McKinstry: the purpose of Britain’s immigration policy is to destroy Britain; and the immigration must be stopped

Another strong column on Britain’s immigration auto-da-fé; by Leo McKinstry in the February 28 issue of the Express. I’ve bolded the boldest passages.


CHAOS is deepening across north Africa. As Libya plunges into civil war and neighbouring states are gripped by protests and political paralysis, no one can be sure of the long-term outcome. But one thing is certain: the climate of upheaval is bound to cause a new surge of immigration from Africa to Europe.

With a lavish welfare system, fetish for diversity and human rights culture, Britain is likely to be the prime destination for this new flood of arrivals. The political elite of Brussels will no doubt welcome this development as a further step towards creating a new political entity in Europe.

After all, the very existence of the EU is predicated on the abolition of national identity and destruction of borders. The motto of the EU is “united in diversity”. Already we can see signs of the new migration wave sweeping across the Mediterranean from Africa.

In the first two weeks after the overthrow of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia on January 14, more than 5,000 Tunisians reached the tiny southern Italian island of Lampedusa, whose indigenous population is only 6,000. The Italian government fears that more than 300,000 Libyans will descend as the bloodshed in that country worsens.

FIXATED by the dogma of multi-culturalism and contemptuous of our heritage, the EU will do nothing to resist. The idea that the last vestiges of our European civilisation might be protected by the unelected cabal of over- paid mediocrities, traitors and ideologues in the European Commission is simply laughable.

This is an outfit that has recently signed a deal with India to enable around 50,000 Indian IT workers to move to Europe. Inevitably the biggest share of this influx, 20,000, has been taken by Britain. The EU has even opened a recruitment office in Mali to help Africans find work in Europe.

It is planned that the bureau, costing 8 million pounds, will be the first of several. Only a politician with a twisted mind and a disdain for public opinion could think of using taxpayers’ money to encourage yet more migrants.The fabric of Europe has already been stretched to breaking point and nowhere is that more true than in Britain.

The gross annual rate of immigration has topped 500,000 in recent years, the vast majority of incomers hail from Africa or Asia. Moreover there are probably around a million illegal immigrants in our midst, tolerated by a government machine that has lost any desire to uphold our national integrity.

That is why the British public is in such despair over mass immigration. An independent survey published yesterday revealed the depth of this anger, with 60 per cent of people describing immigration as a “bad thing” for Britain and 52 per cent agreeing that “Muslims create problems in the UK”. This is not even a racial issue: 39 per cent of Asians and 24 per cent of blacks want a crackdown on immigration.

What is remarkable about these findings is that the public feels this way after all the years of aggressive, institutionalised propaganda about the joys of cultural diversity and the unalloyed benefits of mass immigration. But then, while the politicians live in their ivory towers, ordinary people can see with their own eyes the disaster brought about by the cultural revolution.

Public services have been put under intolerable strain, while the costs of social security have become unsustainable, especially because migrants are far more likely to be unemployed, in receipt of benefits and living in social housing.

Our once peaceful land is plagued by violent crime, tribal warfare, drugs, Islamist terrorism and Asian sex gangs preying on young girls. Democracy has been subverted by mass voting fraud, much of it perpetrated among the ethnic minorities. All sense of social cohesion has been lost.

In urban areas dominated by mosques, burkas and the babble of foreign tongues, many Britons feel like aliens in their own country. Nor have any of the supposed economic benefits materialised. The increase in uncontrolled migration has been accompanied by the deepest recession since the Thirties, while millions have been thrown on the scrapheap as 90 per cent of new jobs go to foreigners.

The British people never voted for this. The lack of any democratic say is one of the factors fuelling the indignation that can be seen in this weekend’s survey. Mass immigration and the elevation of multiculturalism into an official creed of the state were imposed by an unholy alliance made up of two elements.

THE first was employers, including the nanny- employing elitists, who welcomed the chance to drive down wages. The second was the political Left, led by Labour and the chattering metropolitan elite, who used diversity as a wrecking ball to demolish a united British society that they despised.

As Harriet Harman, the high priestess of the revolution, put it, the aim was to build “a new social order”. So borders were demolished and passports, student visas and work permits dished out like confetti. This approach was accompanied bylies, smears and intimidation to create a climate in which any opposition to immigration was portrayed as racist.

Yet as the polls show the public has not been cowed by the state’s Orwellian exercise in brainwashing. We want our country back. Coalition ministers, who have been too supine for too long, have got to listen.

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