The real purpose of Obamacare

Peter G. writes:

It’s become clear to me what Obamacare is really about. An all encompassing writ where compliance is impossible, used for nothing other than forcing all state and corporate institutions into federal subservience. Consider this: you pass a body of laws so financially punitive and administratively complex that everyone will have to beg for immunity from it, which you have the power to grant or to revoke under this legislation. Just like some fourth century despot, your subjects will be compelled to come and beg (and pay for) such indulgences in order to ensure their economic viability.

It’s not meant to work. Surrender and subjection is the goal.

LA replies:

Yes. And while this is happening, you (the Despot) gull the Republicans into holding hands with the Despot Party in order to show how civil they are!

This is a time for all-out political war, not handholding.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 25, 2011 09:03 AM | Send

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