Not over ‘till it’s over

“My god, what a stupid debate this is.” said Steven Warshawsky in a comment yesterday, adding that he was “stunned” that VFR had spent so much time on the subject of Game. In my reply, I point out that Mr. Warshawsky shows himself to be highly interested in the subject, and indeed that he is taking the very positions that the Game critics have found it necessary to refute. Hence the protracted discussion which Mr. W. says should not be happening.

In another comment showing why it hasn’t been possible yet to walk away from the Game wars, Mark P. laid it on the line, declaring that Game is indispensable, that critics of Game are in retreat from real life to monasticism and celibacy, and basically that any rejection of Game means personal and civilizational defeat, irrelevance, and extinction. I and several others have replied.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 26, 2009 08:25 AM | Send

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