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General comments on the events in Britain will be posted here.

Auntie Analogue writes:

Until the last decade, only the police had radio nets which allowed them to target, coordinate, and multiply the effect of their forces. Now, in the form of cell phones and Blackberries, criminals use radio to target, coordinate, and multiply their forces. What is going on, then, is a criminal communications and force-management revolution that has the potential to bring the U.S., the UK, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and every other Western nation to the same dismal level as Teheran, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and lovely downtown Tripoli.

BBC Live coverage doesn’t tell, but seems to convey, that the Met Police are overwhelmed. They will soon become exhausted; but this may not matter, because once the barbarians have emptied shops of merchandise and finished burning out whole blocks, there will nothing left for them to loot or destroy. The true motive for their violence is plunder, their pillaging is gratuitous, spiteful and a Declaration of Victory over the police—over what little remains in England of Western Civilization.

Will and Kate’s wedding day’s decorous Media-Pravda spectacle has been supplanted, in the same year, by “British” barbarism run amok. On BBC Live, just now, Police Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin pleaded to onlookers not to get in the way of police attempting to quell the bedlam and make arrests—not ordering people to, “Go home, and stay home,” but pleading, almost on his knees on the BBC, as if he were a humble petitioner come to genuflect before his new, domineering lords.

Now, in the West, it is no longer just France’s banlieux sacked and put to the torch. In England the looters are of every color and creed—black, Moslem, yob, and chav. Now, how about a nice, civilized, soothing Rap number? Anyone?

A reader in England writes:

It’s more yobbish criminal behaviour by feral youth whose goal is to break into shops and get free iPads and stereos, etc.

On another level this is an eye opener to liberals/progressives. My “liberal” friend wrote me an e-mail saying she never thought she’d support water cannon (not used so far), but she does now and she also sent me Enoch Powell’s RIVER OF BLOOD SPEECH! Many “liberals” are horrified by what is happening which is ironic considering excessive liberalism (political, spiritual and especially moral) is responsible for these criminal actions occurring (they are not really riots).

So perhaps some good can come out of this. That is “liberals” waking up to the consequences of muliticulturalism, out of control immigration and aspects of liberalism itself.

LA replies:

Of course, the NY Times says that the riots are an understandable response to cuts in government spending.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by the repeated use of scare quotes around “liberal.”

Squire Western writes:

On the subject of media bias, I was watching Al Jazeera last night and the correspondent (a white Brit if I recall) said there was no racial component to the Tottenham riot crowds. He also said they had no political agenda. Right, just like there is no political agenda to the push for sharia, or gang rapes, or blocking streets during friday prayers.

LA replies:

According to the previous commenter from England, the rioters do include yobs, lower class whites, along with blacks. Perhaps the riots have expanded to include all the “disaffected” in the Disaffected Island, which is an awful lot of people.

Nathan B. writes:

Thanks so much for your blog. Having been a reader for some months now, you have opened my eyes to the total destruction which radical egalitarianism is spreading across the globe.

Regarding the riots in Britain, today’s Daily Mail article includes many pictures where a few whites along with many blacks are looting stores and wrecking havoc. Is this merely propaganda of the liberal media or indicative that the riots are being caused by whites, too? Personally, I can’t imagine a solitary white running around with black rioters, especially in the U.S.

Additionally, the CIA World Factbook indicates that blacks are only two percent of Britain’s population. It’s unbelievable that such a small minority can’t be controlled. As you stated, Britain is dead.

LA replies:

Thank you very much. I’m glad the site has been of value to you.

A reader in England tells me that “yobs,” low class, disorderly, violent white males, are also in the rioting, along with “chavs,” another word for messed up, lower class whites (of both sexes) of which there are so many in Britain.

How many of them are involved in the rioting compared to the blacks I don’t know.

G. writes from England:

The crowds of looters in London have become more racially diverse as the nights went on. The first looters were almost wholly black or at least mixed race. Increasingly there have been numbers of white and South Asian youths joining the violence. Many of these appear to be affiliated with the black gangs (“gangstas”). The mass lawlessness, and the failure to deal with it, has led to large numbers of underclass youths joining in regardless of skin colour. Nonetheless, based on first hand reports from friends and from watching the 24 hour news, it is clear that at least 90 percent of the looters so far have been black. Furthermore the disturbances that have broken out in Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool all appear to have occurred in largely black areas. These are quite simply black riots, with a garnish of other races.

Karl D. writes:

I was perusing some of the comments over at the Daily Mail about the riots. One ex-pat in Germany said that the German media is almost exclusively using photos of the riots that exclude blacks. As far as the Germans are concerned it is a white riot. I am going to see if I can check out any German web sites.

Kilroy M. writes:

Your reader in England wrote:

“So perhaps some good can come out of this. That is ‘liberals’ waking up to the consequences of muliticulturalism, out of control immigration and aspects of liberalism itself.”

I heard the same being said after the London Tube was bombed by those “oppressed,” “poor,” “alienated,” wealthy British-born Muslim medical students several years back. A lot has certainly changed, and by the sound of David Cameron’s response, not for the better. I expect liberals to be liberals, meaning, they will keep deluding themselves because their worldview is fundamentally based on unreality and emotion. I expect things will get worse. I know this may sound mean-spirited, but the sooner the better: its the only way to startle this boiling frog.

As for the white component to the riots, statistically this is no surprise. But if there are whites so dislocated from the establishment (not unprecedented), let us not forget the recent Norway event: there is a pathology that liberalism induces over time among the indigenous inhabitants of a country submerged in its ideological programmes, and this manifests differently for different people.

Sophia A. writes:

There will be many horrible after-effects of these riots. One of them, perhaps the worst, will be the legitimization of Muslim communality because it appears that Pakistanis were the only ones to stand up to the thugs:

Rioters who had targeted shops on Commercial Road arrived in the area as prayers were finishing at the East London Mosque on Monday evening.

It was feared they were trying to break into the mosque and the nearby Islamic Bank of Britain, but they were driven away by a large crowd of Muslim worshippers.

“Within about 10 minutes there were 1,500 people on the street, not just Asians but also Somalis,” said Muhammad Ali, 27.

Diana West’s article cites the bravery of the Turkish shop owners standing up to the thugs.

Such are the wages of white, Christian wussery. If Islam allows a man to act like a man, then might not more men go into it?

LA replies:

The wages of white wussery. Nice.

Anthony Damato writes:

Interesting link for coverage by eye witnesses.

Also, in Tottenham in 1985, an English police officer was murdered. The coroner’s report observed over 40 wounds to his neck and torso. It was reported that it appeared the mob of Afro-Caribbean murderers were attempting to decapitate him.

His murder 26 years ago did not prevent, nor slow, by one iota, the policy of importation of undesired humanity we see now validating the warnings of Enoch Powell.

The excuses remain the same after decades of “progress.”

Here is Wikipedia on the murder of police officer Keith Blakelock in 1985.

And this, from a related Wikipedia article:

Blakelock tripped, fell, and was surrounded by a mob with machetes, knives and other weapons, who killed him in an attempt to decapitate him.

David B. writes:

First, thanks for the work you are doing. Hardly anybody else has the intestinal fortitude. Maybe, as I wrote you previously, you are like what was said of Alvin C. York’s feat in the Argonne—no other man could have done it.

Here is Victor Davis Hanson at NRO on the London riots. As usual, Hanson starts, backs up, starts again, but cannot or will not arrive at the conclusion the facts warrant.

John Dempsey writes:

As you know, Diana West has written about the Turkish shopkeepers banding together against the mobs of “youths.” Have you read anywhere that British whites are doing the same? I haven’t.

Your statement regarding our separation is indeed the strongest I have seen you make if my memory serves me. Need we look no further for our emplacement than say, somewhere the size of Rhode Island?

Your coverage of these events and your correlation of the truths they demonstrate is exceeded by none in the blogosphere. I am grateful for your hard work.

LA replies:

Thanks to David and Mr. D. for the very kind words.

Dan R. writes:

In this article by Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish), we see how the race-blind right has started its spinning.

LA replies:

It’s such a long article, and you’ve read it. Can you briefly summarize or quote his main points? That might get me interested in reading the whole article.

Dan R. replies:

It strikes me as another means of denying the explicitly racial quality to the looting and the flash mobs. Instead, he brings in Ayn Rand’s concept of “looters” to tie in “university brats” with the mobs in London and the flash mobs in the U.S., except I’m not at all clear where whites are rioting in any way comparable to what we’ve been seeing. He takes a point that has some validity—the rejection of the commercial way of life—but spins a theory that in the end has little to do with the events we’re witnessing, i.e., blacks in Wisconsin did not pull whites out of their cars in order to steal their i-Pods. In the end it’s a gallant effort to avoid the obviously racial character to these events. Perhaps your instincts were sound.

LA replies:

That sounds like a needlessly involved, overly clever theory of the type Western intellectuals are constantly concocting to avoid saying that a shovel is a shovel.

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