Friends again?

If this photo, posted at Drudge, is current, it looks as though Batman and Robin are still a team.


By the way, I’d like to know who it was who first thought of calling the prime minister and president of Russia Batman and Robin. It fits them perfectly. Putin, the man of dark power, and Medvedev, his jejune and eager sidekick—though in the above picture he’s putting on some middle-aged girth.

UPDATE, Aug. 17: And here is a piece in today’s NYT telling how, though Russia is not a free country and genuine political competition there is non-existent, Putin and Medvedev rely obsessively on polling—and on photos of themselves engaged in athletic and manly activities—to maintain their personal popularity. “Kremlin insiders,” reports the Times, “see popularity as a key to the survival of a government that, 20 years after the Soviet collapse, has few stable state institutions other than its leaders’ personalities.”

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