Solyndra investigation

Alexis Zarkov writes:

Tomorrow top Solyndra executives will come before Darrell Issa’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Their lawyers have told the committee that the executives will invoke their right not to testify under Fifth Amendment. This is extremely unusual and makes them look like Mafiosi. Of course Issa is on a fishing expedition to uncover fraud, waste, and abuse in government, which is the whole purpose of the committee. As such I think Issa should get use immunity to force them to testify. The Democrats employed use immunity against Oliver North in the Iran-Contra investigation. The Democrats then were on a fishing expedition against Reagan. Now the shoe is on the other foot. If Issa doesn’t go for use immunity then something is fishy. To get the immunity Issa needs to request a federal district judge to grant the executives immunity under U.S. Code Chapter 601, section 6002 (2) (b). Under the law, the district judge must grant the immunity. However Issa needs approval from two thirds of the full committee to make the request. I count 23 Republicans out of a total membership of 40. So the Democrats could block the request. Would they? If they did it would look bad for them, but being Democrats they often don’t care how bad they look. They play raw naked power politics, something the Republicans often can’t bring themselves to do.

LA replies:

What I’m about to say is irrelevant to the issue, but I can’t help pointing it out. Liberal columnists constantly complain in the most anguished terms that it’s Republicans who play raw power politics, while Democrats are babes in the wood who lack the toughness to cope with the GOP hardball.


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