How do I despise thee? Let me not count the ways.

Daniel F. writes:

This is a good post by Daniel Greenfield on the decadent state of the Republican Party, to which I was referred by a John Derbyshire post on V-Dare.

LA replies:

How many ways can it be said that the Republicans, with their current tilting toward amnesty after having firmly and successfully opposed it for years, are the nth degree of stupid? It’s not worth the mental effort to come up with new and more astonished and more indignant ways of saying the same thing. We should just write them off.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

I said it’s futile to push one’s brains to describe adequately how stupid the Republicans have become. But Daniel Greenfield, in the linked article, makes a worthwhile effort:

A sane party would draw up a strategy by asking who its base is, what they need and how it can maximize their turnout. A party run by people who give lunatics a bad name, asks who the other party’s base is and begins planning to win them over by drastically increasing their numbers while disenfranchising and disgusting its own base.

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