Trump and “the blacks”

Paul at Stuff Black People Don’t Like has found something that black people really don’t like: Donald Trump. Or rather, they used to like him, but now they’re up in arms against him for his attacks on Obama, for his criticisms of blacks over their uniform support for Obama, which he called “frightening,” and for his startlingly retro and un-PC phrase, “the blacks.” Paul positively defends the phrase, saying that it accurately denotes the monolithic nature of black thinking, as shown, for example, by Bill Cosby’s recent turn against Trump:

That Bill Cosby, a man hated by “the blacks” for his vociferous attacks against their immersion into degeneracy, would defend Mein Obama against Trump’s legitimate criticism tells you all you need to know about the monolithic nature of “The blacks.” …

“The blacks” is the most accurate way to describe the collective black mind. Donald Trump’s soft jabs at Mein Obama have even Bill Cosby returning to monolithic black thought.

Paul adds in an e-mail:

Trump could single-handedly become a leader of a rejuvenated MARS (Middle American Radicals) movement that was first envisioned by Sam Francis.

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James P. writes:

“Paul at Stuff Black People Don’t Like has found something that black people really don’t like: Donald Trump.”

ANY candidate who runs against Obama will be intensely disliked by blacks, and had better get used to endless vilification and accusations of racism from the liberal media. We saw in 2008 that McCain flinched from taking the gloves off against Obama, in part because he didn’t want to be the man who beat the first “viable” black Presidential candidate. The 2012 candidate better not be “too nice” to wage a serious contest against Obama. My own view is that Romney is “too nice.” Hopefully Trump is not “too nice.”

Trump and blacks Max P. writes:

I’ve gotten into a few discussions with people about whether or not the black vote is monolithic. Even before Obama ran, the Democratic presidential nominee could usually expect 90 percent of the black vote. There are approximately 40 million blacks in the USA. This puts black America on the same scale as Poland and four times larger than countries such as Greece, Portugal, or Sweden. Is there any functioning democracy of that size in the world where 90 percent or more of the population routinely votes for one party? The only time in my living memory that I observed such a skewed vote was in places like the USSR or Iraq under Saddam. The fact that this occurs in America is troubling.

James H. writes:

Here is a very personal example of monolithic black thought. Just last week, at the beginning of the current Trump rally, I made some positive comments about Trump to a black colleague. Of course she rushed to tell another black colleague that James was not following the black script.

Another bit of information—I was planning to email you earlier about this but got distracted. On the local political chat program “Inside Washington,” Charles Krauthammer referred to Donald Trump as the Republican’s Al Sharpton. Now this comes from the man who is in favor of reparations to blacks for slavery. I will leave any skewering of Krauthammer to you since, you are much better at it than I.

Greg W. writes:

James P. said: “ANY candidate who runs against Obama will be intensely disliked by blacks, and had better get used to endless vilification and accusations of racism from the liberal media.” Being that Trump is seemingly going to run on the Republican ticket, that makes it even worse. Republicans hate blacks as everyone knows. Combine these Trump factors: white, male, Republican, running against a black president. As far as the average black is concerned, Trump is a Nazi racist trying to send another brother to the unemployment line. When a group has no rational reason to oppose someone, they have to attach some bogus “offensive” slander accusation. With Trump, because he used the article “the” in front of “blacks,” he’s evil.

LA replies:

But let’s remember that it’s not just blacks who think this way. A Jewish liberal acquaintance of mine in New York, a very intelligent man, said to me the other day, out of the blue, that the only reason he could think of for the existence of the tea parties and their concern about government spending and size of government is … race. Their opposition to out of control government spending is just a front to conceal their real motive, which is to oppose Obama because of his race.

But, hey, I didn’t need that example to show the hate-driven madness of liberals, and particularly secular Jewish liberals. Krauthammer’s comparison of Donald Trump to Al Sharpton pretty much illustrates the same point.

Jim C. writes:

This is not rocket science: Trump is positioning himself as the accomplished, tough white guy who is going to dunk at will on the unaccomplished affirmative action case. Most whites can’t stand Obama. Trump recognizes this, and will deliver a performance that will be sure to amuse.

Any smart businessman could be president, so what’s wrong with backing a really intelligent businessman with a few foibles?

LA replies:

“Any smart businessman could be president.”

Being a successful president requires a certain set of skills. The notion that any and all smart businessmen automatically possess that set of skills is ridiculous. If you’re going to promote Trump for president, you’d better come up with better arguments than this.

Jim C. replies:

I know what the issues are. My point is that the electorate wants someone to punish Obama for his reign of arrogance and incompetence. The race will more resemble a boxing than a chess match. I think you are underestimating how angry most whites are.

LA replies:

The subject wasn’t how angry most whites are. The subject was your statement that any smart businessman could be president.

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