“Britain under seige”

Vasko Kohlmayer writes at FrontPage Magazine:

At this point, even the deniers can no longer ignore the obvious: Britain is under sustained assault which is being launched from within its own Muslim community. It is this community that the terrorists move and live in and where they receive financial and logistical support. It is this community that gives them cover to carry out their murderous schemes. In short, the Muslim community is their haven and base of operation in their war against Britain…. There are some who think that we may already be beyond the point of being able to stop the Islamic takeover of much of Western Europe….The world better pay attention, because this will be the fate of every country that allows large Muslim communities to form in its midst…. Britain is now paying the harrowing price for decades of mindlessly admitting large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

Well said, Mr. Kohlmayer. And here is my question for you: Therefore, what?

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Anthony Damato writes:

I couldn’t have said it better myself. In reading the littany of Moslem attacks and planned attacks which failed or succeeded such as the 7/7 train bombings, I was taken by the fact that the list could have been even longer if one included all the rapes and murders of white Britons by Moslems, yet even so, the government refuses to accept that they are at war, and this war will progress steadily until Britain resembles the Balkans and no longer exists.

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