A way of getting a fix on liberalism

It would be interesting and worthwhile to start creating a cumulative list of salient facts about the world that liberals do not allow themselves to believe, and do not allow themselves even to glimpse as remote possibilities. The idea would be, not just to collect such facts in a list, but to organize them into categories. This would help free many conservatives from the perennial conservative expectation that this liberal media Big Lie, or this Democratic grab for tyrannical power, or this murder of an American by an immigrant, or this black-on-white atrocity, or this police chief blaming a black-on-white atrocity on the victim’s being “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” or this celebrated female fighter pilot crashing, or this lesbian kiss between two U.S. Army officers, or this feminist celebration of the superiority of women over men, or this failed attempt to close the academic gap between blacks and whites, or this Middle American city inundated by Somalian refugees, or this persecution of an individual or business for choosing not to associate with homosexuals, or this Muslim terrorist attack, or this Muslim demand on non-Muslims for sharia compliance, or this U.S. government alliance with our jihadist enemies, will finally wake liberals up to the reality of liberal media lies, or the Democrats’ tyrannical agenda, or black-on-white racial violence, or Islamic supremacism, and all the rest of it. This is true because liberals blind themselves not just to certain discrete non-liberal facts, but to the larger categories to which those facts belong. The idea is to get a panoramic view of the liberal denial of truth. Once conservatives have a clearer understanding that there are entire sectors of reality that liberals black out of their consciousness and must black out of their consciousness if they are to continue to be liberals, the conservatives will stop holding out the doomed hope that liberals in significant numbers will ever renounce liberalism, at least so long as liberal society—and the liberal opinion-shaping apparatus that sustains it—is still functioning.

This is a job for the Institute for the Study of Liberal Society.

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James N. writes:

Fact about the world Number 1: There are things that are true.

Definition of “true”: Does not change based upon whether or not you believe, or believe in, it.

Fact about the world Number 2: There are things that are false. “False” = not “true.” These things also do not change based on whether you believe in them or do not believe in them.

The assignment of externalities to “true” or “false” is independent of your emotional state.

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