The thought process by which a man figures out who the real enemies of America are

Here, unedited by me, is an e-mail I received this morning. Notice how it seems rational in the first paragraph. Then see where it ends up.

Subject: Fort Hood Massacre

Dear Sir,

I have long held that the US’s enemies have no need of invasion fleets with naval ships, landing craft with enemy soldiers storming the US’s beaches, planes with paratroopers, and a fighting force with long supply lines. The US enemies have no need of any of that they have the US Government’s Immigration and Naturalization Service that accomplishes all of that for them. Now that our enemies are right here amongst us they can pick their time, method, and weapons of their choice all supplied by the US. They don’t have to succeed everytime and they know they won’t but they know like in guerella warfare it’s not to win so much as to not lose. You just wear your enemy down until he loses the desire to fight. Here in this country now we are getting a taste of what US soldiers go though every day in the ME. Mexico has long launched an invasion also of the US that has succeeded beyond anything anyone, including the Mexicans, could have imagined. The last four presidents have seen to this invasion, as a matter of fact, you could say they have commanded this invasion.

Some ancient Greek philosopher had a good take about traitors. I sure you know about of what I speak.

We have a lot of writers, columnist, bloggers, etc that bemoan what is happening here, but none do what they should do and say what we whites must do to save ourselves and our country and there is little time left. We need strong leaders, movers and shakers that will speak out against the jews and thier sinister plots and expose the jew. Jews hate white christians but few whites understand this. At least muslims, blacks, Mexicans, you know where they stand but the jew is underhanded and hidden behind his religion, working his evil against us just as they did in South Africa.


Richard Allen
US Army (retired)

After saying that the U.S. government and particularly the last four presidential administrations have facilitated the entry into America of jihadist enemies such as Nidal Hasan as well as the Mexican invasion, which of course is true, Allen suddenly and without any transition switches to … the jews. It’s the jews who are behind it all. The fact that the entire American society is allowing this invasion fades somehow into the background. That’s just too complicated and too awful to think about or cope with. But it’s not too complicated to think that it’s the jews who are pulling the strings on the entire society. So if we can expose the sinister machinations of the jews, then the Islamization of America, the Mexicanization of America, can be stopped. But the main thing is not to focus on Islamization or Mexicanization. The main thing is to focus on the jews.

Richard Allen’s e-mail to me is a paradigm of the anti-Semitic thought process. The anti-Semite contemplates the terrible spectacle of Western society allowing itself to be undone by the influx and empowerment of alien and hostile cultures and peoples, he can’t understand why the society is doing this to itself, it’s too horrible to think that the society is deliberately letting itself be destroyed. So he turns to the simplest and readiest answer: it’s the Jews who are doing it. The Jews, two percent of the population, control the entire society. They are behind everything. They control the minds of our leaders, who are helpless putty in their hands. Therefore the only way to save the society is to wake up people to the truth about the Jews and invoke hostility against the Jews. And it’s not just semi-intelligent individuals like Allen who think this way, it’s the “intellectuals” of the paleocon / alt rightist / white nationalist right.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

Allen’s e-mail is so pat in its anti-Semitism that it seems possible to me that it’s a hoax. But if it is, it’s an incredibly skillful job.

FL writes:

Fundamentally, the thought processes of Richard Allen are no different from those of blacks who believe that crack and AIDS are the result of a white conspiracy. The possibility that their own bad behavior is to blame is something that they simply cannot accept. Somebody else must have done this to them and the obvious suspect is Whitey. So too it is with many white gentiles.

Daniel L. writes:

The third paragraph of that email is written markedly worse than the preceding paragraphs. A side effect of its content, perhaps.

LA replies:

Yes, that interesting, isn’t it? The beginning of the e-mail seemed worthwhile, so I was doing my usual thing with it. I had copied it into Word and was reading it while preparing it for posting, making slight fixes—for spelling, punctuation, usage, etc. Then I get to the last paragraph and suddenly—wham, it’s all about the Jews. At first I thought I’d delete it, then I decided to post it in its original form.

Bartholomew writes:

It’s an interesting example you point out, and I think your analysis very nearly hits the mark. Who can accept the suicide of a loved one? How many grieving families first try to prove murder before finally accepting suicide? It’s a charitable view of Mr. Allen’s motives, and it might well be true.

I do wonder about FL’s analysis, however. He wrote, “Fundamentally, the thought processes of Richard Allen are no different from those of blacks who believe that crack and AIDS are the result of a white conspiracy. The possibility that their own bad behavior is to blame is something that they simply cannot accept. Somebody else must have done this to them and the obvious suspect is Whitey. So too it is with many white gentiles.”

Does FL really intend to say that many whites think of Jews the way many blacks think of whites? This is certainly false. While anti-white attitudes are clearly widespread among blacks, I see no evidence at all that anti-Semitic attitudes are widespread among whites.

Without citing any evidence, except I suppose this letter by Mr. Allen, FL implies that “many white gentiles” blame immigration and the destruction of white civilization on Jews. But there isn’t even a sizeable minority of whites who would utter the words “white civilization” in the first place much less blame the Jews or anyone else for its demise.

It may be true that Mr. Allen’s thinking is “no different from [that] of blacks” who are anti-white, but I have no idea why FL thinks this is true of “many white gentiles” too. I hope he meant to say that Mr. Allen’s type of thinking is common among many whites who are anti-Semitic, but that’s not exactly what he wrote. I would be interested in a clarification.

October 17

FL writes:

Further to my previous e-mail, and in response to Bartholomew’s question, I am not asserting that a majority or even a plurality of whites are anti-Semites in the same way that a large percentage of blacks are anti-white (or anti-Jewish).

However, among white gentiles who are concerned about racial issues such as whites becoming a minority in the West, there is a good deal of anti-Semitism. This is based on my general observations of race-oriented discussions online.

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