Blacks don’t just commit vastly more violence than other groups, but a vastly different kind of violence

David B. writes:

Nicholas Stix just posted this about a beating in South Carolina. This time it’s black on white. Again, the victim is kicked by a group while on the ground.

Since the MSM is going full bore on “blacks are targeted by racist America,” these stories must be highlighted.

LA replies:

The repeated, non-stop occurrence of such crimes shows how inadequate it is on our part to say that black violence is “disproportionate,” and then politely cite statistics showing that blacks commit far more crime, and far more interracial crime, than other groups. It is not just a difference of frequency and number, as huge as that difference it. It is a total difference of kind. It is a unique gestalt of black savagery, manifested in exactly the same way over and over again. Look again at the video of two blacks firing guns at a bus last July after a woman on the bus cell phoned her cousin that a man had criticized her for slapping her child. I’m not just talking about the fact that the brothers Caron and Rahim Patterson send a barrage of bullets at the bus, but at their body language as they carry on the attack. That video, made from inside the bus as the two armed brothers approach it and open fire, gives us a glimpse, from the victim’s point of view, into the way young black males move and act when they commit violent crimes, their always-at-the-ready, instantaneous preparedness to engage in animalistic acts of mayhem.

We need to resist the flat, reductive, non-judgmental language of modern society and re-acquire the older language in which the particular qualities of things can be accurately conveyed.

LA continues:

To say that black violence is “disproportionate,” and let it go at that, would be as though during the height of the suicide terrorist attacks in Israeli buses and restaurants in the Nineties and early Oughts, Israelis had said that “Palestinians have a disproportionate rate of violence.”

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Dan R. writes:

A different kind of violence regularly reported in news stories involves blacks ganging up on an individual white. But even in one-on-one situations I often read of the white victim being pounded on, even while unconscious, to within an inch of his life. This leads me to wonder whether George Zimmerman, if he was indeed in this type of situation, realized his attacker might well continue hitting him to a point where his life would be permanently altered as a result of injuries? In these situations the black attackers seem to have an uncanny understanding of where to cease: the borderline between life and death, thus not having to face murder charges.

Here’s a sickening incident that happened at Michigan State University, over three years ago, involving players from the hockey and football teams.

LA continues:

To say that blacks commit “disproportionate” violence is similar to saying that blacks “lag behind” whites in academic achievement. Like the former, the latter falsely, and with ruinous consequences for society, portrays a difference in kind as a mere difference in degree, as I discussed in a January 2003 entry:

[Mona] Charen is right that everyone including blacks should work up to his top level, and that racial preferences create a serious obstacle to the fulfillment of that ideal. But at the same time she somewhat misrepresents the situation when she resorts to the soothing euphemism (used with absolute predictability by literally every single mainstream journalist who writes about this subject) that “blacks continue to lag behind whites in academic performance.” [Emphasis added.] “Lag” suggests that blacks are just a bit behind whites, in the same footrace as it were, but crossing the finish line just a little bit later. The reality is that blacks on average perform substantially below whites in every area of intellectual endeavor, particularly of demanding intellectual endeavor. In terms of the footrace metaphor, in many or most instances blacks as a group are not in the same footrace with whites at all. The very policy of racially proportional admissions in the elite universities reveals this fact, since it results in two non-contiguous student bodies, with almost all the blacks and Hispanics having been admitted with scores at which almost all the whites and Asians would be automatically rejected….

No one is expecting a mainstream conservative like Mona Charen to start talking like Charles Murray or Jared Taylor. But at the very least we ought to be able to expect a writer of her good sense to avoid misleading euphemisms, such as that “blacks lag behind whites,” which give such a thoroughly incorrect impression of reality and make people believe that with just a little more effort, blacks could catch up with whites. The danger lurking in that false belief is that when blacks despite their presumed equal potential don’t catch up, their failure must inevitably be seen as the fault of some outside force, namely whites, who, yet once again, must bend themselves out of shape to come up with yet another social engineering scheme that will raise black performance to an equal level with that of whites. Each such scheme only expands blacks’ already bloated sense of entitlement that Charen talked about, thus further damaging their character, lowering their aspirations, and increasing their racial resentment.

Hannon writes:

A friend told me years ago, in the 1980s, that she learned that when robbers in Nairobi take someone’s wallet they will beat the victim into unconsciousness, regardless of how cooperative the victim is. This seems to be in accordance with black savagery in general. There is never any noble, protective motive behind these attacks or even a thought given to effective vs. excessive force. Social cowardice on the part of passive whites and the protection of law are not enough to counter this evil.

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