American democracy in one sentence

America has two political parties: a party of leftist liars, criminals, and traitors, and a party of decent, nice businessman types who won’t expose or seriously oppose the other party, because that wouldn’t be nice.

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Dan S. writes:

This post should be linked with your post on American democracy as described in one sentence. What sane, healthy society would allow a large hostile, alien population to settle in its midst, and then allow that same alien population to have all the rights and privileges of the native citizens? It would be akin to the Greek city states of the early fifth century B.C. allowing large numbers of Persians (who were then at war against the Greeks) to settle in their cities and towns and then giving them full political rights. But of course, America is neither a sane or healthy society, but rather one that has already died and is in an advanced state of decomposition.

October 28

Randy writes:

Ben wrote: “But of course, America is neither a sane or healthy society, but rather one that has already died and is in an advanced state of decomposition.”

This is something to keep in mind regarding the election. Romney’s weakness, when compared to Obama, is irrelevant. This should not be a close election. Romney should be far ahead. As far as any one given act or statement on Romney’s part that could have been decisive, I am not sure that is correct. The people I talk with have no clue or interest about any issue. You cannot talk with most people today about any issue with any level of knowledge or interest. They are like zombies and don’t have any interest in “politics” except to say the Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the “little guy” or the oil and insurance companies are ripping everyone off and run everything behind the scenes. The underying issues behind the Arab vs Israel conflict, the consequence of massive spending and the national debt, free market vs. socialist tyranny, Obama’s associations with Islam and radical leftists (leftists being a word you don’t use anymore) are like Greek to these people—many of whom are “educated” professionals. Can you imaging that just 50 years ago, there was a national debate about whether we should elect our first Catholic president?

Do you think people at this level care about what Obama knew about something that happened in Benghazi? What matters is that Obama is trying to “do something” and he cares about “the people.” Have you seen the Frank Gaffney You Tube videos on how much influence both Bush and Obama have allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to DICTATE what we are doing at the FBI, the Pentagon, and Homeland Security? I was shocked at how much influence they have over our government—particularly during the Obama administration. What is even more shocking is that less that 5,000 people have viewed the videos.

Once a society does not have a sense of what is right and wrong (i.e. Christianity), there is nothing that matters, one way or the other. There is no sense of purpose or destiny.

LA replies:

I think Randy is right. And forget about people’s ignorance and indifference to “difficult” issues like Benghazi. The economy is bad. Obama is a manifestly failed president. He has zero plans to do anything better in his second term. And yet he is even, and perhaps favored, in the presidential contest. Meaning that the American people are so zombie-like that they could very well re-elect a manifestly failed president.

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