Todd Palin interview

The first part of Greta van Susteren’s interview with Todd Palin, conducted on the Palins’ backyard overlooking a lake, is worth watching. He seems like a very centered guy, “at one” with his wife’s political career without being at all diminished by it.To the contrary, he’s excited and pleased by it. I like both the Palins, which doesn’t change my view that she should not have been selected.

* * *

Update: A female reader didn’t like my positive comments about Todd’s relaxed demeanor. She says Todd is not involved with his wife’s political career, as other political spouses are, and indeed he has nothing to contribute to it, as other political spouses do; further, she added, he doesn’t seem to have any real job and is merely “going along for the ride.” For him the whole thing is just fun. In the same way, she said, Levi Johnston had no intention of marrying Bristol, but got swept up into the situation of his girl friend’s mother being the candidate for vice president.

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