Sodomy decriminalized in India

An Indian living in the West writes:

The Delhi High Court has declared sodomy law unconstitutional

What the liberals cannot accomplish through legislation, they accomplish through liberal judges.

Ten years ago this would have been unthinkable in India. It just demonstrates the speed with which the march of post-modern liberalism is taking place through countries outside the Western world. The only nations that seem to resist the relentless march of post-modern liberalism are those of the Muslim world.

I can assure you that there is no popular support for this anywhere in India (outside a small clique of hyper liberals in the cities). But that never mattered to the liberals anyway. They win—by hook or by crook.

LA replies:

India! I’m speechless.

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Kristor writes:

Indian Living in the West decries the perversion of traditional societies worldwide by modern Western liberalism. No argument there. But it goes both ways. This afternoon on the sidewalks of downtown Berkeley I saw a young woman wearing a tank top emblazoned across the chest with the legend, “I [HEART] Thuggee.”

As California goes, so they say goes the nation. And as Berkeley goes, so goes California. God help us.

LA replies:

She loves thuggee? What could she possibly mean by that? She loves a cult of murderers? I guess she’s saying she sides with criminals and terrorists out to destroy society.

That’s Berkeley for you. When I was 21 I was walking out of a coffee shop on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley and a very good-looking girl asked me if I was into sado-masochism. I said no, I was looking for a normal girl, and she looked at me with an expression of disgust.

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