The Jew-haters that infest the white right

A reader writes with appalling news about the American Renaissance conference:

I just returned home from the AR Conference. Your blog comments concerning the AR Conference are dead on accurate. Unfortunately the conference was much worse than you reported.

About half of the 300 attendees were Duke supporters, Nazis, Holocaust deniers and assorted Jew haters. Dukeís outburst was in a form of a question to Guillaume Faye, a Frenchmen who spoke of Europeís Islamic problem. He spoke of the current Islamic invasion of Europe as Europeís third war with Islam. The speaker took a very pessimistic view of Europeís future. As an aside in his speech he bemoaned the fact that Israel would not survive to see its 100th birthday. Half the audience responded with loud and prolonged applause. The speaker was dumbfounded. This set the stage for Dukeís asinine comments (in the form of a question) that Islamís previous invasions of Europe were the fault of the Jews.

The same reader writes again:

At first I thought only a third of the audience applauded Fayeís comments but after speaking to at least a dozen other attendees, I raised my estimate to half. I believe this estimate corresponds exactly to the number of Nazi types and Jew haters who attended the conference. Possibly your other informant had so much to tell you about he never got around to this point. I have attended all seven AR conferences and the number of Jew haters at this conference was at an all time high. The number of Jews attending was no more than 10 to 20 individuals. I think the lack of Jewish speakers has kept down the number of Jewish attendees. Jared Taylor told me he had asked a number of Jews to speak but they all turned him down.

Thanks for posting my comments. Maybe we can get Jared to wake up.

Here is another first-person report, from Steven:

I also attended the amren conference. I thought that I might have been paranoid before I read your link. Sadly, being paranoid might be the better option. I have never been to an amren meeting so I did not know precisely what to expect. Judging from the monthly periodical and the mostly well reasoned posts I expected a confab of mainly rational, reasonable, racially aware people. For the most part, the speakers were excellent, Philip Rushton and a chap from South Africa (the name escapes me) in particular.

I understand that Mr. Taylor canít self-select his audience and a conference such as this might attract a percentage of conspiracy-minded, Jews-are-the-focus-of-evil-in-the-world types. I would expect that this percentage would be small. Sadly, I must concur with your previous voicer that that was not the case. I engaged a handful of folks in casual conversation and sure enough, one way or the other, things came down to the Jews! Felt like I was among pod-people ŗ la Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Very dispiriting. By the way, I think that your writer was being conservative when he estimated that 50 percent applauded. What was even scarier was the rapturous look on many of the faces.Like Hitlerís speech to the Reichstag in early 1939.

Another reader writes:

I enjoyed your piece on the AR conference. I was there and I think the amount of real Jew haters was overstated. I donít think it was 50% but more like 33%. In any event it is a serious problem that JT needs to address.

A poster at the American Renaissance website writes:

Iím conflicted about how to feel about my first AR conference. Should I feel a sense of hope because I met so many bright and committed white men and women who unapologetically gathered together in solidarity for a brighter future for the west.

Or should I shudder at the thought of being in the presence of far too many anti-Semitic fools, like Duke, who only scare well meaning whites away from our movement. If there wasnít such a large presence of anti-Jewish buffoons present at the conference I wouldnít think twice about attending the next conference…now..Iím not so sure.

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