Obama Youth

See this YouTube video.

I don’t know what organization put these black youths in uniforms and trained them to walk and stand in line emitting a military sounding chant, “Oh Bay Ma, Oh Bay Ma,” and then step forward one at a time with their arms raised in a peculiar gesture with their fists touching and their elbows pointed out to the side, declaring, “Because of Obama I’m responsible to be the next architect,” “Because of Obama I’m responsible to be the next doctor,” “Because of Obama I’m responsible to be the next auto mechanic,” followed by incomprehensible chants.

It reminds me of the PBS documentary on North Korea in 2007 about a team of Western doctors who went to Korea to cure people of cataracts, and the cured patients, instead of thanking the doctors, said, one after another, “Thanks to our Dear Leader for restoring my sight,” and not thanking the doctors at all. For the members of the personality cult, all the goods and blessings of life, including one’s career, including one’s eyesight, come from the Leader. But what we see in this Obama Youth video is worse, because it has an African primitiveness about it.

So we’ve got a North Korean/African-American, Communist/Fascist style personality cult growing up in the USA around candidate Barack Obama. We can expect much more along these lines if he becomes president.

Yet I still say, Bring It On. If an Obama presidency leads newly empowered blacks to let it all hang out, there’s a chance white America will finally wake up to racial reality and start to reclaim this country. With Obama, there will be the horror, the horror, but also life or at least the chance of life. With McCain there will be no awakening at all, but only conservative acquiescence to a conservative-hating president, fueled by adoration for his effervescent sidekick.

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A reader writes:

Scary stuff. Also, Islam, like Communism before it, has a potential to provide a proxy of a united front against the West, as with Iran along with black Muslim converts in UK and U.S. reaching out to Venezuela.

Anthony Damato writes:

I think this group may be a fraternity on some campus somewhere. I saw this video, and thought it absolutely scary. These kids marched in like robots chanting “Alpha, Omega…” and you’re right, demonstrated a mindless surrender to their leader Obama by gesturing in a disturbingly primitive way. Had these kids been actual thinking, reasoning individuals, they would understand what their idol really represents. Unfortunately, Obama has a strange charisma that affects so many such that even normally thinking, reasoning people who one could say are otherwise intelligent, are ignoring both the dangerous ideology he openly declares, and the effects his cult like attraction is inspiring in many. I don’t think anything like this has been seen in the West since National Socialism. Imagine a “Truth Squad” working to further a presidential candidate and no one thinks this dangerous that the candidate is silent. Imagine an entire media apparatus pushing for this man and nothing can penetrate the wall of illusion these media types inhabit. They ignore the Obama terrorist affiliations, the Obama truth squads and the Obama Brown Shirts because this messianic figure reflects their own deep seated dysfunctionality.

Mary B. writes:

These boys are marching in a style similar to a black college fraternity called Omega Psi Phi Incorporated. I saw a lot of this when I was on a Big Ten campus in the ’80s. Pledges to this fraternity had to memorize a very long poem and march in this style wearing military style uniforms. Word on the street was that they also had to be branded with a branding iron to become a member. Both Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sr. were brothers. Wikipedia has an incomplete list of members.

Paul K. writes:

What I find sad here is seeing college-aged boys who are obviously not very intelligent announcing that they will be doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers. The unrealistic expectations that are constantly being pumped into young African-Americans sets them up for failure. I don’t blame the kids, as they are victims of the liberal insanity just like the rest of us. (I know it sounds cruel to say that someone is “obviously” not intelligent, but you can make a fairly accurate judgment by the lack of focus in the face and the poor enunciation.)

Mark Jaws writes:

Mr. Auster is right once again. This GOP ticket is on a road to nowhere. Take Sara Palin, for example. I had certainly hoped that after her rock-‘em / sock-‘em GOP convention acceptance speech, she was going to be the Spiro Agnew of our time, except with a nice face and figure. Surely she would go after Obama’s ties to that crazy black racist church and ask the questions ignored by the the liberal media. Boy, was I wrong. Six weeks have gone by and not a peep about Wright. McCain, the maverick who back in 2000 vociferously criticized Bush’s tenuous ties to Bob Jones University, is now seemingly afraid to question and confront the black racism of Reverend Wright. This self-imposed kowtowing to blacks is even worse than being an Uncle Tom, who had to navigate in the deadly world of 19th century white racism. He had an excuse for being a coward, but what about McCain? Once again, we have been abandoned by the GOP elites, even when confronted with the most radical and black supremacist candidate the Democratic Party has ever put up for president.

While I cannot speak for the rest of my friends who still bank on the GOP, I can say that I, Mark Jaws will do my best to exploit the radical nature of an Obama administration and the inevitable black overreach (e.g., this video of Obama Yoof) it will surely generate, by organizing a local right-wing action group which will take on liberal policies in my county. Step by step, in county by county—that is how we traditionalists will have to operate in the foreseeable future, because at the top, the GOP is void of any courage and leadership.

LA replies:

I wonder why Mr. Jaws thought that Gov. Palin would start raising the Rev. Wright issue. Last spring, McCain slapped down the North Carolina Republican party for running a completely legitimate TV ad about Rev. Wright.

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