An alternative to Bachmann?

Ron L. writes:

Although he is a long shot, I would suggest Thaddeus McCotter. McCotter is a five term congressman and former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee.

He has the best record on immigration, beating Congresswoman Bachmann.

Unlike most of the candidates, McCotter understands that the Arab Spring is the Islamist Spring. He wanted the U.S. to stand behind Mubarak.

McCotter comes from a district with a high Arab population but has never shied from speaking about the Muslim Brotherhood.

If you want to find out about him, I suggest you read his articles at Human Events.

The final reason to support McCotter is that he is educated, erudite, plain spoken, and not known for gaffes. Of course his failure to make outrageous statements and his lack of ovaries is why the media ignored him at his campaign launch. Even Fox, where he was a regular contributor, decided to ignore him.

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LA writes:

By the way, I never said that the U.S. should “stand behind Mubarak.” I said we should not intrude into the domestic political affairs of another country. What was wrong was not that we did not stand behind Mubarak, but that we actively pushed his ouster.

Tex Atlanta writes:

Thaddeus McCotter has as much chance of being president as Lawrence Auster has of heading the Muslim Brotherhood.

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