Mass murder in Arkansas

A family of five in Arkansas were shot to death and their bodies were burned in their home. Police tracked down and shot dead one of the suspects and arrested two others. The family is white, the suspects are black. The murdered people are: Edward Gentry; his son, Edward Gentry Jr.; Edward Jr.’s wife, Pam; Edward and Pam’s son, Jeremy; and Jeremy’s female friend Kristyn Warneke.

The stories on this from local news outlets, such as this, are poorly written and uninformative as to basic facts, such as how the police identified the killers.

There is an account linked at Free Republic which is somewhat better. But the police have now placed a “gag order” on the investigation, meaning that they are not telling the press anything. I have not seen any reason for the gag order. But it’s not hard to guess: the authorities in liberal society automatically understand the need to conceal, tamp down, soften, and delay the release of any facts about blacks murdering whites.

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LA writes:

Here is an e-mail from former VFR commenter Mark K., a Jewish convert to Christianity, who turned away from the site last year over my criticisms of Sarah Palin. More recently he’s moved in a new direction, attacking me for my hypocrisy about blacks. I don’t go far enough for him. Nothing other than calling all black people animals rather than humans will satisfy him that I’m an honest man. I don’t normally post comments of this nature, but it’s useful for readers to be reminded form time to time of the range of opinion that’s out there.

He writes, under the subject line, “Censorship at VFR”:

And you have a problem calling these people “animals?” You say that liberals “delay the release of the facts about blacks murdering whites … “—exactly what you are doing in applying some half-a**ed ontology based on your secular Americanism in refusing to name this species “animals.” Even the apostle Paul had no problems using this category (1 Corinthians 15:32). YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THE RACE PROBLEM! because you feel that blacks are Americans and hence have to be treated as “human” even though they are killing all notions of humanity in America. YOU IN FACT HAVE NO SOLUTION TO THE RACE PROBLEM and are content just to bellyache about it. The Muslim problem is an easy one for you (in fact a convenient evasion for VFR not to deal with the real violence done by race). You are still a child of the 60’s and have not been able to expunge from your persona the 60’s ideals and definitions of human-ness. So enjoy the black pitbulls surrounding you in New Yawk.

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