A cultural conservative

Clark Coleman writes:

I guess Robert Bork is not a South Park Conservative. Perhaps the NRO man-boys should be tied to chairs in the basement and forced to listen to recordings of lectures such as this one. It is odd that, when Bork was nominated for the Supreme Court, I thought of him as a very good legal scholar who deserved to be on the Court, but I did not realize that he would be (or already was) a strong cultural conservative.

LA replies:

When Bork began writing on larger conservative themes after his nomination battle, he wrote as a cultural conservative. His deservedly praised 1996 book was entitled Slouching Toward Gomorrah. Among other things, that book popularized the phrase “radical liberal” to describe today’s liberals—liberals who believe in the complete liberation of desire.

On a side point, “man-boy” implies that one is half-man. But that’s not true of the NRO people. They’re not men at all. They’re just boys—or rather half-boys, since your average American boy (at least as American boys used to be) has more manhood and gravitas than your average NRO type.

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