In America, politics has died

Rick Darby writes at Reflecting Light:

As regular readers know, I stopped most political commentary on this blog a while ago because I’d said everything I thought worth saying many times over and it no longer matters. The U.S. is now a one-party (Republicrat) state like the Soviet Union or North Korea: of the government, by the government, for the government.

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March 3

Terry Morris writes:

As I understand it, politics is the science of government which aims to perpetuate a nation.

Whenever politics is reduced to one “compromising” capitulation to destructive leftist ideology after another, as politics in America has now become, then, yes, it is correct to say that politics is dead in America, and Rick Darby is right to acknowledge it.

LA replies:

Yes, and this is another way of putting the necessity of secession. The still-living America, such as it is, needs to separate from the dead America.

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