The conservatives’ ridiculous and inapproprate sentimentality

(Note: as several readers pointed out soon after this entry was posted, Rush Limbaugh has now been married not three times, but four.)

From the “Must Reads” today at

O Happy Day!
Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh have released their
wedding photos and they are lovely

From any reasonably conservative perspective, the third marriage of a 59 year old man to a thirty-something woman should be, at most, a quiet, modest affair, not an occasion for public oohing and aahing and sentiment-pandering. But today’s conservatives, as I’ve said a million times, are themselves part of the liberal culture of self-celebration, which they swim in as unreflectively as fish in the sea.

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By the way, now that Limbaugh has been married three times, the Republican Party has reached a milestone, since three of its major stars—Gingrich, Giuliani, Limbaugh—have each been married three times. With this trinity of thrice-married “conservative” gods on tap, who knows what wonders 2012 might bring? Perhaps a Gingrich-Giuliani presidential ticket, with Limbaugh presiding at the inaugural ceremony.

See earlier entries, “Limbaugh expatiates on his marriage,” and “How Republican serial monogamists seek to make us their accessories.”

In this connection, I’m reminded of my past debates with Andy McCarthy, who strongly supported Giuliani for president in 2008, and has recently hinted he supports Gingrich for president in 2012. See “Rudymania” (on McCarthy’s enthusiasm for Giuliani), and “McCarthy vs. Auster on whether Giuliani’s behavior disqualifies him for the presidency.”

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Evan H. writes:

Minor correction: Limbaugh has had three divorces. This is his fourth wedding.

Dan R. writes:

… it’s Rush’s FOURTH marriage!

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