Looks like Do or Die for the transnational left

Trent C. writes:

Myway.com reports: “In laying out to the lower house of Parliament plans Merkel will take to a Dec. 9 EU summit in Brussels, she insisted the 17 nations that use the euro currency need to strengthen European Union institutions and eurozone financial regulations. She called for closer supervision of national budgets, coupled with legal regulations that would allow for stronger enforcement of spending rules.”

This means that countries will dictate to other countries how their financial budgets are to be done. How is such integration different from old empires such as the Austro-Hungarian? Eventually people rebelled against such integration as Europe splintered into national entities. How will Greeks like it when they will be told by Germany how to spend their money? I’m amazed the French, given two world wars with Germany, are colluding with Germany for tighter integration and control.

LA replies:

It’s beyond a return to empire. It’s a single sovereignty, a single government dictating taxing and spending for every European country. Such true unification has always been what the true believers in the EU project have aimed at. And I believe that, rather than accept the breakup of the euro zone, which would mean the defeat of the EU project, the EU leaders such as Merkel will push for true unification. Only if they find such unification absolutely impossible to achieve (which it would seem to be within in any time frame adequate to save the euro) will the euro zone, against the EU-ites strongest wishes, break up. I am not predicting that happy ending, however, since, as we’ve seen over and over, the left always finds a way to salvage itself, notwithstanding seemingly insuperable challenges.

And yes, the horrible irony here is that the EU, which came into existence to suppress any possible return of German hegemony over Europe, has itself become a project for Germany hegemony over Europe—except that this new German hegemony is in the name of equality, diversity, Islamization, and post-nationalism rather than in the name of the superiority of the German race.

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