Another aspect of the new America

Diana West writes:

In 59 voting divisions of Philadelphia, Mitt Romney lost 59,605 to zero. As IBD notes, Romney was similarly blanked in nine precincts in nationally pivotal and heavily Democratic Cuyahoga County, Ohio, centered on Cleveland, where he did even worse than third-party candidates.

Seem impossible? Yes, it does. And that’s not just our opinion. Rich Exner, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s data analysis editor, said he doesn’t find the shutout credible.

Equally as implausible were the turnouts in Democratic strongholds that either exceeded the number of registered voters or the voting-age population.

What to do? At least Allen West (R-FL), for one, is fighting back, demanding a recount of the early votes. [cont.]

I wish Allen West well in his effort to get a recount and a true vote. But as for the larger problem of massive voter fraud across the country, even if it’s true (which I assume it is), and even if, through the assiduous, months- or years-long efforts of journalists and activists and lawyers, the truth is brought out, it won’t make any practical difference. Because it’s their country now. And systemic voter fraud is simply the way it’s done in their country.

I’ve been saying for years that the Democratic Party along with its media and other institutional adjuncts is an essentially criminal organization. Well, then, if the Democratic Party acquires unrestrained power over the country, which it has now effectively done, what kind of country is it going to be? A criminal country.

Which is not to say that the truth of the criminality should not be brought out. But we must understand that in the new America the truth is the only thing we can have; we can never have power nor translate truth into power. Because it’s their country now.

If we are to have power, it can only be an area, a state, a region, that is to some extent independent of the power that now rules America.

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November 15, 10 a.m.

Jim Kalb writes:

You do get the impression that truth has been abolished in favor of ideology, a.k.a. the will to power. That became an accepted principle in intellectual life some time back, and the same principle has been working its way through public life. Now it seems that honesty and disinterestedness are hardly worth mentioning even as ideals.

It’s not just the Democrats, of course. If it were, then they would be a bunch of weirdos we could get rid of and then all would be well.

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