The likelihood of a Muslim inspiration should not be dismissed

Laura G. writes:

As for the man who beheaded the stranger on the bus in Canada, we do not know anything about what influenced him to commit his crime. Tapes of beheadings (yes, done by Muslims) have been available on the Web for years. Non-Middle-Easterners who are Muslim proselytes have already committed or attempted other typical Muslim crimes, including the usual crash-the-airplane fetish. I certainly hope that the sources of his inspiration will be thoroughly explored and made publicly known, and in the meantime I know that a Muslim inspiration remains likely. In addition, given the notorious reluctance of the dhimmified leaders of the Free World to acknowledge any Muslim connection to any crime, it is our duty aggressively to follow the case and demand that the investigation be thorough and public. In particular, a blanket statement regarding his insanity should not be accepted. So, thank you Larry, and you have absolutely nothing to apologize for whatsoever. To the complete contrary.

Tonight and tomorrow in synagogue we read the last parasha in Numbers, and we stand at the conclusion to pray: “Be Strong! Be Strong! And May We Be Strengthened!”


You mention the Oklahoma City bombings and that a Muslim was not involved. I am not at all convinced that we are in a position to know if McVeigh was or was not acting alone. There seems to be enough evidence that he was instead acting with the direct Middle East assistance that that question remains in legitimate doubt. Serious and knowledgeable people who are not conspiracy freaks continue to have deep concerns about the adequacy of the information that is generally available. A few months ago, the evidence for a Middle East genesis of the Oklahoma bombing was discussed in a symposium which included Caroline Glick, John O’Neill, Frank Gaffney, Harvey Kushner, Robert Spencer, Bruce Tefft, Joe Kaufman, David Schippers, and several others. None of them were laughing at the account, to say the least.

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LA replies:

Thank you for this. Just what was needed. You’ve put the issue back in perspective in several ways. Your ideas on the likely Muslim connection, your reminder of the systematic way they will try to cover up a Muslim connection, are very important.

Laura g. replies:

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow in the “Be Strong” prayer. Your recent post about the Great Leftward March of the neocons has been resonating with me for several reasons. The result is that all-alone-and-my-back-is-to-the-wall feeling. Not good at all. All I can say is that we all need a large dose of that strength stuff and we all need to just push along however we can, finding the allies wherever we can. That is why you are a living national treasure.

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