Shocker: positive views of BNP surged after Question Time

(Note 10/28: In this entry, an Indian living in the West gives his view of the BNP and today’s Britain.)

Apparently British viewers were more turned off by the ganging up on Nick Griffin on Question Time than they were by Griffin’s embarrassingly feckless performance. A poll taken immediately after the broadcast showed that 22 percent of those questioned would “seriously consider” voting for BNP in local, European, or national elections. Not only that, but more than half in the survey said that the party “had a point” in wishing to “speak up for the interests of the indigenous, white British people … which successive governments have done far too little to protect.” However, I don’t know how that remarkable finding jibes with another finding that over two thirds of those polled said that they would not vote for BNP under any circumstances.

And here’s another surprise. In an interview on Sky News, a nonwhite journalist said that it doesn’t work to attack the BNP, because that only makes them look like the put-upon party and increases their popularity. Instead, he said, the BNP should be criticized for the incompetence of its elected officials, their inability to deliver on their promises.

This is unbelievable. He was talking about the BNP as though it were a legitimate party like any other, and the problem with it were not its radical ideology, but its performance. If the British media follow this fellow’s advice, the BNP will have arrived, it will no longer be demonized and will have a chance to fight things out on some kind of level playing field.

By the way, I don’t remotely expect the BNP to become the ruling party of Britain. My hope is that by winning elections, it will shock the British system out of its present suicidal state and that better leaders will start coming forward.

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October 28

An Indian living in the West writes:

You have stated repeatedly that Griffin has disavowed his former anti-semitism and obvious past links with neo Nazis. Why should anyone believe his sincerity? Isn’t it entirely posible that he has simply done this for the purposes of legitimacy? [LA replies: to understand my reasons for saying this you need to read the several articles I’ve written on it over the years, where I state my reasons. I also repeatedly say in those articles that nothing is conclusive, but that to ignore the extraordinary transformaiton of the BNP is to close one’s eyes to reality.]

I did actually see the lynching as you describe it and as a show it was utterly ludicrous. While I don’t have any views on Griffin, I doubt if anyone in his position would have done any better. If anything, the show confirmed to me the extent of the hatred that exists in Britain for the BNP and for Griffin. This hatred is largely irrational because Griffin is largely irrelevant politically—I say this despite the “re-invention” of the BNP that he has undertken and with some success (the election of two MEPs being a milestone).

From what I can see, Griffin is trying to save a country that no longer exists. I think all non-Anglo Anglo-philes (and I used to be one myself) have a view of Britain in their minds until they see it for what it has become. The Britain that I thought existed was the one that Arthur Conan Doyle described in his novels and the one that fought as one under Churchill under gravely difficult circumstances. That Britain and the people of that character do not exist any more. As an example, more than half the children born in Britain these day are born out of wedlock. This is just one statistic. I could rattle off a few more. And indeed I have mentioned numerous other problems in the past.

The country has changed irretrievably. And I am not even talking of immigration. In terms of character and that modern word culture, it has changed beyond recognition. If Churchill were resusticated from his grave somehow and reappeared in the year 2009, he would find it hard to recognise the country (although some traditions remain—they are on their last legs).

To be honest with you, when I have walked the streets of London during my past visits I realised slowly that there was little difference between the whites, the blacks and the numerous ethnic minorities that Britain’s liberals have liberally imported into the country. What I saw on the streets was an assimilation into the rap culture imported from the USA—boys walking around wearing chains and hoodies, listening to rap music, girls dressed like whores and acting like whores, religion consigned to the waste-bin and if not, to the Madrassa etc. There is nothing left to save in Britain. As an English friend of mine used to say when looking at the urban youth, “they are the future of the country and that boggles the mind”.

As a comparison I can only compare it with Japan and South Korea. During my visit there last year I could see the difference. The Western press loves running down Japan and forever talking about its supposed woes, because it really hates Japan’s success and would like it to turn into a multicultural society like Britain. But Japan and South Korea are almost the antithesis of everything that Britain has now become. If any of your site’s regular visitors find the time, they can see those countries for themselves. I had trouble believing that those countries are on the same planet as Britain. They do things differently there. If Dalrymple wanted to escape to a sane society he should have chosen the Far East instead of France when he left Britain.

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