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Kathlene M. writes:

I used to read NRO before I found your website. After that, I lost interest in the writing and opinions there, although I’ll sometimes visit NRO and check out the headlines. Most of the time I’ll leave there after five minutes. As a relatively recent convert to conservatism, I find NRO and most “conservative websites” very limited. Your website, in comparison, explores a wide range of issues and examines them from a traditional conservative viewpoint. You also allow readers of contrary opinions to present their viewpoints. This is one reason why I value your website.

You’re doing a marvelous job at handling the criticism. By posting the exchanges I think you’re more than fair which you are not obligated to be. Other websites would simply delete or ban the contrary opinions.

Thank you for creating VFR and keeping it going. If it didn’t exist, I think many of us would feel lost in the wilderness. We need places like VFR to learn about and thoroughly examine conservatism.

LA replies:

That’s very, very nice of you and I’m glad you discovered VFR and that it’s been helpful to you.

Since you particularly like the aspect of VFR where I post criticisms, be sure to see the collection, Responding to criticisms and questions(which is posted on the sidebar).

Kathlene replies:
Thank you. I think I mentioned how I’ve been exploring your site’s archives, so this helps. Also I’ve mentioned that, thanks to you, I’ve discovered Father Seraphim Rose’s book “Nihilism” and James Burnham’s book “Suicide of the West.” I will add other books to my list as I find time.

You remind me of my late brother-in-law who was a conservative and MIT graduate. I was quite liberal when I joined my husband’s family, and my brother-in-law would infuriate me at the time with his questions. I miss him now.

My conversion to traditional conservatism was a slow process, brought on by several factors:

1) September 11, 2001,

2) the births of my children,

3) and my move to California with my husband. This last event sealed the deal. California illustrates very effectively the destructive end result of liberal policies on the West. My husband jokes with me that, if he’d known that California would turn me into a conservative, he’d have moved us here sooner.

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