Black man on Japanese train goes all-out in confirming certain stereotypes

A reader writes:

Here is a youtube video circulating in Japan that is reportedly (I do not know for sure, but it is a telling video anyway) to be dancer James “King Tight” Blackstone, accused in the death of Nicola Furlong, rampaging about a Japanese train intimidating Japanese passengers.

This scene is NOT common in Japan for the simple reason that there are very, very few blacks in the country.

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May 30

Stephen T. writes:

“King Tight” may enjoy the railroad system in Japan, but he’s going to find that the Japanese prison system is not very supportive of his gangsta, hip-hop lifestyle, I promise you.

And he’s probably headed there: In Japan, arrest virtually equals conviction. 99.9 percent of persons initially arrested for a crime end up going to trial and 99.8 percent are convicted. Plea bargaining is not allowed. See this and this.

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