A surprising voice of moderation and sanity on the left

Charles Blow, of all people, holds his fellow liberals to task for blaming Republicans for the Tucson shooting when, as he says, there is zero evidence supporting the charge.

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January 17

Sophia A. writes:

It’s occurred to me that Blow had an agenda in writing this. He saw how ludicrous the initial left-wing response was (esp. from his own newspaper in the form of Krugman) plus he saw the poll results. No fool he, Blow realized that the Dems could suffer from, excuse me, blowback. So he wrote a damage control column.

This doesn’t in any way lessen the fact that unlike Krugman and the fools on TPM Cafe he “manned up” and wrote some sense.

Blow is a worthy adversary, and in that sense more dangerous (can I use such an uncivil word?) than Krugman, who has simply degenerated to incoherence. He’s worth watching.

LA replies:
Personally, I wouldn’t draw any conclusions about Blow’s possible future direction, possibly useful to conservatives, from this one column. I would simply observe that the column is useful.

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