At least apartheit is gone

A few days after the O.J. Simpson verdict in 1995 and blacks’ widespread and (to most whites) shocking expressions of jubilation about it, I called up Bob Grant’s radio program and told him that American blacks are to a large extent a criminal and criminal-sympathizing population, and that’s why blacks are anti-police and anti-law and order, and that’s why they justify black violence, particularly black violence against whites. In America, fortunately, blacks are a minority, so, even though blacks as they see it have powerful racial motives to hurt whites, or to sympathize with black criminals who hurt whites, they are limited in their ability to do so. What about the other major country in the world where there is a large black and a large white population, but where the blacks are the majority—South Africa? Well, there the criminal sympathizers are running the government, with certain predictable results. Recently the safety and security minister, Charles Nqakula, told law-abiding whites that if they’re going to keep “whingeing” (don’t know how that’s pronounced) about the extremely high violence in South Africa they should leave the country. As America’s first black president put it, better put some ice on that.

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Karen writes from England:

Same problem with blacks everywhere!!

However it is apparent that apartheid contained black savagery and violence and protected both blacks and whites from its worst effects whilst maintaining a black society which was relatively functional and industrious within the constraints of racial segregation. Under apartheid, blacks worked and had educational and hospital facilities which were significantly better than those on the rest of black Africa. South African blacks had the best standards of living of all blacks in Africa.

When apartheid collapsed, the standard of living of most blacks also collapsed and they are now the victims of their own black tyrants, much as they are in other black countries. The only beneficiaries of the fall of apartheid are the criminals in the ANC- Nelson Mandela and his followers who have gained undreamt of wealth and power whilst the whole country literally collapses. Black schools and hospitals, previously functional are now in utter chaos. It took blacks just 10 years to destroy a first world country. As black and other Third world populations grow in numbers in the west, we risk the same fate as South Africa. This should be a wake up call to us all. Unless apartheid is imposed upon troublesome peoples such as blacks and Moslems to limit and contain the damaging effects of their savagery, western society will collapse into anarchy.

LA comments:

I would qualify Karen’s statement that it’s “the same problem with blacks everywhere.” She herself indicates the better standards blacks had under the old South Africa; and this was the case not just under the Grand Apartheid starting in 1948, but under the older, English-ruled system prior to the takeover of the country by the Afrikaners. The point is, it is possible for blacks to have a better standard of civilization than they now have. As for Karen’s call for a return to apartheid as a general rule for dealing with blacks, while I would have no problem with a return to local and voluntary social segregation between the races, South African Apartheid with its massive racial engineering was a moral offense that led directly to the collapse of the old South Africa and the current disaster.

Also, if I may say so, it is not helpful to our side to make statements that could be interpreted as (even if they aren’t) generalized expressions of racial dislike, such as “It’s the same with blacks everywhere!” If we are to resist and ultimately prevail against the liberal order, we have got to show ourselves as having principles truer and better than those of liberalism. At the same time, I want to say that I do not think that references to black “savagery” per se are out of line. Of course not all or most blacks are savages (though white Americans could be excused for thinking otherwise when they saw blacks’ response to the O.J. Simpson acquittal), but there is an undeniable component of savagery in many black communities both in Africa and in the West, and neither blacks nor whites have any hope of containing it and controlling it unless they speak honestly about it. Furthermore, the potential for savagery becomes particularly acute when you have a society consisting of blacks and whites under a formal system of democratic equality, because then the higher level of civilization and wealth possessed by the whites triggers black resentment and black violence. This is why South Africa and the United States have had the highest rates of violent crime of any countries. As a further indication of this dynamic, compare the aggressive, “full-of-themselves” personalities of many American blacks (Michael Eric Dyson, Jesse Jackson, etc.) and of many South African blacks, with the more decent and restrained personalities of blacks from African countries where there are few whites.

An Indian living in the West writes:

South Africa is a strange case. It has all the usual signs of collapse—a flight of young professionals in very large numbers, horrendous crime rates, out of control corruption etc. But on the other hand, the economy is actually booming. Real estate prices have risen more steeply in South Africa than almost anywhere else on earth (including India and China where they have been skyrocketing for more than a decade). Also, South Africa came fourth or fifth in a recent survey of countries with the highest percentage increase in the number of millionaires (South Korea came first with a 21 percent annual increase, India was second with 19 percent).

So putting all those economic indicators together, there seems to be little chance of a collapse any time soon. However, I am not convinced that this economic boom will keep on running when the whites have left or have been killed by black mobs. A friend of mine who knows a bit about the country told me that the reason the country is doing reasonably well at the moment is because there is a whole generation of white South Africans who are in their middle age and cannot leave. When they retire and/or pass away, there won’t be enough skilled professionals left in the next generation to keep the economy afloat. Blacks won’t be able to keep it going because they are woefully uneducated and have made little improvement since the coming of black rule in the early 1990s.

I wouldn’t place any long term bets on that country doing well.

Jeff writes from England:

Ten examples of relatively recent savagery by non-black cultures or groups: 1) Chinese during the Cultural Revolution; 2) Balkan area wars and conflicts; 3) Arab Jihadists including Palestinians and Iraqi insurgents plus Saddam plus the savagery of the Afghani Taliban and other Afghan Muslim groups; 4) Chechnya conflict; 5) Japanese attacks on other Asian countries in W.W.2 period; 6) German genocide against Jews and other groups; 7) Stalin’s genocide against this own people; 8) Ceaucescu’s savagery against his own people; 9) Various Asian peoples’ savagery against dogs, cats etc.; 10) Robert Spencer’s recent personal attacks on Lawrence Auster … probably the worst of the lot. Of course other than the last two examples, one can argue that the savagery described is not a permanent state of affairs, rather they are due to specific conflicts or situations, while one can argue the black savagery previously mentioned is a long-term ongoing scenario. In addition one could say that wherever significant black populations have resided around the world there are high amounts of crime and violence, while many of the peoples and groups mentioned have lived relatively peacefully in areas other than their original homelands. Finally one could argue that there is a degree of violence and theft among blacks in everyday life WITHIN their own micro-communities which you don’t find in any of the other examples.

Violent gang killings, muggings, rapes and burglaries among black youths within their own estates and projects in the U.S. and the U.K., over a long period of time, are a good example. Where is the equivalent of that sort of thing in the other examples?

LA writes:

Jeff makes a good point that while many groups have committed appalling acts of savagery, blacks seem to stand out in the degree of day-to-day, “micro” savagery that is common among black communities everywhere. I should also add that by by “savagery” I don’t necessarily mean horrific violence and cruelty. Savages are often peaceful, or at least seemingly so.

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