If Mexico is at war with the U.S., what should we do about that?

In response to my article, “The Second Mexican War,” a reader writes:

I do think Mexico is waging war against the U.S., quite literally and not as a metaphor. Demographic infiltration is an act of war; the fact that it is unconventional no more rules it out than the first use of Phosgene gas or the electromagnetic pulse bomb.

Congress should vote to declare war on Mexico tomorrow; the border should be militarized; the enemy state should be destroyed by force and replaced with one not hostile to the US.

Now consider that comment in the context of the despairing note from Shrewsbury, below. Shrewsbury wrote:

Short of some implacable campaign of ethnic cleansing, which hardly seems likely, America within 300 miles of the border has de facto been ceded to Mexico, and that includes Southern California, where, as you know, I dwell in exile—and where you can actually perceive month by month the replacement of America’s historic population with the third-world hordes that both the liberal and the Republican obviously prefer, each for his own corrupt reasons. Have you ever been in a flood? The way every time you turn around you’re shocked to see that the water is even higher, and you can’t believe it, but it just won’t stop rising and rising and rising…that’s what it’s like. Finally, you get out.

What Shrewsbury described is a hopeless situation. Then I read what the the reader said, and it doesn’t seem hopeless any more. It COULD all turn around. We could change everything. The government of Mexico is a hostile government openly and brazenly waging war on us, out of hate and vengeance seeking our harm. A real U.S. government, not the fake U.S. government we’ve had for the last several decades, would present Mexico with a list of all the hostile and harmful actions it is now taking against us and tell Mexico that it must immediately stop all such actions. And then, if Mexico fails to do so, the U.S. would declare war on Mexico, militarize the border, drive out the illegals and maybe the legals as well along the border zone that Shrewsbury was talking about (regardless of legal status, they are all part of the invasion), win back America for Americans, overthrow the existing Mexican regime, and replace it with a friendly regime, and so get at the root of the problem. These are the things a serious country would do. Not a bad country. Not an arrogant country. Not a country “drunk on its own power.” But a serious and moral country that wants to secure its own existence in a world that is and always will be a jungle. We had such a country once. We had leaders who were both realistic and moral, who thought how to preserve America’s safety and its freedom. It is possible we could have them again.

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