The core message of speech was even emptier than you thought

James N. writes:

A lot of commentators are complaining that Obama’s repeated demand that Congress “pass this bill” makes him sound like a dictator.

Actually, to make this demand when there is no bill written, no bill in the hopper, no committees assigned, and no sponsors in the House or Senate makes him sound like an idiot.

LA replies:

Good point by James, and here’s another little problem with the speech. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Obama made a debt ceiling deal with the Congress, a deal that took months of tortuous and bitter negotiations to reach? And now he’s stomped all over it with a proposal, or rather an insistent demand, that Congress spend an additional $400 billion on economic stimulus NOW.

But didn’t Obama promise to pay for the bill? “Saying that something is ‘paid for’ isn’t enough,” Sen. Sessions told NRO. “Borrowing even more to spend immediately in exchange for vague promises of distant future cuts means that we are digging ourselves into a deeper fiscal hole and moving quickly in the wrong direction.”

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