A bleak movie

Writing at FrontPage Magazine, Kidist Paulos Asrat reviews Precious, a movie about “the soul-destroying welfare world of black single mothers,” and, she regrets to say, a movie that does not transcend its subject.

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January 15

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

You were saying the other day about things at VFR being on the cutting edge. I just realized that this Monday is Martin Luther King Day, and just a couple of days ago Pat Robertson made that innocent, reflective comment (if you watch the video, there is nothing “hell and damnation” about it). And then I decided to write this article on Precious. Why one is more interested in one thing than another is a mystery—I could have written about George Clooney’s sad and unfunny “Up in the Air” which is touted as the next new screwball comedy (not at all).

So, perhaps people are beginning to realize that there is a sense of bad (or evil) in the way the black populations of the world have decided to confront life.

Precious is up for three Golden Globes this weekend. I wonder if people will connect those dots and reflect why places like Haiti are such terrible places (even without the earthquakes), and why many blacks live in conditions that are so much worse now than 45 years ago.

Here is their chance.

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