The Thinking Housewife on France’s First Girlfriend

She is Valérie Trierweiler, a good-looking, twice divorced mother of three teenaged sons, and yesterday at her boyfriend’s investiture as president of France she wore an outfit showing her inner thigh up to the top.


As I’ve said before, paraphrasing F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous remark about the very rich: The very French, they are different from you and me.

There’s an interesting discussion at The Thinking Housewife, including this from a commenter:

I feel sorry for her sons. Boys in particular are negatively affected when mothers adopt sexually licentious lifestyles. It’s embarrassing and they integrate it, at least subconsciously, as a rejection. Boys recognize this behavior as an outright repudiation of their own patrimony and by extension them. Males do care about these things, even though our society goes to great lengths to deny it and brainwash everyone to the effect that it does not matter. But men know better and often just shut up. As they say, silence does not necessarily denote consent.

I felt the same empathetic sadness and embarrassment for Princess Diana’s boys when it became clear their mother was tramping about.

Trierweiler for her part makes it clear that she doesn’t care about the impact of her behavior on anyone except herself. As she told the New York Times: “I haven’t been raised to serve a husband. I built my entire life on the idea of independence.”

UPDATE, May 19: And speaking of the very French, here’s something I didn’t know. In a photo-studded article on Hollande and his girlfriend being hosted by the Obamas in Washington in a run-up to the big NATO meeting in Chicago (and by the way, why does NATO still exist?), the Daily Mail informs us:

Hollande broke up with Segolene Royal, his political ally lover for 30 years and the mother of his four children, after she discovered his affair with Trierweiler.

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