Palin as bait and switch

As strongly worded as Mitchell B.’s below comment is, it was greatly toned down and cut down by me. I’m not in agreement with everything he says, but I post it because I think his main thesis is exactly right.

Mitchell B. writes:

Let me start by saying that I really, really like Sarah Palin. Since she’s entered the news I can’t get enough of her and her family. They seem perfect. Even the way they deal with their mistakes and misfortunes is just exactly right. I like looking at pictures of them. I like the way they talk. I feel a deep, if superficial, affection for them. The way Piper Palin licked her entire hand and groomed her baby brother with her spit made me swell with pride for her. That was pioneer-woman problem-solving at its best. The Palins are exceptional people.

But Sarah Palin wasn’t chosen because McCain cares about decent Republican Americans or because he has somehow abandoned his anti-American agenda. She was chosen as the bait in a classic bait and switch maneuver. In his contempt for decent Americans, McCain chose her in a cynical ploy to energize the Republican base and divert attention from the fact that McCain himself is a traitorous left-winger. In fact, the only thing that worries me about Sarah Palin is that she would link herself in any way to that scum of the earth. That worries me a lot.

Sarah Palin as vice president will not help us, but will help McCain. Once he is elected he will be just as destructive as Obama or Clinton. Everything McCain has done has been calculated to destroy his own country. Among his many sins:

He hatched the McCain/Feingold bill, which severely abridges our freedom of speech.

He has bent over backwards to cooperate with that bloated imbecile Ted Kennedy and that fatuous, politically correct fool, George Bush, to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and legally import millions more third-world aliens into this country. Immigration from the third world is the one thing that will literally destroy the United States in every way. When McCain’s plan was thwarted he acted like a spoiled brat. [LA replies: I don’t think this is correct. When the immigration bill failed in 2007 and McCain’s campaign was severely damaged by his support for it, he manfully admitted that his side had lost.] He will get his revenge on American citizens. He hates us as much as Obama does.

McCain has been one of the more energetic liars when it comes to our ridiculous wars and threats of more wars in the Middle East. We need to leave those people completely alone and not let any of them into the United States.

McCain is one of the biggest boosters of what our left-wing oligarchs refer to as “free trade.” What they call free trade is a series of agreements and policies that have given us the economic profile of a Third World colony. We practice free trade, but nobody else does. We trade with every other country at a disadvantage so that people like McCain and his supporters can turn a larger profit. They are destroying our economy, our culture, our environment (see immigration yet again), and will sell us all to the highest bidder (see Mexico and China).

Again, it worries me that Sarah Palin will have anything to do with McCain. He is as anti-American as Obama or Clinton.

Let us assume that Sarah Palin is a truly decent, conservative, rational, problem-solving, patriotic American. It doesn’t matter, because as McCain’s vice presidential candidate and vice president she will no choice but to parrot McCain’s lies and traitorous agenda and betray every principle she holds dear.

If McCain is elected president, the only scenario that would save this country would be that McCain dies and the lovely Sarah Palin becomes president, brings all our troops home where they are being wasted around the world, lines those troops along the Mexican border, begins a rigorous campaign of illegal alien deportation, declares a moratorium on granting of citizenship and all immigration, repudiates all of the horrible trade agreements we have signed, instructs the government bureaucracy to abandon affirmative action etc.

This is not likely to happen. As McCain’s vice president, Palin will have to support all the things that McCain wants to do to us. She is fettered to a demon who is indistinguishable from a left-wing fascist Democrat. If she is a true partner to McCain then I hate her as much as I do him.

It’s time for something extremely different to happen in the United States if the country is to survive in any form at all. We need to have the equivalent of a revolution against our ruling elites that throws them out entirely. This will resemble what happened in the Soviet Union almost twenty years ago, with the added complication that nonwhites will be on the side of our traitorous government.

- end of initial entry -

Terry Morris writes:

I think Mitchell B. is on the money too. But let’s allow ourselves, just for a second, to think differently. It might be good for our souls…

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Palin, in true pioneer woman spirit, as Mitchell put it, and true to her reputation as Governor of Alaska, a reformer of government abuses and no-nonsense fearless pit bull, worked, as veep, in defiance of the assumed behind-the-scenes cheerleader role that a VP under our modern system is to take, and as such effected the kind of conservative revolution that Mitchell speaks of.

Wouldn’t that be a doozy?! (Okay, back to reality.)

LA replies:

It’s very funny you say this, because that was an alternative scenario presented in Mitchell’s original text. I cut it out because the idea of the vice president working against the president is completely out of the question and shouldn’t be discussed as a serious possibility.

Mitchell also had extreme language denouncing McCain that I felt weakened his overall message and that I couldn’t post in any case. As I said to Mitchell, I thought I was a strong McCain opponent, but I can’t hold a candle to him.

M. Mason writes:

So the above edited post, characterizing McCain as “indistinguishable from a left-wing fascist,” “the scum of the earth” and “a demon” is the greatly toned-down version of what he originally wrote, eh?

LA replies:

Yes! I didn’t want to take out all of Mitchell’s language.

Also, I myself have argued in the past, thought I didn’t use those words, the McCain has left-wing fascist tendencies.

Terry Morris writes:

One of my concerns is that McCain will, by virtue of being Sarah’s boss for the next four years, corrupt all that is good and pure about her. I hate the very thought of that for her and her family’s sake as much as for anyone else’s. But Sarah is a free agent and she makes her own choices. So I guess it’s ultimately up to her whether she allows that to happen.

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