Police report on Gates arrest removed from Boston Globe website

This morning I received e-mails from several readers saying that my link to the pdf of the police report on the arrest of Henry Louse Gates was not working. I figured I had simply made some mistake with the link. But the document is gone! Not only does my link to the pdf go to a page at the Boston Globe’s website, boston.com, that says, “Sorry, the page you have requested does not exist at this address,” but Jonah Goldberg’s link at the Corner, which was the way I accessed the pdf yesterday, also goes to the same page at the Globe, thus showing that there’s nothing wrong with my link but that the pdf has itself been removed. Furthermore, the link has been removed from the Boston Globe story where Goldberg got it, along with the text referencing the link, which had appeared directly under the photo of Gates.

I could kick myself for not thinking of saving the pdf to my computer. If anyone reading this did save it, or knows of anyone who might have saved it, please contact me.

Also, people should flood the Boston Globe, or rather boston.com, the Globe’s website, with complaints for removing this vital information from the Web. Here is an e-mail address: comments@globe.com. The editor of boston.com is David Beard, 617-929-3008. The general feedback number for the website is 617-929-7949. This page lists further numbers.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 21, 2009 11:43 AM | Send

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