A lot of missing links out there

Ben W. writes:

It appears that modern knowledge is missing two fundamental things: the “missing link” between man and ape (biology) and the missing fundamental particle (physics). In the interest of saving money (the thing that is also going increasingly missing), I propose that when the two missing essentials are discovered, they both be named the same thing—the Austerino.

Giving the coincidentals of history, it may be that when the fundamental particle is discovered in the bombarding (through bombast) chamber, the scientists will discover that the bombardment has unearthed also at last the Darwinian missing link. Two discoveries in one—hence the same name for both.

It may be that the missing link is composed entirely of the missing particle and that’s why we haven’t found either yet.

LA replies:

It is true that there are an awful lot of missing things out there, starting with: the origin of the universe; the origin of life, the origin of consciousness. Many biologists and physicists make no bones about the fact that they have NO IDEA of the answers to these questions (e.g. Dawkins emphatically telling Ben Stein in Expelled that “we have no idea how life began,” full stop.) Yet since all of these questions must be answered through material biology and physics in order to demonstrate the existence of a SELF-SUFFICIENT MATERIAL UNIVERSE, which is the dogmatic belief of all these scientists, you would think that the admitted total absence of any answers to these fundamental questions, or even of the realistic prospect of any answers to these questions, would make the materialist scientist a little bit humble. But it doesn’t. They have it both ways, at least tacitly admitting the highly questionable nature of their “everything is matter” position while simultaneously boasting of its unassailable truth, and treating people who doubt its truth as an inferior species of humanity.

They’re like Sonia Sotomayor, who blandly boasts of the fact that she got where she is by ethnic preferences. She comes right out and says that her race gave her an unfair boost over more qualified people, AND that she deserves everything she got and that her fellow minorities deserve the same. Why? Because. Because arrogant self-entitlement among our cultural icons, including anti-white favored minorities and anti-God materialist scientists, is the order of the day. People like Dawkins, Sotomayor, and Obama are the gods of our culture. They don’t need no stinking reasons.

Perhaps then the lesson here, as you suggested, is that the scientists don’t need to do any bombarding, don’t need to find the missing particle, in order to establish the validity of their position in most people’s eyes. In the current cultural and intellectual climate, bombast is enough.

But that climate will not last forever. At some point they will have to deliver, and their failure to do so will shake their whole system.

So, while I’m grateful for the honored position you would give me in modern science, I don’t think the Austerino will ever be found, no matter how hard they look for it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 13, 2009 02:40 PM | Send

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