselves from the charge, they will lose their jobs] [A new hatefact: homosexuals don’t reproduce] [Was America lacking in morale and hope prior to February 1962?] [Muslim exterminationist hatred of Jews is as old as Islam] [The madness of libertarians] [Are whites brain-dead—or toiling under the reign of fear?] [Atheism now has a confession of faith] [Romney’s first challenger with a chance? ] [The war is over] [Liberal Supreme Court justice vacations with his wife and without security in the most violent nation per capita on earth, and guess what happens to them?] [The next contemporary Bible translation] [The status of “manmade global warming”—oops, “climate change”—oops, “sustainable development”] [The violent and chaotic Third-World country at our doorstep] [Revised entry on hate-crimes]

Week of February 5, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The Democracy Project’s next target] [Drudge still maintaining his mischievous and meaningful juxtapositions of image and word] [Knesset member warns of Syrian refugees fleeing into Israel] [“This is Islam”—Muslims know it, democracy-promoting Westerners refuse to know it] [In CPAC speech, Romney makes case for himself as a conservative] [More thoughts on the elites versus the people] [Why feminism just doesn’t “take”] [A possible anti-Romney tactic?] [Anti-whiteness was already official government policy in 1965] [America—community organizer for the world] [Syria’s Christians] [How Joshua Powell killed his sons and himself] [“I Feel Duped on Climate Change”] [The road not traveled] [Comments] [How whites should respond to the demand that they must do something to end racism] [Humor and VFR] [What hath America (along with Britain, France, and NATO) wrought in Libya?] [How readers’ comments are edited at VFR] [The horror that whites have brought on themselves] [Black man on French train threatens whites with genocide] [Would anyone have predicted this? ] [A non-adaptive feature that pre-historic humans fortunately overcame] [The latest assault on the Constitution] [Equal opportunity launchers of mass nuclear death ] [The leftist climate orthodoxy continues to crumble] [Horse race-obsessed political journalists who can’t be bothered doing their job] [The real meaning of “racism”] [How liberalism and homosexualism have ruined the word “partner”] [Synchronicity on steroids] [The Super Bowl Cult, cont.] [Why libertarians so readily ally themselves with evil and enemies] [White liberals’ campaign of psychic genocide against non-liberal whites] [The amorality of Ron Paul and other marginal “coalition builders”] [Bauer potpourri] [What blacks want to be called (the never ending saga)] [Conservatives against Coulter] [WND: Iranian leadership calls for destruction of Jews and Israel via nuclear-tipped ICBMs] [Samples from the Ron Paul newsletter] [America has come to a stop] [Taking football an order of magnitude too seriously] [Duluth puts up billboards calling all white people racists] [What the choice between Romney and Gingrich comes down to]

Week of January 29, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The tacky liberal West, II] [The tacky liberal West] [“Hate-crimes” as the expression and proof of liberal rule] [Paul Weston speaking in New York] [A witty insight into female psychology] [No hate crime charges in Philly racial assault] [Another image from the late West or post-West] [A Man Called D’Vontaveous] [Tech problems] [Another white woman who doesn’t read VFR is murdered by her black boyfriend] [Paul Weston speaking in New York] [Why a “secular sphere” and the “promotion of secular values” are different—and mutually opposed—things] [American writer refuses to visit Turkey, comes under extraordinary attack by Turkey’s prime minister] [Pro-“self-deportation” Romney wins Florida Hispanic vote by 2-1 margin] [The GOP’s ineluctable Romney problem] [Indicting Romney for supporting a policy that the entire American political system supports] [Further angles on “social justice”] [Even when the liberal media tell the racial truth, they twist it in a liberal direction] [Malkin, resoundingly, for Santorum] [Against Romney] [Ganging up on Gingrich?] [An insightful analysis of R. and G. ] [A reader says no to Gingrich ] [Why do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. ] [Jennifer Rubin, bully] [The problem of a leader who is all ideas and no steadiness] [Error as part of the path to truth] [Racial assault in Philadelphia ] [Social justice] [Still nowhere on Islam] [More on Gingrich’s support for Puerto Rican statehood] [Diversity and fear] [Beck, blacks, and Progressives] [Why VFR is worth supporting, II] [Which is worse—Romney’s slanders or Gingrich’s record?] [What’s wrong with Coulter’s case for Romney] [Site specializing in news on black violence] [Coulter for Romney] [Levin against Romney] [Gingrich in 2009 conference call strongly supported “must carry,” i.e., the individual mandate] [Why Michele Bachmann lost ] [25-year-old Marine on date in Richmond is held up at gun point, hands over money, is shot anyway, in critical condition] [11-year-old boy on public transit pulls gun on mother with baby] [Why VFR is worth supporting] [Two writers, same joke] [Rescued from libertarianism] [Liberal Republican moneyman who pushed through homosexual “marriage” on NY State is top Romney funder and supporter] [Diversity and the reign of fear] [Surprise from Giuliani ]

Week of January 22, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Discussion of Julia Gillard’s harrowing escape from restaurant] [The “conservative” versus the liar; and Gingrich’s support for Puerto Rican statehood] [How Ron Paul has destroyed his character] [Follow-up on the embarrassing Australian incident] [Again explaining why repealing Obamacare is the transcendent issue in this election] [The immanent and the transcendent] [How could anyone take Ron Paul seriously after this?] [What it means to have a woman—other than a statistical rarity such as Thatcher or Meir—as the leader of a country] [Failing to understand what was false and vicious about Romney’s attack on Gingrich] [65-year-old man shoots “teen” dead after three “teens” knock him off his bike and assault him] [Gingrich’s retort to John King] [Limbaugh stunned by latest Gingrich revelation] [VFR] [Today] [Let us not to the open marriage of true minds admit impediments] [Gingrich staff admits he has no witnesses to back up debate retort; and, Mitt’s blandness versus Newt’s dangerousness] [Newt in 1988: Bush won’t win if he runs to continue Reaganism] [Romney’s seemingly genuine conversion to pro-life] [Plan B] [A civil war about nothing] [Are white women who mate with blacks hypocrites?] [Klum feared her husband’s “volcanic temper”] [Only a mass apostasy from liberalism can save us] [A change in thought] [The way we live now] [The Republican civil war] [Gingrich vs. Romney, revisited] [Romney’s intelligence, cont. ] [Gingrich makes it clear that he favors amnesty] [Romney descends into the depths] [Top Romney advisor says Obamacare will not be repealed] [Obama, Keystone, and the left, cont. ] [Gingrich as Godzilla, Romney as an alien disguised as a human] [Romney the slanderer] [Australia sounds far more PC than America] [Romney’s intelligence] [We are in a death embrace with a false ideology] [What will be Romney’s appeal if economy improves? ] [Race-mixing (white women, black men) club in Finland] [What if the Supreme Court killed the thing?] [Did Gingrich get a bad rap on the “right-wing social engineering” remark? ] [They want a fighter] [Why Obama killed Keystone] [A superficial impression] [Romney on illegal aliens] [More discussion] [Gingrich’s instability] [The fire this time] [A pro-Western, pro-white, non-European immigrant realizes he has joined a sinking ship] [How did we get here? ] [Why do people hate Romney?] [Coulter: “With Newt Gingrich, you throw out the baby and keep the bath water.”] [Why they’re going for Gingrich] [British judge sends stabbing victim to jail] [Obama kills Keystone ] [Gabrielle Giffords is resigning from Congress] [Gingrich vs. Romney]

Week of January 15, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The course of true celebrity love never did run smooth] [The worst] [Was the problem on the Costa Concordia the West’s loss of chivalry, or the West’s loss of whiteness?] [Romney: pro capitalism, anti crony capitalism] [A candidate like no other] [Santorum’s surprising call to end chain migration] [Whom to vote for in South Carolina] [Is Gingrich’s scandalous behavior irrelevant to his suitability for the presidency?] [Season of confusion] [A savage, animalistic gang attack in Philadelphia ] [Another Western-based explanation of Islamic behavior] [The Taliban know what they’re about; do we know what we’re about? ] [43 black gang members arrested after boasting of murders on Facebook] [Ron Paul is Despicable, Chapter XXIX; and, What are we doing in Afghanistan?] [When two-year-old information is a “revelation”] [The moron U.S. Congress was on the verge of killing the Web] [Wikipedia goes on strike, and Congress listens] [Blacks, janitorial work, and racial insults] [Oh racism card, where is thy sting?] [Was King all bad, all the time?] [How the most respected intellects of the Western world a hundred years ago unembarrassedly described blacks] [Sorry, liberal ladies, you can’t have it both ways] [A self-contradictory denial of the left’s wickedness] [Newsweek on Wilders] [That great idea of moving welfare recipients into middle class areas, in the name of equality and integration] [Am I being too tough on libertarians?] [King an anti-jihadist? ] [Egypt and the cartoonishly disastrous neocons] [A spontaneous celebration of the King holiday] [Romney’s threatening whiteness] [Once you give “rights” to homosexuality, society can never be at peace again] [Richard Spencer’s web magazine, Antisemitic Right] [One of the worst games ever played by an NFL team]

Week of January 8, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Brilliant swift-footed Tebow ] [There is no substitute for a genuine—i.e., anti-liberal—conservatism] [Glenn Beck adopts Democratic Party line that tea partiers are racists for opposing Obama] [experiment on Australian incident] [Female pilots, cont.] [A change of thought] [The world before thoughtcrime] [Paul Weston on the cover-up of the widespread anti-white violence in Britain] [A movie about the beauty of Western civilization] [Thanks from a reader] [Fjordman speaks] [How to fend off the charge of thoughtcrime] [Why Obama is likely to win: no Republican nominee, least of all Romney, will forcefully attack America’s first nonwhite president] [Ruthless Romney? ] [Small moves away from liberalism are not going to turn around the society as a whole] [Pepsi punished for using arrest records to screen out job applicants] [Federal appeals court declares Oklahoma sharia ban unconstitutional] [Why Daley resigned] [A partially apostate Randian argues that race and other collective entities matter] [How is the GOP to produce better presidential candidates?] [Michelle Obama disputes her image] [Colombian immigrant (legal? illegal?) charged in murder of his employers] [Gingrich goes kamikaze] [Non-Republicans finish second, third in New Hampshire’s ridiculous open Republican primary] [Female pilots] [Stampede at South African university] [“Michael Moore propagandists” against Romney—and guess what, they’re not Democrats] [The Greater Jungle of London: black gang chases down black youth, stabs him 24 times in front of London bus passengers] [The Romney machine; and who among the GOP candidates belonged in this race?] [Limbaugh has had it with Gingrich’s leftist-style attacks on Romney’s business career] [Are women as good at flying planes as men? ] [GOP candidates again allow liberal media to set them up as bigots—which tells us how will they would govern] [Pro-democracy conservatives’ nineteenth nervous breakdown] [Romney on homosexual rights] [Ron Paul is a follower of Robert Pape] [VFR] [Shopping cart victim may have had her life ruined, but is unshaken in her liberalism] [A philosophy for eternal 13 year olds] [Pilots become faint, make emergency landing] [Hamas leader speaks, is cheered by tens of thousands in home of the Arab Spring] [How the admission of even one woman into a previously all-male institution must transform it] [LBJ on blacks] [Huntsman, whose only discernible belief is his conviction in his own superiority to everyone else in the Republican party] [A libertarian is a liberal, cont.] [It’s their America now] [Death from an excess of testosterone] [Young white woman in South Carolina targeted, chased in car, murdered by black man] [Thousands of American troops are being sent to Israel] [Sowell on Gingrich]

Week of January 1, 2012:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [National media notices Ocala beating, sort of] [School days in Black Run America: Seven juveniles beat 13 year old girl unconscious on school bus] [America organizes for war, December 1941 – January 1942] [Non-discrimination as the Path to National Suicide, Chapter MCCCLXIX] [What is to be done about Iran, and about Islam?] [Santorum’s half intelligence on sharia] [Why blacks resist the state takeover of Detroit’s finances] [A luxury New York City apartment from the early twentieth century] [Neocons and Bushites pushing Romney as hard as they can] [The mainstream finally recognizes the death of Detroit] [A Mother’s Day letter] [What liberal, tolerant Britain has imported from the Heart of Darkness ] [TSA now screening New York City subway riders] [Why the media make such a big deal about each new (and doomed) GOP Flavor of the Month] [The real reason Bachmann failed] [Bachmann and Santorum on Libya] [If destructive randomness proves the non-existence of God, what does helpful, cosmic order prove? ] [Fate of an American ally] [VFR] [Jennifer Rubin and Lucianne Goldberg wage all-out war on Gingrich] [Gingrich declares war on Romney] [Why Bachmann failed] [Christians and Jews] [Has Dick Morris lost it? And, what’s wrong with Santorum?] [A marriage proposal gone wrong] [For a sensible primary system] [Disgraceful fraud of the Iowa caucuses, cont.] [Bachmann’s poor showing] [Bachmann leaves race] [It looks as though Bachmann is about to bow out] [The Iowa caucuses are a fraud] [The Copts and Christendom] [Cantor falsely accuses Republicans of excluding Jews, rather than admit the simple truth about Jewish liberalism] [Andrea Mitchell and white Iowa] [The bias against Bachmann] [Colmes on Santorum] [How about waiting until after the people vote? Then there will be an actual story worth reporting.] [The soft bigotry of ubiquitous irony ] [Morris on Paul ]

Week of December 25, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Conservatives’ sadism toward John Edwards] [Was pre-historic man dirty? ] [Is there an Eloi erogenous zone? ] [Was Eliot wrong about the Jews? ] [Continuing exciting discussions at VFR (for people who are not terminally preoccupied with the approaching meaningless New Year’s holiday). ] [Derbyshire on Islam, 2011] [Conservatives who still “don’t understand” why liberals refuse to recognize enemies] [The future of VFR] [The fraud of the New Hampshire primary] [Problems within Bachmann campaign] [Is sexual freedom at the core of Western non-judgmentalism and of Western suicide?] [Another white female pays the Eloi tax] [Coulter’s argument for Romney] [The burning of the Institute d’Egypte, and what it means] [A response to the knifing in Oxford Street] [Pat Vespasian?] [Hitchens’s beliefs] [Steyn’s inadequate take on the Transportation Safety Administration; and, is the universal frisk regime merely an extreme application of neoconservative principles?] [Tucson schools’ ethnic studies program ruled illegal ] [On the empty conservatism of Theodore Dalrymple] [Chest-thumping conservatism ] [What’s wrong with Emerson] [Is the liberal paradise really the liberal suicide cult?] [Conservatives’ unhealthy obsession with Obama] [Are the media removing references to blacks from eyewitnesses’ accounts of black mayhem?] [What? Ron Paul opposes the existence of Israel? ] [Powerline on the Minnesota race riot ] [Post-Christmas mayhem in the Mall of America] [African thug violence unleashes chaos, stops business, in London shopping district] [The zebra that wasn’t a “Zebrew” after all] [Store clerk in North Carolina KO’s robber with left hook] [Animalistic Negro violence in downtown Chattanooga— nine people shot] [Name-changing] [The liberal paradise] [The essence of liberal society: treason] [VFR] [The tripartite structure of liberalism] [Why the West is blind and indifferent to the persecuted Christians in the Islamic lands] [Only Romney and Paul on Virginia ballot] [A double victim of liberalism: soldier gravely injured by suicide bombing in Afghanistan returns home and is shot in spine at homecoming party] [Misunderstanders of Islam bomb three churches, kill dozens of Christians in Christmas bombings in Nigeria] [If the New York Times had existed in ancient Judea]

Week of December 18, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Merry Christmas] [Can’t get away from those weighty matters] [Mary poster, cont.] [The fate of Christians in the freedom-loving (according to Bush, Obama, neocons, mainstream conservatives, and liberals) Dar al Islam] [Air Jordan discussion] [Mob overwhelms store in Indianapolis] [Air Jordan Riots, From Sea to Shining Sea; or, The Soles of Black Folk ] [From flash mobs to Air Jordan mobs; from serial mobs in one city after another, to simultaneous mobs across the country] [The Mary poster, cont.; and the Goetz case] [Hundreds break into Georgia mall in middle of night to get sneakers] [Is it wrong for Christians to take forceful action against liberal outrages?] [The Christmas story not allowed at Capitol Christmas, uh, Holiday Tree] [James Ramseur, one of the thugs shot by Bernhard Goetz, dies] [Following Islamic law, appeals court upholds conviction of Sabaditsch-Wolf for “denigrating” Islam] [The new Pennsylvania: Three “teens” plead guilty to reckless endangerment after putting feces on birthday cake; AP calls it a “prank.”

] [What is the connection between feminism and technocracy?] [Where is Obama’s freefall of yesteryear? ] [Tommy Robinson ambushed, beaten by Muslims] [Now that the left’s long march through the military is complete, why should we still believe that the military is on our side?] [The “Kiss”] [When it comes to Iraq, mainstream conservatives are partisan liars and cannot be trusted] [A nation weeps] [Telegraph columnist: Why we need to start discriminating again] [White family takes black youth into their home, ends up with murdered daughter and severely injured father] [Sudden Savage Syndrome in Deutschland] [How do we know it was right?] [Bachmann in statistical tie for lead in Iowa poll] [Mass murders with bombs across Baghdad] [Sappy Christians and Hitchens, cont. ] [Am I a champion of barbarism?] [Can the Republican nominee beat Obama if he doesn’t attack Obama? ] [A look back at Iraq: what would “success” have meant?] [Two days after U.S. troops pull out, Iraq’s prime minister seeks to imprison Iraq’s vice president] [Against Islamization] [From Long Island to Iowa ] [Catholic New Zealanders show how to deal with blasphemous “art”] [Britain re-fitting its submarines for pregnant sailors’ health needs] [A nation that dwells apart] [More details on deadly Harlem shopping cart assault] [Yet another attempt at a political taxonomy] [Is it finally ok to describe people who routinely engage in savage behavior as savages? ] [A touchstone of conservatism] [A loud but confused trumpet for Gingrich] [The awful truth] [Steyn on Gingrich] [Another conservative infatuated with the evil Christopher Hitchens]

Week of December 11, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Ron Paul shows his colors] [Conservatives and Hitchens] [Keeping priorities straight] [A probable cause for Romney’s deep deceitfulness on illegal immigration: the Mormon Church is deeply invested in illegal immigration and is deceitful about it] [Gun rights, continued] [High school English teacher stabbed 16 times by fellow high school English teacher with a screwdriver] [Romney’s dishonesty] [Democrats angry at West] [Discussion on gun sales continues] [Black guest columnist speaks the truth about the black thug culture] [Weston replies] [Gingrich’s plan for illegal aliens—and Romney’s] [Debate] [Why has the most principled, consistent conservative in the race been written off? ] [A silly pro-Gingrich argument] [British Freedom Party, cont. ] [Telephoning and driving] [A challenge to the gun-rights lobby: What is to be done about gun sales to criminals and the mentally ill?] [Gingrich vs. Romney: the debate continues] [Feder: Newt’s the One] [The best pro-Gingrich argument] [National Review on Gingrich] [The brain of a liberal Democrat] [Bachmann back in double digits in Iowa; and is the detestable libertarian ideologue Ron Paul the new flavor of the month?] [Can Britain be adequately defended by a party which says, “Multiracial and British culture; that can work”?] [VFR] [Suicide by Britain—or a war by the British state against the British people?] [Discussion about Paul Weston and the Freedom Party] [Someone threw grenades in Belgium] [The British Freedom Party] [What’s Romney made of?] [No quick path to British referendum] [For an art that lifts instead of lowering us] [Africans in mob attack on Christmas carolers in London] [If good fences make good neighbors, systematically removing all fences makes…?] [European crisis far from over; exit from eurozone still beckons] [Both Gingrich and Romney change their positions, but at least when Romney does it, he has a reason] [Rocky times for Cameron/Clegg partnership] [Ex-Marines say, “Don’t join the Marines”] [Obama, the global defender of Muslims and homosexuals] [The unmourned victims of Britain’s anti-white policies] [Anguish over the rise of Gingrich] [An anonymous attack on Gingrich] [How is Obama’s Middle East policy endangering Israel? Let Barry Rubin count the ways.] [VFR] [An argument for Romney] [Clegg moves away from Cameron on EU stand]

Week of December 4, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [None of Gingrich’s former House colleagues supports him] [Joint Chiefs chairman suggests U.S. military might be threatened by civil unrest caused by dissent from the EU] [The historic meeting] [The West needs a Joan of Arc] [The two liberal-leaning Republican front-runners calling each other liberal-leaning] [British EU opponents joyous over Cameron’s rejection of treaty] [Tiberge on Jacques Delors and his daughter, Martine Aubry] [Why authorities and media routinely describe a murder as “a [rape/robbery/burglary] gone wrong”] [A life and a death in black America] [If Gingrich won] [Really amazing] [Limbaugh on Corzine; and Corzine implicitly admits that he did authorize the raiding of clients’ accounts] [German members of the European Parliament are furious at Cameron’s veto] [As amazing as “Man bites dog”: the mainstream media describe an illegal alien as … an “illegal alien”] [European leaders agree to fiscal union] [Noonan on Gingrich: “a walk on the wild side”] [Why Britain has become such a degenerate country] [Guess what the next step of our involvement in Libya is. Guess. ] [How Romney would govern: as a manager listening to leftist experts] [DSK participated in orgies] [Merkel—the Bismarck of a single European state?] [Delors, Merkel want full fiscal union] [Gingrich, savior of the Republic?] [The worst hypocrisy] [Will Corzine refuse to testify about the disaster he brought about in brokerage firm?] [Victory for the left: Mumia will live] [How Australia is planning for a Muslim terrorist attack: it is advising citizens on how to report even minor anti-Muslim incidents to the police] [Marauding group of teens attack two police officers, water cannon needed to subdue them] [Blagojevich sentenced to … 14 years] [Battle flag discussion, cont.] [You can assault and terrorize us, we can’t use the “F” word against you] [Four Somali women attack white woman on London street, repeatedly kick her in the head, and go free] [Animalistic humanity, and another experience of synchronicity] [Sub-animalistic behavior by black college students] [Traditionalists can’t get no respect] [Gingrich’s meaningless passionate intensity] [Steyn on Gingrich] [Republicans over the cliff ] [The anti-human country we’ve been trying to save] [The left’s view of the world] [Anonymous sperm donors] [Cain should not have had his wife stand on stage behind him during his announcement; and how do we stop being seduced by candidates who are wholly unsuited for the presidency?] [Accepting that some things are unknowable] [The Sally Field of nations] [VFR] [Fast and Furious] [Can Darwinians understand anti-Darwinian facts and arguments?] [I’m free, I’m free] [The pundit brain]

Week of November 27, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Gingrich Unbound] [The anti-Democrats’ desperate dilemma] [The Cain marriage] [White woman in New York murdered by a black man from Gambia] [Continuing discussions ] [Can a comma be used in conjunction with an em dash?] [Tech problem solved] [Looks like Do or Die for the transnational left] [Thoughts on the Iliad] [Discussion of Darwinism at 4W] [Technical problem] [Gingrich in ego-inflated fantasyland; and why Cain ran] [Comments] [Obama still needs the white working class] [Protesting Israel’s pro-homosexual policies as a cover-up of Israel’s right-wing evil] [The biggest intellectual fraud in history, cont.] [The crazy Republican race] [Great victory for Muslim democracy! Islamists win almost two thirds of seats in Egyptian parliament.] [The South and the battle flag: the real argument that conservatives should make] [Conservatism is a ridiculous joke] [Darwinism discussion, cont.] [Among the Darwinians] [What’s in a name?] [Blast from past: Iranian “students” storm British embassy ] [How could Cain not realize that all this would come out if he ran for president?] [The smoking cellphone] [All their triumph would but break upon our ghostly truth] [Edsall: the Democratic party has given up on the white working class, and thus on the hope of reviving the New Deal coalition] [Gingrich’s futurist ideology] [Why evolutionary theory cannot explain the interesting questions about life that it purports to explain] [The Sarkozy-Merkel soap opera] [Norwegians determine that Breivik is insane] [Mona Charen on Gingrich] [Has it already happened?] [Gingrich says he is “a lot more conservative” than Romney, as well as more consistent and reliable] [Building armored vehicles—Detroit style] [The barrenness of Darwinism] [Is time slowing?] [Times blames Republicans for Solyndra] [Is Gingrich really much better than Romney on Islam?] [An important anti-illegal immigration bill that’s stalled in Congress] [Lack of reaction to endemic black violence a sign of national death] [The occupiers in action] [Raped in Barbados, treated with brutal indifference by the police] [Odd, unexplained facts in the Strauss-Kahn case]

Week of November 20, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [America gazing at its navel ] [If we let the New York Sanitation Department throw out the occupiers’ books, where will it stop?] [A mainstream columnist recognizes that diversity is a problem] [Is stopping people from shopping the way to protest unemployment? Is living in your own filth the way to protest inequality?] [Gingrich on illegal aliens] [Bachmann blues] [Democracy and liberalism, cont.] [Liberalism, entitlement to the nth degree, and the Palestinians] [Democracy, cont.] [OWS plans to occupy retailers] [Why leftists tell us / Our attention we must fix / On Libyan and Egyptian / And Tunisian politics] [The root problem is not liberalism, but democracy] [Occupy Wall Street’s latest complaint; and how leftism is the opposite of Thanksgiving] [Quotation of the day] [Us and Muslims] [A better explanation of what’s happening in Egypt] [Why Egyptians are in an uproar about the upcoming elections] [Huge protests in Egypt] [Obama in his glory, 2008] [A thought about Obama, 2007] [Murder by Liberalism] [Lucianne Goldberg’s ugly Obama hatred] [The obstacles to Muslim democracy, as explained by the West] [Continuing discussions] [C.S. Lewis parodies Darwinism] [If you live in Darwin, Australia, are you a Darwinian? ] [Egypt puzzle] [A man who hated his own race, kills himself] [If the blackness of black victimizers must be covered up, what about the blackness of black victims?] [Comments] [French girl raped and murdered by repeat offender] [Vaudeville-level incompetence by CIA leads to more than 12 CIA agents being arrested and killed] [A terrible injustice in Texas, and why liberals aren’t interested] [Another writer thinks about mutual separation into liberal and conservative America] [White Pittsburgh, cont. ] [IQ arrives at the Times] [More Republican fantasizing] [Bloomberg left the Occupiers in place for two months because he likes them] [Occupy plans to shut down every West Coast port] [Remember the Democratic Party’s embrace of Occupy Wall Street? Now the AP tells us it never happened.]

Week of November 13, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [If we conclude that America cannot be brought back, what do we do?] [Why Westerners can’t see the self-evident truths about Islam] [Kagan’s non-recusal and what it means] [The Ballad of Fannie, Freddie, and Newt] [Brokerage company shuts itself down, declaring that the West’s leftist policies make it impossible to protect clients’ money] [Is America too far gone to bring it back? ] [How the Occupy movement’s old-left goal of economic equality is being undermined by its multicultural-left goal of racial diversity] [Quotation of the day] [O’Reilly on the Occupy movement] [What they think ] [A Penn State alumnus on what’s wrong with the school: personality worship] [A voice from the 99 percent] [Massachusetts continues to lead America over the edge] [The Occupy movement dissolves into violence] [Three-month-long series of gang rapes of 11 year old girl by gang of 20 in Texas town] [Saying No to the water bottle culture] [Autumn] [The way they are] [“We are Penn State”] [What Gingrich is good at, and why he is doing well] [Another racial assault] [Blacks and the British riots] [The Bachmann puzzle, cont.] [College football, race, and national suicide, cont.] [Rebels without a Park] [The Zuccotti Park rapist] [How the left has blown it] [Hirsi Ali hasn’t changed] [Shock and Awe in downtown Manhattan] [McQueary says he did stop the rape] [Even the Washington Post has turned against Occupy Wall Street] [New York County, New York City, New York State] [NR on Gingrich; VFR on NR] [Is it true that white football players have been deliberately excluded from college teams in favor of blacks?] [The Protestant-Catholic debate continues … ] [Second judge overturns ACLU judge, backs city] [Comments on Zuccotti Park] [Awaiting ruling] [Legal chaos over park] [Bloomberg’s guilt] [Modern English Bible translations: the horror, the horror] [Tennessee legislator says that Muslims should be barred from U.S. military] [The big bad protesters go poof in the night] [Another unfair rap on Cain] [Finally, police remove encampment from Zuccotti Park] [A new Bible that conforms with modern beliefs! ] [Bachmann] [What hath sexual liberation wrought, cont.] [Paul Kersey on the Penn State scandal and the role of race in college football] [Lesbians sentenced to life for beating to death a three year old left in their care] [The candidates and the media] [Can liberal opposition to inequality protect children from sexual predators?] [Continuing discussions] [Women advance in democratic Egypt! ] [Randians and the Middle Ages]

Week of November 6, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Bialek: a jumble of contradictions] [Sexual liberation and sexual abuse] [Perry makes fun of himself] [Faith Alone, cont.] [The connection between sexual liberation and sexual abuse] [Idiot’s Guide to the Euro Crisis] [Long Island killer of four sentenced] [A singular moment and day] [Not forgetful. Witless. ] [Serial complainer calls off press conference] [Perry’s apology tour] [Sexual abuse of boys at Penn State] [Black rule and bankruptcy] [The Thinking Housewife has second thoughts on Cain] [How anti-illegal immigration leader Russell Pearce lost in Arizona] [No second thoughts for Condi] [The latest GOP flavor of the month: a very old flavor, already tried and found wanting] [Germany and France talk about dividing up the EU, even as they talk about further unifying it] [Laura Wood on Bialek and Cain] [Private investigator says his voice analysis software shows that Cain told the truth at press conference] [The nth GOP debate] [Perry can’t remember the name of the government agency he would eliminate] [A conspiracy theory that can’t be instantly dismissed] [British Eloi female goes for a drink with three Afghan men she met in a Serbian park, the rest is herstory] [We continue to import our mortal enemy] [Why it’s hard to give credence to this latest story about Iranian nukes] [The calm, serene face of total depravity] [Arizona Senate President Russell Pierce, leader of anti-illegal alien measures in Arizona, loses recall vote] [A shocking racial crime in Texas, and the local media give the race of the criminals (black) right up front] [Another day, another Cain embarrassment] [Balancing the protection of society with liberalism] [Fifty Years Later, Still Losing Ground] [Is the inevitable winner of the nomination the inevitable loser of the election?] [Is it all about politics after all?] [1991: Thomas. 2011: Cain] [Romney on Cain] [Why conservatives support a joke like Cain—they think anyone can beat Obama! ] [The garbage world of blogs, e-mails, and baseless statements circulated as fact] [How do we make sense of things in a society that’s jumped the shark?] [Does my position hold together?] [Is it sexual assault? ] [Bialek had warm, friendly chat with Cain one month ago] [How old is Sharon Bialek?] [The racial side of the Cain situation] [Black policewoman murdered in her home by her 15 year old grandson] [Sharon Bialek, Cain’s accuser, on video] [Cain’s accuser] [Yet another Cain harassee comes forward] [What is the significance of Cain’s alleged behavior? On what basis do we find his alleged behavior disqualifying? ] [The real story of the bin Laden raid] [Whoops, the non-scandal is not yet over] [What is the proper place of women in politics?] [End of the one-week scandal about nothing] [Dick Morris’s approving remarks about Occupy Wall Street]

Week of October 30, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Faith alone?] [Looking at VFR] [Mother of homicidal shopping cart hurler thinks her son, “a good kid,” should go free] [Napolitano is refusing to enforce law aimed at returning criminal aliens to their home country] [A political scandal about nothing] [The conspiracy theory about Romney and Cain] [Sexual integration and sexual “harassment”] [The fake charges against Cain seem to be petering out; and, what should Cain have said in his own defense?] [A question worth pondering] [Where the heroic Civil Rights movement has ended up] [The radical leftist leadership, nature, and objectives of Occupy Wall Street] [Gang beats up Detroit bus driver; 100 drivers refuse to drive] [The low-level Eloi holocaust continues, one white victim at a time] [Perry’s transparently phony “solution” to the illegal alien problem] [Is Cain the cool cat with nine lives? ] [Why women’s political equality may seem ok at first, but becomes more and more damaging over time] [Cain, the Stupid Party, and the future of conservatism] [Oakland] [Continuing discussions] [The cure for today’s Christian confusion: a return to confessional Protestantism] [One piece of Cain-generated silliness dispensed with] [The only Republicans who support Romney are the 25 percent who do not identify as conservatives] [Politico’s garbage journalism] [The latest cargo-cult plan to help Africa] [Pressure building to clear the protesters out] [Media engaging in open character assassination] [Cain crosswinds blowing at hurricane force] [What do we know about Cain’s background?] [Coulter on Cain] [Cain’s latest (with Cain, every few hours there’s a latest) ] [McCarthy on what Republicans should do about the charges against Cain] [A conflict between two conservative values? ] [The problem with Cain’s changing stories—but is it a problem?] [What happens when women get into high government office] [The European crisis, chapter XXXVIII] [The fall of Jon Corzine] [Cain’s position, his critics, and his Palinesque supporters (and his Palinesque ignorance)] [A new way to herd cattle in Montana] [Jon Corzine: as he walks down the street, houses fall down behind him] [The Cain uproar continues] [How today’s Britain responds to theft of historic plaques] [How liberal white women get themselves raped by black men] [Another white liberal victim of minority mayhem] [Free Republic does not allow anyone to argue on behalf of the leading candidate for the Republican nomination] [Jewish intelligence] [A miscellany on spirit, soul, self, the left, and neoconservatism] [A way that Cain’s implausible-sounding statement begins to make sense] [Herman Cain’s extremely odd denial that he knew anything about the settlement with his accusers] [What would be a truly new development in our politics?] [She’s baack] [Europe’s problem, boiled down] [The bigotry at the center of Occupy Wall Street] [“I am the 53 percent.”] [Bachmann still kicking] [It’s the left and the left only] [Leftists in office trying to control leftists in the street! Occupy Oakland turns against Oakland’s leftist mayor after she tries (abortively) to shut down encampment]

Week of October 23, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [What if the left had a revolution, and only whites came? ] [The pope’s call for a world state, cont.] [A city full of willing white prey, but he showed his hand too quickly, so they fended him off, which enraged him] [Charming African seducer/stalker of elite Manhattan women gives his side of the story] [Liberalism destroys not only our culture, but people’s ability to see that our culture has been destroyed] [Bill would give residence visas to foreigners who buy houses in U.S.] [Are the pope’s critics failing to understand his true meaning? ] [The Public Unions Empire Strikes Back] [Is it possible to be both a contemporary woman, and a plausible (i.e., non-risible) head of government?] [Obama at 44] [Occupy Wall Street’s demands] [What happened to parades is what happened to America] [How America created its own death trap] [Is Cain’s race a problem?] [The pope’s call for a world state] [Hell Gate Bridge] [McCarthy on the death of Kaddafi] [Hare Krishna leader and ex-convict dies] [How could any sane person in today’s world believe that “subsidiarity” would constrain the power of a global state?] [Is Cain cannier than I thought?] [Sharia-compliant Marines] [A presidential preference] [Is VFR too negative? And a photo tour of Hell Gate Bridge] [Christian clergy join fight against Golden Calf of “corporate greed”] [Neocons’ despicable hypocrisy on the question of sharia] [In 2009 Pope Benedict called for global government with effective power to rule the world] [Vatican calls for central world bank] [Quotation of the day] [The charming, sophisticated personality of the Upper West Side rapist] [Eloi woman strikes up friendship with black man who approaches her on street, it ends up in New York criminal court] [Headline: ” [Black] Teen mobs harass [white] motorists”] [Cain is a joke … or is the joke on us?] [Douthat: it’s Romney, whatever we may think about that] [America’s actually existing foreign policy] [The League of the Thoroughly Disaffected ] [Drudge’s truthful mischief continues] [In the new Libya, men can take the full Koranic complement of four wives] [Contradictory reactions to Kaddafi’s death] [Against the Libya action] [New York Post says that only enemies of America such as Hugo Chavez and Louis Farrakhan would not be happy at the beating and murder of Kaddafi] [Red-blooded American Conservatives for American Democratic Empire] [More on the 99 percent] [The answer] [Bachmann takes clear stand against Libya intervention] [The big liberal myth] [In the Libya intervention, the U.S. has shown the whimsicality of a tyrant] [Occupy Wall Street tells us what it wants] [Occupy Wall Street becoming a joke] [America’s madness]

Week of October 16, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The four minutes following Kaddafi’s capture] [A different view of Occupy Wall Street] [Walesa not attending Occupy Wall Street after learning that it is—shock!—socialist] [Liberalism: medievalism without God?] [Bachmann’s entire New Hampshire staff reportedly quits] [VFR on the death of Kaddafi] [Doubling down on the impossible] [Incoherent Cain] [A new meaning of “Good Samaritan” that will drive liberals wild] [The “one man” syndrome] [U.S. and Kaddafi, then and now] [America’s direct and indispensable involvement in the capture of Kaddafi] [The two sides of our betrayal of Kaddafi] [The end of an era?] [Kaddafi dead. Long live “democracy.” ] [Is “surge attacks” better than “flash mobs”?] [‘Geezer’ won’t let thugs ruin his walks—and won’t let truth ruin his liberalism] [Evolutionary psychology explains everything] [Tancredo questions whether Awlaki was even a citizen] [Black mob swarms over “Pedal Pub” in Minneapolis, then just as quickly vanishes] [A radical proposal] [Baldwin, at Zuccotti Park, defends capitalism ] [The rebellion in the ranks will be put down] [Husband and wife indicted in grisly murder of husband’s ex girlfriend and mother of two of his children] [Egyptian female journalist peppers Shalit with sadistic questions prior to his release; and, does evolutionary psychology explain her behavior?] [Federal employees receive average annual compensation of … $126,000] [Wall Street Democrats tell Democratic Party: “You can’t support the Occupy Wall Street protesters, and expect to have our support—and our money.”] [Israel’s weak and short-sighted dealings with the Palestinians] [Scorn Not the 43 Percent Poll] [Why the King memorial commission was given to a Chinese] [What Obama and the Democratic Party support; and a debate on the movie V for Vendetta] [Herman Cain supports homosexual “marriage”] [The pumped-up Republicans continue in their “Obama is finished” delusion] [The King horror, cont.] [Menacing Oriental despot memorialized in our nation’s capital] [The Marxists who Obama says are just “ordinary Americans” who are expressing their “frustration” with Wall Street] [Protesters in Rome desecrate church] [The disastrous, insane prisoner swap] [One anti-American leftist salutes another] [Cain speaks the truth that no other Republican will speak: that the Democrats deliberately seek to harm and weaken America] [The Dark Metropolis] [The Democratic philosophy: Wealthy people are evil, except for our wealthy friends] [Zuccotti Park] [Obama speaks of Republicans as evil force threatening the nation] [“Neo-Cannibals, Deadbeats, Dopers and Democrats Occupy Denver.”] [From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the World] [The city must take the initiative in cleaning out the park] [The media’s portrayals of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Parties] [Clarifying the meaning of Commissioner Kelly’s September 28 statement about Zuccotti Park] [Brookfield’s letter to NYC Police Commissioner requesting help in cleaning up the park] [What the canceled clean-up involved] [Food vendors in Ziccotti Park have “lost all our business” due to the protesters] [Nazis support Occupy Wall Street] [Romney as governor was advised by global warming guru] [Positively (Black) 4th Street: Irate female customer in a Greenwich Village McDonalds slaps male cashier in face, leaps over counter; cashier beats her and friend with metal rod.] [Protest pandemonium as mob descends on Times Square] [Protesters’ power grows] [Israel has released killers who will kill again] [The campground in downtown Manhattan]

Week of October 9, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Liberal blogger detects “miasmic hatred” of the Other at Tea Party rallies] [Where have they gone? ] [Heather Has Two Mommies goes commercial—in France] [Romney thanked “my collaborator and friend,” Sen. Edward Kennedy, for helping pass Romneycare] [A Republican supports the Occupiers] [How today’s leftists conduct meetings] [Why Israel made the prisoner swap] [Differing media treatment of Occupy Wall Street protesters and Tea Partiers] [Movies about conservatives] [They should be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue] [An example of why women shouldn’t/can’t be leaders] [The weird Iranian plot] [Lesbian Navy veteran sues VA Department to recognize her “marriage” to another woman and grant them marital benefits] [Israeli academic believes in “the new face of Hamas willing to work for peace with Israelis”] [Texas man cleared of murder of wife after serving 25 years in prison] [More wittily arranged photos at Drudge] [Times, without admitting it is doing so, reverses the usual liberal line on interracial marriage] [Ron Paul’s fake eyebrows] [A question for liberals and feminists] [Obama free fall continues] [November 2004: How Democrats must change their positions if they want to defeat the Republicans. They must become, in part, traditionalists.] [Responding to criticisms of VFR] [New Hampshire may have its primary as early as December 6. ] [New York Times: PR agent for the Iranian government] [World gone mad] [Israel makes deal for release of kidnapped Israeli soldier ] [Lech Walesa has ceased being an object of my admiration] [Tony Bennett has ceased being my idol] [Man threatened with arrest for displaying text of Bible] [The eternal glass ceiling] [Woman spat at, beaten, at California mall] [Althouse on Cain] [Child sacrifice makes big comeback in Uganda: “ritual murder has become part of everyday life”] [Mayor says Wall Street demonstrators can stay indefinitely] [The Occupy Wall Street / Occupy America movement just can’t help but adopt every trope that will discredit it] [Occupy America speaker calls for violent revolution to destroy the bourgeoisie, and the audience cheers] [The terrible primary system, again] [The GOP debate in New Hampshire] [The black culture of defiance and its continuing expansion] [The essence of Obama’s and the Democrats’ governing philosophy] [Is it certain that Obama is finished, or is that the voice of the herd?] [Uptown girls get into all-out brawl with cops, who call in reinforcements] [Liberals on transgendered children] [How presidential campaigns got so long] [The New York Nutty Left Times on the protesters] [Bachmann on the existential urgency of removing Obamacare] [Why materialists/Darwinists/HBD’ers cannot understand liberalism] [More realistic favorability numbers on Cain] [A real live meeting of “Occupy Washington”] [“Culturist” John Press calls me a racist] [Oh Freedom, If Arab Spring comes, can Arab Winter be far behind?] [Effect of Cain plan on middle class] [The ambiguous “if not” construction] [What’s wrong with affirmative action even in its original, “good,” “outreach,” “non-quota” form] [Lesbian Parents, Transgendered Children] [That (literally) incredible Cain lead] [Perry turning off Iowa voters with his in-state tuition for illegals policy]

Week of October 2, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [VFR discussions ] [Persecution of Christian pastor continues] [Personal update] [What should be the main grounds for criticizing homosexual liberation?] [Yankees lose playoff series in close game, after choking many opportunities to win] [Why the truth about black dysfunction is so important] [Britain’s Human Rights Act has gotten so absurd that even the left-liberal “Conservative” government is calling for its reform] [Black gang armed with box cutters and guns terrorizing and robbing passengers in rush hour NYC subways] [Summing up the Meredith Kercher murder case] [The monstrous, anti-human ideology that liberalism is; and the normalization of homosexuality] [The moral destruction that white liberalism has inflicted on blacks] [The Doubledown Party] [What a strange coincidence] [I missed all the excitement and confusion] [Allman still at large] [A political prisoner] [Why the shooting in Cupertino: Allman was an unsafe, reckless driver, other workers complained about him, he blamed “discrimination,” and struck back] [Shareef Allman complained about racial bias at his job, before proceeding with attempted mass execution of his co-workers] [The story of the “confession”] [“The most incompetent and ideologically rigid president in American history.”] [Palin announces she will not run] [How a contributor at the “conservative” NRO understands the Meredith Kercher murder case] [Acting in homosexual porn movies in military uniform is deemed compatible with military service.] [More on Shareef Allman, the Cupertino shooter] [Iannone on Coulter on Knox] [Crime expert John Douglas on the Knox-Sollecito prosecution] [Another case of sudden minority murder syndrome] [Times horrified and shocked by Alabama law] [Stuff White People Like in lower Manhattan] [The transparently false alibis of low IQ criminals] [How conservatives validate and empower liberalism, cont.] [Amanda Knox back in Seattle, greeted by crowd] [Why Amanda and Raffaele spent four years in prison: to save the reputations of corrupt and incompetent officials] [Race, lies, and Amanda Knox] [Opposition to amnesty—the Republican version of anarcho-tyranny] [Astonishing: Obama has “no regrets” about Solyndra loan] [Coulter and Knox] [Christie takes self out] [The witch-hunt against Amanda Knox] [Coulter still believes in Knox and Sollecito’s guilt] [Yet another weak and self-canceling argument against killing al-Awlaki] [How conservatives validate and empower liberalism] [British sewer press gets in its last licks at Amanda] [Amanda and Raffaele acquitted] [Obama was warned in the strongest terms not to visit or promote Solyndra, because the company was already in bad shape] [More of Amanda and Raffaele’s statements to the court] [Amanda Knox pleads her innocence] [Krauthammer and Kristol were “unreservedly positive” about homosexualization of the military; and, how conservatives validate and empower liberalism] [Modern liberalism aims at the end of majority rule] [Was it wrong to kill a jihadist if he also had U.S. citizenship?] [Knox and Sollecito case remains a witch trial to the very end] [The truth that liberalism prohibits, even as it exploits it] [Are the neocons believers in virtue, and therefore conservative?] [The sinister side of the Christie balloon] [Cain vs. Clinton, 1993] [His best is worse than worst] [Christie’s speech—not just clichés, but a significant political statement] [The worst president] [Intimations of Democratic mortality] [Samir Khan]

Week of September 25, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Florida throws a wrench into the GOP primaries] [The GOP circus, cont.] [Tribune of the GOP establishment] [The left doing for Islam what they once did for Communism] [A perfect example of how the liberal mind makes non-liberal reality disappear] [When Christie thinks about the greatness of Ronald Reagan, the first thing that comes to his mind is…] [The legal argument about eliminating Awlaki] [The two-year manhunt for Awlaki] [McCarthy on Awlaki] [Will Obama say, “Screw this job”?] [Does it matter that al-Awlaki was a U.S. citizen? If so, why?] [Times: “Activists marching under the banner of Islam are on the verge … of achieving decisive power across the region”] [The GOP circus] [More weight behind Christie rumors] [Great news: al-Awlaki and al-Awlaki ally have been killed (now we won’t have to struggle to pronounce his name any more)] [Why Dick Morris’s “LBJ” scenario cannot happen] [You can’t beat Obama with nothing] [Why a reader will not vote for Cain] [Apostate faces death in Iran] [Discussion continues on Pope Benedict and Muslims] [Obama’s staggeringly low approval rating among independents, and what it presages] [The 350 pound yo-yo] [Why repeal of Obamacare will not happen if Romney is president] [The meaning of Pope Benedict’s remarks to Muslim leaders in Germany] [Are we sure that Cain won’t end up as a race man?] [Conservative media catch up with VFR on Christie’s liberalism] [Obama—no more the apple of Europe’s eye] [Unrepentant: Energy Dept. has just approved larger-than-Solyndra loans to other solar energy companies] [Herman Cain: “I could not support Rick Perry”] [Tancredo denounces Perry on immigration] [Determining who stands highest in the leftist hierarchy] [The Red Sox’ September collapse ] [North Carolina governor did not sound as though she was joking when she spoke of suspending elections] [Cain trailing Obama by five points] [The evil afoot in Perugia: prosecutors seek life sentences for Knox and Sollecito] [More on Romney] [Gremlins at blog?] [The un-Bush, un-McCain, un-Perry] [Rich guys pushing Christie] [Romney] [More predictions of an Obama departure; and a discussion on Herman Cain] [More on a black mob’s violent attack on a white family in their Philadelphia home] [Black mob with bats and pipes besieges and invades white family in their Philadelphia home] [Let euphemism ring! ] [The fallacy of a Western patriotism that embraces unlimited freedom as the definition of the West] [What a reader saw today, and why it gave her hope] [What I was saying about the Islam problem immediately after the 9/11 attack] [Another step downward for our culture] [Leftism—the destroyer of human cohesion] [Obama, destroyer of peace] [“It’s Premature to Write Obama’s Political Obituary”] [President “Rick”? ] [The enemy without and within] [Romney on amnesty, 2008]

Week of September 18, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [How to simplify our politics] [In Afghanistan, America wages anti-war—war designed to kill and cripple our own men for the sake of our enemies] [The pope’s continuing surrender to Islam] [The Texas job-creation fraud] [VFR’s final entry on the GOP September 22 debate] [Christie has opened door, is mulling run; and why this may not be the good news that many conservatives think it is] [Romney’s acquiescence in homosexualist agenda] [Out of touch] [Perry’s support for in-state tuition for illegals may doom his candidacy] [Punished for saying homosexuality is wrong] [Have conservatives moved dramatically to the right?] [Jagger’s new band] [Two more whites pay the white man’s tax] [Drudge does it again; and, was this Perry’s “flop-flop”?] [Thoughts on the debate] [A debate on global warming] [Solyndra investigation] [The left’s greatest victory] [The unending campaign of liberal lies aimed at stopping capital punishment] [McGinnis] [How Solyndra spent its money—the taxpayer’s money] [The Democrats then and now] [Might Obama pull a Lyndon Johnson?] [More funny headline/photograph juxtapositions at Drudge] [Buchanan calls Israel our friend] [Exterminationist anti-Semites] [Withering evaluation of Obama’s leadership by prominent leftist] [“Shock poll” with more bad news for Obama reported at Drudge ] [Marines reaching out to homosexuals] [The U.S. military goes gay] [Obama’s campaign of class and race resentment] [Muslims act in predictable Muslim ways; Times finds it “unimaginable.”] [Separationist solution to Islam threat promoted by Jihad Watch contributor ] [Rubin sums up America’s mad Middle East policy] [The Times does its usual fairminded portrait of a Republican politician] [The bums in 1941 dressed better than the billionaires today] [The Republican folly over Obama] [The left’s massively dishonest criticism of Obama] [The multidimensional mess the SATs have become, reflecting the multidimensional mess our culture has become] [Obama’s solution: massively raise taxes] [Bloombrain on why we need illegals] [Drudge, the anti Times ] [Pause in discussion] [What, according to liberalism, caused the Holocaust] [Perry’s mandatory vaccine policy and sexual activity among young girls] [The primal source of liberalism?] [A funny comment by Laura Wood] [The meaning of “the razor’s edge”] [From “genius” to “Jewish tribalist” in one step]

Week of September 11, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [VFR on Gnosticism] [Student stabbed to death by black youths after he asked them to stop throwing chestnuts at him; BBC declines to mention suspects’ race] [More liberal anxiety over the indeterminate quality of democratic elections] [Ongoing discussions] [Obama inadvertently explains why his jobs bill cannot pass] [The plain truth] [An alternative to Bachmann? ] [How the Times downplays the Libyan reality] [Hispanic riot in New Hampshire] [Our unconstitutional republic] [Bachmann’s problems] [An argument for authority instead of more argument] [Steve Sailer, pushing the Hegelian dialectic? ] [Krugman in 1997 called Social Security a Ponzi scheme] [More on media coverage of mob attack on CNN and PBS reporters] [How big is the media coverup of Egyptian mob attack on CNN and PBS reporters?] [Joe McGinnis, lowlife, goes even lower] [CNN and PBS reporters mobbed, almost killed, by crowd in Cairo] [Times: Islamists’ Growing Sway Raises Questions for Libya] [Bachmann takes her information from strangers] [The backers of Social Security knew it was unconstitutional; and a discussion about our unconstitutional republic ] [Democrats not on board with jobs bill] [The Times’ take on Jews and Obama] [Racial identity tied to happiness, study finds (but only for blacks)] [Nobel Prize winning physicist quits premier physics society over “incontrovertible” claim for global warming] [How’s this for a coincidence? (No, it’s synchronicity.)] [Obama will pay for his jobs program with taxes that will kill the economy that is supposed to produce the jobs] [Morris: Obama “clinically dead”] [Color photos of New York City in the early 1940s ] [There are other Solyndra’s out there] [Bitter clingers in Brooklyn and Queens] [The homosexual “marriage” movement reveals its real agenda] [Tea leaves on the big Republican win in New York House race] [While 9/11 was being commemorated, 9/11 continues] [Going where no name has gone before] [We’re all pro-immigrationists now] [Liberals who have become like conservatives—grumbling about the results of liberalism, while still accepting liberalism itself] [Great news: majority of Canadians see “irreconcilable” rift between Islam and West] [Republican Turner wins Weiner’s former House seat in heavily Democratic district] [What is America’s foreign policy? ] [Taliban stage daring raid against U.S. embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul] [Is this the Springtime for the End of the World?] [What we missed in the GOP debate] [Jacqueline Kennedy speaks—in the era before Political Correctness, Feminism, and Black-Run America] [Three women] [Perry on Mexico and Mexicans] [Times pulls no punches on Serena Williams’s behavior] [VFR on Facebook and Twitter] [Romney’s benevolent—or patronizing?—smile ] [“Libya could fall into hands of extremists, Nato warns”] [Krugman, monster] [The unofficial 9/11 rally] [Michelle and Barack on day of national commemoration; and Serena Williams at U.S. Open] [“Ten years after the 9/11 attack, can we have Israeli style airport security?”] [The storming of the Israeli embassy in Egypt keeps getting worse] [Every day, somewhere in the West, another 9/11 is taking place] [Replying to an excuse for the Egyptians] [What have the neocons wrought? (Don’t ask them, they deny they had anything to do with it.)] [Attack on Israeli embassy went on for many hours while Egyptian police did nothing to stop it]

Week of September 4, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Which Egyptian faction attacked the Israeli embassy? Does it matter?] [How the tenth anniversary of Pearl Harbor was observed—or not observed] [What hath 9/11 wrought?] [Dropping history into the “tragedy” hole] [Perry’s extraordinary success as a politician] [Mob storms Israeli embassy in Cairo] [Why Stimulus II can’t work] [Just another day in liberal Jewish America ] [Just another day in underclass black America] [As Obama walks down the street, houses fall down behind him] [Ron Paul reminds us why he’s a figure of contempt] [Obama’s uncle has been quietly released from jail] [Is free trade the cause of American industrial decline?] [Obama’s speech] [Why I will tune out the official 9/11 commemorations] [Mama Grizzly’s got a brand new bag—and some new fans] [“Pass this jobs bill” remix] [Six months later, Japan’s ongoing recovery from the tidal wave (tsunami)] [The core message of speech was even emptier than you thought] [Stimulus II] [White House knew about plan to transfer guns to Mexican criminals] [“Pass this jobs bill!” ] [Liberal humanists, the modern worshippers of Moloch ] [Obama’s secret weapon for fixing the economy] [Bachmann needs to improve her performance] [Mob of young people invade and loot Dallas convenience store, beat up store manager when he tries to stop them] [Nothing like a failed and disastrous idea that will never die] [Perry on capital punishment] [Cataloguing Muslims persecution of Christians ] [Thoughts on the debate] [Romney and Perry] [Disaster in Texas] [What happened to Bachmann? Or, rather, what happened to everyone’s perception of Bachmann?] [Despite the horrible “music” and other accompaniments, still the greatest game in the world] [Romney’s economic plan] [More Third-World immigration, more dead Americans] [Joy of Obama’s base at yet another wealth transfer] [Daily News: the consensus—the Democratic consensus—is that Obama’s not up to the job] [Sixty-seven shot in NYC over weekend] [Labor leader, introducing Obama at Michigan rally, says of Republicans: “This is war. Let’s take these sons of bitches out.” ] [The Democratic position on the economy] [The de-Europeanization of America’s urban regions and how the media treats it] [Is the country ready for a Republican president?] [Diana West’s worst day has arrived] [Why Christie can’t be president] [The real reason 44 EDL supporters were “arrested”—it was to protect them from a stone-throwing Muslim mob] [Obama has lost the Hamptons] [EDL march in London, with Muslim counterdemonstrations and arrests] [Apes Will Rise] [Buggy rage … or anti-white rage?] [Washington Post joins the chorus ] [What happened between the White House and the Speaker] [The most livable city in the U.S. is also … the whitest] [A 1972 Bruce Lee movie with John Derbyshire in a bit part] [Thirty-nine shot in New York City in last two days] [Liberals now openly speaking of their desire to dump the messiah] [Obama’s half billion investment in Solyndra was indefensible, wasn’t it? Not to Ezra Klein] [“Jihadists plot to take over Libya”] [GOP contest] [Is the bottom about to fall out of Obama’s base?] [Casual dress, serious expression, lights, camera, (no) action] [How liberals will interpret the fall of Obama] [The Times’ idea of a leading man] [Dowd shoots Obama] [Times op-ed writer: Obama not smart]

Week of August 28, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Why one should avoid the September 11th commemorations] [Wilders speaks in Berlin] [The left as well as the right thinks Obama is finished] [VFR has it out with the Randians] [Why the huge decline in the percentage of black Major League Baseball players?] [A movie made with leftist intentions but having the opposite effect] [Are liberals smarter than conservatives?] [Politico: White House still “furious” over one-day speech delay] [Black football team disbanded after wilding attack on white referee during game] [Why Islam can never produce decent and stable societies] [How the Dems themselves have put off the table all the arguments they want to use against Republicans] [Muslims riot at amusement park over anti-hijab rule] [I’m not interested in the latest poll showing extent of Muslim awareness of Muslim extremism. Is that wrong of me?] [The reality of black violence captured] [Peter Hitchens contra the West’s insane Libya policy] [An amazing lie told on Obama’s behalf] [Time to do something about bullying at blogs] [George Clooney says Obama is the smartest and nicest man in the world] [Why the storm did its worst damage inland instead of on the coast] [Small Catskill communities devastated by post hurricane flooding] [Is Thomas leading a constitutional counterrevolution?] [English schoolteacher forced to give up second job as male stripper. Why?] [New Jersey’s “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights”] [Caroline Glick on the neocons] [The intellectual decadence of Daniel Pipes] [Black writer says Obama presidency is product of AA] [Racialism] [The essay versus the research paper] [LGF in a nutshell] [Why do you think about women differently from men? I mean, what’s your problem?] [What people are saying about the St. Louis wildings] [Hurricane] [The liberal mis-use of “tragedy”] [Roving bands of blacks committing wilding attacks on cyclists in St. Louis] [The feckless hope that Cameron will govern as a conservative] [Britain took in a gross figure of 575,000 immigrants last year] [Obama’s uncle arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts and held as illegal alien] [Why the ground zero mosque may never be built] [Gore wants to ban disagreement with global warming] [What sickness in our culture drives the 24/7 weather obsession?] [The national disaster gets even worse] [Mass shooting at backyard party] [Disaster! ] [It’s mainly a lot of rain—but the reporters keep trying to build it up into something more than that] [Vast hurricane covering eastern seaboard of U.S.]

Week of August 21, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A more concrete picture of the hurricane] [A hurricane of words] [Mocker no longer mocking the hurricane “hype”] [Howard Dean, passionate opponent of unjustified, illegal, unconstitutional wars, supports an unjustified, illegal, unconstitutional war waged by a Democratic president] [Local weather stations in path of hurricane report wind velocities far lower—barely tropical storm level—than the official numbers] [Kaddafi’s fatal mistake] [John McCain—the worst man in America] [“The demise of Irene has already begun”: indications that the hurricane will be significantly less serious than has been generally forecast] [VFR predicted it: We must lead and rebuild Libya, says Michael Reagan] [Libyan rebels are attacking and killing African blacks] [The importance of defending the white race] [America: A Movable Dream] [The image of men in our culture] [What shall we do about Mexico?] [At least 40 killed by gunmen setting fire in casino in Monterrey, Mexico ] [Are leftists, not Muslims, burning cars in Germany?] [Put white people in charge of black people, then destroy the white people if they speak the truth about what they’re dealing with ] [Libya has no functioning institutions. Who, then, will now be responsible for creating them from scratch?] [Not a “sudden” savage, but a known threat] [Elizabeth Wright, Rest in Peace] [A man of courage stands up and is counted at NRO] [First grade teacher suspended for calling her pupils “future criminals” in a Facebook post] [America’s not a republic, but a royal court staffed with courtiers] [Another mysterious phenomenon whose mysteriousness liberals must ponder deeply] [NR publishes pro-homosexual “marriage” article] [McCarthy on Libya] [Dynamite: Diallo did NOT claim gang rape in her asylum application] [If Obamacare is declared unconstitutional, what will that say about Obama?] [The excuse-makers] [Anti-war] [In 12 minute hearing, judge grants DA’s motion to dismiss all charges against Strauss-Kahn] [Time to investigate the prosecutors] [An uncertain trumpet against a criminal war] [Malkin on flash mobs] [A mysterious connection between Hamlet and Israel] [Earthquake] [It’s good that Obama’s on vacation, he stops giving speeches about the economy that make the stock market go down] [A quick lesson in Fulani] [What we have done in Libya] [Prosecutors formally move to drop all charges against DSK] [What moves Obama’s base] [The Manhattan DA’s costly experience with an African complainant who doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies] [The instant cure for the “Obama has no experience” argument?] [Rebels’ draft constitution for Libya makes sharia supreme] [L-dotters thumb down on our “victory” in Libya] [A dash of reality about the “finished” Obama] [Meltdown of a climate god ] [The indispensable role played by the West in the defeat of Kaddafi] [A triumphal prediction that “unmanly” Obama will quit the presidency] [In Libya, the great victory of—what? ] [Palin is likely running] [A handy compendium of Obama’s anti-American record] [Why Tiger Woods will not equal Jack Nicklaus’s record] [The velvet jackboot] [Perry on borders]

Week of August 14, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Death in Izmir, cont.] [An idealized “teen romance,” and how it ended] [The world of freakdom unleashed by homosexual empowerment plus mass nonwhite immigration] [Can you keep your job in America, if you criticize homosexuality away from your job? ] [Exterminationist anti-whiteness] [92 year old white woman bludgeoned and stabbed to death by black boy whom she had befriended and trusted] [Another mysterious, mystifying (but not random) murder ] [The coming evolution of retail stores in cities with black flash mobs] [Blacks encounter non-Eloi] [The DREAM Act, by presidential fiat] [A sharp eyed commenter reveals the real truth about me] [Fox News: “Florida Teacher Suspended for Anti-Gay Marriage Posts on Personal Facebook Page”] [What are store owners to do about flash mob robberies?] [Death in Izmir] [A morning’s miscellany at Drudge] [Conservative columnist says Perry is the man] [Rep. West makes a once-universally understood historical reference that no one gets] [Our water bottle culture] [Homosexual man murders his “partner” and the “partner’s” artificially conceived son] [Conservative “thinkers” still on that “he has no experience” kick] [Reasons why Romney might be a better choice than Perry] [Commenter at Muslim website calls for David Letterman’s tongue to be cut off] [Mainstream conservatives’ hopeless stupidity] [Obama’s strange bus tour] [Prince Charles says rioters were making “cry for help”] [What black radio says about flash mobs] [Mixed Metaphors at the Gates] [Has tide suddenly shifted against Kaddafi?] [Pruden notes that nonwhite immigration has transformed Britain—therefore, what? ] [Should taxes be raised?] [Columnist: Cameron “has learned nothing, will do nothing.”] [Friends again?] [We don’t need to know about—or figure out—everything] [Sowell on the caboose] [Liberal evangelical Christianity and Perry] [The rising constitutional tide against the individual mandate] [Is Perry as right-wing as the Times fears?] [Has Cameron renounced the cultural left?] [Obama at 39 percent] [Obama: the biggest victim of white racism ever] [It’s not just Obama who has failed to reverse the ocean of race] [The Doppelgängers from west Texas] [Rick Perry flunks the National Question, says James Fulford at Vdare] [Six people shot dead, nine others wounded, in 24 hour period in Detroit] [“Teen” violence gets closer to the elite, making it harder for media and officialdom to keep covering up who the “teens” are] [Thoughts on Bachmann] [Can whites and their civilization survive? ] [Newspaper photos of people arrested in British riots are almost all of whites] [Another view of local self-defense by Muslim and South Asian minorities] [Perry already showing neocon influence] [The winnowing process] [Courage, British-style] [Not only did Cameron not stop the rioters, he will not punish the great majority of them]

Week of August 7, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Iowa straw poll results] [The liberal narrative crashes up against a reality that won’t yield to it] [Why Obama’s supporters—particularly Jews—stubbornly and unregenerately refuse to see the truth about him] [From 20 years ago, another example of white liberal media covering up black-on-white violence by inventing non-existent white violence] [More on Palin] [British historian says the rioting white “chavs” are culturally black, so that this was, after all, a black riot] [In midst of black riots, British establishment turns its fury against white “vigilantes”] [Police in London were under orders to observe and do nothing] [Malkin on Sen. Patty Murray ] [Britain, especially the left, in a state of shock, as the left have not been able to fit the riots into their usual leftist narrative] [Accumulating insights about what has happened in Britain] [New groups emerge among the rioters, undermining the official story] [Exciting news at Powerline!] [The governor of the Nice State turns nasty] [The L-dotters on the debate] [Obamacare found unconstitutional by yet another court] [For the British, the only people who have the moral legitimacy to use force against nonwhite rioters are—other nonwhites] [Another Randian recognizing the existence of group differences that matter] [How a British liberal atheist novelist thinks that the savage violence unleashed by British liberal atheism can be ended] [Now we know how all those downtrodden, desperate rioters owned BlackBerries] [Los Angeles Times writer accuses Bachmann of following a bizarre cult—Christian conservatism] [What welfare recipients get in Britain] [Where is Queen Elizabeth, what is Queen Elizabeth?] [Right out of Atlas Shrugged: Government pays millions for empty flights to rural airports] [The Thinking Housewife exposes Cameron’s bluff] [Goodby, Palin ] [The Pawlenty-Bachman face-off] [The rioters’ total victory, and the lesson Britain’s authorities have taught them] [Joy, cont.] [Only one race remains officially a problem in Britain] [Are the rioters a raceless collection of poor young men? ] [Where’s the Queen?] [Hamas’s best friends in Europe] [Shock: Englishmen defending England] [The Wisconsin saga ends in a tremendous victory over the left] [A column in The Telegraph with headline: “Immigrants love this country more than we do.”] [Liberalism has spawned a population that is outside civilization] [Wednesday night quiet in Britain] [Cameron talks water cannon and “responsibility”] [The anti-kingdom] [The pied piper of the conservative throng, still with us] [Saying “black”] [Liberals’ self-serving illusion that it’s the bad, multicultural left, and not liberalism itself, that has unleashed Britain’s thugocracy] [Something new: in the modern West, we are required to approve of sin] [Britain’s black and white underclass] [An intellectual liberal speaks—or attempts to speak—about flash mobs] [In addition to committing mass murder, Breivik harmed the reputations of the very people whose ideas he adopted] [The perfect symbol of Black Run Britain (BRB): blacks tell whites to strip off their clothes, and whites comply] [Experts in arson] [Comments] [Black mayhem, black joy] [The plenty that makes poor] [Cleaning up after the raceless riots] [Government will not use water cannon—and will apparently not use any force at all—to stop the riots] [A standard black apologia for the rioters] [Excuse me for existing] [How we knew it was a black riot] [“The Western World Is Deeply Shaken”] [The Obama disconnect] [Derbyshire on the flash mobs] [“If a Race War Broke Out in Britain, Would Anyone Notice?”] [Cameron seems to promise no action to quell the riots] [General discussion of the British event] [America and the British riots] [People … people who need … jewelry …] [Times blames British riots on spending cuts] [On Monday night, the rioting spread beyond Tottenham to, it seems, everywhere] [Scores of violent incidents throughout Greater London area] [Guardian: Conflagration and carnage in the capital and beyond] [Riots, fires, spreading in London and other cities] [Where is the flash mob phenomenon heading?] [Two white elected officials condemn black “culture of violence” and mob assaults on whites] [No more House pages: Boehner and Pelosi agree to terminate the 200 year old institution] [Why blacks are angry] [The method of black wildings, seen in every country on earth with a black population] [The Social Network—Black Style] [White woman on her knees begs forgiveness of black man for white racism] [29 year old blind man stabbed to death by black intruder] [Liberalism—saved again? ] [A particularly low smear against Spencer and Geller (but is there not rough justice here as well?)] [Epitaph for Britain] [Drudge on Wisconsin] [Philadelphia Inquirer’s miserable response to black-on-white wilding attacks] [A new way of putting the problem of black-white relations] [New York City’s new plan to help black youth] [Keeping things in perspective] [Huge raceless riot in London]

Week of July 31, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [How our leaders speak of death and tragedy] [Taliban shoot down SEALS helicopter, causing biggest U.S. loss of life in Afghan war; most of the 31 U.S. dead are from the same SEALS unit as the team that killed bin Laden, though none of the dead was part of bin Laden mission.] [Guarded by girls] [Kerry says that media have responsibility not to give equal time to Tea Party] [VFR] [A carnivorous pitcher plant captures and eats a bird in an English nursery] [Will liberals ever see the truth about Islam?] [Family of Muslims in Britain threatened with death by other Muslims because their daughter married a Christian] [Triple A no longer] [A turnabout in white consciousness?] [So long, Marines: Marine Corps adopts affirmative action to increase number of black officers] [God or Allah, cont.] [Using a gun in self-defense, even if legal, may result in a civil suit] [The beginning of the end of white guilt? ] [Blacks pulled whites from cars and beat them] [Rampaging mob of “dozens to hundreds” of blacks assault, beat, terrorize whites at Wisconsin State Fair] [Fjordman reveals his identity, will cease using name Fjordman] [Another white female—this one a 17 year old high school student—dead at the hands of her black boyfriend] [Why we should call the god of the Muslims “Allah,” not “God”] [Movie about murdered monks in Algeria covers up who killed them] [Another “random” murder] [Who, according to the ruling American belief system, is the enemy?] [Black flash mobs spread to Canada] [Was the killing of bin Laden legal? ] [Cross-currents: Even as Jared Taylor of American Renaissance gets published in American Thinker, Frank Borzellieri gets fired as principal of a Bronx Catholic school for having published in American Renaissance] [Jared Taylor on America and race at American Thinker] [Norwegian PM tells rivals not to discuss Muslim immigration] [Conservatives who can’t handle the truth] [Black Spider-Man] [Mubarak in a cage] [Rush Limbaugh: “I see an absolute, total waste of effort, a total waste of time.”] [The legalities of the killing of OBL] [Why Westerners can’t allow themselves to acknowledge the self-evident truth of the Islam threat, and how they avoid acknowledging that truth] [P. Hitchens’s Non-Black Theory of the Self-Destruction of Black Detroit] [Theories of Breivik ] [ A detailed account of the death of Osama bin Laden] [Most of Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers are fake] [Reader: the deal is a massive defeat for tea partiers] [Joseph Farah to lightweight Rick Perry: “Why are you using the 10th Amendment as a license to undermine civilization?”] [What the “Salafists” want for Egypt] [The end of Kemalist Turkey? Country’s military leadership quits en masse] [British defense chief says Libyan rebels can’t win] [68 Norwegian terror supporters killed by terrorist] [Are Muslims leaving Norway in fear? ] [Black publication boasts of black flash mobs]

Week of July 24, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Mob of 20 to 40 raceless teens randomly assault random pedestrians of unspecified race in Philadelphia’s Center City] [Symbol of the new Norway buried—but the Dream Will Never Die] [Believers in sharia government show themselves as the true Egyptian majority] [Bawer on Norway] [More on the Nidal Hasan would-be imitator] [Still producing those hateful anti-Muslim stereotypes after 1,400 years] [The question of “who” versus “that” as the relative pronoun for a person] [The solution to the problem of Muslim U.S. soldiers who don’t want to fight in Muslim lands] [Would-be Nidal Hasan imitator arrested near Fort Hood] [Fatah Youth had attended Utoya camp for last 15 years, as refuge from Israel’s “state terrorism”] [How to make a sentence as ugly as possible] [What it means to eat halal food ] [On reading the manifesto … (update: the first chapter of which turns out to have been written by William Lind)] [An exchange on the split infinitive ] [Thank you again] [An expanded Pledge] [A debate with and about “conservatives” who are “fine” with homosexual marriage] [How venereal disease contracted from a later husband destroyed Breivik’s mother; and how Breivik’s father abandoned him] [The world champ of honor killings] [True Norwegians] [Breivik and the Jews] [Rick Perry, conservative savior, says homosexual “marriage” law in New York is “fine with him”] [“Random” slashing attacks by Hispanic man on young women of unspecified race] [“Game” explanation of Breivik proved! ] [The punishment that awaits the killer of Norway] [Why the possibility of incremental five-year additions to Breivik’s prison term if he is deemed a “danger to society” is no answer] [A Unified Theory of Breivik] [A fictional killer and the real killer] [More on Breivik’s supposed profession of Christianity ] [A VFR milestone] [Another definition of the Unprincipled Exception] [My son, the right-wing / left-wing terrorist] [Norwegian media taped video of … ] [A nation of consummate Eloi] [Bauer: “Breivik doesn’t have to pretend he is a religious man—the liberal media will pretend for him.”] [Robert B. on the Norway Killer and the growing violence his act presages] [Why Jews eschew the GOP] [Killer wants a “re-Christianized” Europe without God or Christ] [Perspectives on the debt fight] [On the entirely predictable death of Amy Winehouse] [Still on the caboose of societal evolution] [At the Times, a sane voice on the Norway killer and conservatives] [The maid goes public] [Breivik himself made clear that the current leftist portrayal of him is false] [Norway—the world’s leader in pre-emptive dhimmitude] [The cool, suave, sophisticated nonwhite messiah is now as off-putting as the messiah from west Texas] [Was the killer’s Facebook page altered to turn him into a “Christian”? ] [The hideous irony, revisited] [Times highlights killer’s supposed American influences] [What happened on Utoya island] [What may be coming, and how we should respond to it] [Readers discuss the Norway event] [Video and manifesto] [The killer’s supposedly fully thought out plan does not compute] [Breivik not religious] [Why we shouldn’t worry about the political fall-out of the Norway event] [The killer and the counter-jihad] [Times on the killer’s manifesto] [The killer has a manifesto—he’s a self-styled Knight Templar seeking to start an intra-European war]

Week of July 17, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Discussion continues] [New York Post: If you’re a conservative, you’re dangerously insane] [The moral qualms of the right, the moral confidence and dominion of the left] [Survivors’ accounts of the Utoya youth camp massacre] [The killer’s writings seem to bear no relationship to his acts] [The killer was a reader of anti-jihad sites] [The hideous irony; and a huge victory for the anti-Western left] [The debt talks break down] [The man who brought hell to earth] [At least 80 were killed at camp] [Was the killer a neo-Nazi?] [America’s systematic anti-whiteness, and why conservatives are (mostly) silent about it] [More on the “Norwegian man”] [The arrest of three al Qaeda terrorists in Norway earlier this month] [More indications that it’s al Qaeda, contradicted by other information] [Gunman at youth camp described as blond, Nordic in appearance] [An Islamic terror group says it did it] [Twin mass murder attacks on Norway] [Tea partiers bomb another Western capital] [Just as our government portrays terrorists as middle class whites, it labels dangerous nonwhite Hispanic criminals as “whites.”] [The fantasyland where dwell our opinion-shapers] [What mug shots tell us—and don’t tell us] [Video portrays white middle class as the most likely terrorists] [Was the murder of Britney Watts a revenge killing?] [One of Nkosi Thandiwe’s two surviving victims may be paralyzed; and, a syndrome named] [Common sense about Advanced Placement] [Denver media again describe black-on-white attackers as black] [The disaster of a Christianity that takes its promptings from the surrounding culture] [Does the debt crisis doom the Democratic Party?] [Jihad Watch’s solution to the Islam problem: Tell Muslims that they MUST assimilate! ] [Middle Tennessee’s big program: not enough blacks and Hispanics in AP classes] [Campus Crusade for Christ has changed its name … ] [Seeking to distinguish itself from “racists,” the virurently anti-Obama American Thinker claims that blacks have nothing in common with Obama ] [Man who invaded congressman’s home arrested] [Dominique Strauss-Kahn had “consensual, violent sex” in 2000 with the mother of the young Frenchwoman he is accused of attempting to rape in 2003] [On Debbie Wasserman-Schultz] [The West / Wasserman-Schultz imbroglio] [The real reason why the homosexualists seek government benefits for “married” same-sex couples in the military] [How the private pharmaceutical industry rescued people from migraine] [Knox case revisited] [Something else in Bachmann’s favor] [Boswell intruder is identified] [On conservatives’ acquiescence to the homosexualization of the military] [The correct short name of the Second World War ] [Washington Times conceals fact that a Pakistani agent is a Pakistani immigrant] [The interface of white guilt and anti-white violence] [Why the default threat is a sham] [The rebels we have recognized as Libya’s legitimate government are jihadists] [Bachmann: the problem is under control] [VFR] [The systematic normalization of the unreal] [Status of the homosexualization of the military—and of the absurdification of America] [Bachmann’s health problem] [The alien who shapes our opinion] [Security guard ambushes and murders woman as she drives out of Atlanta parking garage] [Morris on what Republicans should do in the debt limit fight] [Fox: “NIH-Backed Study Examined Effects of Penis Size in Gay Community”] [A rarely seen classic Western] [Fighting back against California’s mandatory homosexual curriculum; and, what if we stopped fighting?] [White man beaten, called “cracker” and “white boy” by four blacks on NYC subway; police scratch heads, aren’t convinced race had anything to do with it] [Boswell story gets stranger] [No escape from Bush/neocons] [Not a pitiful, helpless giant, but a lurching, blind-drunk giant] [The Hispanic-white gap—just as intractable as the black-white gap] [Stephenson, in resigning, contrasts his own Murdoch contacts with those of Cameron] [Ground Zero mosque is moving forward] [Christians—the illegal aliens of liberal America] [The Camp of the Saints moves to the U.S./Mexico border] [Britain’s top cop quits] [77 year old congressman struggles with armed home invader] [Rebekah Brooks arrested]

Week of July 10, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Primal Obama love] [Case study of a mind in denial] [How to be sure we will honor our obligations] [Les Hinton, Rebekah Brooks’s predecessor at News International and publisher of Wall Street Journal, also quits] [Rebekah Brooks resigns from Murdoch company] [India’s Islam Problem: what is to be done? ] [“Black Homicides Reach ‘Crisis’ in Nashville”] [An article about an epidemic of murders of blacks, that says nothing about who is killing them] [Wages of diversity] [Should pharmacist have gone free after he fired five shots into unconscious body of robber?] [Amr Gamal Shedid, 24, arrested while attempting to board flight with 13 knives in his carry on] [Are the Republicans being faked out?] [Is the problem with liberalism that liberals are “obsessed” with achieving liberal goals? ] [Codevilla on Obama] [Only a balanced and comprehensive view can save the West from the many threats it faces] [Is the Brooklyn child murderer one of us?] [California passes law requiring schools to teach about the contributions of homosexuals and the “transgendered”

] [How the left-liberal doctrine of equality of results has been applied, at least symbolically, to foot races] [Hundreds (or thousands) participate in foot race for Dallas County rental vouchers] [File under “Fatally neglectful parents”] [“America: Multiethnic, not Multicultural”] [How the GRE’s have been “fuzzified” in order to “close the gap”] [Terrorists set off three bombs in Bombay business district, kill 21] [Three scenarios on the future of black flash mobs] [Speaking the truth about the black flash mobs] [New paradigm, cont.] [How not to deal with a robber, whatever his race] [Carter’s second term] [A lunar traveler deals with a lunatic] [An influential Australian leftist] [Christians can persuade Muslims of the falsity and evil of Islam in a way that secular Westerners cannot] [Is it over? ] [Time for a restorative sojourn on a hidden tropical island] [The world of police detectives] [“Just Undo It,” cont.] [Media only notice black flash mobs when whites start talking about defending themselves] [Which is worse, the Murdoch sewer or the rule of the left?] [Paradigm of the New Society—and a discussion of the End of the World] [A white American convert to jihadism] [“A More Perfect Union”—eliminating the historic America, eliminating white men] [19-year-old black arrested for murder of his 19-year-old white girlfriend, both of them students at Minnesota State University] [Gunman’s Walk ] [Sixteen-pound baby born in Texas ] [Village Voice says ongoing black-on-white wildings are right-wing fantasy] [Teen girl mob of unspecified race beat up mother and daughters of unspecified race at Minneapolis park] [April Swanson’s children] [France folds on removal of Kaddafi: tells rebels to negotiate with him] [“We’ll make the world abandon reason … The truth will never find its way to your TV.”] [Dantzler attempted to kill a third white girlfriend the same day he killed the other two]

Week of July 3, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Rodrick Dantzler’s two ex-girlfriends whom he murdered were white; six of his seven victims were white] [Bimbo the magic mother is also a major liar] [What has driven Murdoch for his entire career is what drove this scandal] [Forty percent of births in Michigan are out-of-wedlock] [More on that Mexican-U.S. soccer game] [The politics of the Murdoch empire] [The worst black flash mob attack yet—in Ireland, by Africans] [Mexican-“Americans” rooting for Mexico against U.S. ] [Roebuck replies to atheists] [Is there a legitimate need for minority racial preferences in some instances?] [You see, Israel is supposed to feel bad that it stopped the breaking down of its borders by enemies seeking to destroy it] [Grand Rapids’ leading print journalist responds to the massacre] [American Thinker has serious article about the black flash mobs, with the racial angle fully discussed] [A new type of Bimbo eruption] [Hollywood in Blackface ] [Rodrick Shonte Dantzler shot and killed seven people in two Grand Rapids homes.] [Bernard Lewis’s “Left Behind” theory added to “Non-Islam theories of Islamic extremism”] [A new twist in Obama’s free fall] [Light at the end of the tunnel! Study puts date on how long it will take to equalize black educational achievement with that of whites.] [Campaign without end, amen. ] [Our programmed nation] [Another Republican candidate echoes the John McCain / Max Jackboot line on Libya] [A leader of Egypt’s secularist and “liberal” party says Holocaust is a lie] [Catching up] [Why liberals will never change] [The major players in the biggest school scandal in modern times] [Ominous parallels busting out all over] [More mind-blowing details on the cheating school system of Atlanta] [Al Qaeda’s inevitable next step to get around the take-your-shoes-off regime and the naked-scan-and-grope regime] [Get those divisive stereotypes out of your brain!] [The cheating regime that arose as an inevitable response to the testing regime] [Remember Tunisia, that pure birthplace of the Arab democracy wave?] [Ok, for once, VFR will say it: “What if whites had done this?”] [Large black mob violently assaults whites in Milwaukee park] [During playing of the Star-Spangled Banner on July 4th, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor unravels in black fighting and gunfire] [U.S. refugee policy: plopping total aliens down in the middle of America] [The EDL, Roberta Moore, and the JTF] [White liberals who believe in white guilt, but not their own white guilt] [The commonsense solution to America’s race problem] [The biggest No Child Left Behind-induced school cheating scandal yet] [African woman pregnant with quintuplets flew to Britain for their £200,000 birth, and now is fighting to stay for their further care] [From home of the brave to humanity’s free hospital] [Hardened investigators wept at maid’s made-up life story] [The amazing fireworks last night] [“Anti-snitching” black man with criminal record hired as assistant D.A. in Philadelphia] [Top investigator in DSK case calls dismissal “a certainty” … ] [What to call whites who commit gross acts of injustice against whites to empower lying nonwhites and enhance their own position in the liberal system] [At the Paper of Record, everything serves the ruling ideology …] [Naming the maid ] [Vance pushed aside every competent party that might have expeditiously uncovered the maid’s lies] [Maid discredited herself three weeks before DA revealed the problems with the case] [Bodissey says again to Geller: supply facts to back up your charge of an anti-Semitic takeover of the EDL, or apologize] [Post confirms VFR’s report that it was the Sex Crimes chief herself who doubted the maid and was overruled] [“Senior prosecutor” supports defense team’s allegation that maid has been turning tricks] [The media and the maid: is too much credence being given to damaging information about the accuser which comes only from the defense team?] [The Times nails Vance to the wall] [Defense “sources”: after DSK incident, maid continued to work as prostitute at Brooklyn hotel where she had been put up by the DA’s office] [How liberals are responding to the discrediting of the African maid and the collapse of the case]

Week of June 26, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [VFR exclusive: Vance ignored urgent advice of Sex Crimes Unit chief that he avoid rush to judgment in DSK case] [A sickening glimpse of the underside of Third-World immigrant America] [Considering both sides] [The last year of Hemingway’s life] [How many of these West African grifters are in the U.S.?] [Post: “Maid cleaning up as ‘hooker’ “] [New York Post says maid was working as hooker] [How prosecutors came to disbelieve black victim they had beatified] [Robert and Pamela in the bunker] [Full text of DA’s letter on accuser’s credibility; and how the police and prosecutors got caught in this trap] [DA details accuser’s multiple lies and criminal connections, as Strauss-Kahn is released from house arrest] [Was the “hardworking, upright” lying grifter African refugee maid a repeat of prostitute and lying Duke Lacrosse accuser Crystal Mangum?] [Why it took so long for the prosecutors to realize that the maid was not credible] [Was Strauss-Kahn hoist by his own open-borders petard? ] [Afghan police incapable of stopping mass murder attack on highly secured hotel in nation’s capital] [Lucianne.com’s incredibly inappropriate editorial comment on the turnabout in the Strauss-Kahn case] [More on the open letter] [An open letter to Pamela Geller] [Blockbuster! Case against Strauss-Kahn on verge of collapse over prosecutors’ doubts of accuser’s credibility. DSK may be released soon.] [Respect] [EDL defends itself] [More on Pambert Speller’s and Romela Gencer’s fact-free “neo-fascism” charge against the EDL] [Who looks more like the first woman president?] [Ushering in the new America, flanked by refrigerator-sized security guards] [Black racial violence and the presidency] [Geller and Spencer denounce the English Defense League] [Columbia, S.C. considered and rejected a curfew back in March] [The left’s battle to the death with normality] [A question about Bachmann] [VFR on homosexual “marriage”] [The necons’ thought process] [Fret not thyself because of evildoers] [The evildoers in their glory] [The State Department’s dishonest celebration of homosexuals] [Don’t fall off the wagon] [Youth mob attacks restaurant patrons in Philadelphia’s Center City] [Insane liberalism’s greatest triumph] [What to do about whites’ ever worsening demographic position in America] [Party of thugs] [Jewish open borders madness as the outcome of neurotic Jewish obsessions] [Ingraham: bland nonentity] [Bottom rail on top now] [Supreme Court: California can’t ban violent video game sales] [Another black riot, in Cleveland, and how its true racial nature was revealed by Twitter] [Carter Strange’s father rushes to forgive his son’s attackers] [Notes of good wishes] [Those race mobs of unmentioned race] [Our perverted, dysfunctional society: female D.C. police chief orders breast-feeding police officers to street patrol duty] [Follow-up on Carter Strange beating: prosecutor says it was robbery, not a racially motivated hate crime] [Israeli soldier has been prisoner of Hamas for five years] [The many Romneys] [Readers’ comments on the black mobs in Peoria and elsewhere] [How a female journalist reacts to the black mob attack on her fellow journalists] [Another black mob attack on whites in Philadelphia] [Beyond parody: a U.S. born Muslim female weightlifter demands right to compete while wearing the hijab] [The media’s Berlin Wall is starting to crumble] [Report of black mob intimidation in Peoria is partly questioned, but mostly supported] [Swedish school bans “him” and “her” to avoid stereotypes] [Did VFR make a prejudiced reference to Jewish supporters of homosexual “marriage”?] [Where the gang set upon Carter Strange was not an out-of-the-way place] [Drudge Report wins VFR’s award for Anti-Nominalist Website of the Month] [Black-on-white mayhem, black flash mobs throughout the U.S., while our “leaders” remain silent] [Liberals celebrate their disgrace] [Take the pledge! ] [Limbo on Libya] [Eight youths of unmentioned race assault and disfigure young jogger of unmentioned race]

Week of June 19, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Our ever-more ambiguous and incoherent state] [The Republican betrayal] [Same-sex “marriage” passes in New York] [Two Muslims (black converts) arrested in Seattle in plot to commit mass murder at military facility] [Republicans’ irrational defensiveness on same-sex “marriage”] [Marine from Virginia wages war on U.S.] [Republicans still undecided on “marriage” bill] [What our freed, democratized, nation-built “allies” in Iraq think of us] [A mindless country debates the Afghanistan policy] [New York Senate Republicans still to decide on allowing vote on homosexual “marriage”] [Two readers comment on GOP candidates and other matters] [White births in the U.S. are now fewer than nonwhite births: what it means, and what can be done about it] [Further doubts about Bachmann] [A different way of seeing Perry] [True Grit, a major surprise] [Muslims are assimilating to modern society better than Christians, says Britain’s equality tsar] [The beginnings of Michele Bachmann’s political career] [Malkin on Huntsman] [Wilders is acquitted] [What to do about all those presidents from Texas] [“On The Massacre Of The Christians In Bulgaria”] [“Freedom” for homosexuals means tyranny for traditionalists] [Suspect arrested in mass murder in Long Island pharmacy] [Bachmann a disappointment on Afghanistan] [More (of nothing) from Albany] [No news from Albany] [Glenn Beck does it again] [Steyn: “Too big to win.” ] [What today’s parents tell their children about marriage] [Spencer on the Weiner/Abedin marriage] [Counseling against despair] [After years of black on white attacks, the phenomenon is finally named by someone] [The pre-feminist West, where women weren’t human] [Further progress in feminization of armed services, including the Marines] [The ATF horror] [Muslim private granted conscientious objector status] [Guess whom Rick Perry endorsed for president in ‘08. Guess. ] [NY Post continues to fall in line on homosexual “marriage”] [New York still on the brink] [Why George W. Bush could not be nominated by today’s Republican party] [Stopping homosexual “marriage”] [Zakaria wants U.S. Constitution thrown out] [“Hoisted by his own petard” acquires a new meaning] [What happened to the BNP?] [The United States of Mindlessness] [Thank you] [Is Bachmann making a special appeal to minorities?] [Max (“the Jackboot”) Boot tells Republicans to shut up about Libya] [A personal announcement] [The extraordinary measures needed to keep peace in black America] [An intellectual lightweight for homosexual “marriage”] [Is Romney the new Nelson Rockefeller?] [More synchronicity] [A VFR reader posted about a historical figure, who he later learned was his ancestor]

Week of June 12, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [When France was true to herself] [Romney’s unforced, perhaps fatal error] [The mindless readiness of Republicans to compromise on homosexual “marriage” bill] [The inadequate “protections” being asked for in same-sex “marriage” law] [Wow—someone has the audacity to suggest that NATO actually do something useful] [Members of Congress of both parties rip apart Obama’s claim that he is not committing hostilities in Libya] [Baseball’s latest racist sin] [Bad signs on the homosexual “marriage” front in New York Senate] [Islam in the raw—Kuwaiti legislator urges capture of non-Muslims as sex slaves] [Only two ways the crisis can end] [Weiner at the Bat] [I guess he wasn’t being sincere when he took his citizenship oath] [Another victim of de-institutionalization and Eloi-dom] [Baseball] [Boehner’s incoherence] [Sources say Weiner to resign] [Mayor Michael R. Bloombrain goes into orbit] [Vancouverites (white) riot after big hockey loss] [Gingrich envoi] [All Quiet on the Weiner Front] [Spider-Man finally opens] [The destruction of white Western particularity is the common aim of all the dominant forces in the modern world] [Weiner’s mother-in-law is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood] [The debate] [Group of Muslim men were running child prostitution ring in Britain] [Conservatives against Romney] [Homosexual “marriage” has gained support in New York Senate, is within one vote of passage] [Are the Beltway right and the LSM using Bachmann against Palin?] [Boehner sends letter to Obama telling him that in five days he will be in violation of the War Powers Act] [Syria] [A simple question] [Applause for Bachmann] [G.I.’s say they don’t like berets] [Britain—not getting better, getting worse] [Synchronicity, expanded] [Computer problem] [Spelling Michele Bachmann] [Bachmann is running for president] [A prominent liberal intellectual says big government liberalism must be abandoned] [DSK anagram] [Can’t get away from that synchronicity (or, God has a mischievous sense of humor)] [Well, she always calls them the lamestream media, doesn’t she? ] [Bachmann: the candidate Palin was supposed to be (or rather the candidate Palin’s supporters falsely believe Palin to be)] [Mamet’s conservative thoughts] [Britain’s totalitarian anti-discrimination regime turns on one of its own] [The FOX racket ] [Weiner, cont. ] [Sack Dance, June 2007] [Is the long-form birth certificate a fraud?] [How PC is a manifestation of the liberal world view] [How Romney can win] [An interview with Michele Bachmann]

Week of June 5, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Liberals would rather let humanity die than allow any true statements about a certain race] [Sixteen year old girl talking with friends on boardwalk one minute, shot dead the next] [Feral savages of unknown race erupt in gunfire at Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, kill a 16 year old girl, wound five others] [Ultra-liberal DNC chairman calls Weiner’s behavior “sordid” and “indefensible” and his continued service “untenable”] [Weiner loyalists speak up] [Democratic leaders tell Weiner to resign] [An exchange with Robert McCain about Baldwin and Weiner] [What happened to the bus tour? ] [“How the Cost of White Flight Has Undone the White Family.” ] [Gorin on Weinergate] [Liberal morality] [Facebook and persecution, cont.] [A cheap shot] [DNC Chair: GOP Wants To “Drag Us All The Way Back To Jim Crow”] [Would Facebook be of value to VFR?] [Palin versus Bachmann?] [Responding to the argument that we should support Palin for the presidency because she drives the left crazy] [Mercer on the undoing of civilized white societies by racial lies] [Why Gingrich’s staff quit: When Gingrich constantly spoke of his candidacy as “Callista and I,” he really meant it.] [Facebook’s possible danger to conservatives] [The media’s Palin obsession jumps the shark] [Gingrich’s entire senior campaign staff resigns en masse] [Why is Weiner’s behavior wrong?] [Now America is waging a fourth war in the Dar al Islam] [Obama Presses Europe, Pledges Help for Greek Crisis] [Weiner’s main sin: his behavior reveals him as anti-woman] [Violence in the stands; violence of Hispanics] [A Twitter Group Warned About Weiner] [Flash mobs attack visitors in downtown Chicago] [Will Weiner resign? ] [Weiner goes where no congressman has gone before] [How does homosexual marriage become a constitutional “right”? ] [How Facebook makes it harder to get away with crime … including thought crime] [A simple theory of Weiner] [Dolphins playing with people on the English coast—and the problem with Whitman’s famous poem on animals] [VFR endangers the planet] [Liberalism against Christianity] [To counter Terry Jones, Presbyterian congregation distributes free copies of Koran] [Prominent Democratic consultant agrees with Dick Morris that Obama is in trouble] [Two interesting articles on Weiner scandal] [A marriage, or a merger? ] [The criminal Western alliance] [Breitbart brought out the truth, then Weiner accused him of manufacturing the truth, then Breitbart was totally vindicated] [VFR—still ahead of the rest] [Weiner material getting more explicit] [What’s wrong with the long-form birth certificate] [Service employees union members walk side by side with Communists in Los Angeles May Day parade] [Liberals live in the past] [Home Secretary says Britain will not accept refugees] [The Jewish expression for what Weiner did] [Another theory of Weiner] [An attempt to explain Weiner] [Weiner replying to an earlier question] [Weiner’s presser ] [Weiner confesses] [Neocon cheerfully confirms that she would like “half the world” to come to America] [A leading leftist’s goal for the white race] [Is NATO going to escalate to full scale war in Libya? ] [The anti-Semitic anti-circumcision campaign, cont. ] [Conservatives who worship Winston Churchill yet would banish anyone who said what Churchill said about Islam] [Mamet’s book on how he became a conservative] [Anti-Semitic comic book in San Francisco] [The ridiculous Edwards indictment] [More Churchill on Islam ] [Fatah and Hamas are the same] [From Lewinsky to Libya]

Week of May 29, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Most of the passengers on capsized refugee boat fleeing Libya were from sub-Saharan Africa] [Wilders’s closing statement] [Facebook] [How the white effort to improve black intelligence devolves into white cargo cultism] [Romney, warmist? ] [Palin says that Paul Revere’s warning was to the British that the Americans were armed—so leave us alone, you Brits, because we can defend our liberties! ] [Muslim women who kill their daughters] [Perry? ] [The House’s too belated and possibly fraudulent effort to rein in Obama on Libya] [Is any Republican ready for the consequences of having defeated the black messiah? ] [Osama bin Laden criticized blacks ] [Ryan is a way-out neocon (not that that’s a surprise, since the entire GOP leadership is neocon)] [Morning coffee with VFR] [Dick Morris on why Obama will not win in 2012] [Morris on the Republican contest] [Boehner finally shows signs of life on Obama’s illegal war in Libya] [Comments at Salon about anti-Drudge article] [Did I overinterpret Goodwin? ] [Black youth mob suddenly surrounds, knocks unconscious, and continues beating young white man in Minnesota college town] [The death of Britain] [The massive fraud brought about by No Child Left Behind] [Those Jewish puppet masters who control everything in the universe including the minds of white Gentiles keep flopping] [The latest on Weiner] [Pakistani journalist who had been threatened by ISI is murdered] [Why Libya?] [Mainstream columnist says blacks and Hispanics are failing in school because they don’t have the ability to do academic work] [The meaning of Salon’s attack on Drudge] [Salon calls Drudge a “disgusting” racial provocateur for linking numerous mainstream news stories about Memorial Day mayhem] [Another reason Muslim “democracy” will fail: the small middle class in Muslim countries] [Drudge’s artful commentary] [The entitled barbarians of Black-Run America] [Weiner-free zone] [Obama has noticed the black mob violence sweeping across America, and he’s doing something about it! ] [Lara Logan, cont. ] [Karzai: if NATO kills any more civilians, it must leave Afghanistan] [Boys making gun shapes with hands prohibited in UK] [More stories on mayhem across America] [Comments on mayhem] [Wave of black mayhem spreads across Chicago on Memorial Day weekend] [A weekend of black mayhem across America] [Wave of black criminal mayhem spreads across Myrtle Beach throughout Memorial Day weekend] [Five Boston area police agencies needed to quell 1,000-strong mob of indeterminate race] [Seeing themselves as anti-PC, conservatives are just as PC, cowardly, and silent about race as liberals] [Blacks jump fence, create chaos in Tennessee park, force closing] [Good riddance to Gaza] [Memorial Day Weekend in Miami Beach] [Berlusconi is not what people think he is] [All rape in Oslo is by Third-World immigrants and asylees] [Logan’s ordeal, cont.] [The truth about the Obama/Netanyahu stand-off over the ‘67 borders] [Romney’s unrecognized strong point?]

Week of May 22, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Muslim freedom in action] [Lara Logan’s ordeal, in her words] [Why free trade doesn’t work] [The latest neocon] [Italy’s openness to refugees has caused other European countries to close their borders] [How boring can a campaign get? ] [Who is Obama’s model? ] [Is the American Dream … a Section 8 apartment building in Detroit?] [Widow of landlord murdered by anti-white black says his murder shouldn’t ruin his vision of making Detroit a better place] [The unquenchable hunger of baby birds ] [Protest over lack of diversity in the Special Forces—but it’s not a lack of racial diversity that’s being complained about] [Australian man murdered by black man in Detroit for trying to evict his daughter from apartment] [Obama Shrugged] [British immigration highest since the record levels of 2005] [The Daily Mail ] [The thought process of Anne Applebaum] [Parts of a city flattened] [DSK’s new digs] [“Our great success in Iraq,” “Our great success in Iraq” … “Wait! We can’t leave Iraq or it will go to hell!” ] [Second Thoughts on Muslim democracy] [Obama says that U.S. military action could end without Kaddafi leaving power] [Continuing discussions] [Bristol Palin reported to have black boyfriend] [A Gallic shrug too far?] [Why high-caste men cheat with lower-caste women] [“Planking,” the Darwin Award, and Darwinism] [Why Obama doesn’t need to worry about the Jews] [Egypt is going to put Mubarak on trial for deaths during protests] [Giuliani? ] [Is Sailer able to defend his status-competition theory of white suicide?] [Stratfor on Obama’s Mideast illusions] [Four Muslims committed extreme physical attack on British teacher because he taught about religions, including Islam] [Flash mob phenomenon arrives in Manhattan] [15 year old hitman murders mother at her front door] [In unprecedented decision, U.S. Supreme Court orders California to release 30,000 inmates because of bad prison conditions] [Damning new facts released in DSK case—but can we believe them?] [Terrible disaster in Missouri] [Emerging Mideast reality is the total opposite of the West’s fantastical “Arab Spring”] [Too many awards being given out?] [Thoughts triggered by the news that the Church of Scotland has voted to allow homosexual ministers] [How bringing Muslims to America makes them love us. Yeah. ] [A question about Bristol Palin] [Liberalism and the Mideast] [How to understand Islam in 74 words] [More on DSK and his Jewish Socialist defenders] [How can anyone say that the birth certificate issue has been resolved?] [What does the Strauss-Kahn affair say about modern society?] [Obama has retreated on Israel] [The “peace process” as a symbolic representation of good and evil] [Out-of-control leaders —> out-of-control society] [A 62 year old high international official with out of control desires] [On the people who supported the “peace” process but now denounce Obama’s statement on Israel] [Daniels will not be candidate]

Week of May 15, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Strauss-Kahn, cont. ] [How the Times sees the Obama-Netanyahu stand-off] [The return of the Netanyahu of old] [Netanyahu’s coup] [The ideal GOP ticket for 2012] [Obama claims he has no need for congressional authorization] [America’s conservative, patriotic warriors, serving a leftist, globalist ideology] [The military, cont.] [Could the Arabs be de-Islamized?] [Is she baaack? ] [Disgusting statements from French Socialists] [Why, despite the left’s passion and the flaccidity of the right, homosexual “marriage” may fail in New York] [Japanese professor in England in trouble for finding that black women are unattractive] [What Netanyahu should have done] [Obama, once again, becomes openly anti-Israel] [Strauss-Kahn granted bail for millions, and he must hire guards who will keep him from leaving his New York City residence] [Why we will not awaken from our Afghan folly] [The Culture of Awards] [Republicans and adultery; and an exchange about John Edwards with an Edwards supporter] [The Bushites’ Continuing Big Lie about our “success” in Iraq] [Obama calls for Palestinian state on ‘67 borders, and puts U.S. behind Mideast “reform”] [Another racism hoax, following the time honored pattern] [When a white Republican has an illegitimate son, we finally start to hear about the human costs of fatherlessness] [Hold on: other sources say that Ophelia Famotidina is not the complainant] [Photo and name of the chambermaid] [White female prosecutor and her brother stabbed and beaten almost to death by her black ex-boyfriend, who is also a lawyer] [Obama has overridden the War Powers Act ] [A mistake in the Constitution? ] [Turning America into a country of aliens] [The fatal flaw in immersive charter schools, and a modest solution] [DSK’s contradictory defenses] [In Afghanistan, sacrificing our men for those who hate us] [What moral will people take from the DSK event?] [DSK may get out of jail tomorrow] [Gingrich in clean-up mode] [Strauss-Kahn’s accuser lived in an apartment exclusively set aside for people with the AIDS virus] [Taj Mahal immersion—the next stage in closing the racial gap] [The real, predictable, and thoroughly predicted fruits of the Egyptian revolution] [The trend in the naming of Navy ships] [DSK and Galliawatch] [Gingrich: crazy, calculating, or unconscious? ] [What it means to philosophize ] [Some interesting reading from today’s New York Times] [Bachmann] [Two Englishwomen are gang-raped in island paradise] [Pro-DSK] [A prophetic statement about Islam] [DSK’s defense: she consented] [The irony of Strauss-Kahn’s arrest] [The egregious Gingrich] [More on DSK’s bail plea, and why the judge denied it] [The charges against Strauss-Kahn] [Thanks from a reader] [The meaning of the Strauss-Kahn scandal] [Why did UMP deputy attack National Front in the act of condemning Strauss-Kahn?] [French politician to DSK: “Disappear, and fast.” ] [Strauss-Kahn denied bail; police say they have found blood on bed and DNA on victim] [Trump announces he is not running for president] [Theodore Roosevelt on the prospects of Muslim liberalization] [An embarrassment of blog entries] [Liberal/neocon Mideast idols crashing left and right… ] [Tiberge on the fortunate fall of Strauss-Kahn] [The refugee racket] [When a liberal opinion writer is “flash-mugged” by anti-white blacks, will he become a liberal who has been mugged by reality? Fat chance.] [Earlier sex attack by Strauss-Kahn] [On that “discriminatory” firemen’s test for which Chicago must hire 111 black firemen and pay tens of millions in damages to 6,000 other blacks] [Was Strauss-Kahn framed?] [French political world in turmoil over sex charges against Strauss-Kahn] [The Libyan intervention: another bell that tolls the death of America] [61 percent of the Koran and the Hadiths is about us] [What happened to the general who opposed the homosexualization of the armed services] [Head of IMF, staying in $3,000 New York hotel suite, sexually attacks hotel maid]

Week of May 8, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The Night Sky] [Claire Berlinski, ultra-moron ] [Hundreds of African immigrant children are being mistreated and tortured as belief in demonic possession spreads across Britain ] [Imams in U.S. arrested for aiding Taliban; U.S. government renews outreach efforts to Muslims] [Court: Chicago must hire 111 black firefighters] [Clashes between Jews and Nazis Leave Six Million Dead] [Geert Wilders’s Warning to America; and, What is freedom?] [How can a reasonable person take at face value anything we’re being told at this point about bin Laden? ] [What should a parent do when his adult child is in a homosexual relationship?] [Tolerating homosexuality, cont.] [Telegraph : the left is losing all over Europe—and the main reason is immigration] [Grandparents who want their grandchildren to call them silly names] [A proposed alternative to my anti-Islam amendment] [What’s wrong with tolerance of homosexuality?] [Same-sex “marriages” approved in Navy chapels in states with same-sex “marriage”] [Ahh, those ever-evolving, conservative Palins] [The paradoxical nature of Islam] [Why it is ridiculous and futile to claim that Islam is not a religion, cont.] [A reader replies to Kleine-Hartlage] [Taquila goes out drinking, leaves her toddlers alone in empty apartment] [Has Hollywood passed the point of maximum homosexual saturation?] [Spring has finally come] [What “designer-named” babies portend for our society, cont.] [Celebrities consigning their offspring to life-long oddity and probable madness] [Was German re-unification a mistake? And, the cure for hyper-liberalism. ] [Jack Cashill: insightful literary detective, pathbreaking Obama investigator, slob] [The latest: bin Laden lived in Pakistani village ] [Chicago Sun-Times describes Muslim terrorist as a generic “man” with “no clear or known ties to terrorism” ] [Yemeni Muslim, described by CBS as “unruly man,” tries to force way into cockpit of American Airlines plane] [A child not destined to be a general, a congressman, a doctor, a teacher, or even an air conditioner repairman…] [What Merkel actually said] [Wilders on the nature of Islam] [Debate on Germany] [A mother’s love] [A toast] [Comments] [The latest proof that whites are racist: they tend to see Obama as “less American” than other politicians] [Notwithstanding the extremely low number of blacks in special forces, there are as yet no racial quotas]

Week of May 1, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [SEALs and diversity] [Our reward for killing an Islamic martyr] [A false choice] [The epic story of the administration’s ever-changing stories] [Lars Hedegaard’s statement on his conviction for “hate speech”] [German chancellor criminally charged for expressing delight over bin Laden’s demise] [Obama’s big moment] [Names, destiny, and freedom] [The Funniest Obama-Osama Mix-ups ] [His Imperial Ubiquity] [How the White House turned victory into disaster] [How to celebrate the death of the mass murderer who commanded his fellow Muslims to “kill the Americans wherever you find them”] [“Swarm” of “young people” invade and rob Nevada store] [The dream that will never die: the fantasists of black academic amelioration keep fueling their fantasy] [The reign of mindlessness] [How our government has destroyed the very basis of consensual government—trust] [Some recent comments] [What to do about Pakistan] [The U.S. Navy SEALs] [Were the American Revolutionists in the wrong?] [Did U.S. ignore tip from the Indians that bin Laden was hiding near Pakistani capital?] [What the administration got right] [Where we could really use some enhanced interrogation techniques] [Obama announces he will not release bin Laden death photos] [A plausible case that waterboarding was not key to the discovery of bin Laden’s hide-out] [The “temporary coup” that allowed the bin Laden mission to proceed without Obama’s approval] [The SEALs did their job; the administration bungled (or sabotaged?) its job] [Mail columnist very uncomfortable with the killing of bin Laden] [Man tied up and stabbed to death in NYC home invasion ] [Hiding in plain sight] [Guess how the democracy-mad contingent see the killing of bin Laden. Just guess.] [The Royal Wedding we didn’t get] [Some comments] [Conservatives win majority of Canadian Parliament] [How the U.S. found Osama bin Laden’s hideout and raided it] [The sin of Canadian politicians] [Proof of bin Laden’s death] [Bin Laden in hell] [Why the excessive joy, from people who have not exactly been obsessed by Osama bin Laden for the last many years?] [Bin Laden discussion continues] [Pipes, penetrating analyst of Islamic terror] [Indian paper says Pakistan intelligence was helping bin Laden] [The psychological effect of bin Laden’s death on his supporters] [Thank you, Osama bin Laden, for sparing us the burden of keeping you prisoner and putting you on trial] [The star-struck Church of Rome] [How clothing makes—or unmakes—our humanity and our culture]

Week of April 24, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Mob shuts down school board meeting in Tucson] [A reply to the libertarian open-borderites] [The problem with Greg Mortenson, and with COIN] [Mortenson, the military’s fallen guru] [The Wedding, cont. (and a debate on the American Revolution)] [The Windsor Wedding, and a look back at Richard III and the fall of the House of York] [Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship … that’s bad news?] [Lara Logan speaks] [How do I like thee, Trump? I’m still counting the ways.] [Why did liberals (and “conservatives”) believe that building schools in Afghanistan was the answer?] [NR—the void at the center of the conservative movement] [The meaning of the name Peniel (leading to thoughts on the “liberal” roots of our civilization)] [Mozart was a Red] [How Minnesotans (including liberals and blacks) feel about Somalis] [The Onion (in serious mode) declares that Trump is a “Klansman” who by demanding Obama birth certificate was calling all black “niggers”] [We were racist for opposing nationalized health care; now we’re racist for wanting to see the President’s long-concealed birth certificate] [The Times on us] [Birth certificate discussion continues] [A theory on the data suggesting that the birth certificate has been manipulated] [Discussion of birth certificate] [The growing threat posed to America by Minnesota men] [Quote of the week] [NRO’s other adult on Islam] [Why I will not see the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of The Ring cycle] [America the mindless, “partnering” with its mortal enemies] [Petraeus pro … and con] [Applause for Donald Trump—and unmitigated contempt for the mainstream media] [Obama’s dishonest and demagogic statement about release birth certificate] [The meaning of the birth certificate] [Gang ambushes Chinese delivery man in Manhattan] [Obama releases long form birth certificate] [McDonald’s 365Black campaign] [Britain expecting huge immigrant flood from Europe as restrictions on benefits for immigrants are eliminated] [To protect oneself and one’s family, or to be “racist”: the inescapable moral dilemma of whites in a racially integrated society] [The growing power of homosexual fascism] [How the rule of Minority Supremacy is enforced by white people—on their own minds] [American education heading ever deeper into the abyss] [Pipes switches again on Egyptian democracy] [African American Day, cont.] [Pro-democracy “conservatives” married themselves to Obama … ] [24 year old white graduate student murdered in his car in Prince George’s County; his family and friends are “baffled”] [A job Americans are willing to do] [Is China about to become the world’s largest economy? ] [Enjoying Washington’s spring tradition of African American Family Day] [The fact that the president has concealed his long form birth certificate is going mainstream] [The national establishment of blackness jes’ keeps rollin’ along … and so does black mayhem] [Atlas Died] [The Un-thinking Un-housewife] [Black-on-White Mayhem: the Eternal Spring Break?] [What it means that a wife should obey her husband] [More fast-food savagery, this time in Britain; and the coded language by which the media indicate race without mentioning race] [Lucianne.com and Third-World immigration ] [Terry Jones, defender of Christendom and liberty ] [Transgender victim’s differing (but not necessarily contradictory) versions of why she was attacked] [The Morgan Harrington case on TV]

Week of April 17, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Why civilization—including a website—requires rules and boundaries] [Long-serving child rapist may receive $800,000 heart transplant; or, The crucifixion of the American taxpayer] [2001 study: white mortality in U.S. metropolitan areas is a function of the size of the local black population] [Crucifixion, liberal-style] [Gang of 30 “teens” storm onto Atlanta commuter train, assault passengers] [Truth is always true and always alive; lies die] [Music for Good Friday] [The Myth of Racial Disparities in Public School Funding] [Liberals are today’s Sadducees who continually crucify truth] [Trump telephones Charles the Sage; Charles the Sage is favorably impressed] [Times continues the Obama biographical cover-up ] [Liberal Jews and Liberal Christians united in a common cause] [The Washing of the Feet] [Trump and Trump’s entire family have become untouchables] [The truth about the “desperate poverty and squalor” that putatively caused the murder of two young Englishmen in Florida] [Thanks from a reader, and a nightmare scenario of the self-caused destruction of black America when the government spigot runs dry] [More from Horowitz against the Libyan intervention and “Responsibility to Protect” ] [British female bomb disposal expert killed in Afghanistan] [An image of hell as an organic part of America] [Comments] [Stanley Ann biographer is vague on circumstances of Barack’s birth and time frame of his parents’ marriage] [Thanks from a reader] [More on the Paper of Transgression] [A leading contestant in the “Who can best sum up O’Reilly” contest] [Muslims in Lampedusa] [NYT to the rescue, lessens significance of murder of Englishmen in Sarasota] [Who’s manning the front lines in the hell on earth that is underclass black America?] [A new meaning of Easter (and a discussion about Nietzsche and the death of God)] [The newsmagazine of transgression] [The hell on earth of underclass black America, brought to you by liberalism] [Rand and school busing] [Everyone sees through O’Reilly] [Rand’s hostility to the natural world] [Another thing to like about Trump] [Russian immigrant mother and daughter slaughtered by the mother’s 55-year-old Russian immigrant live-in “boy friend”… ] [The staggering ignorance of the birthers] [Serrano’s “Piss Christ” destroyed by French Catholics] [The Paper of Transgression] [Rand and conservatism, cont.] [Two young Englishmen shot dead in Florida as part of gang initiation] [“Flash mob” of gangbangers organized By twitter shoot man on Venice, California boardwalk as “human tidal wave” flees in panic] [Rand and conservatism] [Christopher Caldwell’s strange approach to Islam summarized] [A day in the life of a Western country with a significant Muslim population] [Rape and sexual assault very widespread in U.S. military] [Palin’s Tax Day Tea Party Speech, Madison, Wisconsin, April 17, 2011] [A substantive critique of Trump] [Trump’s speech] [The Times goes after John Tanton] [Amanpour] [J Street] [Palin in Madison] [Contra Trump] [Trump and “the blacks”]

Week of April 10, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Trump versus Cantor] [Beck as freelance religious preacher] [Trump—the challenger of the one party state? ] [Delusional conservatives getting whipped up again by Obama’s low poll numbers] [Why Jews welcome Muslims, cont.] [Race, identity, and the national interest] [The Libyan absurdity, cont.] [America, by accepting TSA gropers, shows that it is dead] [Amazing: Obama demonized Ryan’s plan with Ryan in the audience] [Anti-jihad libertarian Pam Geller speaks the word “immigration”! ] [Atlas Shrugged Part One premieres] [Why would Palestinians kill an Italian? ] [Trump keeps looking better] [How liberalism, the ideology of Western suicide, destroys its own ability to promote liberalism] [Liberal icon Crystal Mangum charged in stabbing death] [Pelosi, the incarnate, unrepressed Id of liberalism, tells us what it’s all about] [Another Side of Bob Spencer] [Horror in Newburgh] [Britain’s latest problem: not enough blacks at Oxford] [“In Memory of Major Robert Gregory” ] [Richard Spencer responds to his critics] [Mistakes of the birthers] [The ultimate alpha boyfriend] [Sarah Coit “usually dated bad boys who mistreated her”] [Ex-neighbor said of Barrera and Coit: “I knew he was going to kill her”; and he had violently attacked her before, but she stayed with him] [The lesson of the Ivory Coast: keep out Muslims!] [Nigerian on west coast of Ireland murders his Polish girlfriend, then leaps into the Atlantic] [AltRight and “mud people”] [How Republican politicians should speak about the birth issue] [The biggest anti-burka ban demo was not in Paris, but London] [Cathleen Black blames her firing on sexism] [Why white women put themselves in great danger when they hook up with a black man] [The very existence of historically white societies is evil] [A decapitator’s CV] [A murder, as heard by neighbors] [British man arrested for burning a Koran in his garage] [Catching up] [Man murders, half-decapitates girlfriend in Lower East Side apartment ] [That photograph of Taylor] [An amazing fourth round at the Masters] [A darker view of France’s burka ban] [John Kennedy as the un-John Galt] [The Islamization of Chechnya] [John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley found to be largely fiction] [France against the veil] [A magnificent statement about the American establishment’s vilification of Terry Jones] [Total disagreement among conservatives on the budget deal continues] [Trump is impressive]

Week of April 3, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The conservative debate on the deal continues] [Under liberalism, thou shalt not ask reasonable questions, especially about Muslims] [Trump vs. Times ] [The mass murder of the UN workers in Mazar-e-Sharif] [Another conservative supports Jones] [Children massacred in Brazilian school by man who left suicide note talking about Islamic fundamentalism] [Different views of the budget deal] [David of Afghanistan] [The Pakistani Sufi-like belief system which isn’t what we think of as Sufi-like] [In liberal America, you shall not buy and sell, you shall not live, unless you worship the beast] [Report: CUNY Law School is providing free counsel to mosques on how to handle government informants] [The refugee crisis] [Sarah Palin, traditionalist? ] [Trump and Obama] [“Gay caveman” claim exposed as typical example of the fraudulent science reporting we’ve grown to expect] [The man who rode the tsunami] [Myth of superior female doctors breaks down] [How the arrogant have fallen] [Glenn Beck’s Farewell Address] [First “homosexual caveman” found] [Odd reporting on Pakistan from the NYT] [Why a Florida pastor has blood on his hands for mass murders committed by Afghan savages on the other side of the world] [Our Orwellian race-blind media] [Beck’s confusing change of direction] [Perhaps this what it really means to be Christ of nations] [Move to incorporate homosexual heroes into California textbooks ] [Study: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are the three most peaceful (non-violent) states in the Union ] [Wood on Jones] [A correction on Spencer] [Shoring up the base] [Behavior that you would only see from a member of a particular ethnic/racial group] [What happens to GOP and conservatism in a nonwhite America?] [Holder’s bitter resentment of America] [Contact Pastor Jones] [West on Jones] [Wall on Jones] [Ann Barnhardt—destroyer of Lindsey Graham, burner of the Koran] [The price Jones has paid—for standing up for us] [Terry Jones, our benefactor whom we despise] [Gen. Betray-us?] [Spencer’s weak argument against Koran burning] [Jihad Watch writer praises Terry Jones as man of courage who has helped reveal the truth about Islam] [Kowtowing to barbarians] [Correction] [As America ceases to be a European country, it will detach from Britain and Europe] [The Principle of exclusion ] [Now it suddenly matters who the rebels are]

Week of March 27, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Some recent items on Terry Jones] [Kaddafi’s leading U.S. enemies today were his pals yesterday] [VFR on Terry Jones, September 2010] [Terry Jones, after ending six months ago with a whimper, reappears with a global bang] [Elizabeth Taylor’s eternal beauty] [Jews are just like all other liberals, only more so] [How Octavius became the sole representative of the Roman world] [Guess who’s seeking a congressional vote on Libya?] [Boehner’s deep incisive analysis of Obama’s speech] [VFR] [The scan and grope regime is in place and going strong] [Lingua franca] [Violence upon the roads, violence of horses: When law dies and evil gathers head] [Trump and the birth issue] [The wages of mass-importing blacks into a formerly non-black society] [Illinoisians about to get right to carry guns] [Shock race switch in rape-revenge murder case] [America and the ubiquitous empty black suit] [How can you diss a man who has no pride to start with?] [Former S.A. rugby player murders his daughter’s rapists] [How Alexander tamed Bucephalus, and why he got annoyed at Aristotle] [On the pleasures of Wikipedia] [The deep penetrating mind of Glenn Beck, and how nominalism denies the reality of Islam] [Progress report] [Gang rape of 11 year old girl who was lured into park restroom] [A videographic record of Homo sapiens behavior in a Burger King] [Obama, Kennedy, Eisenhower] [Kristol in clover] [Japanese gangsters helping out] [It really was all about stopping a massacre in Bengazi] [While the neocons are trying to spread democracy in yet another Muslim land, Giuliani is exploring yet another run for the presidency] [More on the View from Minas Morgul] [Every past and future inch of rebel gains depends on us] [VFR] [The virtues] [Sadat on the Muslim Brotherhood]

Week of March 20, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Is there a precedent for the suicide of the white West?] [The belief that Kaddafi is a Jew] [In Libya, America is fighting for her enemies, cont.] [Are Christian health care sharing ministries a viable method of reducing medical costs?] [The nature of Israel’s “provocation”] [Will Horowitz’s conversion start a trend?] [Japan says there could be breach in reactor vessel and that nuclear fuel could be released] [A simple, direct interpretation of Obama’s actions] [The most irrational foreign action America has ever committed] [O’Reilly’s redefinition of patriotism] [David Horowitz abandons the cause he’s passionately espoused for the last decade] [Paglia on Elizabeth Taylor] [White flight discussed in plain terms in Boston Globe and FreeRepublic] [Kaddafi’s soldiers couldn’t understand why American journalists are siding with pro-al Qaeda and Islamist rebels] [The Ninety-Six Names of Kaddafi] [Jobs Americans won’t do] [Was poll on homosexual “marriage” legitimate? ] [“Death Threats by the Dozens”] [More on Joseph, and Mary] [What the mainstream regards as insane] [Marine Le Pen on North African refugees] [The total evil behind Obamacare] [In the midst of national suicide, signs of life; in the midst of all-embracing lies, the courage to speak the truth] [We’ve forgotten Japan] [Horowitz turns against the Democracy Project] [Obama and me—in tune with each other] [Ridiculous “conservative” war supporter has nervous breakdown in print] [Fighting for our enemies] [How the Times reported the sexual mistreatment of its female photographer by Libyan troops] [An anti-memory hole exercise] [Libya, as Obama sees it] [Our mission in Libya] [Sexually assaulted and told “You’ll die tonight”—female NYT photographer’s experience in Libya] [America’s legal settlement with Kaddafi over Lockerbie] [Drudge for first time reports good news on the Fukushima reactors (in fact, such news has been available all along and he ignored it)] [At least some in Congress care about Obama’s usurpation of warmaking power] [The world turned upside down—Dennis Kucinich is mature and responsible] [The One War we are always fighting] [The Nine Billion Names of Khadaffi] [Whoops, now the Arab League is unhappy with us] [Getting a handle on the Khadaffi / Ghadafy / Qaddaffi problem] [Much more than a no-fly zone] [Voices of sanity versus the Obamites and the Bushcons (note: I just referred to Dennis Kucinich as a voice of sanity)] [Where is the nuclear catastrophe of yesterday?] [Big Moon ] [Boehner’s pathetic statement about Obama’s action in Libya] [What threat to civilians did Kaddafi actually pose?] [Farrakhan to Obama: “Who the hell do you think you are?”] [Pajamas Media’s worldview] [The Republican silence] [What if the no-fly zone fails?]

Week of March 13, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [U.S. attacks Libya] [A liberal war in Libya] [Milestone on same-sex “marriage”] [St. Joseph’s Day—the original Father’s Day] [NPR: tests show there is no health threat in area around nuclear reactors] [Understanding the wave nature of a tsunami] [Utah and the Mormon Church reach out to illegal aliens] [Obama’s global grasp] [Congressional leaders silent about Obama’s threat of war against Libya] [The democracy promoters get their way] [Immanuel Kant—wrong for America] [Discussion on white nationalism at The Thinking Housewife] [The “me” approach to foreign policy] [A tsunami video which shows the ocean falling down on the land] [Times placing itself beyond reach of average Web user] [A blow by blow account of the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant] [Contributor at leading neoconservative magazine says that Muslims are different from us] [Article at Alt-Right calls for separation from Islam] [Entirely scrutable] [The Times is ceasing to be free online] [National Review’s spectacular irrationality on Libya] [Is this ad anti-white? ] [The media’s irresponsible exaggeration of the problem at the Fukushima nuclear plant] [VFR] [The strange reporting of the news that characterizes liberal society] [The ever (d)evolving National Review] [Rumors of meltdown] [Horrible bus accident] [Responding to the liberal argument that investigating Muslim radicalism and terrorism in the U.S. will turn Muslims into radicals and terrorists] [National Review joins the interventionists] [Further sign of a shift against the Bush/neocon Democracy Project] [Producer suspended for saying minority characters wouldn’t fit in his program about English village life] [UCLA student expresses mild, humorous exasperation about certain behaviors of Asians, and gets death threats] [The secret, locked-in expenditures in Obamacare] [Aren’t neoconservatives supposed to be intellectuals? And aren’t intellectuals supposed to, uh, think? ] [“The seed doesn’t fall far from the weed.”] [The crucial difference between Western and non-Western debaters, to which Westerners are blind] [The Times hits paydirt: bad (or rather less than sterling) conduct by some Japanese as they faced death] [Liberals who can’t stand living with conservatives] [Death threats in Wisconson] [Gingrich keeps Kennedy “We are the Democratic Majority” diversity background photo as his own] [Playing Sarah Palin] [A question for the Darwinians] [Mob rule in America] [The face of black rule] [Rare discussion of race at Luciannce.com] [A destroyed city] [“The Scariest First-Person Video of the Japan Tsunami Yet”] [In Japan, a well-designed society, everything worked] [Video of tsunami hitting shore] [Horrifying photos that make it clearer what a tsunami is] [A town at the edge of the catastrophe] [Photos of the ruin, and a question about the tsunami] [The Japanese] [Mud-strewn wastelands replace Japanese towns]

Week of March 6, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [After a long winter, a song for the unofficial first day of spring] [An odd article by Michael Reagan urging Obama to do … something against Kaddafi] [Minimal involvement in the Muslim world versus maximum involvement in the Muslim world] [Was Lara Logan raped, redux] [Against mere reaction] [On the reality of consciousness] [An image of the end of the world] [The latest in the wave of Ku Klux Klan terrorist arrests] [Mandatory sex equality of results in Australia] [Record quake unleashes tsunami on Japan] [Black congressman says KKK is bigger threat than Muslims] [Army says nine officers will be reprimanded for failing to spot signs of radicalism in Fort Hood shooter] [Spider-Man director Julie Taymor is dismissed] [Jewish group joins with Muslims to get immigration loosened] [Does barring same-sex “marriage” violate equality under the law?] [The democracy promoters’ dangerously distorted relationship with reality] [Should the U.S. employ military force against Kaddafi?] [The incomprehensible diversity of “homegrown terrorists”] [The King hearings] [Pipes on what to do about Libya] [Another young female swallowed up] [The “rape” versus “sexual assault” question, again] [The brand-new, completely redesigned Newsweek is … a mouthpiece of liberal propaganda. What a surprise! How innovative!] [Grammar correction] [Victory: Wisconsin senate passes Walker budget repair bill] [Gang rape of girl, and taping of gang rape of girl, and distribution of tape of gang rape of girl] [Quotation of the week] [Dominoes falling at National Palestinian Radio] [More on Aymenn Jawad, and the Spencer-Jawad fight] [Fights break out at rap awards program, 20 police cars needed to restore order] [The Jews and abortion] [The left’s latest big lie: there’s always been as much pre-marital sex as there is now] [The left’s fear and loathing of Rep. King hearings] [NPR executive lets it all hang out] [Update on Robert Spencer’s fight with Aymenn Jawad and American Thinker] [The astounding ignorance and prejudice of the liberal elite] [Rebels offer to let Kaddafi leave] [Why the U.S. should “take out” Kaddafi] [Spencer versus a former associate] [Black former police chief attends funeral of black cop killer, skips funerals of the white cops he killed] [Where have you gone, George Washington? ] [Britain to facilitate prisoners in sex change operation] [Derbyshire on Islam, revisited] [Bush the elder, the ultimate empty suit] [German cabinet minister says, uh, something about Islam’s place in Germany] [VFR] [Islamic democracy on the march: Coptic church set on fire, Coptic homes attacked in Egyptian village ]

Week of February 27, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [How open admissions has turned colleges into high schools] [What the Frankfurt jihad attack tells us] [Steyn’s Orwellian lie about the Kosovo war] [The endless Arabic spelling problem] [Obama administration admits the truth about the inevitable result of “democracy” in Islamic countries] [The Trojan Horse in Europe] [What Pakistan tells us about the Islam problem, and its solution] [The Triangle Shirtwaist fire] [The Newt and Callista Exploratory Presidential Campaign] [Our every effort to make Islam more “moderate” only makes it more radical] [The violent criminals playing football at the nation’s colleges] [Wisconsin Senate orders that AWOL lawmakers be taken into custody] [Paterson, New Jersey preacher, a “pillar of the community,” critically stabs female preacher with whom he had been having a relationship] [A Christian student at an American theological seminary was repeatedly told by Muslim students that he deserved to die for being an infidel—and the school did nothing] [The Supreme Court’s mad extension of “free speech” rights to gross and horrible insults against the dead at a funeral] [McKinstry: the purpose of Britain’s immigration policy is to destroy Britain; and the immigration must be stopped] [Obama—secret orchestrator of the “tea partiers are racists” charge; and why conservatives are such wusses in the face of that charge] [Now what exactly were those unspecified Islamist slogans (islamistische Parolen) that the killer shouted before murdering two Americans?] [Not terror (or at least not primarily terror), but jihad] [AP: Frankfurt Airport murderer ID’d as Kosovar Muslim; U.S. Rep calls it terrorist attack] [Tennessee considers making the practice of sharia a crime] [Destroyer captain stripped of command and removed from ship for failing to stop male and female crew members from having sex ] [What’s really at stake for Democrats in the survival of public sector unions] [Atlas Shrugged in Venezuela] [Does disaster represent our only hope?] [Secretary of State says Kaddafi is not legitimate] [CNN works full-time keeping white racism myth alive] [What made two companies suspicious of Texas terrorist? ] [The end times, cont.] [Newly “optimistic” Pipes sees “transformed” Muslim world that is no longer extreme and is capable of democracy] [A conversion] [The futility of trying to get America to see beyond its own reflection] [Why liberal arguments for immigration restriction go nowhere] [How the right’s retreat on homosexuals in the military led to major leftist advance on homosexual marriage] [Crime in Marseilles] [The Portia Fallacy] [Made whole] [Thrice-married Gingrich set to run for president—as a religious Catholic] [Continuing in his George W. Bush “Foreign leaders must do X” mode, Obama says Kaddafi “must” leave Libya] [The alliance of liberals and Bushites, cont.]

Week of February 20, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Demographer says it’s “basically over for Anglos” in Texas] [Left and “right” band together against reality] [Kaddafi’s men—even his own tribesmen—are deserting him] [Wisconsin rebellion reveals the “contemptible nature of progressivism” ] [The New York Times and the New York Post] [Demonstrators return to Tahrir Square to demand ouster of prime minister … ] [The highest paid actor in television turns his destructive behavior against the goose that lay the golden eggs, loses goose and eggs] [A theory of Aldawsari] [Rx: a descent into the abyss] [Llewelyn Rockwell, paleo-libertarian supporter of sharia in America] [Qaradawi’s Tahrir Square speech—the clearest indication that a “democratic” Egypt will be a sharia and jihad Egypt] [The irony of evil in a world that’s supposed to be good] [The best summary of the public unions controversy] [Meacham on homosexual “marriage”] [On the government’s abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act] [What led to Texas terrorist’s arrest] [A recommended article on Wisconsin] [For words that correspond with things] [Saudi resident of Texas arrested for planning terrorist attacks] [Is Kaddafi doomed?] [Four people on yacht killed by Somali pirates] [What will it take for the neocons to be discredited once and for all?] [Could President Bush have been right?] [“A new age of uncertainty”] [The first model for Lois Lane dies at 93] [Fox’s Shepard Smith, like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, says Wisconsin budget repair bill is nothing but a lie and is only about hurting Democrats] [A call for a consistent law on hate speech] [Wisconsin Dems still fighting; are the Republicans?] [World speeding up] [PBS’s surprising turnabout on the Muslim Brotherhood] [Why the repeal of Europe’s hate-speech laws must be the first order of business for the anti-Islamization and free speech movements] [Wilders on the right to criticize Islam] [In Tripoli, Kaddafi is killing rebels and protesters; in other part of the country, officials of the regime are defecting] [What happens when one party accepts the rules, and the other party doesn’t, and the first party accepts the other party’s non-acceptance of the rules?] [Thune announces he will not run for President] [The missing side of the Amanda Knox story: drugs and alcohol] [“Who Attacked Lara Logan, and Why?”] [Instead of conservatives seceding from Liberal America, liberals are seceding from Conservative America] [What are the Wisconsin Republicans waiting for?] [How does NRO still exist?] [Amanda Knox again: very likely guilty, though most Americans will never know it] [Government employee unions contradict the very function of government] [Administration shown to be lying about “no involvement” in Wisconsin protests] [Hundreds dead as Kaddafi uses violence against protesters; son’s threat of “rivers of blood” escalated the protests; Libyan UN delegation defects and calls for Kaddafi to step down; protesters claim to be in control of Benghazi, Libya’s second city] [What if jihadists took over the the Muslim world?] [Comments on Wisconsin] [Whither blacks in a retrenching America? ] [Disastrous cab driver not a jihadist] [The late, great symphony orchestra of Detroit? … The late, great culture of the West?] [Who is camped out in the Capitol? And who brought them there?] [An industrialist living among and subsidizing leftists who despise industry] [Why Roosevelt opposed government workers’ unions] [How public sector unions exploit the taxpayer and lead to economic catastrophe] [VFR on Wisconsin] [Camped out in the Capitol] [More statements added to the List of Prohibited Statements] [Thuggish mobs have taken over the Wisconsin state capitol]

Week of February 13, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [In Wisconsin, the battle lines are clearly drawn] [In Wisconsin, the privileged class is striking back—has Gov. Walker bitten off more than he can chew?] [Three prongs of the putsch] [Understanding Wisconsin] [McCarthy: Islam is anti-freedom and anti-human, Islam rules Afghanistan, we should withdraw from Afghanistan. ] [America quiet on the impending execution of Afghan Christian Said Musa] [Rhetoric vs. Reality: Liberal Protest of Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Plan] [The Democrats’ new dispensation for America] [French journalist convicted of “incitement to racial hatred” for saying that drug dealers are “mostly blacks and Arabs.”] [Union Sundown: how municipal unions in a New Hampshire town threatened an official’s life when he tried to limit their ridiculous benefits] [Times praises the public union thugs in Wisconsin as “leading the way”] [The Wisconsin civil war] [Something that would never happen in America the brave and the free—an Australian senator says that “Islam itself is the problem.”] [Obama’s plan to divide America along class lines ] [Free at last! Free at last! Qaradawi’s triumphant return from fifty year exile] [Obama’s fascist-style, Latin-American caudillo-style interference in a Wisconsin state issue] [What Boehner should say about Obama’s birth issue—and about Obama’s Muslim issue] [Trumka in Madison] [Qaradawi in Cairo] [Treason cum bureaucratese] [What happens to ball-busting babes in the real world] [The Mail on Lara Logan] [The pathetic German media] [Obama’s name and despots] [Blundering Boehner lets MSM cast him as the problem in the Obama birth issue] [Mesmized by superficiality] [The evil of calling white victims of black savagery “privileged”] [Their own top reporter was assaulted by a mob in Tahrir Square, and CBS covered it up. Why? ] [Cartoonist of a lost America] [Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel program on the Knoxville Atrocity tomorrow night calls the victims “privileged”] [Dog show] [Tens of millions of Muslims itching to come to the West] [Was Lara Logan raped? ] [How many different buttons (both true and false) are pressed by the Lara Logan story?] [Correcting a false impression at Jihad Watch; and the meaning of racialism] [In coverage of sexual assault of Logan by Cairo mob, media continues its pattern of concealing Muslim behavior that contradicts benevolent image of Islam] [Madoff says banks “had to know” what he was up to] [Anti-white outburst by black Dallas County Commissioner] [Niall Ferguson on Obama and Egypt] [Horrible accident in San Diego looks like “sudden jihad syndrome”] [Americans are cheering a democracy in Egypt that must lead to the victory of our enemies] [Our “intelligence community” keeps making wild mistakes about Muslims—because it is ideologically committed not to know the truth about Islam] [Hannity and Spitzer on Egypt] [Lesbian “mothers”] [Allen West on race] [Italy interior minister, alarmed by Tunisian influx “of biblical proportions,” plans to use armed forces to stop it] [British woman who had married a Muslim, converted to Islam, and campaigned for Muslim rights is murdered, along with their two small children, by her Muslim husband] [Our sick, sick society: female guards overseeing male prisoners] [West at CPAC ] [Politico: Right fractures over Islam] [Islamic world + democratization = Camp of the Saints to the nth power] [A perfectly reasonable question] [Women’s latest reason for feeling unattractive: insufficiently large behinds] [Dick Morris’s interesting angle on Egypt] [Asian immigration transforming Texas town] [Sexual possessiveness (plus angel dust) sets off 28-hour murder rampage in New York City] [On the systematic extinction of the Western peoples] [The latest gratuitously self-destroying Republican]

Week of February 6, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The two liberalisms] [Egypt and our Orwellian news media] [Woman who died from illegal silicone implants in buttocks sought larger “booty” to advance her career as “hip-hop” dancer] [A representative of the West?] [Egypt has always been under military rule] [What’s wrong with David Cameron’s multiculturalism speech] [Conservatives who still imagine that we can make Muslims be like us] [Another martyr to the search for bodily perfection] [Why VFR does not capitalize “the left”] [Premature celebration syndrome?] [Plus ça change, plus …? ] [The left and the “right”—sibling enemies of the West] [Why the Middle East will never escape its poverty and backwardness] [Sarkozy joins the parade, says multiculturalism is a “failure”] [Unsupported report that King Abdullah has died] [Mubarak has resigned, turning all governing power over to the military] [What does the New York Times want?] [The true gen on the Egyptian Brotherhood] [Rubin says Mubarak resignation story is false] [“Buffalo man” (just kidding! he’s a Muslim man) found guilty of beheading wife] [Contradictory reports about Mubarak leaving office] [Bill to end birthright citizenship] [Mainstream conservatives finally push back against Ron Paul; and how he won that straw poll] [A black congresswoman criticizes the racially violent Pepsi ad] [The left is afraid of proposed state laws requiring candidates to prove natural born citizenship] [Obama loves Muslim protesters, not American protesters] [The intellectual nothings of National Review] [What Charles Krauthammer believed in 1984] [A black eye for Black Run America] [Wilders: Europe’s elites are waging “total war” against their own populations, using Muslim immigration as the weapon] [Politics and the female body] [Europe’s minority problem compared to ours] [Pajamas takes down Krauthammer] [The rise of the Boor Conservatives] [Another illegal alien sob story] [Wilders on the evil ideology of Islam—and on what will happen to us if we are prohibited from speaking about it] [How to destroy a society] [Is the English Defense League too liberal?] [Democratic Leadership Council going out of existence] [Wilders trial is not just about freedom of speech, but about our civilization, our very existence] [Pipes punctures democracy puffery] [A U.S. senator with a brain ] [Breast implants as the cure for Man’s Fall? ] [A video game of The Inferno] [Is the uprising running out of steam?] [How Huffington Post generates page views] [Evil Super Bowl ads] [How one man realized that Muslims have to leave America] [Sensational, false headline about Obama at RCP and Drudge] [Super Bowl ad invokes black violence against a white woman] [English Defense League holds anti-Islamization march and rally in Luton] [Student shot dead, 11 others wounded, at fraternity house party in Ohio] [AOL buys Huffington Post ] [Changing my mind] [Reagan] [Where Egypt was, where it is, where it is heading] [The latest on Geert Wilders hate speech trial] [The disappointment of the media elite] [Now Obama backs “gradual” transition in Egypt] [Every person attending the Super Bowl will be patted down]

Week of January 30, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [VMI hosting pro Islam event] [Is it wrong for a political figure to get a trademark on her name?] [The Senate starts to lift the cover-up of the truth about the Fort Hood massacre; the New York Times immediately puts the cover back] [Jennifer Aniston submits willingly to Ellen DeGeneres’s perverted lesbian come-on and propaganda before live TV audience] [A commenter who lucidly argues that the U.S. government is now the unreformable enemy] [More on threats to EDL leaders] [EDL founder says his life has been threatened; police are stationed outside his home] [Black thugs’ deliberate stalking and savage beating of white victim, recorded by themselves ] [Quotation of the Day] [The reason for the Army’s paralysis in the face of the Fort Hood killer’s jihadist threats] [How would our society react if men lived longer than women?] [Conservatives getting off the universal democracy train] [Bush still smearing Americans who want illegal immigration to be stopped] [Clarity in darkness] [Hedegaard acquitted] [A prominent paleo-libertarian tells what he thinks of Israel] [Liberal conservatives, revisited] [Whom do the Egyptian demonstrators represent?] [A paleocon finally acknowledges that neocons care more about spreading democracy than protecting Israel; and, is it true that Paul Gottfried has opposed palecon anti-Israelism?] [Cuomo seems to get serious] [Neocons who care more about the chimera of Muslim democracy than about the safety and survival of Israel, America, and the West] [A leftist U.S. Muslim media star whose views are perfectly in conformity with the neocons’] [The Neocons Strike Back … at Israel] [The Ballad of Sayyid Qutub] [Obama supports role for Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian government] [Romney stands with Obama and Hillary] [Horowitz warning about the Muslim Brotherhood] [Is it true that the freedom-mad neocons have suddenly turned toward rationality?] [Obama orders Mubarack to give up power] [A tale of black parasitism] [The ruinous alliance of neocons and leftists on the Egypt crisis] [Israeli opinion writers accuse U.S. of stabbing Mubarak in the back] [Israel sees Egypt problem clearly, even if “democracy”-distracted U.S. doesn’t] [More on Judge Vinson’s decision against Obamacare] [Hawaii legislators want to make available, for money, Obama’s birth certifi … ] [Once again AR is barred from holding a conference] [Murder by Liberalism] [Federal judge in Florida rules against Obamacare, calls individual mandate unconstitutional] [Female corrections officer strangled to death] [America’s calls for reform and democracy are guaranteeing an Islamic republic in Egypt] [Will Egypt go jihadist?] [With faces hidden as the walls were tightening] [Even if conservatives succeeded in seceding from Leftist America, which conservatism would the new America then follow?] [Who is the god of the Muslims?] [Guelphs and Ghibellines: when that division ended, another took its place] [Telegraph calls for Mubarak to declare he won’t run for re-election] [A question about Egypt] [In Egypt, the police have withdrawn from the cities for the first time in 30 years and the people are in control of the streets]

Week of January 23, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Fated to live after their time] [Is it democracy they want, or Islam? ] [A growing recognition that our problems are not economic but moral] [Mark Sanford, former governor, former touted conservative, former husband and family man, has gotten together with his South American girlfriend] [Yet another opinionator who thinks that America literally rules the world and is responsible for the acts of all governments] [One possible result of “the Street” taking over the Arab Mideast: Camp of the Saints to the nth power] [While the New York Times calls the existing, troubled Mideast regimes “American-backed,” the Telegraph calls the protesters “American-backed”] [A different perspective on the possible meaning of the events in Egypt] [Assassination attempt on EDL leader] [Obama seems to encourage violence against other countries] [Night Train to Munich ] [Cerulean waters] [Emanuel back on ballot in Chicago] [No Pence ] [The sin that dooms America] [Roland Shirk at Jihad Watch calls for stopping all Muslim immigration into the West] [Former Honolulu elections clerk swears he was told there was no long form birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii’s records] [By importing human beings from Africa, we’re also importing animals from Africa] [Sensational story spread by the anti-Obama media collapses] [Look around you, it’s just bound to make you embarrassed] [A SOTU I’d like to see] [Muhammad in Hell] [Bachmann defies fake unity theme] [What birthers need to do now] [A note to birthers] [Weak, foolish Eric Cantor—and how many Republicans does that describe?] [More facts, more insights, and more impenetrable mysteries in the Obama birth saga] [The real purpose of Obamacare] [What the cameras don’t show at the State of the Union address—and what should be done about this annual national embarrassment] [Hedegaard speaks] [A way of getting through to pro-immigration liberals and conservatives on the Islam question] [Shocking news: Illinois appeals court says Emanuel is disqualified to run for mayor] [Fjordman becomes all-out separationist: calls from complete removal of Islam and Muslims from the West] [Once people turned old—now they turn into teenaged comic book characters] [Gingrich will run] [Gates of Vienna, propaganda, and truth, cont.] [Do American parents need to adopt Chinese childrearing methods?]

Week of January 16, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Quote of the week] [Treating blogs (and cable news) like gods] [Correction on the birth certificate issue] [Gates of Vienna says we must “spread memes” about Islam, not speak the truth about Islam] [The robot reporters of cable news—and the real reason Olbermann was fired] [A good word for Keith Olbermann, on his departure from MSNBC] [Abercrombie officially ends his quest to reveal the truth, because Obama won’t consent to the release of his birth certificate] [Mail reports the truth about Obama’s missing birth information, then covers it up] [Today’s violent New York Times] [Oakland teacher allowed 2nd graders to engage in sex acts in class—liberals are “shocked”] [A commenter announces his departure from the Human Biodiversity blogosphere] [The inevitable fate of a “conservatism” that has no roots] [The latest Steyn article that has the entire conservative world swooning] [The vote to repeal Obamacare is a tremendous event—but it’s just the beginning] [An exchange on Black Run America] [While Democrats were mocking the claim that they seek “death panels,” the administration was proposing a plan to refer elderly or depressed veterans to a suicide organization] [Another conservative star falls] [Malkin: a wheel on fire, rolling down the road] [Hate speech trial of Hedegaard will proceed] [Marine Le Pen loves the state] [Abercrombie, the birthers’ best friend in spite of himself] [The meaning of Abercrombie’s tacit admission that he hasn’t found the birth certificate] [There is no Obama birth certificate in Hawaii] [26 States to Be Part of Obama Healthcare Lawsuit] [The Democrats’ message: the Tucson massacre was caused by politics. ] [Abercrombie tacitly admits that he can’t find Obama’s birth certificate] [Abercrombie, like the thing with feathers, is back] [Liberals keep sinking deeper into the boiling pitch of their own lies] [Possible GOP candidates and immigration: it’s not looking good (so what’s new?)] [A prediction not yet based in reality] [The question of King’s private character] [Update on the sensational and unreported Eric Fuller story: why are the media concealing it?] [Las Vegas dancer murdered, dismembered, packed in concrete by her boyfriend] [More delusional conservatism] [Black Christian leaders not accepting the equivalence of discrimination against blackness with discrimination against homosexual acts] [The left and Palin] [A prediction about Palin] [Eric (“You’re dead!”) Fuller spoke of severing the ears of leading Republicans, but the media haven’t covered it] [The media’s latest authority on civility: Al Sharpton, with David Brooks genuflecting to him] [Proletarians are twice as likely as property owners to be heroic!] [Catching up] [VFR on Liberal Hategate: a Collection] [Percentage of Americans who think race relations are improving has dropped by 50 percent since Obama became president] [Contrary thoughts on the Martin Luther King holiday and its significance in American life] [Can the de-Christianization of Europe be reversed?] [The despicable Ron Reagan] [Bloomberg’s new schools chancellor reveals herself as an idiot] [Leading neocon Bush supporter says Bush nation-building policy is wrong ] [The inexcusable folly of America’s attempt to modernize Afghanistan] [Obama’s clever fraud that so many conservatives fell for, like dogs wagging their tail when they’re petted] [The liberal project, summarized] [A Christian re-interpretation of the Big Lie and the Big Truth] [VFR entries on a mass murder of whites by a black, which the media tacitly justified because the killer said his victims were “racists”] [The liberal message emerges clearer than ever: white conservatives deserve to die]

Week of January 9, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Liberals actually doing what they falsely accuse conservatives of doing, cont. ] [Liberals with rather large beams in their eye] [A surprising voice of moderation and sanity on the left] [VFR readers respond to Liberal Hategate] [In 2008, Krugman showed that liberals hate conservatives] [Another bad cop] [Tucson shooting victim blames Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle, John Boehner, and the “rest”—all Republicans and conservatives—for the shooting] [Prelude to civil war?] [Henninger: liberals think conservatives are evil and mad] [Comments on Liberal Hategate] [The high incidence of rape and sexual assault of female Peace Corps workers] [How to respond to liberals’ call for “civility”: Thanks, but no thanks] [Something New, cont.] [Obama’s speech] [Something New] [VFR] [“Together We Thrive”] [The Big Truth] [VFR’s prediction about Abercrombie and birth certificate was correct] [When will they ever learn? Another newlywed from British Isles is murdered in black island paradise] [The national ceremony in Arizona] [Loughner is an Independent] [Was Palin right to charge liberals with “blood libel”? ] [DHS “Memogate,” resolved] [Donald Trump says he’s interested in the presidency] [A liberal who proves the traditionalist description of liberalism] [An anti-Auster Objectivist who, notwithstanding his John Galt-sized brains, instantly believed Fox’s report on the DHS memo and proceeded to associate Lawrence Auster with the Tucson mass murder] [Hume on liberals’ view of conservatives] [Another question on Memogate (a.k.a. Morongate) plausibly answered] [Why American Renaissance?] [At last, the full text of the “DHS memo”] [At last, the full story of the DHS memo and Fox’s false report about it] [Now the DHS tells us that there was no DHS memo tying Jared Loughner to Jared Taylor. Great work, Fox! Or is this new story a plant as well? ] [Time for a divorce?] [Two good lines from two normally inadequate conservative editors] [Has Clarence Dupnik’s jihad against conservatives been a ploy to divert attention from his own responsibility for the mass murder? ] [Calls for Palin’s death are common in liberal blogosphere] [The Monitor on the DHS memo] [The real evil] [Days later, the Mail still hasn’t corrected its gross errors about Giffords] [The DHS memo] [A homicidal psycho right out of central casting] [Former House majority leader Tom DeLay is sentenced to three years] [Clarence (“Bill Clinton”) Dupnik does it again, blames Limbaugh for mass murder] [The consequences of making the U.S. military conform to the larger society] [An apparently bogus report regarding something Loughner allegedly wrote at The Daily Kos] [The argument, untouched and unconceived by mainstream conservatives, which would put the liberals on the defensive] [Humans whose souls have been replaced by politics] [Danish government is prosecuting individuals for “hate speech”] [Even as the liberals’ Big Lie about conservatives’ responsibility for the massacre is being rapidly discredited by the facts, the liberals can’t let go of it] [For the left, ideology has replaced reality] [Fellow student wrote of her fear of Loughner] [Appalling behavior by Republicans that gave the lying left an opening to blame the Tucson mass murder on Republicans and conservatives] [A double standard so gross that “double standard” isn’t a strong enough word for it] [The net spreads: Lawrence Auster is linked to Arizona mass murderer] [VFR readers comment on the left’s Big Lie and the truth about Jared Lee Loughner] [While the media blame “conservative hatred” for a mentally ill killer, they ignore the hate spread by the President of the United States] [How the Times headline about killer misrepresents the facts about him in the Times story] [Once again the left cranks out the Big Lie]

Week of January 2, 2011:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Congresswoman shot dead, eight others wounded] [While clueless conservatives blabber about “political correctness,” the left, with Tarquin’s ravishing strides, towards its design moves like a ghost] [Casey says Army is considering putting women in combat units] [For the first time in our time, a Western politician has pointed out that nonwhite men (namely Pakistanis) prey on white girls] [Palin—a supporter of the homo-thug left? ] [Shirk does not shirk] [My mysterious friend] [How conservatives’ addiction to the term “political correctness” cripples them intellectually] [An inevitable result of the supposedly harmless innovation of homosexual “marriage”] [Don’t miss … ] [Muslim violence and planned violence becoming as frequent and familiar as black violence, cont.] [Sad as hell and not taking it any more] [No “nigger Jim”] [No scan and grope at La Guardia] [Another white murdered by a black gang—in a country that 50 years ago had almost no blacks] [Policy recommendations on Islam by Gaffney et al.] [Goldberg sees the truth: extremist Islam is the norm, while “moderate” Islam is the minority trying to “hijack” Islam—and losing] [Encouragement from a reader] [The coming ruin of the armed forces—and of whatever else is left of not-yet-thoroughly liberalized America] [Not a riot, a “moshing”] [Black wilding attacks on whites in America are becoming as common as … as common as … Muslim terrorist attempts in America] [Thanks from a reader] [What is the meaning of “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”?] [We must think, if we are to survive] [Mercer cheers Frum on immigration—but is there any there there?] [Why is affirmative action bad?] [Final observation on the 2010 House elections] [Boehner’s self-control, and his Propositionalism] [Whither the suicide note in the Age of Twitter? Omaha high school student shoots principal and assistant principal, then kills himself.] [No more disguise: liberals openly reveal their contempt for the Constitution] [Lincoln Center is turned over to punk rock—and the audience immediately start a riot] [Meaning of Palin “retweet” of Bruce remark still unclear] [The terrible damage Wikileaks has done to American officials and American interests ] [Shocker! A New York Times writer refers to his testosterone] [Obama’s next planned steps to homosexualize America] [Francis Schaeffer on the loss of distinctions] [The Way We Live Now] [Limited pat-down at airport, all-out prostration in bookstore] [Greece building wall on Turkish border to keep out illegal entrants from Africa and Asia] [What must be done about Islam] [Why ships’ captains are being fired with unprecedented frequency in today’s Navy] [Comments] [Stix: in surrendering on the homosexualization issue, the GOP has committed suicide] [Palin approvingly quotes lesbian “conservative” Tammy Bruce’s threat to “look under the bed” of people who oppose the homosexualization of the military] [A new edition of Huckleberry Finn, with “nigger” changed to “slave”] [How the Continental Army dealt with sodomy] [“No Labels”: the latest incarnation of the liberal fraud of neutrality] [The Breaker Morant of the sexualized U.S. military] [Airport security] [Star Parker, traditionalist conservative] [Youthful members of genus Homo riot in Wisconsin mall] [Who was more at fault—Bush or the conservatives?] [An officer who has resigned his commission to protest the homosexualization of the military] [Planting a seed] [How could Abercrombie have regularly seen the three Obamas together as a family, since Stanley Ann moved to Seattle with her son two weeks after his birth?] [Bush’s role in the disaster]

Week of December 26, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Investor’s Business Daily on homosexuals in the military] [A soldier in an army of protesters, or a last hold-out?] [It’s because they’re sexually repressed—no, it’s because they lack democracy—no, it’s because they marry their cousins—no, it’s because they were “left behind”—no, it’s because of Israeli cruelty—no, it’s because of … Anything But Islam] [Snowflakes on cactus: image of a peaceful farewell to global warming?] [The unlimited self-deception of the professional anti-jihadists] [The greatest conservative betrayal] [“Only the religious right remains to defend Western civilization”] [Thoughts on the conservatives’ surrender] [The Silence of the Lambs] [The homosexualization of the military removes fundamental obstacles to the homosexualization of marriage] [Even many of the so-called opponents of homosexualization of the armed forces barely oppose it] [Why conservatives are empty suits] [Another useless, overheated, escapist effusion on the Islam problem] [The empire of fraud] [The awful truth: an almost total conservative silence on the homosexualization of the military] [Joseph’s consent to his divine calling is as significant as Mary’s consent to hers] [William Tyndale, benefactor of mankind] [Trying to prevent his brother’s conversion to Islam that has already occurred] [Another day, another Muslim terrorist attempt in the West, cont.] [Does the new policy of inclusion include the transgendered? ] [What have conservatives said about the homosexualization of the military? (Answer: very little, except to accept it.)] [The neocons consummate their unresisted rape of conservatism] [New Year’s wishes from a reader] [In 1900, the hugely disproportionate share of black violent crime was similar to what it is today] [Evolutionary science as a form of entertainment] [“Hawaii’s governor wants to reveal Obama birth info”] [Black with 18 previous arrests murders Georgia state trooper] [Head of Henri IV discovered] [VFR on the homosexualization of the U.S. military] [Acceptance of homosexuals + military uniformity = a homosexualized military] [The one and only issue that birthers need to focus on] [What is to be done about black interracial violence?] [Why did Marine and wife go to see Little Fockers on Christmas?] [Large gang of black youth assault Marine and wife outside movie theater after the couple complained about noise] [To snow-paralyzed city, King Bloomberg says, “Let them see plays.” ] [The Telegraph’s shocking—no, not shocking, but standard liberal—editorial about the Islam threat and those who oppose it] [Obama birth issue not going away] [Will Rogers movies tonight on TCM] [Another day, another Muslim terror plot in the West] [The clueless, compromised conservative establishment] [Are we all Jews, cont.] [Are we all Jews?] [Islam and the architecture of Hell] [Wild turkeys in New York State] [A Dantean post-Christmas] [Bloomberg actively intervening to help Ground Zero mosque move forward] [Frum wonders why we have immigration at all] [Post-Christmas freeze]

Week of December 19, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Merry Christmas] [Mont Saint-Michel] [The new “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” regime—directed at the critics of homosexualism] [Some military officers still opposing repeal of homosexual prohibition] [Biden says homosexual “marriage” is “inevitable”] [Christmas 2.0] [What was prohibited, is now in charge; what was in charge, is now prohibited] [How is an officially homosexual U.S. military going to win the hearts and minds of Muslims? Have the neocons thought about that?] [Commentary writer declares homosexualization of the military to be “irrelevant”] [Lucianne still head over heels in love with the calamitous Bush, whose liberal leadership led directly to leftist Democratic rule, nationalized health care, and homosexuals in the military] [How to separate the Republican sheep from the goats—assuming that there are any sheep] [Reflections on the revolution in America] [Liberal juggernaut, indifferent conservatives] [“Conservative” Republican senator explains why he voted for homosexualization of the military] [“The College Diploma Fraud”] [We’re all “resigned” to getting photographed naked and getting felt up, you know?] [A former fighter pilot who wouldn’t want to serve today] [Thoughts on the failures of conservatism ] [Greek Orthodox bishop blames Greece’s problems on the Jews] [Email problem] [Against the split infinitive: the battle continues] [Conservatives who stand for nothing except supporting their friends and attacking their enemies] [Sorry, all you conservative patriots out there, but a man would have to be crazy to want to serve in today’s military] [When it comes to race differences in intelligence and conservatives’ obscurantism on same, nothing has changed] [One of the biggest and most consequential conservative failures in recent times] [“For then shall be great tribulation…”] [On the homosexualization of the U.S. armed forces—a miscellany] [How times have changed] [A world of feminist “non-feminists” ] [Ghanaian working as federal officer at Atlanta airport chases his estranged wife down suburban street firing 30 shots and shoots her dead along with her boyfriend, Muhammad] [The real cause, gnostically grasped, of Britain’s cold spell] [Another day, another Mohammedan mass murder attempt against Westerners] [Allowing homosexuals in the military will be like the 1964 Civil Rights Act: the mere beginning of an unending assault on society] [A requiem for France] [Feminist celebrates the end of men] [Marine Corps commandant says fidelity to the Constitution requires him turn the Marines into the gay Marines] [A poor prognostication?] [Heterosexual troops will have to shower and bunk with homosexuals] [The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010] [Text of 1993 law that restated and codified the exclusion of homosexuals from the armed forces—the law that the Congress has just repealed] [The spread of mosques in France] [The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law never existed] [What Congress passed in 1993 was not “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” but a law prohibiting homosexual conduct in the armed services] [If the DREAM (Act) dies in an empty forest with no liberal media reporting on it, did it die?] [A ruinous event in the history of the United States] [DADT repeal, cont. ]

Week of December 12, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Meanwhile, disaster: homosexualization of military will go to vote in Democratic majority Senate] [Ted Kennedy was wrong: the DREAM (Act) has died] [Liberals and the DREAM Act] [Muslims who tortured and murdered Jew will remain in prison] [Sharp divergence on the meaning of the tax deal] [What is at stake today] [In their defense of Obamacare, liberals take leave of reality, while accusing Republicans of doing that] [Democratic spending package stopped in Senate] [Full details on sex charges against Assange] [Last call on DREAM Act] [Incoming head of Black Congressional Caucus requests $48 billion earmark] [Federal government forces small-town bank to get rid of Christmas symbols] [Army doctor who refused to obey Obama’s orders because of absence of proof that he is qualified for the presidency is found guilty] [Advertisements from the American Dark Ages] [Twenty states ask federal judge for summary judgment declaring Obamacare unconstitutional] [The truth about the “DREAM” Act: it gives virtually all illegals who ask for it an automatic ten-year immunization from deportation] [Today is the last day to stop DREAM Act] [Kevin MacDonald, concluded ] [How the congressional Republicans folded to Obama and to government spending in the tax deal] [Against the tax deal] [There will be a cloture vote on the DREAM Act on Saturday—everything rides on that] [Scan and grope is continuing—but if it is, where’s the mass outrage?] [Another jewel in Mel Gibson’s crown] [Another sign of our decline?] [The DREAM (Act) lives on—it must be killed] [The bill to homosexualize the military is still alive] [The DREAM Act is not yet in the grave] [What is mental hell? Nominalism in service to national suicide] [Islamic Golden Age exhibit] [For the second time in a week, a “Virginia man” mysteriously attempts to kill multiple strangers in D.C. area] [What happened to the naked body scan and grope regime? ] [How to be safe from Islamic terrorism, Islamic extremism, Islamic jihad, Islamic sharia, Islamic fundamentalism, Islamo-fascism, and just plain Islam] [The Darwinian theory of evolution is a fraud—and it’s not Lawrence Auster who says that, it’s the Darwinian scientists who say it] [Diana West for Wikileaks] [Libertarianism and statism: the secret alliance] [Switzerland is considering repealing incest laws, as “obsolete”] [“Conservatve” website proposes annexing Mexico] [The cultural and demographic threat more pressing than Islam, cont. ] [Objectivist ethics versus objective value] [Fatherless children, including among low-income whites, are far more common in America than Europe] [VFR and Islam] [The Islam innocence factory keeps churning out new products] [Remember the 58 Catholics killed in a Baghdad church in November? The Jews did it.] [Britain blamed for Muslim terrorist in Sweden] [Judge finds the individual mandate unconstitutional] [Swedish PM changes tune, says bomber’s message must be taken “seriously”—but does he mean it? ] [Muslim would-be terrorist mass killers becoming as common as black muggers and Mexican drunken drivers] [Another translation of the bomber’s audio message] [The Swedish government doesn’t want to know who attempted to commit terrorist mass murder in Sweden] [Christians again fleeing the country that America liberated and democratized] [The best interpretation so far of Obama’s aborted press conference with Clinton] [The unchanging reality of Islam, and the unchanging reality of Robert Spencer’s inadequate take on Islam] [One in three South African men admits committing rape] [How did rioters manage to attack Prince Charles’s car and assault Camilla?]

Week of December 5, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [C.S. Lewis, Palin’s intellect, and affirmative action] [The fascist, Islamophobic America brought out by Wikileaks is really … hyper-liberal, Islam-loving America] [Richard Nixon’s private views of ethnic groups] [Reach out and assault/kill someone] [Obama hands over podium of White House press room to former President Clinton, and leaves] [The racial tax man—have the taxes he’s taken over the last fifty years ever been added up?] [Paul Weston in Israel on Islam] [Wilders in Israel on Islam] [Beyond decadence] [Liberal journalist makes fun of Palin for saying she gets inspiration from C.S. Lewis] [Geller on Muslims’ failure to assimilate] [Sen. DeMint opposes the tax deal] [The perpetual moral fit that is liberalism] [If Ronni Chasen’s murder was a “robbery gone bad,” then robbery is not bad] [Unprincipled Obama haters] [The philosophers of the Beverly Hills Police Department expand on the meaning of the Chasen murder] [The big meaning of Assange?] [Police identify Chasen’s killer] [The year white-run academia lost its nerve and surrendered to black thugs and revolutionaries] [The cultural and demographic threat more pressing than Islam] [More Derb-featism] [On the Pope’s bizarre approval of male prostitutes who use condoms] [The ultimate solution to modern womanhood’s most pressing problem: dehydration] [How have I followed thee after pledging to reverse thee? Let me count the ways.] [Numbers USA urges phone calls against DREAM Act] [Neocons for amnesty] [Assange—the leftist enemy of America who has been victimized by the leftist enemies of men] [The ominous parallels] [Figuring out American Thinker] [More lib advice for Barry] [DREAM Act fight reaches its climax] [More on the background of Mohamed Mohamud, the would-be killer of hundreds of white liberals in Portland, Oregon] [Great news: Incoming Republican House aims to repeal the law requiring everyone to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs] [Julian Assange has been arrested in London] [BNP on Israel’s African refugee problem] [Africans are flooding into Israel via Egypt; some Israelis call for openness, some call the refugees an existential threat to the Jewish state ] [Islam on Nature and Nature’s Anti-god] [VFR] [How Assange has paralyzed U.S. relations with other countries] [Europe’s heart begins to beat, its brain begins to think, its tongue begins to speak] [Good news from Sen. Kyl: the Democrats’ lame-duck sabotage of America will fail, period] [Sabaditsch-Wolff on Islam and the West] [The Internet version of the Unabomber] [The good guys meeting in Israel]

Week of November 28, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [What is liberalism?] [Stop the DREAM Act] [Paul supports Assange] [“Queen of Dhimmis,” cont.] [Scott Brown for ending DADT] [Truthful words about liberalism, from an unexpected source] [Facing the truth about Elizabeth] [Is Julian Assange a conservative fifth columnist? ] [Endless Folly] [Beyond the mutual battering of left and “right,” the larger crisis in our civilization brought out by the leaks] [Unassimilable immigrants from without, nihilism from within: while the West fills itself up with “moderate” Muslims, Western women fill up their breasts with silicone] [Moderate Muslims for wife-beating (and, of course, for spreading sharia peacefully)] [The leaks reveal, not a right-wing, murderous America, but a weak, liberal America] [Palinism, to the max] [Did the speciation of sparrows in the New World take place too quickly for Darwinism to explain?] [The genius] [Comments] [The evolution of the Western elite ] [Where Hispanics are really at] [Wages of Obamacare, cont.] [The unceasing reminders that an alien resides in the White House] [A model of non-random genetic mutation] [GOP strategist who likes Palin personally urges her not to run] [Time for a second Glorious Revolution? ] [The silence of Objectivism about the moral character of private acts, and thus of public acts] [A conservative blog takes a serious position on removing Islam from the West] [How is Julian Assange different from President Obama?] [Queen of Dhimmis, Empress of the anti-Empire, Defender of the Islamic Faith, Head of the Surrender of England] [First Things hits the fan] [Peter King disappoints, sides with TSA] [Is the biggest leak in history is a big nothing?] [Dick Morris getting raggedy around the edges?] [Yet another profiling conundrum] [The Randians’ own naked body scan and grope regime] [Left-wing nihilist with a computer] [Scarborough tells GOP it’s time to “man up” and confront Palin] [Black Valhalla] [Ongoing discussions] [Making hobbits nonwhite, making whites nonwhite] [Israel’s position improved by leaks] [How Portland averted its eyes while the terror threat grew] [On the inconsequentiality of the leaks] [I really dislike this guy] [Sarah Palin takes the leak very seriously, and asks why the administration did nothing to stop it] [Hobbit casting director accused of racism] [The Euro game is up—and so is the EU] [Who is Julian Assange?] [Spiderman ] [The negative side of the leaks] [The leaks—who cares?] [It was mercy, not justice, that spared Portland] [How Mohamed Mohamud’s plans for mass murder developed] [Is Mohamed Mohamud … a Muslim? ] [The anti-profiling backlash begins] [The deliquescence that is Britain] [The rot that has taken root in America] [Greenfield on the madness of liberalism] [The big question this morning on the minds of the liberals of Portland] [What a liberal sees when America is attacked by enemies] [Portland mayor’s quintessentially liberal response to Somali’s attempt to commit mass jihad murder]

Week of November 21, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Up from (conservative) slavery! ] [Pravda on the Hudson’s love affair with Lori Berenson] [The lesson to be learned from the Christmas tree would-be bomber] [What non-discrimination hath wrought] [Malkin on jihadists] [More on our great Iraqi success story that we are seeking to copy in Afghanistan] [Muslim tries to set off car bomb at Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon] [Thanks for American inventiveness—and the liberty that makes it possible] [Goldberg accepts Napolitano policy] [Looking more closely at Jindal] [Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail] [Is playing basketball an appropriate pastime for the U.S. president?] [Head of Labour party admits he’s a socialist] [Saying “that” instead of “who,” and other grammatical questions] [Was I too harsh toward libertarianism?] [Study: financial analysts assume that black executives with prestigious degrees are not capable] [White gang unleashes “Hallelujah” chorus on unsuspecting shopping mall] [America is rejecting the non-discriminatory principle, as its consequences become unbearable] [Media descend like wolves on Palin’s minor verbal slips, while covering up Obama’s far worse ones] [Thanksgiving Day] [Thanks be to God] [A great movie] [The fatal error that the clueless conservative movement keep committing] [Thanks from readers] [Tyrrell admits he was wrong to support naked scan and grope] [On incurious presidents] [A growing campaign to pull Britain out of the EU] [There are three hundred million stories in the Naked Scan and Grope Nation] [TV Watching with the Masses ] [Comments ] [Janet Napolitano on what causes terrorism] [The Times on scan and grope] [Muslim gangs raping white girls in Britain (What does Britain care? Britain doesn’t exist.) ] [Nature red in tooth and claw is not all there is] [Rabinowitz sides with Napolitano] [Allen West] [Clyburn] [Taking the Fox idea all the way] [Racial preferences in South African universities and professional schools] [Viewership of Palin program drops] [The royal treatment, from a critic] [“Give us the money to bury you.” ] [Velma Hart, the woman who said she was “exhausted” defending Obama, is fired … just as she feared] [An unexpected benefit of the browning of America?] [Neocons contra Sarah? ] [Obama’s approval rating the lowest yet. No, really. ] [Sowell in Winter] [Jefferson and Islam] [John Tyner] [Continuing discussions] [Is libertarianism worth a mote of dust? The debate continues. ] [Man strips to underwear rather than be “felt up”] [What is the cause of Islamic extremism?] [Thanks from a reader] [November] [Ireland gave up its independence to join the Eurozone—and only now is it realizing it] [Boring] [In the world of liberaldom, Bart Stupak is a VICTIM] [William Jennings Bryan was right] [Sarah Palin’s Alaska] [Any self-awareness?] [Democrats (and some Republicans) still trying to legalize illegals ] [The latest pay-off to black America …] [British couple released by Somali pirates] [The argument that we can’t copy Israel’s airport security methods] [Why the browning of America threatens the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party] [The unstoppable Palin? ] [What libertarianism and Darwinism have in common] [The Democratic Party, not the “Democrat” Party]

Week of November 14, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Junk conservatism, cont.] [Liberalism has jumped the shark] [A reader discouraged by the war on the white race] [An American family in the mid twentieth century] [Islam’s man in the U.S. media returns award to ADL because it called for the Ground Zero mosque to relocate] [Doctor rushes to attend critically ill woman, is assaulted by her relatives because he’s a man] [Junk conservatism] [Is it really true that 20 percent of Americans were mentally ill last year?] [” … procedures that subject innocent consumers of your product to a humiliating and degrading process.” ] [Thanks from a reader] [A Randian realizes the inadequacy of the non-aggression principle as a basis for organizing society] [A different view of Gone with the Wind ] [The true American diversity, before multiculturalism destroyed it] [Why libertarianism (as well as Objectivism) is a transparent fraud] [Opponents of the European single currency vindicated] [Freedom, cont. ] [Swedish sex and race video] [VFR] [Why scope and grope pilots? ] [It’s Murkowski] [That face] [Has VFR failed to define political freedom?] [Are we literally supposed to give to every beggar who begs of us?] [The choice that gets at the heart of liberalism] [Great news—there is a readily available way out of “scope and grope”] [Feminism and will, as seen in The Brady Bunch and Gone with the Wind ] [Irish sovereignty versus Irish bailout] [Enough is enough] [Roebuck on conservative evangelism] [Thanks from a reader] [Boy, has Obama lost the liberals IV] [How did she become a governor? ] [Since today’s women say they want respect, why do they behave in ways guaranteed to make people disrespect them?] [The grim prospects for conservatives—of any stripe—in California] [The suspension of the Fourth Amendment] [The change from 2008 to 2010] [What we see in Michelle Obama and Janet Napolitano is worse than a lack of femininity (though it is that too)] [Wilding, German-style] [Palin’s unsuccessful promotion of female candidates because they are female] [No “NAMs” at VFR] [Napolitano’s off-the-planet plea for Americans to support the private-parts-scan-and-grope regime] [How the effect of Obama on world opinion about America is the exact opposite of what liberals imagine] [Our openly anti-white president who praises our country’s enemies] [Why we don’t copy Israel’s airport security practices] [Michelle’s Indonesian sartorial adventure, cont. ] [Another black youth killed at house party in Atlanta area] [Obama reduced to zero—by his own ideology] [Krugman on Obama] [Very bad news: Armey is tea party honcho] [Boy, has Obama lost the liberals III] [Cindy McCain transcends the principle of non-contradiction] [Questions for Palin supporters] [Why a (consistent) liberal can’t get no respect] [American History Month]

Week of November 7, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [We’re deeper in liberal madness than ever—is there any end to it?] [VFR called it correctly on (non) disposition of 9/11 trial] [Me and Sarah] [Boy, has Obama lost the liberals II] [Boy, has Obama lost the liberals] [Another black wilding-type murder—stomping out a human life on an impulse] [Noonan on Obama’s two gifts to the Republicans] [A minimalist test of who belongs to the American nation] [From Moscow on the Hudson to Mogadishu in Minneapolis] [VFR] [The Rockwellites on the military] [Don’t cry for Fiorina] [Is carrying a Koran the answer? ] [Amsterdam court will resume Wilders trial] [Why are so many Americans unable to recognize obviously Jewish people as Jewish?] [Rejecting one Obama lie while embracing another] [Mail: “How men kissing each other on the lips in friendship is no longer taboo”

] [The mystery remains] [A note and a question to Palin supporters] [The hulking, Frankenstein-like alien we’re supposed to believe is chic and glamorous] [Another incident from the naked body scan and grope regime] [Bush in ‘08 told British PM that he would have endorsed Obama had he been asked] [Our ignorance of the American Revolution] [More insincere than Nixon, more dishonest than Clinton, more arrogant than anybody] [Time for adults] [Now we know who has the brains—not to mention the sanity—in the Dowd family] [New York City’s “English-Chinese” public school] [Brooks’s latest dime-store theory of the world] [What to do about the naked body scan and grope regime ] [Malkin on Bush] [A further admission of black intellectual backwardness, combined with the next plan to fix it] [U.S. pilots protest naked body scans and enhanced pat-downs] [Getting it from both sides] [A demonstration of the “broken windows” theory of crime in the life of one vicious malefactor] [Cantor’s proposals to change Congress] [Indians blowing it (like everyone else)] [Al Qaeda slaughters Christians in Iraq] [Krauthammer on Obama, 2006] [Contra Boehner] [What Indians think of Obama] [Obama does his job] [The next step in Britain’s totalitarian non-discrimination regime: Christian couples can’t adopt] [Palin’s moronic remark about Reagan] [Thanks from a reader] [Major carbon trading company going out of business] [Study: spousal homicides in interracial marriages eight times more frequent than in racially homogeneous marriages] [A counter-establishment view on the Nevada race] [If there is a black candidate who breathes, or even if he doesn’t breathe, blacks will overwhelmingly vote for him] [California and New York against America] [Olbermann] [Even the Times’ number one Republican-hater is recognizing there’s something wrong in Obamaland] [Another amazing Obama statement] [A typical white response to black racism] [Is the Republican resurgence a white resurgence?] [On Richard Spencer’s defeatist view of the elections] [Hitler learns the GOP had a big night] [Iowa voters turn out three justices who legalized homosexual “marriage”] [The biggest coverup yet] [Thanks from a reader] [Michael Bloomberg on the American electorate] [Democratic self-delusion about election still in full swing]

Week of October 31, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [On stopping Obamacare, Boehner’s language switches from aspirational to absolute] [Washington Post: Obama needs a substitute president] [Crist as the emblematical modern man] [Gerson attacks Palin] [Pelosi squeezing out Hoyer? ] [One Jew, two opinions] [Success] [War] [What it will mean if the House Democrats elect Pelosi] [Obama mercilessly hammered—by the media] [How Obama’s closest friends and supporters see him] [How conservatives respond to a racial genocidal indictment of themselves] [Another liberal whistling in the dark] [Comments] [Astonishing—Pelosi is staying on] [Obamacrats and Bushocrats] [A comparison of Obama and Palin] [Another GOP presidential prospect] [The conservative establishment’s inadequate criticism of Obama’s “enemies” remark] [The one-time guru of triangulation explains why triangulation is an impossibility] [Auster as pundit vs. the conservative establishment] [The message that will never be received] [A bigger liar than Clinton, but not nearly as smooth] [Superficial Taranto thinks Eugene Robinson is sincerely and throughtfully concerned about “racism”] [Why Reid did so much better than the polls indicated] [President Woodrow Wilson’s stunning partisan gaffe prior to the 1918 congressional elections which led to the election of a Republican House] [“Why he’ll never be Barack Obama again”] [Boehner vows to repeal Obamacare] [The lesson] [Obama’s denial-what does it mean?] [From Empire State to First Girlfriend State] [The Times’ coverage of the elections] [G.W. Bush’s worst moment in the presidency] [Obama’s alternative reality] [A word to readers] [An ethnic theory of the Republican victory] [What does the Times choose to highlight on the day of the GOP’s historic victory? ] [Richard Spencer sees the elections as a defeat] [Whither Steele?] [67 shaping up as likely number] [Another first for women!] [The feminist Trojan Horse that Palin has introduced into the conservative movement] [Gross!] [The birth of a traditionalist, anti-Islamization political party in Germany ] [In Alaska, “write-ins” are leading, NOT Murkowski] [The fate of the Stupakites] [The most disgusting outcome of the election] [The man of reason as man of fatwa] [Oklahoma becomes first state to ban use of sharia law] [An amazing political comeback] [Michelle Malkin to Dems: Take your fake olive branch and sh*ve it] [Stunning defeat of Democratic Farm Labor establishment in Minnesota] [Some results] [Tonight] [Party in crime] [A good argument for raising the voting age—not just to 21, but to 26] [A clarification] [The election cometh] [German minister criticizes Muslim youth] [Beinart on how the liberals have blown it] [The new, not-entirely-private voting system in New York City] [Moment of exquisite anxiety for liberal whites] [The moral narcissism of whites who think they care about blacks but only care about themselves] [Fortune 100 employee, “very outgoing, a great team player,” marries black man, two weeks later he shoots her to death] [Miller up by seven over both opponents in Alaska] [ALIPAC warns of massive voting by illegal aliens and non-citizens] [Councilman calls U.S. attorney “racist, evil viper” for successfully prosecuting him for bribery] [No joy in Mudville] [Attempted murder of British MP over Iraq war] [Thanks from a reader] [Obama’s non-retraction retraction] [Incredible Gallup scenario] [In our culture, everyone is always on the make, even in the midst of a mass murder trial] [The porkulus horror, the porkulus horror] [Geller’s pathological narcissism] [What’s the story with the 9/11 trial? ] [How “Obama-Pelosi” will become a by-word of what to avoid] [Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth explains why she became a Muslim] [Jerusalem Post: Obama’s hostility to Israel will result in “one of the most pro-Israel Congresses ever”] [Dems have given up] [A Vatican conference denies the legitimacy of Israel] [Blacks tearing up Republican campaign signs and shouting “racist” while whites calmly tape them] [What was the purpose of the terror plot? ] [Terra incognita? ] [Incoherent liberals] [Murkowski] [The old leftist lions who finally fulfilled themselves under Obama] [What would be true justice in this election? ] [Jon Stewart’s all-white gathering in the nation’s capital] [Just Undo It] [Turkey government classifies Israel as “central threat” to Turkey] [Liberal Times readers question Obama’s famous brains and brilliance] [Angle on illegal aliens—and on Reid]

Week of October 24, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Morris: support for GOP surging in last days before election] [The president of ethnic retribution] [The attack-dog presidency: two liberal Democrats denounce Obama for “pitting group against group for short-term political gain that is exacerbating the divisions in our country”] [Do not ask for whom the Times’ bell tolls, it tolls for Reid] [The fake Muslim wedding in the Maldives, cont.] [LA Times: A GOP-controlled House would attack the EPA and climate science] [As Rome to besieged Roman Britain in 410 A.D., so the White House to besieged Wisconsin Democrats in 2010 A.D.: You’re on your own.] [Liberal hater says he is worried about prospect of Islam taking over West] [Mystical beauty on Broadway] [More on the fools’ “wedding” in the Maldives] [European couple, thinking they are renewing their wedding vows in a Muslim country, get cursed as “infidel swine” without realizing it] [Palin sends out contradictory indications—just like a woman?] [Dudegate] [Laurence Tribe told Obama: Sotomayor is “not nearly as smart as she seems to think she is”] [What they’re saying about us] [More Muhammads than Harrys] [The tribune of the world’s Muslims is now also the tribune of America’s “gay” teens] [The paradox of the ancient Hebrews, who disobeyed God when he was in their face, and scrupulously obeyed him when he had become more distant] [How fare the “moderate” Dems who switched and voted Yes on Obamacare?] [The coming loss of power of the PC coalition] [Sweden’s way of conceptualizing equality] [Iron and Phaethon] [Am I wrong to criticize Pamela Geller? ] [The cosmically non-self-aware Geller complains about conservatives who “eat their own” and refuse to defend other conservatives, namely her] [Clinton dies (in the stand-up comic sense) at the Palmer House] [Wilders praises Merkel as “Islam critic”—and Merkel’s spokesman denies she is one] [MSNBC’s vision of America] [The real EDL] [Salon’s attack on Pamela Geller triggers rift between Geller and Christine O’Donnell] [In August, Pamela Geller threw an entire anti-mosque rally under the bus after a leftist blogger smeared the rally as “racist.” And now Geller’s colleague Robert Spencer asks why the Right does not defend Geller against a leftist attack on her.] [One nation, under blacks] [Colorado race still very much alive] [How the Democrats keep thinking happy thoughts] [Former British PM’s sister-in-law becomes a Mohammedan] [The diseased leftist brain] [A foreordained conclusion] [Move over, Waxman—here’s a congressman with a face that can really give us nightmares] [The woman who fired Juan Williams wants to create an American BBC] [The madness of “disparate impact” doctrine] [Even if the country thrashes the Democrats, Obama will not take that as a rejection of his program] [Fleeing devil, entire family leaps from 20 foot high balcony] [In Bay area district, the victorious Democrat of 2006 is facing elimination ] [Tancredo still behind by ten] [A poem] [Barone impressed by the tea party candidates] [Thousands of Sunnis who had turned against al Qaeda in the Sunni awakening are now rejoining the insurgency] [Nine years later, the trial in Chandra Levy’s murder] [Diana West, call your office] [Timesian gratuitous put-down of white athletes] [Oh-so-superior left-liberals make utter fools of themselves] [When your car is rushing toward a cliff, “progress” is the last thing that is needed] [Waiting five hours for Obama] [Audience leads spontaneous Pledge of Allegiance at a League of Women Voters debate] [Williams’s response] [The prospect of huge Republican gains in New York] [How far the Republican wave is reaching]

Week of October 17, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Whoopeedoo—twice as much kneejerk liberal Williams at Fox] [The reality of black rule in America ] [Majority of U.S. Jews support Arizona anti-illegal alien law] [Obamacare against America; America against Obamacare] [The persecution of Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff] [Sonya So-So-Minor shows what she is made of] [Diana West on why Americans have tuned out on Iraq and Afghanistan] [Huge victory in Wilders trial—“biased” judges ordered to step aside! ] [Our endless, enervating debate about Islam] [Williams firing unleashes unprecedented wave of anger against NPR] [Palin calls for defunding NPR over Williams firing, and for freedom of speech about jihad threat] [A conservative radio host invents redneck community organizer] [Under the radar] [Just as America supplied the flight training for the 9/11 jihad hijackers, it supplied the weapon and the weapon’s training for the Fort Hood jihad killer] [Britain plans huge cuts in public spending] [The overwhelming advantage given to nonwhites over whites in admissions to elite institutions] [Grappling with a president who states plainly the liberal belief that all non-liberals are irrational] [Williams terminated by NPR for saying he gets nervous when he sees people in Muslim dress on a plane] [Appeals court overturns the overturning of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell] [More insanity brought by homosexual rights movement,] [Tancredo] [Bold prediction of an electoral earthquake] [Islam’s number one defender in the U.S. keeps deleting God from the Declaration of Independence] [Mrs. Clarence Thomas leaves message on Anita Hill’s phone, seeking an apology] [Thus Spoke Kanye] [German author says Muslims should go back to where they belong] [Is there a way to turn the Paladino disaster into a conservative victory?] [Paladino’s latest] [What Merkel really meant] [Those ever-expanding predictions of a Republican blow-out] [More on the Wilders trial] [Are the polls producing a false five point Republican edge? ] [Leftoid madness squared] [An interesting view of the Jewish problem] [Muslim witnesses in Wilders trial says his remarks about Islam spurred violence and intimidating behavior against Muslims] [Trifkovic reports that Wilders trial is over] [Limbaugh says Obama looks “demonic” in campaign photos released by White House] [Merkel and the Twilight of Meaning] [Question for the open borders Christian fundamentalists: Does Jesus really want … THIS? ] [The Western denial of the reality of Islam, taken to the max] [The ecumenism that dooms us] [Teaching white children to behave like underclass blacks] [Jaundiced thoughts out of season] [Is cosmic Judeo-centrism good for the Jews?] [Comments] [Obama as Peter Jennings II] [Triage or death rattle? In last ditch effort to save House, Democrats are abandoning loyal progressives]

Week of October 10, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Memories of childhood] [History’s first liberal?] [The thought process by which a man figures out who the real enemies of America are] [Is there a positive side to bullying?] [Obama told David Brooks off the record a year ago that he was lying about “shovel-ready” projects] [DeMint vs. the GOP] [The question of the Wilders trial, cont.] [The essence of Wilders’s crime] [Update on the Hartley case] [Pre-marital promiscuity vs. marital stability] [Prosecutors in Wilders case now recommend dropping the incitement charge as well as the “insult to Muslim” charge] [Alvin Greene] [Time magazine article about America—by a bigoted hater of white conservatives] [Witnesses recount the mass murder at Fort Hood] [Paladino advisor Roger Stone marched shirtless in freaky homosexual pride parade last June] [Huge Armenian-American gang arrested in largest-ever Medicare scam] [A mistake at VFR] [Paladino apologizes—for everything] [An example of the incompetent journalism that is the norm today] [Auster’s law] [The liberal message on halal food] [LA in 1973] [How the miners were in such good shape] [Time says Obama made false charge against the Chamber of Commerce out of revenge for opposing his agenda] [The amazing survival of the miners during the first 17 days before they were found] [Arms and the Woman, II] [Further questions on the Rutgers suicide case] [Third World criminal chaos on our southern border—the police captain investigating the Hartley case has been decapitated] [Mazeroski’s home run] [How the Dems destroyed themselves] [Another sign of Obama’s bunker mentality] [Dick Morris on the single most amazing thing about this year’s campaigns] [Viguerie says George Allen is part of the problem the Tea Party came to fix—and he doesn’t realize it] [The metric that went nowhere] [Chamber of Commerce responds to Democrats’ charge] [The amazingly floundering White House, exposed for all to see] [Prosecutors say they will ask for acquittal of Wilders on one of the two charges against him] [Cuomo told Wall Street Journal he would make homosexual “marriage” a top priority] [Is it right to teach children that sexual perversion is good? ] [New York’s “conservative” paper wants no opposition to same-sex “marriage”] [The “conservative” New York Post continues its war against Paladino for opposing the normalization of homosexuality] [Soros has given up on financing leftist Democratic politicians, sees no way to stop Republican avalanche] [Thune for president?] [Sharia compliant Muslim superheroes coming to U.S. television] [Paladino on Today: the dilemma of the instinctive conservative in liberal society] [Obama creamed by Time] [The prospects for a second New Jersey governor being elected president of the U.S., exactly one hundred years after the first] [Sex, determinism, and Charlotte Simmons ] [In trying to discredit Paladino, the New York Post trashes its own positions] [Blair’s baby step away from liberal illusions] [Geller interviewed in the Times ] [Congo paper: entire soccer team killed by lighting bolt during game] [Bad news for Barry reaches critical mass] [Times on Geller and Coulter] [Brown evidently okayed calling Whitman a “whore”]

Week of October 3, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Still in vassalage to Bush, Powerline shreds its credibility] [Malkin not buying at Tiffany’s] [Kenyan man with 100 wives, 160 children, kicks the bucket] [More strange journalism] [More on the Duke sex paper] [Strange article touts Palin presidential run, and Ruddy as her kingmaker] [Michelle’s unique physical attributes officially recognized at last] [Duke community is shocked, shocked, to find that sexual promiscuity has been going on in this establishment] [Indian traditionalism and American ] [The unregenerately dishonest neocons] [Stewart on Beck] [The character of the anti-war right; and, what is paleoconservatism? ] [Paladino speaks] [Paladino threatened Post reporter] [O’Donnell adrift? ] [Obamaphobia from beyond the grave] [Sobran and immigration: a question for Peter Brimelow] [Phillies pitcher who threw perfect game last May throws no-hitter (allowing one walk) in in post-season game] [Doubts expressed about “Mexican pirates” murder on Falcon Lake;
Also, how the rare lie by a white about a nonwhite violent crime is different from the frequent black hoaxes about white hate crimes
] [Why has the Democratic-left base turned off on the Dems and Obama?] [Quote of the week] [I regret linking the “No Pressure” video] [Culturism, cont.] [Thanks from a reader] [D-Day minus 27] [Sanchez, cont.] [An Islam critic in spite of himself] [Brooks on Emanuel] [Obama-tilting GOP congressman is surprised that Obama has endorsed supporting his Democratic rival—and didn’t even give him a heads-up] [The latest incident in which liberal white Westerners ignore obvious Third-World dangers and get themselves killed] [American Thinker sloppily misrepresents Wilders] [Wilders trial, again—and it looks as contentious and confusing as ever] [Nihilist suicide Heisman was deep critic of liberal thought on race] [Boehner for president? ] [Comments] [Brimelow says Sobran became an immigration restrictionist before his death. Is it true?] [That environmentalist murder movie] [Elizabeth Wright on Glenn Beck’s racial outreach] [A superior liberal is confronted by a human being—who will prevail? ] [Christine O’Donnell’s 18 years as a conservative Christian spokeswoman on television talk shows] [“The gay right”] [An October surprise?] [Back to the Past] [What’s it all about, Kelly?] [On the absurdity of Catholic evolutionism (or, as I call it, Theo-Darwinism)] [Wilders speaks in Berlin about Islam] [An inevitable, tragic result of Muslim immigration] [Is corporal punishment the cure for liberalism?] [Is Obama going to say, “Take this job and —” ] [Paladino is a crackpot] [How Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher helped catch a serial murderer—and never told the world about it] [Western security agencies believe Muslim terrorist groups are ready to launch Bombay-style attacks in Europe]

Week of September 26, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Big Journalism explains (somewhat confusedly) why Sanchez was fired] [A terrible story: an American man is about to lose his brother to Islam] [With every word he speaks, Obama suppresses Democratic enthusiasm] [Not in the mood] [CNN host fired for remarks about Jews] [Arms and the Woman] [A tragedy that brings out the multidimensional evil of liberal society] [Is Islam a religion?] [Obama’s top rat deserting the ship ] [A party shattering] [Another race attack in Champaign] [Black attacks on white men and boys in Illinois city are so numerous the police can’t process them] [The Why And The How Of Ending Muslim Immigration] [Dylan gave Obama the brush-off] [How is a return to a traditional society possible?] [Sobran dead] [Catching up at VFR] [The meaning of the Rutgers suicide] [Is jihadist terrorism in West reaching critical mass?] [Cuomo attacks Tea Party, embraces unions, destroying reformist rationale for his candidacy] [First Lady Xenia Onatopp (a.k.a. Michelle Scissorlegs) ] [Our real mission to the Muslims] [Morris’s confident predictions] [Why the Republicans must win] [What if we lose?] [Feingold trailing] [Then I saw that race / Now I’m a believer] [African-American First Lady meets African First Lady] [Faced with real Islam criticism from his callers, a conservative radio host turns liberal] [Zakaria, the highly placed enemy within] [Lars Hedegaard replies to Open Letter] [Are we doomed?] [The nowhere men of white tribalism and material reductionism] [Is Steyn finally getting the message? ] [Obama attacks America’s most central belief (and a disquistion on the passive voice)] [Fish says Tea Party is much more formidable than liberals realize] [The Met’s new Ring production] [The tortured mind of Buchanan, cont.] [An Open Letter to the International Free Press Society] [How Wilders transcends his anti-jihadist supporters] [D’Souza’s lies about AR, redux] [The Steyn fantasy phenomenon continues] [Muslim community leader planning suit against those who have created anti-Islam atmosphere in America] [The return of “us” and “them”] [The Carl Paladino situation] [A catalogue of horror in northern Mexico] [If you haven’t woken up yet, will the fatwa on Molly Norris do it for you?] [Buchanan’s terminal confusions] [The “new society” that the elite unhesitatingly embraces] [In Arabian Desert, a Sustainable City Rises]

Week of September 19, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Why most conservative articles about Obama are worthless] [The geographical location of the races in U.S. cities] [Our hard-thinking but myopic military] [Our public schools are handing our children over to Islam] [Voting Rights Official Calls Dismissal of Black Panther Case a ‘Travesty of Justice’] [Malik Shabazz, one of the most intense black racists in America, visited the White House] [Another “conservative” Hispanic shows his colors] [Merkel tells Germans to accept the Islamization of Germany] [An inevitable consequence of letting the Ground Zero mosque be built] [The House Republicans’ Pledge to America ] [The grandiose plans of Feisal Rauf] [Why it’s hard to talk to Randians—they regard non-Randians as non- or sub-human] [Quote of the week—and the trouble with Rubio] [Crouch’s liberal dementia] [Steyn, helpless victim of PC, cont. ] [More polling dynamite in New York—this time in the Gillibrand vs. DioGuardi Senate race] [Why burn the Koran?] [Photo of the Koran burning in Gateshead, Northumbria, England] [Six Englishmen burn Koran, are arrested] [How did you lie to us? Let us count the ways.] [Obama and the Democrats—account empty, and there’s no one to bail them out] [Reagan on the reality of sin and evil—and what his message means for us today] [The (Black American) World We Have Lost ] [Obama follows Buchanan on terrorism] [Meanwhile, that anger is also getting directed at Obama… ] [Establishment rocked by poll in New York ] [Black man and Filipino man charged in beating, torturing white teenager in Seattle] [The end of the Powell aura] [How the military will resolve the inevitable conflicts over homosexuality in the ranks once DADT is repealed] [Alt-Right against O’Donnell] [Why Sen. Reid failed to pass the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal and the DREAM Act] [DREAM Act would legalize illegals up to age 35] [Beck on the defeat of DREAM Act; Malkin on Senate debate] [Attempt to impose homosexuality on the military stopped in Senate vote, along with DREAM Act] [Good movie at 9:30 tonight on Turner Classic Movies] [Lisa Murkowski, the epitome of the entitled pol] [What’s wrong with India] [Obama’s and Democrats’ world falling apart before our eyes] [Richard Cohen has become like the right-wing anti-Semites] [Act now against the DREAM Act] [PR disaster for India: athletes’ residential complex at big international sporting event “unfit for human habitation”; many athletes pulling out] [Even as Steyn gets more worried about Islam, he has not become more serious about Islam] [How many Muslims must there be in America, before we are threatened by sharia rule?] [Man burns Koran in front of Mosque, is arrested—but what is his crime?] [Waters deepen around O’Donnell] [Only one day left to stop DREAM Act] [The DREAM Act] [Can’t this person just go away? (part 2)] [Six church members including pastor killed in tragedy on New York State Thruway] [Victor Hanson, an unregenerate liberal fool in the heart of the conservative movement, rehabilitates Bush] [The record of the man O’Donnell defeated] [Blessing the Koran in a Cathollic cathedral] [The Camille Pagliazation of conservative journalism?] [Anti-immigration Sweden Democrats celebrate parliament entry] [An anti-immigrant party rises in Sweden] [Sarkozy, shocking EU, says France has right to remove Gypsies] [Derbyshire and Separationism, again] [The unassimilable strangeness of the Palin phenomenon] [O’Donnell was a teenager when she dabbled] [Unbelievable—Lucianne Goldberg, that supposedly tough-as-nails Republican partisan, joins the oh-so-superior Karl Rove and the oh-so-precious John of Powerline in totally writing off Christine O’Donnell] [Is it problematic to praise the Founding? ] [Why the Republican elite hate O’Donnell] [Can’t this person just go away? ]

Week of September 12, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [O’Donnell’s inspiring speech] [Breyer backs away from suggestion of Koran burning ban] [O’Donnell’s witchcraft problem] [What is a female empty suit? ] [An audience member at a conservative conference proposes stopping Muslim immigration … ] [The costs of standing up to Islam in Islamized America] [Language malfunction at the New York Times] [Geller and Spencer’s misnamed organization, and what it tells us about the anti-jihad movement as a whole] [Left-wing Delaware Democrat claims to be “fiscal conservative”!] [How the neocons’ “propositional nation without a concrete nation” is like Hawking’s “physical laws without a Lawgiver,” cont. ] [More on “Auschwitzphobia”] [Analysis: the Tea Party has already won] [The O’Donnell debate continues] [Was acid attack a hoax? (Update: yes, it was.) ] [The malcontent at the summit] [A mainstream columnist who sees Gingrich as I do] [Gibbon’s unique combination of elegant style and jaundiced insight] [The many iterations of William Shatner] [Democrats are now against Obama—which means, however the congressional elections turn out, that the Obama agenda is finished] [Poor Haiti] [How to go from being Pamela Geller’s great friend to being nobody] [Clinton agrees with VFR about Bush] [A new term for liberalism—and a new way to put liberals on the spot] [Who is Christine O’Donnell and why are GOP poobahs so dismissive of her?] [Different opinions on Derek Fenton’s firing by New Jersey Transit] [The shrieky-voiced, big-haired presidential nominee?] [Republican establishment crushed by Tea Party] [The New York Times is upset over Paladino upset ] [Paladino scores shocking upset over Lazio in New York] [Rove bashes Tea Party victor; Malkin bashes Rove] [The Koran burner of downtown Manhattan loses his job] [The ultimate in today’s female insanity—more precisely, female supremacism—and in the willingness of society to play along with it] [Why Muslims accept the violence inherent in their faith] [Kill any Bush revivalism] [Shock! Blacks are suspended from middle schools more than whites! ] [My Islam policy supported by a champion of Israel] [The anti-American good will ambassador] [The liberal rot has even infected the Orthodox Church—here is an Orthodox priest who is pro-GZ mosque ] [Machete review] [Gingrich on the cutting edge of the Islam issue—NOT] [Close Rauf associate says U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attack] [Feisel Rauf’s threat reveals the truth about Islam] [Why Wilders was not Wilders] [Striking back at the system] [The Pamela and Robert Anti-Mosque Rally] [One person’s experience of the 9/11 rally] [New York Post does hit piece on 9/11 rally—Why? ] [Geert Wilders’s speech at anti-mosque rally] [D’Souza on what drives Obama] [Koran burnings] [State Department warns travelers of Muslim violence over Koran burning]

Week of September 5, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A symbolic act to express our rejection of the dangerous and tyrannical religion of Islam] [Mob of ten thousand Afghans cry, “Death to America!”] [Why the Vatican denounced Pastor Jones and said that Islam and the Koran must be treated with respect] [Where we are, nine years after the fiends hurt us] [At the Drudge Report today] [Barbarians and Liberals, 1, Civilization, 0] [General discussion continues] [Keeping up with the anti-Joneses] [Buchanan urges Obama to arrest Pastor Jones] [Head of the English Defense League deported from U.S. as soon as he arrives] [McCarthy on Pastor Jones] [How the issue could turn around] [Feisal “The Bridge Builder” Rauf threatens terrorism if he doesn’t get his way] [Mad world] [The liberal world system’s pyrrhic victory over Pastor Jones] [Jones had quid pro quo agreement with Muslim re Koran burning and mosque location, but now says the Muslim lied to him] [What has happened] [The ultimate meaning of the mainstream anti-mosque position revealed] [General comments on the Jones affair] [Yeagley on the bookburning tradition] [Jones—virtually alone against the massed forces of liberalism] [The Bloomberg from Another Planet ] [A brave-seeming spirit crushed by all-encompassing liberalism] [Conflicting reports: Is Jones cancelling the Koran burning, or is he offering to cancel the burning as a quid pro quo for moving the Ground Zero mosque?] [The entirety of organized humanity comes crashing down on Terry Jones, cont. ] [Tons of bricks continue to be piled on Pastor Jones] [The burning discussion continues] [Ten Reasons to Burn a Koran—the unexpurgated text] [Dove World’s site has been shut down] [Police spokesman fired for saying that black on white mob attacks may have been racially motivated] [Merkel honors Muhammad cartoonist! ] [ Say it isn’t so, Terry!] [Why doesn’t Terry Jones get smart and immerse a copy of the Koran in a jar of urine?] [Resisting linguistic deference to Islam—and the costs of doing so] [Christian Broadcast Network report on Islamic takeover of parts of Paris] [Why Jones is burning a Koran] [Brigitte Gabriel denounces Koran burning] [Time: Israelis don’t give a fig for peace, they want money] [McCarthy: as result of mosque controversy, the tide has turned on the Islam issue] [Koran burning update] [Conservative whites continue to be blamed for doing the very thing that they don’t do and don’t dream of doing] [Newsweek portrays Marine le Pen as a moderate and a serious threat to Sarkozy] [McCain’s campaign manager favors unisex weddings] [Tea Party organizations are hard at work proving themselves to be racially diverse] [FRANCE GRINDS TO HALT AS THOUSANDS PROTEST CHANGE IN RETIREMENT AGE FROM 60 TO 62] [Woods marriage, cont.] [The medieval Europeans, whose knowledge of Islam was so crude and backward compared to ours…] [The hate that need not speak its name (because it is everywhere)] [The conservatives’ latest indictment of Obama—he’s no leftist] [The Arabs walk into Bibi’s trap] [Why the people who believe that Obama is a Muslim are not ignorant—and why the people who believe that they are ignorant, are ignorant] [More on Thilo Sarrazin and the reaction to him] [German establishment figure says non-European immigration was a terrible mistake, Muslims can’t assimilate] [Blacks and a liberal-conservative separation] [Meanwhile, also from Lucianne.com, further depressing evidence that the Bush worshippers have learned … NOTHING] [Cohen’s shrinking intellect] [Obama plumbs new depths of victimology] [A divorce agreement between liberal and conservative America] [Florida church plans to burn copy of Koran] [The succubus of government employee unions] [The First Lady hard at work] [Obama plants embarrassing reminder of Martin Luther King’s plagiarism in Oval Office] [Why Rosie O’Donnell got “married”] [Derbyshire on Beck] [An idiosyncratic theory of the Woods marriage] [Against the modernist, materialist view that the universe created itself]

Week of August 29, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Another traveler’s tale] [The truth about Obama’s approval rating] [High European official makes openly anti-Jewish remark] [From coolest president to permanently out-of-touch president] [On the “materialistic greed” of illegal aliens] [Another acid attack] [Our media-orchestrated culture of hype and fear] [Are the mosque opponents making a fatal mistake?] [Muslims taking over parts of Paris with their own security force] [Did our Iraq involvement make us more secure? An analysis of Douglas Feith’s statement] [Steve Burton comes out of closet that he says he’s never been in] [Prominent retired three-star general supports Lt. Col. Lakin in his court martial over Obama’s concealed birth records] [The Pamela and Robert Anti-Jihad Movement ©] [Muslim religious leader says Wilders should be executed by beheading] [At the White House, the zombies talk on] [Mad love leads woman to grisly and absurd death] [The left’s perverted moral lens] [U.S. airports versus Asian airports] [A distant mirror] [The ultimate mystery about liberals: given Islam’s history, how can Westerners go on believing that it is just a religion like other religions?] [James Lee was convicted of smuggling aliens] [Materialists and liberals despise all authority—unless the authority is that of apes] [Spencer and Geller declare the 9/11 rally to be their rally] [The gnostic vision that animated the Discovery Channel hostage taker] [McGreevey’s paradigm of a new America, revisited] [Another body blow to the warmists] [Environmentalist takes hostages, is killed] [The optical illusion that fools Americans every time] [Putting into practice the 1964 Civil Rights Act which Glenn Beck (and presumably his supporters) supports] [A positive interpretation of Beck] [Black woman throws acid in face of white woman] [Glenn Beck’s LSD trip: white guilt as the path to conservative revival] [Final thoughts on Iraq and the surge] [Britain’s acting prime minister denies homosexual relationship] [The Neoconservative Psychopathy] [A Man in Full] [Why are men universally drawn to water? ] [What white conservatives should say to the media when the latter call them racists, simply because almost no nonwhites come to conservatives gatherings] [Clueless, cowardly whites] [Beck and borders] [How does a normal American react to the news that America is waging war on behalf of a nation of boy-rapists?] [Does Bloomberg have a financial motive for backing the mosque?] [Pro Palin, Pro Beck] [A lament for the “expiring” EU—accompanied by huzzas from VFR] [The boy-raping country our forces are fighting and dying for] [On the DoD jihad coverup, more is needed than editorials] [Is Beck’s appeal about personal identification (i.e., “he’s a real person like me”)?] [What is Beck’s appeal? ] [Commemorating what? ] [Contentions] [Love and Death, Liberal-Style] [The most succinct statement of the Islam problem]

Week of August 22, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Do they contradict themselves? Very well they contradict themselves. (They are large, they contain multitudes.)] [Elin Nordegren speaks about her marriage] [Herbert on Beck] [The Glenn Beck event in Washington] [Why the left likes Rauf] [Who paid for the mosque site? ] [Materialist blogger acknowledges the utility of religion] [What to call the anti-Semites] [A Geller/Spencer partisan’s smear of me] [Diversity outreach to our enemies: Muslims in U.S. increasingly believe that they are Islamically prohibited from serving in U.S. armed forces] [Repetitive compulsive Mideast peace conference #8,743] [Cultural Verdun, cont. ] [Johnston comes full circle] [Des Moines and America escape close call with racial reality] [Preliminary thoughts on the cabby attack] [Obama’s worst high crime yet against America] [Will the mosque become a cultural Verdun?] [Beck and same-sex “marriage” ] [Ron Paul, hero of the paleocons and paleolibs, says mosque debate is driven by “neocons”] [Comic relief for your day, courtesy of Bob Schieffer] [The 2012 presidential contest—in August 2010] [ABC News employee caught acting as agent provocateur at demonstration] [The bridge-building moderate imam so beloved of liberals] [Will the O Man come out as a Muslim? ] [Celebrity billionaire puts his strong orthodox Jewish beliefs into action] [When the freakish and abnormal go too far (whatever “too far” means), normality starts to beckon] [The inversion that is our norm] [VFR] [The Nothing Man] [Video of August 22 anti-mosque rally (the one Pamela Geller denounced)] [The real Auster Autocrat ] [A fair and impartial judge] [Beat Whitey Night in post-racial Iowa] [Richard Spencer: neocons are the transcendent danger to America] [Wilding attacks on whites at Des Moines fairgrounds] [That dismaying poll about Obama’s religious affiliation] [I, Geller] [The mosque is too much with us] [How McCain sold his soul—assuming he had one] [A lie worth countering] [America’s first experiment in free love] [The left singles out Geller as evil symbol of opposition to the mosque] [Pentagon report on Ft. Hood massacre warns of “paralysis” caused by political correctness] [What McCain will—and won’t—fight against] [Rallies near mosque site] [How to discourage Muslims from colonizing America] [The new Katyn Forest massacre] [Richard Spencer says that the neocons are causing greater harm to America than would the mass occupation of the U.S. by Mexican immigrants] [On the built-in duplicity of liberalism]

Week of August 15, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [VFR, August 20, 2010] [What is Ann Coulter?] [The “protocols” by which whites manage their forbidden racial thoughts] [Glenn Beck’s insane ideology] [How to remember the spelling of Beck’s first name. ] [The state of establicon online journalism] [Beck—crusader on race] [Another voice of hope in the darkness ] [Abandon all hope, ye who enter the ranks of the Jew-haters] [A more hopeful glimpse of the future] [Obama’s eternal free fall continues] [Are the Muslims faking us out in the battle over the Ground Zero mosque?] [The need for a better word for anti-Semitism] [A lament for our vanishing culture] [Dr. Laura, the “N” word, and the rule of black supremacy] [The cultural and spiritual vacuum of New York and America into which the imperial Muslim mosque builders have moved] [Gnostic Nancy] [Unpacking Pelosi] [Pelosi: space cadet or tyrant? ] [Thanks from a reader] [The unhappy warrior] [Obama undeniably sides with America’s Muslim enemies against America] [Aren’t conservatives’ reports of Obama’s “plummeting” approval ratings getting a tad repetitive—not to mention unbelievable?] [LGF: Opponents of the mosque are a populist mob led by neo-fascist sympathizers] [What traditionalism is about] [The meaning of Obama’s mosque endorsement] [Obama’s mosque endorsement too far out for Harry Reid] [Underneath Obama’s three contradictory mosque statements, his consistent pro-Muslim bottom line] [Michigan high school football team practices in middle of night to accommodate Muslim players] [If Timothy McVeigh had been a Christian] [Saving the West by radical skepticism] [Relativism and Culturism, cont.] [Hannity—whore for the Bushites on the Ground Zero mosque] [Tiger yesterday, now, and forever] [How the Afghans themselves see boy-rape] [A good argument against the mosque, provided by the Muslims themselves] [The anti-American President, and the dilemma of the party he leads]

Week of August 8, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Does this look like an American?] [Heads out of the sand, conservatives! It’s time to identify and confront blacks’ stated attitudes toward whites] [Reconciling the particular and the universal] [Gingrich confirms my long time portrayal of him;
Also, Gingrich had a six year affair with his future third wife while married to his second wife
] [Culturism and Traditionalism] [How the liberal state provides housing for the poor: “Come and get it!”] [The truth revealed by feminism] [A new, readable Hanson?] [Separationism and universal morality] [Why most conservatives are incapable of understanding the reality of Islam] [The conservatives’ ridiculous and inapproprate sentimentality] [Israeli media says serial killer is an Arab Christian] [Liberalism and reality] [The Great White Serial Killer is coming! The Great White Serial Killer is coming! ] [Obama’s outreach to Muslims fails—or has it actually succeeded?] [Should we simply change the name “liberal media” to “Democratic Party media”?] [The problem with Evangelicals] [If you believe in the distinctiveness of our culture vis à vis other cultures, the mainstream conservatives call you a “relativist”] [The top Darwin Award winner of all time, cont.] [Anti-Semitism debate] [Truth, authority, and the anti-Auster right] [WWWW on the Bomb, again] [World’s number one golfer goes 18 over par] [Kerry pushes exchanges of professionals between U.S. and Muslim nations] [Going where no Auster-hater has gone before. ] [Why 80 year old lynchings of blacks keep getting re-told, while whites are being mass murdered by blacks today] [The courtier media’s “excuse” for crass Spain vacation] [Mosques being opposed around the U.S., because Islam itself is seen as a threat (at least that’s my hopeful read on it)]

Week of August 1, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Comments] [The mass murderer’s white girlfriend] [Coulter and homocons] [The top Darwin Award winner of all time] [The meaning of the media’s response to the Connecticut mass murder] [A growing, and insoluble, dilemma for non-liberals in liberal society: homosexual-couple neighbors, with children] [Henninger on the Great Guy Theory of History] [Homosexual Federal Judge Finds Right to Homosexual “Marriage” in U.S. Constitution] [Immigration enforcement agents declare that the agency’s leaders are refusing to do their job, and are deliberately undermining it] [Scowling First Lady] [The Big Lie, in its efflorescence] [The meaning of the two recent federal decisions] [Eugene Robinson’s politics summed up] [The neverending Palin reality show] [Federal judge declares the institution of marriage to be in violation of the equal protection of the laws] [Bloomberg and the mosque] [Eight whites murdered for their “racism” at Connecticut beer distributorship] [The biggest environmental disaster in history … never, uh, existed?] [Missouri rejects Obamacare] [Two homeowners shoot burglars in two separate incidents in same town ] [A new argument on anchor babies] [Why a reader has had it with VFR] [Gottfried on paleocons and Israel]

Week of July 25, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [My preliminary responses to the Alt-Right symposium on anti-Semitism and the far right] [Administration looking for non-legislative means of legalizing illegal aliens…] [Oil spill not nearly as bad as thought] [It’s a Chelsea marriage (also, a discussion about veganism)] [Celebrity victimhood may not be all it’s cracked up to be] [The federal government is waging war on America: do we ignore that fact and continue playing by the rules?] [FrontPage Magazine discusses my idea of banning Islam] [A new twist in Dutch government negotiations] [The true heroes of today’s Navy] [AT’s latest great insight into Obama] [Federal judge makes a political decision following the president’s political line] [The four best sailors of the year] [Federal judge enjoins Arizona law] [Instead of removing Muslims from France, France removes French police from Muslim dominated French town.] [Thanks from a reader] [NAACP responds to Webb] [What happens when you elect a man without a face to lead a country] [Clean-Up Crews Can’t Find Crude in the Gulf] [Turkey must join EU, says Cameron: ‘Those who are against are playing on fears of Islam’] [“Happy slapping” black teens knock grandfather to ground, killing him, get almost no jail term] [Tancredo will run for Colorado governor on Constitution Party ticket] [How many different ways can the Obama administration lie to us? ] [Why are the NAACP and Obama accusing the tea party of “racism”?] [The feminization of the mililary accelerates] [Sherrod’s profits] [Should the Church follow society, or should society follow the Church?] [TheMail makes the new gynocratic order explicit] [American Thinker falsely accuses Michelle of blaming obesity on racism] [Rupert Murdoch and Alwaleed bin Talal]

Week of July 18, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Sherrod affair] [Mangan surpasses the anti-Semites] [Another experience of synchronicity] [Webb on the myth of white privilege] [The unbelievable has happened] [Guess who Richard Spencer says is behind Mel Gibson’s melt-down?] [Can it be said that Arlen Specter is a Randian?] [Richard Hoste says that Islam is not a threat; Serge Trifkovic replies ] [The Obama administration demonizes and sues state governments that enforce federal immigration law, while it tolerates cities that defy federal immigration law] [FBI test shows that Times Square bombing could have been far more lethal than earlier thought—or maybe not] [No limit to Specter’s effrontery] [Germany inaugurates suicide bomber hotline] [A typical event in our materialistic, mindless, purposeless universe (/irony off) ] [Wilders lays it on the line] [Modernism, pro and con]

Week of July 11, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The real cause of Lindsay Lohan’s self-destructive behavior: the Jews did it] [Wilders to launch international anti-Islam group] [VFR] [American music] [Why do some ideologies require that the ideology appear to be successful in order to be considered valid?] [Lawrence Auster—secret enemy of America and the West] [Is PC the main problem?] [Liberalism and Islam, cont.] [Is NR worth it?] [The White House denies Bolden’s story] [Wife accused in murder of Fontainbleau heir] [More Gibson] [University of Illinois] [I contradicted myself on Gibson] [Separationism, again] [Is Islam or liberalism the greater threat?] [University teacher fired for explaining Catholic philosophical basis of traditional morality] [Another liberal ameliorative idol crashes] [Vuvuzela, we hardly knew ye] [Back in the USA] [Holder supplies his reasons for suing Arizona (Not)] [Our absurd society]

Week of July 4, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Gibson and conservatives] [Barry’s message, translated] [Gore’s world beseiged] [Twenty minutes after thug brutally attacked Barnard student in Riverside Park, he attacked another woman in the same park] [Still not getting it] [Why Obama opposes the Arizona law] [Kagan, a socialist born, bred, and in the marrow] [Obamoses leading the Israelis to the Promised Land] [Taking apart another Obama lie] [For 15 years the federal government has been training and deputizing local law enforcement officials to round up illegal aliens] [Why does Warren Beatty’s daughter want to become a male?] [Why Berwick’s recess appointment? ] [Barnard student (a fan of gangsta rap) attacked while jogging alone in Riverside Park] [The finance bill imposes sex and race quotas on the entire finance industry] [The New Black Panther Party and the Obama administration] [EU comes up with another reason to stop extradition of terrorists to U.S. ] [Another liberal bubble is popped; liberalism marches on] [My second thoughts on The Merchant of Venice] [Coulter supports Steele] [The sort of peace and love we could do without, thank you] [Ringo at seventy] [CNN senior editor for Muslim affairs Octavia Nasr mourns Hezbollah leader] [New logo needed for MASA (Mohammedan Aeronautics and Space Administration); and what Pipes thinks about the new direction in America’s space program] [Heat wave] [Is it strange he should change?] [Hanson admits his cluelessness] [Several hundred housing project residents of non-specified race attack firemen and police with bottle rockets] [Let’s apply the administration’s logic on the Arizona law to other areas] [Soccer, mass man, and a world without meaning] [Levi Johnston retracts his statements about Sarah Palin] [The massive wealth-destroying scam of the “green economy”] [The gravamen of the DOJ’s case against Arizona] [Horowitz on Hitchens] [The Old Negro Space Program, A Film Not by Ken Burns] [Russia—a Third-World, dysfunctional country] [Dalrymple on soccer] [NASA’s foremost purpose: to increase Muslim self-esteem] [British jury, following judge’s prompting, acquits defendants who smashed up factory that sold arms to Israel] [A Randian who recognizes that Islam and nonwhite immigration represent a threat to America’s culture and its liberty] [George Whitefield and the American Revolution] [Having a good time on July 4th]

Week of June 27, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The rejection of Global Warmism goes official] [Byrd and the Klan] [Google to pay its heterosexual employees less than its homosexual employees] [The method in his incompetence] [Have Michael Steele’s follies finally gone far enough so that the RNC can fire him even though he’s black?] [The low-grade conservative media] [The only possible explanation for McChrystal’s self-destructive interview with Rolling Stone: pure idiocy] [The birth of a nation] [Charge against Gore enters the liberal mainstream] [DNA lead in Morgan Harrington case] [NRO endorses McCain] [In defense of Sen. Byrd] [Obama’s nothing speech on immigration] [The Enquirer’s story] [Liberal Chelsea Incident] [Incompetent conservatives continue their chorus on the “incompetent” Obama] [Female Olympic swimmer assaulted by two blacks in Brookline, Mass.] [Rep. Stark (D., Calif.) releases his (Democratic) Id ] [Kagan involvement in partial birth abortion language—the full story] [Friend corroborates Masseuse’s Tale] [The Masseuse goes public] [Harper Lee, an unhappy life] [The longest serving bloviator in the history of the world’s greatest bloviating body departs the scene] [Former Justice Department Lawyer Accuses Holder of Dropping New Black Panther Case for Racial Reasons] [Kagan seems to see commerce clause as unlimited grant of power to Congress] [Kagan changed doctors’ language to say that partial birth abortion might be the “best” procedure in some circumstances] [Kagan refuses to say whether there are any limits on Congress’ power] [York believes Masseuse’s Tale] [Kagan and LGBT—a serious relationship] [Unregenerate liberals] [More bluffs from Obama and Dems on immigration bill] [The meaningless and unreadable anti-Obama commentators] [Coulter on Kagan] [What the finance bill does] [The truth about black on white violence enters conservative mainstream] [Not just rumors of wars, but rumors of Saudi-Israeli cooperation in a war] [Fourth century icons of Peter and Paul discovered ] [Where BP went wrong] [Bork opposes Kagan] [Red ink spill] [The Episcopal Church] [America’s president, straight out of the pages of Atlas Shrugged] [Poor Alternative Right: haunted and internally occupied by the Jewish incubus it would expel from the universe] [More pearls from the man who was Obama’s spiritual guide for 20 years] [Serb goes on trial in Serbia for repeatedly kicking the head of an American student causing severe brain injury]

Week of June 20, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The conservatives’ weird take on Obama] [EU Human rights court: EU law does not mandate same-sex marriage] [Arizona Gov. Stands by Claim That Most Illegals Smuggle Drugs Into Country] [Black multiple rapist of white women claims, as his defense, that he did it to get vengeance on whites] [Brewer exposes Obama borders lie] [Mac Donald on police and race—in the Times] [A reply to the paganism of the European New Right and Alternative Right] [The crudity of the liberal mind] [The Masseuse’s Tale: True or False? ] [More from police interview about Gore sex attack] [Excerpts from police interview about Gore sex attack] [The shocking charge against Gore] [McCartney’s liberal self-immolation continues] [McChrystal approved Rolling Stone article prior to publication] [Why McChrystal is worse than Obama] [The return of fly-on-the-wall journalism—and its demise?] [McChrystal: a liberal done in by his liberalism] [VFR] [Michael Hastings on McChrystal] [Christians arrested in Dearborn for handing out copies of the Gospel of John on public street] [An expanded proposal to divide America into two countries] [The only remaining solution—setting off an explosion to collapse the leaking well] [Why the general dissed the president] [Thanks from a reader] [Yecch, my prophetic soul] [So long, Arizona; Hello, Mexico (or California)] [There are bigger problems with McChrystal than bad mouthing the administration] [How to get the Empty Suit’s attention] [Times columnist: “liberalism may be running out of time”] [A reader sees where the paleocons’ biological reductionism and tribalism lead] [The futility of McChristal’s and Obama’s liberal war] [America according to Obama, and Man according to Darwin] [For the Mangan file] [Mangan says that I do not belong in the United States] [The rise of the Palindrones? ] [Divorced fathers—the unseen victims of female empowerment] [Obama’s Hispanic Secretary of Labor (or is that Secretary of Hispanic Labor?) urges illegal aliens to complain to her about unfair wages] [More on Obama’s comparison of the Gulf oil spill to the 9/11 attack] [Contacting Barton, Boehner, and Cantor] [Obama’s weird speech] [Obama: Republicans who want the government to act competently on the oil spill are hypocrites, so they can be ignored] [Hitler learns that World Cup officials will not bar the vuvuzela] [Liberal chickens coming home to roost?] [How Republican serial monogamists seek to make us their accessories] [Have I been indulging in mere ignorant prejudice against soccer?] [Wilders: Rename Jordan as Palestine] [Affirmative Action Father’s Day] [It was a shakedown—why was it so wrong to say that?]

Week of June 13, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A lost soul’s descent] [Soccer and the vuvuzela] [Spanish fans blame TV journalist/girlfriend of goalie for distracting him during loss] [Suing Arizona?] [What is the greatest hatred?] [The intellectually mediocre Mona Charen] [Why is this criticism of Obama different from all other criticisms?] [VFR] [Obama’s bizarre yet revealing comparison of the Gulf oil spill with the 9/11 attack] [The inhuman horror of liberal non-discrimination] [Prophets without a cause] [Obama called most hated American president in Great Britain since Nixon] [Pro-Islam] [Tolerance] [Republican congressman says BP execs should commit hara-kiri] [Obama’s ultimate place in history?] [The dystopian fantasy novel that is today’s Britain] [A kerfuffle over … what? ] [More pro-Sunderland comments] [Thank you] [The soul of a contemporary woman] [A German news station that doesn’t have its head up its rear] [More on the vuvuzela] [The anti-white left and the non pro-white right, cont.] [Anti-Proposition 8 plaintiffs: the idea that marriage is for a man and a woman is based on hatred] [Technical problem] [Limbaugh expatiates on his marriage] [Bawer, who is hyper PC on homosexuality, bridles at European PC on Islam] [That indefinable charm, that je ne sais quoi ] [Atlas Shrugged is being made into a movie—no, really] [Obama’s fiercest supporters call him an empty bloviator] [The World Cup as an educational experience] [The anti-white left and the non pro-white right] [A determined-sounding voice against the Ground Zero mosque] [The explanation of the Gore split-up?] [More clashes with Muslims in UK] [In reply to Brenda Walker, Frank Gaffney backtracks on stopping Islamic immigration and endorses a phony moderate Muslim] [The vuvuzela and the World Cup: a symbol of the end of civilization] [The Pro-Hamas West] [Paypal reinstates Pamela Geller’s account] [An exchange on Sarah Palin, female flesh, and politics] [The next step: Paypal declares Atlas Shrugs a “hate” site, and closes its account] [More on the “We Con the World” controversy] [How about 13? ] [Pro-Sunderland] [French fishing boat captain, while rescuing Abby Sunderland, was thrown into rough seas with 12-foot-high waves and had to be rescued himself] [Smaller guns for elite British bodyguard unit to attract female officers] [Guess what? The American Sailing Association refused to sponsor Abby Sunderland because what she was doing was too dangerous] [CNN on Wilders] [YouTube blocks “We Con the World” ] [Ron Paul, blithering idiot] [Come to Connecticut, Coulter asks Palin] [Is Palin astutely laying the groundwork for a presidential run?]

Week of June 6, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The latest fallen man-made god] [U.S. to support anti-Israel U.N. investigation of flotilla incident] [Palin says no breast implants] [The rise of the “Just Do It” conservatives?] [McCarthy on CSPAN] [What happened when a freelance journalist tried to alert Western media to Arafat’s stated intentions] [Mainstream news magazine declares Wilders the real winner in Dutch elections] [Knoxville Atrocity trials approach conclusion] [Romney joins the opportunistic conservative chorus] [My own Helen Thomas] [North Korea—the land of consistent socialism] [No record that Obama was born in Hawaii, says former elections clerk] [Asrat on Ali] [Accused of red-baiting in 2008 for stating the obvious truth that Obama may lead in socialist direction] [What L-dotters think about girl sailing alone around world] [If Buchanan’s dhimmi reasoning on how to deal with Muslims were applied to blacks] [Has Palin had breast implants?] [Prince Charles advocates the Islamic way to save the world] [Sixteen year old California girl, sailing alone around world, is missing at sea] [Wilders did somewhat worse than his polls of early 2010, but far better than his recent polls] [Wilders party goes from nine to 24 seats] [The West, in the act of admitting and accommodating Islam, has accommodated and accepted the Islamic program of Jew-hatred] [Oklahoma will have referendum on barring courts from using sharia law] [“A derangement of the world”] [Richard Hoste finds me out (Part V);
and why paleocons belittle the Muslim threat
] [Rabinowitz against the birthers] [The Thinking Housewife advances the cultural (counter) revolution] [Another sign that the Israelis are not just grimly set on surviving, but are alive ] [Most exciting headline of the week] [Did Israel apologize for the “We Con the World” video?] [Obama explains why he hasn’t spoken with the man in charge of stopping the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history] [Flash: WSJ calls Obama an “alien”] [Imagine that Lincoln had never spoken with Grant; imagine that Queen Victoria had never spoken with Disraeli] [Paleocons and die Austerfrage] [Is Israel a Western nation?] [Intelligence and Health] [Feminists for the burka] [Joran van der Sloot in custody] [McCarthy on Islam] [Times, trying to sound alarming about spill, actually sounds reassuring] [“Our hero Barbara Boxer”] [Unrepentant Madoff tells fellow inmates, “F—- my victims” ] [Miliband: it’s good to kill armed violent jihadists who are attempting to kill your soldiers, unless the jihadists call themselves “peace activists,” in which case killing them is a disaster] [There was nothing illegal in Israel’s actions] [Buchanan on Muslims] [Why do whites flee one hyper-liberal state for another? ] [The international community has stripped off its mask] [What “the world” is really saying about Israel] [Scott Brown—conservatives’ one-night stand] [Interview with Sam Solomon] [Big anti-Ground Zero mosque protest] [Muslim terrorists in U.S. popping up like mushrooms] [Former Marine sings rarely sung, barely known last verse of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Tea Party gathering] [Darwin Award winner or martyr to freedom? Take your pick] [American mothers raise their daughters to be whores] [What Natalee Holloway was doing in the days preceding her death] [How commenters at Huffington Post respond to Helen Thomas] [President Roosevelt’s prayer, June 6, 1944]

Week of May 30, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [“We Con the World”] [A conservative wish list] [Erdogan: Hamas is not a terrorist group] [Turkish newspapers: Turks on humanitarian ship intended to be “martyrs”] [George Will supports homosexuals in the military, says that homosexual conduct is no more significant than left-handedness, and declares that only “unintelligent” people fail to understand this] [Thanks from a reader] [A reader’s thoughts about Pat Buchanan] [Non-sex and the city] [INN story: Obama told Netanyahu: Go Home, Don’t Explain From Here ] [“Go back,” version 1 and version 2] [Helen Thomas says the Israelis should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Germany and Poland] [What makes the paleocons tick? ] [Shocking scenes of the hell on earth that the Israelis have imposed on the people of Gaza] [Buchanan equates Israel’s blockade of Gaza with Stalin’s blockade of West Berlin] [IDF: three soldiers were kidnapped on board the ship] [Even Biden sees the obvious truth of the legitimacy and necessity of Israel’s blockade of Gaza] [Quote of the day] [Video of humanitarian activists on peace vessel getting ready to ambush Israeli soldiers] [In sixteen months, the messiah has become a pariah] [Not a fiasco, but a victory] [Joran van der Sloot arrested in Chile] [Muslims against dogs] [The Indian left on Israel ] [Who does Paul McCartney think he is—John Lennon?] [How to plug the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico] [McCarthy on the real meaning and purpose of Islam] [The law on blockades] [McGrew, the un-Mangan] [Mangan replies to my attack on Alt-Right] [Using hardball to stop the mosque] [Los Angeles County boycotts Arizona] [Holloway suspect wanted in another murder] [The two Americas which John Edwards missed] [A unified theory of Obama] [Why the Gores split] [Jack Cashill gets an inadvertent boost from the New York Times ] [Readers of The Paleostinian Conservative (a.k.a. The American Conservative) express their views on the “peace armada”] [The American Conservative supports amnesty] [Israel’s actions: legal and necessary] [The latest international gang-up on Israel] [Richard Spencer and the eternal Jenin] [“In the space of four days, Israel has suffered two massive defeats.”] [A vice presidential and presidential first] [The Washington Examiner’s error on the Civil War] [Poor, poor, pitiful Peggy] [How Obama is both energetic and lazy] [An interesting way of putting it] [In memory of the men of United Flight 93] [Pakistani immigrant family wiped out during visit back to Pakistan in payment for son’s adultery ] [The truth about the Gaza “peace convoy” fraud ] [Iwo Jima] [Reds] [The tightening walls of liberal society] [Signs that the Catholic Church is recovering from its sexual liberation catastrophe of the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, and Oughts] [Israel’s latest motiveless, malevolent attack on humanity] [How liberals respond to White House official story on Sestak affair] [We’ve been fooled: the White House memorandum does NOT say that a paid job was not offered to Sestak] [Times columnist: “the entire history of giant corporations has been accompanied by nonstop carnage”]

Week of May 23, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The left agrees: the European project is finished … unless it can be restarted on a much more radical basis that eliminates different countries] [Obama laughs at wish for Limbaugh’s death] [Joe McGinnis, lowlife] [Obama, greater than kings] [A theory that the White House is telling the truth—Obama did make Sestak a meaningless offer, because he didn’t care whether Sestak accepted it] [Lucianne commenters on Sestak] [The liberal media blandly accept the White House’s totally unbelievable Joe Sestak story] [What Sestak originally said] [Comments] [Once-prominent New York politician arrested on tax charges] [Obama’s 1,200 Guardsmen at the border fraud—followed by McCain’s 6,000 Guardsmen at the border fraud

] [The mad doublethink of allowing homosexuals in the military and as scoutmasters] [The administration tries out an official story on Joe Sestak] [Noonan: “I don’t see how Obama politically survives this”] [Blaming Obama] [What is it that everyone expects Obama to do?] [Benny Morris’s amazing interview on the morality of transfer] [How liberals and Darwinians excluded religion from public life] [I spoke too soon] [What if a moderate Islam actually emerged and defeated radical Islam?] [Telegraph columnist: EU is doomed] [Specter’s last metamorphosis?] [What about the Danish cartoons that show Muhammad as mean and violent?] [Helen Keller and those who saved her] [Did the Obamites lie when they said they hadn’t read the Arizona law?] [“The World’s Most Wanted: A Moderate Islam”] [How Mexicans see us] [South African newspaper’s cowardly reversal on cartoon] [Do I read too much into photographs, cont.] [Further stunning evidence that the American people are nasty blood-and-soil xenophobes and getting worse by the minute] [Spill: nothing has worked and it’s getting worse] [Resistance to Ground Zero mosque] [The anti-society, cont. ] [Obama’s order to send National Guard to border is fakery] [Boehner says Republicans are committed to repealing Obamacare] [Do I read too much into photographs?] [What to do about Mexico, cont. ] [And I’ll stand on the oil slick until I start sinking] [On McCain’s sincerity about border security] [Los Angelinos pro Arizona] [Is Obama admitting he was wrong about Arizona?] [Republicans have heart-to-heart, so to speak, with Obama] [A funny Muhammad cartoon] [The anti-Semites’ latest remark about me] [McCain’s descent into the absurd] [Send in the Marines! (but to what purpose?)] [The Democrats’ applause for Calderon: another sign of America breaking into two countries] [Pushing back] [The anti-society] [How Rand Paul could have attacked the 1964 Civil Rights Act without damaging himself] [Swedish crown princess wants her father to give her away at her wedding; head of Swedish church disapproves] [A left-liberal magazine gets what it deserves] [Obama’s true self?] [The administration’s tone-deaf sales pitch on Kagan] [“A terribly weak and unreliable character”] [Massachusetts governor says Republican opposition to Obama is “is almost at the level of sedition”] [Palin’s false victimological claim against Maddow] [Africa and the Anglosphere] [To the Obama administration, Arizona’s effort to stop illegal immigration is the moral equivalent of Communist Chinese tyranny] [Stupidity for the ages] [The Wall Street Journal on Rand Paul] [The Arizona Revolution rolls on] [The immortal spirit of Amy Biehl] [The financial bill] [Blumenthal’s career as avenging angel of the left ] [The troubling persistence of Islamic misunderstanding of Islam]

Week of May 16, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Rand Paul needs to figure out how he’s going to present his ideas] [Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in a republic any more] [A real Mexican policy for a real America] [Am I relieving Muslims of moral accountability for their actions?] [Times still going after Blumenthal] [Coulter on the Arizona law] [Calderon’s astonishing frankness about Mexican immigration law] [The Rand Paul kerfuffle] [Brewer replies to Calderon] [The best Muhammad cartoon] [A more direct, personal approach to the Islam problem] [The Democrats’ message: illegal aliens from Mexico, Si, jihadists from Guantanamo, No] [Dennis Blair out—not because he’s no good on national security, but because he’s not sufficiently bad] [Everybody Write to Janice Brewer Day] [Everybody Draw Muhammad Day] [“I got to sit on a cliff and feel the earth move”] [The liberal vision of the fulfilled society] [Could 2010 turn out to be what 1994 promised to be, but was not? ] [The “anti-incumbency” nonsense] [Michelle does it again] [Rand P. and Obamacare] [Is libertarianism compatible with human society?] [Rand Paul opposes closing of Guantanamo prison—or does he?] [Paul, McCain, and Palin] [Specter] [More Rand Paul] [A system that rewards vacuity] [Rand Paul, a chip off the old block?] [Out of Arizona] [Blumenthal the arrogant, brought down by his lies and his lies about his lies] [Arizona to Los Angeles: Make my day] [Mailer] [Birthers and truthers] [Bristol becomes professional speaker] [The Three First Ladies of the West] [Arnold—once a witty, canny guy; now just another clueless, knee-jerk liberal] [The American who lost out to Miss Hezbollah in the Miss USA contest] [Another Democrat falls, another Senate seat opens up for the Republicans] [Sensing our weakness, the Muslims move in for the kill—at Ground Zero] [Less crude is being siphoned off from leak than was thought] [Brewer versus Obama] [Miss Muslim USA / Miss Hezbollah USA] [Another form of affirmative action for Muslims] [Conservatives should adopt the Obama strategy in reverse] [Egalitarians for elitism] [A Cap and Trade bill with lipstick] [The Ground Zero Mosque] [The Paleostinian Conservative calls for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel] [Great news from the Gulf] [Brewer becomes governor] [Are the media downplaying the Gulf oil leak? ] [Wilders’s plea for freedom and truth]

Week of May 9, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Race, lies, and newspaper print] [Ballad of a Blind Man] [The recognition gels—Holder does not recognize the enemy threatening us] [Our security officials’ mental paralysis, of which they are unaware] [Arlen Specter: self-made nowhere man] [A revolt at Wikipedia] [What do we mean by moderate Islam?] [McCarthy on Ajami] [Just no end to those radical extreme militant jihadi Islamists] [Democratic presidents, Jewish justices] [The liberal totalitarian despite himself] [Right-wing rule in Britain?] [Christie for President!] [Palestinian strangles wife to death after finding out she’s pregnant with girl] [The unsolved murder of Salvadoran restaurant owner in Washington] [Liberated parents, traditional children?] [A mountain of lies] [Maybe it’s not a good idea to let our enemies into our country, ya think?] [Predominantly female jury finds Vanessa Coleman not guilty of murder in Knoxville Atrocity] [Hasselbeck drinks the Kool-Aid] [A radicalized Republican] [The how, why, and what of the Cameron-Clegg calamity] [Los Angeles votes to divide the U.S. into two countries] [The rocks and the trees cry out, and the true Musulmans heed them] [Large majority supports repeal of health care bill] [The return of nullification] [How moral nominalism made the welfare state unsustainable] [14 term Democratic congressman loses primary to Democratic challenger who criticized his vote for Obamacare] [Arizona Gov. Janice Brewer signs bill banning ethnic studies!] [Cameron’s surrender to Clegg] [Cameron becomes prime minister] [Raquel Welch against sexual liberation, cont. ] [PC headline of the month] [Fjordman: Can we co-exist with the left? ] [On the Elena Kagan nomination] [Humiliating airport security measures for us, free boarding for wanted terrorists] [Developments in Britain] [How leftists view knowledge] [The New Mother] [The apocalypse of the welfare state] [The 70th anniversary of the real beginning of World War II] [The Greece crisis] [Raquel Welch on our liberated culture] [Woods pulls out of Players Championship in middle of final round] [Residents of Georgia retirement home told they can’t pray before meals, because the retirement home receives federal money] [Good news with funny sub headline at Lucianne.com ] [The Noisy Society] [Britain’s coming economic collapse, and the not-to-be-criticized illusions that have fed it] [The Gospels: too odd to be true? ]

Week of May 2, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The old, new, old, new McCain ] [The financial disaster the British election has ignored] [Deal offered, response pending] [Britain’s electoral map] [Phillips: the “real losers” in the election are the Cameron Conservatives] [A British election with an Italian-style denouement] [Comments] [Top black leaders are provokers of racial warfare against whites and should be named as such] [Crist’s strange career] [Something annoying about HBD] [When the conjunction “that” is necessary] [The Gospels: too embarrassing to be fiction] [Palin on the BP disaster] [The Mexican invasion, and the American openness to it, reveal their ultimate end] [Lawrence Taylor arrested for rape] [The insane things some Christians believe about women’s spiritual superiority] [Rubio now supports Arizona law] [With the Tmes Square bomber, Westerners’ fatuous excuses for Islam are running out] [The latest non-Islam theory of Islamic extremism: mortgage foreclosure] [Our impressive ability to learn facts—when we want to learn them] [The Democrats’ ill-thought-out effort to start a race war of Hispanics against whites ] [At the height of their power, the Democrats decamp] [Jihad by marriage] [Why are we hearing about everything that Shahzad is telling authorities?] [Lieberman proposes law to remove citizenship of Muslim terrorists] [UKIP candidate speaks out] [Palin, Inc. ] [Code for we con the world] [Our intelligible universe] [Our mysterious universe] [A memory lapse] [How Shahzad was found] [The English Defense League—decidedly not dead—successfully protests construction of large mosque in English town] [Liberal hatred and the dawning of conservative understanding] [Killer of “Realtor to the Stars” gets 25 to life] [New York liberal Bloomberg on anti-American roll] [Identity matters] [Steyn shoots down pro immigration arguments, then surrenders to Hispanization of Arizona] [Liberals: the new moral legislators] [New York’s prescient mayor] [Times Square car bomb suspect, Faisal Shazad, arrested on plane] [Haitian man moves to small New Hampshire town; one week later, he murders female nursing student] [More information on bombing suspect] [Car bombing suspect was “in Pakistan for several months” prior to attack] [Hanson on the liberals on Arizona] [The Taliban claim of responsibility] [Woods: not 12, but 120] [West clears Spencer of plagiarism charge; in return, Spencer accuses West of “viciously attacking” him] [The American people to the Mexican people: Make our day] [How the British can defeat the reign of tyrannical liberalism] [Those fascist tea partiers] [Car bomb could have caused “significant fireball”] [Report: Obama planning to stop defending Israel at UN] [“The debate’s over.” ] [Arrested for quoting St. Paul] [The BP oil spill] [Liberal heaven] [Looking for AK-47 wielding, cop-shooting, helicopter-shooting drug smugglers in Arizona desert, police arrest 17 illegal aliens] [Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility for Times Square car bomb, sort of] [Muslim aggression as function of Muslim percentage of population] [May Day marchers for “immigrants’ rights” riot in Santa Cruz, break multiple storefront windows] [What liberals are saying about the Arizona law; and what this indicates about their real beliefs] [If the current immigration debate ought to be about race, in what sense ought it be about race? ] [Times Square bomb scare]

Week of April 25, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [The permanent threat of Islamic domestic terrorism that America has accepted without a peep of protest] [Has there already been a coup d’etat?] [Young white liberals] [Obama adultery story is obvious nonsense] [Illegal Immigration debate on Fox] [Arizona filling the breach left by Tancredo?] [Getting to the truth of Bostom’s charge against Spencer] [And now some really disturbing news] [Fantastic news—maybe there really is a new American Revolution] [Larry Auster in reverse] [A paradigm for understanding Obama] [Obama’s plan to subdue Israel] [Andrew Bostom’s plagiarism charge against Robert Spencer: still no beef] [Koback on SB 1070] [Path to National Suicide mentioned in high school history text book] [Bloomberg says Arizona law means “national suicide”] [Bloomberg calls Arizona law a threat to the economy] [Illegals planning to leave Arizona] [New third rail in American politics announced] [Gordon Brown’s killer gaffe—and guess what issue set it off?] [At committee hearing, NY state senator with history of violence calls Republican senators “forces of evil” and “white supremacists”] [A happier scenario for Arizona than what we’re hearing from the liberals] [Dance of the Undead] [No tax bribery left undone: how the all-competent government “buys” everything—even the hiring of ex-cons] [A decisive test of Hispanics’ patriotism] [In spring, young Mexicans’ fancy lightly turns to thoughts of toppling white America] [Hirsi Ali’s advice to Western countries whose citizens are threatened with murder by Muslims: Hire security guards] [Dear Laura] [The double standard we inhabit as the fish the sea] [Materialism at the end of its tether] [Obama’s racial appeal to nonwhite voters, and how it was midwifed by the mainstream conservatives] [Obama’s true identity revealed] [Quote of the day] [Bostom and Spencer: a parting of the ways] [Not just the Dems are in trouble, but the “moderate” Republicans as well] [Protests in Arizona against new immigration law heat up ] [The South Park incident] [Mail: the ash cloud that paralyzed Europe for a week didn’t exist—the dust in the air was at one 20th the danger level] [The “choice”] [McCain, his mind wonderfully concentrated by Hayworth, is now saying things about illegal immigration he once called people xenophobes for saying] [Having it all] [When people are told that they should do whatever makes them feel good…] [An explanation of Graham] [The Times looks into the Democrats’ looming abyss] [Liberal opinionizing as news] [Can anyone figure out what Graham is up to? ]

Week of April 18, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Cosmetic surgery and the end of female individuality] [“Larry Auster’s lies”] [More reasons for supporting Israel (and some against)] [The game’s afoot! ] [Franklin Graham disinvited from Pentagon over critical statements about Islam] [The source of all ills in the world] [Why I defend Israel] [Bardamu on Hoste] [A top model attacks breast implants and cosmetic surgery] [The meaning of MacDonald’s statement about Israel] [Liberalism and the cult of death] [Why are American Protestants so goshdarn ignorant about evolution? ] [Brown on immigration] [VFR] [For Richard Hoste and for Timothy McVeigh, death by terrorist mass murder is no different from death by traffic accident] [Ariz House: Check Obama’s Citizenship] [Why should we care about Israel?] [Comments] [The Paleocon anti-Semitic Complex] [The International League of Divided Loyalties] [Are Hollywood actresses reading VFR? ] [National suit against the health care bill] [Reflections on a murder] [A new human right is born] [The growing threat of genocide against South African whites] [The connections between Richard Hoste and Richard Spencer, and between Richard Hoste and Peter Brimelow] [In the suicidal white West, white women are drawn to men who will mutilate and kill them] [ Volcano flight chaos leaves many passengers broke] [Fatal Distraction, cont. ] [Leading contributor at Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right is admirer of preacher who wants Americans to be killed] [Fatal Distraction] [Lexington and Concord] [“Post-racial America,” before and after] [African-American traditions] [Signs and portents, April 2010] [Another anti-Semite thinks he’s “got” me] [Crittenden on Frum, Crittenden on Palin] [At University of Calgary, police and campus security facilitated the protesters who were threatening Ann Coulter and her party] [Brown to Face the Nation: Obama is a “good man” ] [The rise of the Liberal Democrats?] [The volcanic eruptions in Iceland continue]

Week of April 11, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [A country of “third rails”] [The problem is not “teen” births, the problem is out-of-wedlock births] [O’Reilly vs. Weiner, again] [ANC Youth League leader openly calls for murdering whites] [“Flash mobs”: the spread of organized black on white violence in America] [A further nail in Romney’s credibility] [Black man, converted to Islam in prison, murders his entire family] [Justice Breyer says Supreme Court will be take case on individual mandate] [Morris predicts ‘94-like reversal] [Alternative Right’s anti-Semitic agenda] [Why Romney’s candidacy must be rejected] [The disturbing health warnings on 3-D TVs] [Why “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is absurd and unsustainable] [A practical agenda for 100 percent repeal] [Has Obama’s radical liberalism given birth to a radical conservatism?] [Let’s do it (let’s love big Al) ] [Massa is serial groper and propositioner of male employees] [The silver lining in the bad dream that is Eric Holder] [The left’s systematic use of agents provocateurs at Tea Party events] [The silver lining in the assault on the Catholic Church over sex abuse] [Trende: Congressional Dems facing “perfect storm” in 2010 elections] [Why she resigned] [Dawkins and Hitchens call for Pope to be arrested when he visits Britain] [Sowell on Republicans and the Court] [The unreality of Gingrich: a reminder] [The left’s Potemkin Babel] [Something in the way she moves] [How the conservative states can reassert their independence by a series of logical steps] [To whites he is a dictator, to nonwhites he is Obowma] [Reminding us that some immigrants add to the strength of the United States] [Maybe the Tea Partiers are savvier than I thought] [How liberals treat conservatives, how they treat criminals] [Jeffersonian] [Not your ordinary brown bag lunch] [Alt-Right’s ongoing construction of a fictional Auster] [A silver lining in Israel’s current troubles?] [Dawkins minimizes the harm of child sex abuse, and finds something much worse] [Jets football team acquires a violent thug who threw a glass in a woman’s face—because the price was right] [Wash Post ombudsman’s treatment of conservatives’ alleged misbehavior toward Democratic congressmen] [Even as the “reds” and the “blues” divide the country over the issue of statist tyranny, will the “reds” divide themselves over the issue of race?] [Liberals’ neutral non-judgmentalism toward mass murderers, and passionate condemnation of Tea Partiers] [Muslims planned to set off suicide bombs in IRT trains in midtown Manhattan last September] [The Course of Empire] [Jeffersonian replies to his critics] [British lab technician makes harmless joke to black colleague; someone formally complains about the joke; his employer suspends him; he commits suicide] [Anti-Obama onanism] [Conservative magazine touts the “newer” feminism] [The speech the Polish president was to give at the Katyn memorial] [Strong indications that Polish president’s recklessness and intimidation of pilot caused the crash] [Not getting it about a certain golfer] [Reductionism on the ropes] [A strange, unfamiliar world of golf coverage where golfers other than a certain golfer actually exist] [The mark of greatness] [The last Protestant? ] [Commander of U.S. Special Forces begs forgiveness of Afghan man] [Cry for Poland]

Week of April 4, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Foretaste of the coming disaster] [The world from Hamid Karzai’s standpoint] [We four hundred million, we happy four hundred million] [Roebuck interviewed ] [Massachusetts—the laboratory of Obamacare] [Coming upon a liberal website, a conservative is liberated to speak like a liberal] [Continued discussion on proposal to divide the United States into two countries] [Stupak resigns] [More on the proposal to divide America into two countries] [Putting Michael Steele in perspective] [Obama planning to force his will on Israel, just as he did on America] [An atheist Brit acknowledges that Christians aren’t necessarily soft-headed] [“Harry” de Winter was not a mistake by Jakarta Post] [The intensifying international campaign to destroy Israel] [Thanks from a reader] [A Theory of Viagra, cont. ] [More on the proposal to divide America into two countries] [Going Rogue, by Hamid Karzai] [For today’s women, professional advancement is not about accomplishment, but about “power” and self] [The rape of America?] [The aliens among us] [Soteriological question] [Leon de Winter denies that he defended Islam in his article on the Wilders trial] [Liberated women’s insane sexual power grab, and men’s cowardly deference to it] [A proposal to divide the United States into two countries] [Wife of Bath] [William Buckley’s later career, revisited] [Headless Bodies in Topless March] [Commie guerrillas slaughter Indian police in jungle ambush] [Guess whose political teaching the Tory Party sees as the model for British conservative politics. Guess.] [Major dumbing down of a classic game] [Liberal society’s gnostic construction of an equal world] [A British tourist’s first day in America and in New York City, 1992] [Reality TV] [Heidi Montag, star of reality TV, re-creates the reality of her own body] [How do you become a Christian? Practice, practice, practice. ] [Episcopal Church USA gives final approval to lesbian as bishop] [White House focuses on three Supreme Court candidates] [The wilding in Times Square] [Scott Brown embraces his Inner Centerfold] [Submarines are hazardous to fetal development. No problem! There’s NOTHING that we Americans can’t do once we set our minds to it. ] [The jungle we live in] [Wonder-worker Wilders continues to widen divisions among heretofore phalanx-like neocons] [The political aide who loved not wisely but too well] [He is risen indeed] [Are my writings about Darwinism and God (at best) “noble lies” and (at worst) “nakedly political”?]

Week of March 28, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [What is the basis for saying that breast implants are bad? ] [A clear standard, applied] [“Ida” was not an ancestor of humanity, say scientists] [Two irreconcilable Americas—and only one can rule] [Comments on Undercover Black Man] [After another day of fun … ] [Randian commenter says that because I believe in God and think breast implants are bad, I deserve to burn in hell] [More Internet connection fun; and a solution in sight] [Tech problems continue] [Undercover Black Man, R.I.P.] [Technical problem] [The H.G. Wells of climate change ] [Networks silent on threat to Republican congressman] [Defending the Christian right from the “theocrat” charge] [More on the 85-15 mandate; more on “America sundered”] [America’s quiet anger] [The Obamites’ shameless lies] [Moscow] [West versus Boot] [The decision—to become a citizen now or not] [America sundered] [An Open Letter to the Evil Tyrants in Washington] [The new 85-15 mandate and how it will kill the health insurance industry] [Question about revolution ] [The truth about stop-and-frisk] [What the absence of an enforcement mechanism for the individual mandate may mean] [Why the suit against the individual mandate]

Week of March 21, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [What has happened to us] [Attacking the false alternatives offered to us by Republicans, Gottfried constructs his own] [More on breast implants] [Motherhood and leadership] [Good news about the individual mandate, or bad?] [The present U.S. administration is an enemy of Israel. Netanyahu must recognize this and act accordingly. But is he capable of recognizing it?] [Steyn on Frum ] [Breast implants—another aspect of our debased culture that conservatives take for granted and never criticize] [Spielberg’s denigrating, countercultural portrayal of American soldiers (which was lauded by many conservatives) ] [Beck—an appreciation] [Charles Murray calls David Frum a liar] [A perfect summary of the neocon switch on “conservative” Hispanic immigrants] [Neocon establishment dumps Frum] [Canadian PC overreaches itself] [The repeal Obamacare petition] [Moldbug instructs me] [How come liberals didn’t give Bush credit for his noble motives in the liberal crusade which was Iraq? ] [No reprieve from the man who won’t stop talking and doesn’t listen to what he’s saying] [Comments on Obamacare and other subjects, March 24] [The world’s shortest article on the U.S.-Israel imbroglio] [The suit against the individual mandate] [Geller and Spencer cancel premier of film on Geert Wilders because of anti-homosexual statements by the filmmaker] [How are conservatives to respond to Obamacare? ] [The Undead Destroyers reach their high water mark] [The Obama agenda receives its historical moniker ] [America’s “leading conservative intellectual” praises Obama for his noble motives] [Liberal media to America: “Resistance is futile, submit … Resistance is futile, submit … Resistance is futile, submit … ” (which btw is also the “conservative leader” Charles Krauthammer’s message)] [Why the health insurance companies did not oppose Obamacare] [Why private insurance companies take longer to pay doctors than Medicare] [Barack Obama—the greatest conservative community organizer in history] [Thoughts about the calamity] [Are the dire warnings of the wreck of the health care industry just so much hot air? ] [Sean Trende] [Reader discovers VFR through George Washington] [Comments on Obamacare] [Permanent black disadvange plus liberalism equals permanent white slavery] [Cap and Trade slowly returning from the dead] [Craters and mountains of Mars—maybe we should go there?] [Brief reply to Richard Spencer] [Where are we now?] [Is this a sign that our deeply sick culture can start to turn around? ] [Good job by The Hill; and the sudden turning point in yesterday’s drama] [Whose side are they on? ] [Frum’s delusional take] [March 21, 2010—a day which will live in infamy] [The health care bill is not like civil rights, and it is not irreversible] [The health care bill and the American Founding] [Fret not thyself ] [False mortal laws and God’s law] [Boehner’s unexpected eloquence; Krauthammer’s expected predictions of conservative defeat] [The health care Babel] [Sensenbrenner appeals to the pro-life Dems to oppose the bill] [L-dotters on Stupak] [Major problem in the “fixer” bill may make reconciliation impossible] [Now Stupak himself has said he’s voting for the bill ] [“Sources” say Stupak has reached deal with White House] [The Hill’s whip count is at 39 No’s; and a shocking video of Stupak showing him to be a liar] [Confession and prayer] [Report: Stupak group has agreed to vote for bill] [Getting to the bottom of the executive order proposal, and what that means for health care vote] [How to make VFR look its best] [Our two party system] [On that executive order deal the remaining Stupakites are considering] [Democratic whip says they don’t have the votes] [Democratic leaders disagreeing among themselves on whether they have the votes] [Stupak: We are close to deal with White House] [Democratic House leaders say they have the votes to pass] [Democrats, still six votes shy, keep acting as though they’ve already won] [Health care horror update] [Auster offends yet another paleocon by saying that the self-evidently unacceptable is self-evidently unacceptable ]

Week of March 14, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Obamacare and Granny] [House will vote on bill in the normal manner] [“Abortion talks break down,” announces Politico (Not) ] [Good news … or (update) not] [By its built-in logic, Obamacare will cause the health care industry to go bankrupt within months] [Should we prefer that the bill pass, for the same reason that we refused to vote for McCain?] [Our greatest reason for concern] [How many resentful American college students get to be a Marxist-Leninist dictator?] [The Return of the Stupak Paradox!
Late Friday, Pelosi was talking with Stupak again, upsetting pro-choicers.
Stupak says it means Pelosi “doesn’t have the votes.”
] [The most important question is, not how the Democrats are bending legislative procedures and the Constitution out of shape to pass the bill, but why they are doing it] [Admirable but inadequate:
the arguments the Republicans should make, but don’t
] [Cantor against the defeatists] [Another Grima Wormtongue] [Today’s “whip count”] [A “landmark health care overhaul”? ] [Abolish the Senate? ] [The diversity paradigm—and the need to resist it] [How can the Senate pass by reconciliation a major, brand new piece of legislation that has been attached to the health care bill?] [How to Destroy Conservatism and Become a Star in Conservative Media] [Democrats’ dictatorial moves bring country to the brink] [Amnesty: the GOP fantasy that will never die] [The difference betrween Beck and O’Reilly] [Do not cease from mental fight] [Deterrence: the Republicans’ only weapon] [Even Taranto is freaked] [Inclusion of homosexuals in Dutch army contributed to peacekeepers’ inability to prevent Srebrenica massacre, according to Dutch former chief of staff] [Conrad sending out more oracular warnings to which no one seems to listen] [Obama postpones trip] [If most states are anti-Obamacare, why did they elect pro-Obamacare senators?] [Three states pledge to challenge Obamacare if it is passed; 37 other states considering the same move] [Responding to Alt-Right’s argument that ending our relationship with Israel will “calm” Muslim hatred of the U.S. ] [What does the attempted socialist take-over of America say about the neoconservatives’ belief that all human beings desire freedom? ] [No official CBO numbers out, but Democrats are claiming that there are] [Two different views of what life is about] [“All I Have to Do is Deem”] [The college student in chief makes non-negotiable demands on the university president … uh, on Israel] [Delay in passage?] [Is GOP being hypocritical on the deeming?] [Good wishes overcoming bad] [Why the U.S is behind other countries in student achievement in math and science] [Pipes: Obama’s stunning bullying of Israel may hurt Obama] [Without CBO score by tonight, no bill before Easter recess] [The new War of the Worlds] [The road not seen: an elegant way of reducing health insurance costs and expanding coverage] [The “Slaughter” continues] [Happy St. Patrick’s Day] [Leftist solidarity wins out] [The latest on Roissy] [Deeming as signifier] [You are entering the No Completed Sentence Zone] [To deem or not to deem] [“Deemin’-cratic” House whip declares that bills do not have to pass both Houses of Congress in order to become law] [Cost: the numbers look tough for Pelosi] [Massive federal takeover of higher education is one of the “fixers” being added to Obamacare!] [Things looking better] [Explaining the Slaughter Solution] [How Obamacare will instantly destroy the private health care industry and lead to socialized medicine] [Updates on House] [Welcome to Obamaville] [Further challenges faced by the Demoncrats] [Seven Days in March] [Is it still true that conservatism won when McCain lost?] [ObamaCare Rules & Regs] [Why traditionalism is not a big tent] [Another neoconservative—indirectly, via support for Wilders—comes out for ending Muslim immigration into the West] [A way of understanding Glenn Beck] [Why Democrats support Obamacare] [The self-deconstruction of the Tories] [The Pacific] [The wages of traditionalism] [Beck’s bumbling diatribe against the European “far right” ] [How do you get yourself made into a national icon on the cover of Time … ] [Axelrod lets on that he expects a Democratic defeat and that he doesn’t care] [Is opposition to Obamacare dropping? ] [Holes appear in picture of Democratic confidence]

Week of March 7, 2010:

Lawrence Auster's entries: [Pence: they don’t have the votes] [Richard Spencer’s neo-pagan, anti-Christian readers] [Democrats and media are acting triumphal, but they still don’t have it] [Stunningly strong anti Obamacare numbers in the districts of 11 undecideds] [Another Muslim is arrested in the act of following the perfect example of Muhammad and the unchangeable laws of Islam] [Yet another conservative misses the mark on Wilders and Islam] [Pelosi’s fantasy of Obamacare] [The meaning of Wilders’s litmus test on Israel] [Obama wants a committee of academics governing America] [Stupak says some of his group are caving to pressure to vote for the bill without the Stupak language] [We must bar Islamic investment in America] [The Seven Percent Saudi] [The story of JihadJane] [Another reason for neoconservatives to oppose Wilders?] [Finally, someone in the U.S. Congress speaks up for Wilders] [Nothing personal, Senator] [He who pays is he who sets the rules] [“Conservatives” who advise liberals] [Roger Simon on Wilders and Islam, cont.] [Hubris as the Greeks saw it—not just prideful excess, but a criminal mind ] [Dems give up on Stupak group, will try to pick up the votes elsewhere] [It’s not over, House Dems working on another plot] [Brokebudget Mountain] [Senate parliamentarian nixes reconciliation path] [Because of Wilders, one by one, establishment conservatives are starting to “get” Islam] [Pelosi, notwithstanding her statements to the contrary, doesn’t have the votes] [