The souls of women

The thread, “Why has the female sex lost its mind?”, has continued, with many fascinating comments from a variety of angles. There is so much in the thread that a separate article would be needed just to summarize it.

Laura G. has just added a comment that is one of the most devastating things I’ve ever read. It is about her interviews of women whose daughters had been sexually abused by men the mother had allowed into the home, either as lovers or guests. These men were obviously dangerous types, exhibiting such behaviors as making sexually suggestive comments to a pre-teen daughter. But when the signs of this bad behavior were pointed out to the women during the interview, they were completely surprised, because they had never noticed it. To put it more exactly, they had noticed the behavior, but the significance of it had not occurred to them.

Was Nietzsche right, after all, when he said that women aren’t even superficial? Or is it rather the female nature plus liberalism, that turns them into hopeless dolts?

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Brandon F. writes (May 15):

Another great quote from Nietzsche, Ecce Homo. A sword in the gut of all feminists.

“Emancipation of Women”—that is the instinctive hatred of the abortive woman, who is incapable of giving birth, against the woman who is turned out well—the fight against the “man” is always a mere means, pretext, tactic. By raising themselves higher, as “woman in herself”, as the “higher woman,” as a female “idealist,” they want to lower the level of the general rank of woman; and there is no surer means for that than higher education, slacks, and political voting-cattle rights. At bottom, the emancipated are anarchists in the world of the “eternally feminine,” the underprivileged whose most fundamental instinct is revenge.

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