Gingrich’s entire senior campaign staff resigns en masse

N. writes:

Gingrich’s entire senior campaign staff has resigned en masse.

Perhaps they disagreed over what cookie he should be seeking?

Paul K. writes:

A happy four year old jumped out of bed this morning, as he does every morning, and looked for a cookie. He knew it was out there somewhere. He didn’t know where it was, but he knew it was his and he had to go find it.

But as he looked and looked, he realized that not only was there no cookie for him, but all his campaign workers had left hoping to find an adult to work for.

Stay tuned for developments!

By the way, here is how Gingrich describes his relationship with Callista: “”Callista and I kid that I’m four and she’s five and therefore she gets to be in charge, because the difference between four and five is a lot.”

LA writes:

This latest incident shows to the final degree that Gingrich is a bundle of incoherent energy, totally unsuitable to any position of public leadership. See VFR’s original “discussion of the “cookie” remark.

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