Unending black racial savagery in Chicago, facilitated by the liberal establishment

Thor Christopher at DoublethinkNot gives the details on three savage attacks by blacks on white and Asian victims in Chicago last weekend. In each case, the victims seemed to have no idea of the danger that was in store for them. Why? Because news media and political leaders have deliberately concealed the existence of these racial attacks, the goal of which is to terrorize and cause maximum physical injury to whites and other nonblacks. Steve Chapman, the libertarian columnist on the Chicago Tribune who justifies the media coverup of this black racial war and calls white people “racist” if they call for the truth to be published, deserves a special place in hell.

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Paul K. writes:

From Thor Christopher’s post:

The wife dropped her IPhone and one of the black thugs swooped in to snatch it from the ground (the jungle instincts are strong in this one Obi-Wan). The husband demanded the return of his wife’s phone, but the black thug and his gang refused to return the phone and instead severely beat the young husband. The victim suffered a broken orbital bone (eye), broken teeth, and required hospital care.

Nothing is more repugnant to a man than to be unable to defend his wife and the impulse to do what this man did is understandable. However, as it was only a phone and not her person at stake, it would have been wiser for him to let it go. He didn’t have a chance. Chicago has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the country and criminals know they have nothing to fear from law-abiding citizens.

The police are searching for one black female and several black males. Evidently, this black gang is an enlightened group in that they allow female participation in their Black Attacks, but that is not an uncommon occurrence within the black “community”.

This is true. Women are useful to criminal gangs. For example, if a woman knocks on someone’s door and says she needs help, people are more likely to admit her than they would a man; a number of home invasions have employed this ruse.

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