Has there already been a coup d’etat?

A. Zarkov writes:

The article from Israpundit on Obama’s plan to subdue Israel is the most upsetting piece I’ve ever read at VFR. If true, do you realize the import of this? It means that at best Obama is indifferent to the survival of Israel. We should not be surprised that a friend of Louis Farrakhan would take such a position. At worst he’s actively seeking the destruction of Israel. Let’s face it, this man has been on his best behavior while he seeks to complete the Trifecta. After he gets it, there is no telling the lengths he will go to. Obama could turn out to be far worse than we ever thought possible.

I realize the following might be off-the-wall, but I have to ask: Have we already suffered a coup d’etat in the U.S.? In his book, Edward Luttwak points out that a coup need not involve the military, and you often end up with both a formal government and a real government. The control Obama exerts over the press is spooky, and Luttwak say control of the press is essential. We tend to think that the press loves Obama because of his race, but the truth might be much more sinister.

D. in Seattle writes:

I agree with A. Zarkov that this is one of the most upsetting pieces I’ve read at VFR. And I’m saying that as an Eastern European Christian, with no Jewish blood and no family ties to Jews. The article tells us that many Jews, both in Israel and the U.S., are in agreement with and actively promoting this policy. All I can say is, have those Jews completely lost their minds? What good can they possibly expect from it?

The only conclusion I can make, and I believe you have said something similar in the past, is that liberalism makes people and nations not only stupid, but suicidal as well. I think the operating mechanism here is, once you reject the truth, on a fundamental philosophical level, you are rejecting the basis of your own existence, and suicide isn’t far behind.

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