Do not ask for whom the Times’ bell tolls, it tolls for Reid

Weren’t the liberal media dismissing Sharron Angle as a joke not long ago? Yet today the New York Times tells us that Nevada voters find the Republican tea party challenger Angle and the incumbent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid equally distasteful. Sounds to me like a preemptive admission of a Reid defeat. Whooeee. Whooeee.

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James W. writes:

I’ve lived in Nevada since 1973.

Sharon Angle is a good soul and the most untalented speaker I have ever seen as a politician—except Reid. When she won the nomination, there was jubilation at Reid central. Conservatives worried about this. I told them, look who it is who is making that judgement about who should run against them, and ignore it.

Asked earlier in the primary season why she did not drop out, being stuck at six percent in polling, she explained it was because she was the only conservative in the race. She was. She was known by her signature votes in the 42 member Nevada legislature as 41-Angle.

She has quickly improved to meet her new environment, and beat Reid in their only debate. There are eighty years of accumulated traps to ensnare true conservatives in public forums, and conservatives must know how to answer them or they are of no use.

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