Another white liquidated by the Negro savagery that America has unleashed and continues to ignore

(See follow-up on arrest of suspects.)

Megan Boken, a 23-year-old graduate of St. Louis University and former volleyball star there, was visiting her alma mater for an alumni volleyball game last Saturday, August 18. As she was sitting in her car in broad daylight, in the parking lot of her former apartment building near the university, two blacks, apparently in a robbery attempt, shot her dead. When she didn’t show up for the volleyball game two hours later, her teammates feared something was wrong. Of course you have to read far into the story to find that the main suspect is a black male.

In the usual treatment, her friends express sadness for the loss of a wonderful person, and zero outrage.

As Terry Morris said at VFR yesterday, “Why would God intervene to save America when America does not want to be saved?”

Megan Boken, the latest unacknowledged
victim of the Negro-Liberal Complex

CBS local in Chicago reports, August 23:

Two Teens Arrested In Murder Of Volleyball Star

WHEATON, Ill. (CBS)—St. Louis police have arrested two 18-year-old suspects in the murder of Wheaton volleyball star Megan Boken, who was gunned down in St. Louis last weekend.

St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom said charges would be presented to the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office on Friday.

“We are confident, based on the evidence that we have, that we have the killers of Megan Boken in custody,” Isom said.

Isom said the shooting appeared to be the result of a robbery, and the two suspects are being investigated for other robberies in the area.

One of the suspects was arrested Thursday morning, the other was arrested Thursday afternoon.

Boken, 23, was gunned down in broad daylight while sitting in her car in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis on Saturday. The former St. Louis University volleyball player was visiting her alma mater for an alumni volleyball game.

“Nothing irritates me more, nothing worries me more when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up every morning than to think about these thugs that are out there, trying to victimize innocent people in our city,” St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said.

Boken’s family, friends, and former teammates gathered Thursday morning to pay their final respects at St. Michael Catholic Church in Wheaton. The family declined comment after it was reported two suspects would be charged.

A 2011 SLU graduate, Boken was in St. Louis for a reunion game for former volleyball players, scheduled to take place about two hours after she was killed. When she didn’t show up, her teammates knew something was wrong.

David Welkner had known Boken since their freshman year of college.

“She was everything. She was one of my best friends. She was always happy. She was always in a pleasant, great mood; always helped me out,” Welkner said, “and she’s missed dearly.”

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports tears fell, and hugs were shared as Boken’s friends, family, and teammates came together to celebrate her life.

“We’re going to miss her a lot,” said Boken’s friend, Tory Rezin. “She was the nicest person.”

Family friend Sue Ferraro described Boken as a “special angel that we’re going to miss forever.”

“She was just a phenomenal person. She was great. It’s just a tragedy that something like this—so senseless, stupid—would happen to such a wonderful person,” Ferraro said.

Students from St. Francis High School in Wheaton attended the funeral. Boken went to St. Francis; she was also an All-State volleyball player in Wheaton.

Boken’s friend Tori Vandeleur said, “When she got on the court, she was one of the most serious players I’ve ever seen. She knew the game of volleyball very well, and she was a great player, and great athlete.”

As for the arrests of two people in Boken’s murder, her best friend, Bridget Fonke, said, “We’ll see how that pans out, but that makes everyone feel better and, you know, just for the family, I know they would appreciate knowing, and that will help a lot.”

The gunman who killed Boken has been described as a black male, with a medium complexion, and a thin build. He is 5’8” to 5’10”, with short hair, and was last seen wearing a grey charcoal shirt, khaki pants, and white tennis shoes.

The reward for information leading to the arrest of Boken’s killer has increased to $31,000. Police would not say if the reward prompted a tip that led to the arrests.

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James P. writes:

The Daily Mail says that police called it a “robbery gone wrong.” Because when you pull the car door open and fire two shots into the driver, you obviously only intended to rob her!

LA replies:

We don’t know if the police spokesman actually said, “robbery gone wrong,” or if the media paraphrased him that way, and the Daily Mail picked up on that. Here is what the Mail says:

Dave Marzullo, a city police spokesman,said the 23-year-old’s death on Saturday afternoon was likely an attempted robbery gone wrong because they had no evidence she knew her killer.

However, given that the reasons for the spokesman’s description of the crime are given, he probably did say “robbery gone wrong.”

In any case, we now have a definite protocol for the police/media categorization of black-on-white violence:

  • If a black initiates an armed robbery of a white, and then deliberately and gratuituously murders the white, for example, opening the victim’s car door and shooting her multiple times at close range, as was done to Megan Boken, it is a “robbery gone wrong.”

  • If a black, prior to gratuituously killing a white, does not initiate a robbery, but simply launches a homicidal assault on a white who happens to be in his vicinity, as a black stabbed Denise McVay 30 times at a self-serve carwash then slit her throat, then it is a “random attack.”

  • If a mob of blacks knock a white pedestrian to the ground and proceed to rain blows on his head and body causing him grave injuries, and if the perpetrators tell police that they did it because they were “bored,” then it becomes, not a racial attack or a hate attack, but an “act of boredom.”

  • If a mob of blacks attack whites in a park, and later tell the police they did it for “fun,” then it becomes, not a racial attack or a hate attack, but just “youths having fun,” “youths on a lark.”

  • If a mob of blacks surround a car containing two white reporters and throw rocks at it, and if when the driver gets out to talk to them they assault him and severely injure him, it is not a racial attack or a hate attack or a mob attack, but a “street altercation.”

The Negro-Liberal Complex has all the bases covered.

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August 25

Beth M. writes:

So, under your third scenario, if the victim dies, it could be reported as, “John Doe, age 27, dies of boredom.”

LA replies:

Or perhaps random boredom. He was bored with the randomness of life.

Tyler K. writes:

It continues to astound me that we live in a society that refuses to defend women gunned down by monsters. When the lovely UNC student body president Eve Carson was killed here in Chapel Hill by a black thug (who blasted her in the head with a shotgun as she begged for her life), there was not the least bit of outrage expressed on campus. Sorrow, yes, but outrage, no. But when anti-Obama graffiti was discovered on campus, there were demonstrations and wailing and howling. I sometimes wonder if whites will deserve every blow of the machete that they get once their numbers dwindle sufficiently to invite the slaughter that will surely come. Innocent individuals will suffer unjustly, of course, but a group that will not fight for its own survival is condemned by the judgment of history.

LA replies:

I had seen Tyler K.’s e-mail yesterday, but it was not directed to me but to a cc list that I was on, so I didn’t think of posting it. However, I think his remark about the response to the murder of Eve Carson, “Sorrow, yes, but outrage, no,” was where I got the idea I used in the initial entry, where I wrote: “In the usual treatment, [Megan Boken’s] friends express sadness for the loss of a wonderful person, and zero outrage.”

Terry Morris writes:

Just think, had Megan merely been the victim of a “robbery gone right,” she’d still be alive to tell her story today, and to dedicate the rest of her life to solving the issues which lead the less fortunate among us to commit such unnecessary crimes. But are such crimes really “unnecessary?” And since when did the desperate act of a desperate person driven to desperation by the conditions of his existence, become “criminal?”

In a profound sense, Megan’s death may have already done more to solve the plight of blacks, and thus to prevent such apparently senseless acts, which actually do make sense and are perfectly understandable given the plight of young black inner-city males, than a lifetime of advocacy could ever have achieved.

In this sense Megan’s death, which in a better world would not have been necessary, is seen as it should be seen—the willing sacrifice of an angel sent to dwell among us, and to teach us that we must do more, much more, to create a decent existence for African Americans in twenty-first century America. A sentiment Megan would undoubtedly have shared, and dedicated the rest of her life to had she not been willing to sacrifice the rest of it for the higher cause.

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