Sorry, liberals, but she’s a resentful, unintelligent narcissist no matter how much you dress her up

Today’s New York Times has an article on Michelle Obama’s slave ancestors plus a white interloper/ancestor circa 1850. Lucianne Goldberg in her Must Reads of the Day captures what the Times piece is about:

In First Lady’s Roots,a Complex Path From Slavery
The adoring NY Times and the First Lady’s crack staff in another labored attempt to make her interesting.

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JS writes:

My reaction on this was the same as the one you post. An attempt to make MO interesting by summoning up the “Roots” hysteria of the ’70s. One of the Lucianne commenters makes this very apt point:

Malvinia is only one of 32 direct lineage ancestors of Michelle, what were the stories of the other 31? Why is this single distant ancestor the only one of import, is it because of the slavery issue?….

Few people know that Alex Haley plagiarized major parts of Roots word-for-word from a book written only nine years earlier. “The African” by the white anthropologist Harold Courlander was published in 1967 and told a harrowing story of the middle passage from the slave’s perspective.

The point is that drawing parallels between one great great great grandparent and MO is a selective imagineering of reality much like imaging the life and times of “Lucy” from a few bone fragments.

This is yet another example of the clumsy and heavy handed orchestration of news to match Obama’s talking-points of the day. Intelligent peoiple with some life experience see through this instantly, but I fear that this brainwashing is very effective on many people. Years of fictional wise, competent black presidents portrayed in the media helped bring about the election of a real black president who happened to be both a Communist and an incompetent affirmative action fraud.

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