Article at Alt-Right calls for separation from Islam

James Kirkpatrick writing at Alternative Right dismisses the libertarian argument that all the Islamic terrorism in the West is “blowback”:

On the one hand, we are given phony wars that do nothing to protect us against the threat of radical Islam. On the other is the naive belief that terrorism and Muslim hostility to the West is a result of our foreign policy and that if we simply adopt a less aggressive posture, we won’t have an Islamic problem in the West. The solution is not neoconservatism or libertarianism—neither bombing them into democracy or preaching about the gold standard in Mecca.

The solution is for the West to separate as much as possible from the Muslim world.

They don’t hate us for our freedom. They also don’t hate us just because of our foreign policy. The attacks in the streets of Minneapolis, Paris, and Amsterdam demonstrate that they hate us for who we are. Instead of trying to save them or appease them, for once, let’s look after ourselves.

Kirkpatrick has it exactly right with his balanced view of the problem. His article is a further encouraging sign of a slowly building, realistic comprehension of the nature of the Islam threat and how to deal with it. Just the other day, Andrew McCarthy wrote at NRO: “We should be having as little to do with Islamic countries as practicality allows…” Less positively but still promisingly, Michael Totten expressed this week in the New York Post a sentiment never before seen in that neocon newspaper, that given the Arab hatred and violence toward America, instead of Americans fretting constantly “about whether or not we’re doing the right thing to win the hearts and minds of the Arabs … [t]his may be a good time for Arab leaders and opinion makers to ask themselves what they can do to win over the hearts and minds of Americans.” And I just heard that Charlotte Allen has an article in the print version of The Weekly Standard arguing that Islam is incompatible with the West and Western democracy.

For newer VFR readers who want to know more about the separationist solution and the costs of failing to adopt it, see the following articles:

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John Dempsey writes:

How in the world can we even begin to think properly about the Islam threat when our leaders have appealed to, and now received, permission from the United Nations to begin yet another conflict in yet another Muslim country, with both liberals and so-called conservatives cheering them on? Separation? We’re joined at the hip, forever.

We have learned nothing.

LA replies:

Americans are starting from a position of total ignorance and illusion. Yes, it’s true that significant elements of the liberal and neocon mainstream have learned nothing. But there is also a slowly developing intelligent resistance to that mainstream orthodoxy. And by intelligent resistance, I am distinguishing it from the anti-war movement of the early Oughts, which was based primarily on hatred and ad hominem attacks, not on reason and a belief in the good.

As to this UN vote, the fact that the Security Council has authorized the use of force to protect the rebels against Kaddafi does not mean that the U.S. Congress will approve such use of force by our armed forces. I think it’s unlikely that they will. I think enough of them know enough to know that if we get even a “little” involved militarily in Libya, we will automatically become responsible for that charming country and be stuck there for years.

UPDATE, March 18, 11:30 p.m.: I was wrong. Obama is moving to make war on Libya without congressional authorization, and the Congress seems to be silently accepting this.

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