Swedish sex and race video

The ultimate vision of liberalism, I have always said, is of a borderless world with six billion naked humans of all races copulating and consuming.

This Swedish video, which claims it was produced on Swedish state television (a claim I doubt), takes that vision further.

It’s shocking and disgusting, of course. Nevertheless it is an inevitable outcome of liberalism. What is liberalism about? Make love with whom you want, and race doesn’t matter, except that whites are guilty and deserve to be eliminated from the earth.

Also ask yourself what position your typical mainstream conservative could take against this video. As we know ever since their joyous huzzas in response to the Bristol Palin out-of-wedlock pregnancy situation in September 2008, mainstream conservatives have no problem with sexual freedom, so long as any resulting baby is not aborted. Secondly, mainstream conservatives believe that any concern about or even consciousness of race and race differences is morally wicked, therefore they have no reason to be concerned about the interracial sexual aspect of this video, even though it is aggressively anti-white. Finally, conservatives, such as Bill Whittle, say that all that defines our culture and civilization is the rule of law, so what can conservatives find wrong with a video showing lots of nonwhite men engaging in consensual copulation with lots of white women? There’s nothing illegal about that.

To repeat, this hyper miscegenation video, the clear theme of which is the elimination of the white race through mass interracial sex, is an inevitable expression of liberalism; and today’s conservatives are themselves so imbued with liberalism that they have no basis on which to oppose it.

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Thomas Bertonneau writes:

SVT (Sveriges Television), from whose website the miscegenation video originates, is the government-controlled, ground-based television broadcasting monopoly in Sweden. The video—Blanda Upp or “Mix it Up”—seems to have been part of a serial comedy-variety program called Grotesco. This program is the Swedish equivalent of Saturday Night Live (in recent years) or something on Comedy Central. It is not precisely a piece of direct, federal, top-down propaganda; but it is something that the producers of the program believe that their audience (people under twenty-five, I would guess) will find “cool” or “transgressive.” It is not so different from many “rap music” videos shown on MTV, which is to say that it is in extreme bad taste, inviting adolescents to condone or imitate the behavior of the worst and least assimilated elements of the society.

The degeneration of Sweden from ett folkhem (“a society of one people”) into a nihilistic multicultural tyranny is a pathetic spectacle. To put it in terms that readers of VFR can understand, the Swedish elites, who are spiritually akin to our own Janet Napolitano, have been laboring mightily to destroy their nation for forty years. Sweden has been socialist since the late 1920s, but the pre-multicultural socialism arguably made sense for an ethnically homogeneous nation. From Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman to Blanda Upp—that is almost like Atlantis, which, according to Plato, sank beneath the waves in a single day and night.

P.S. My first degree was a baccalaureate in Germanic and Scandinavian Languages.

JC writes from Houston:

I saw that video last week on alt-right. The Swedish government may not have sponsored it but the U.S. Navy DID sponsor this poster. (Also see link at American Renaissance.)

I wonder why the Navy didn’t post a warning that white women married to black husbands are 12 times more likely to be murdered? But then again who cares about traditional marriage as this latest survey by the PEW people shows.

Not to mention the fact that baby mama Bristol Palin is now a superstar like Mama Grizzly Sarah (and who the hell is taking care of Down’s Syndrome Baby Trig? or her other two younger daughters for that matter?) I’m one of those now old Baby Boomers (the conservative type from the South) who grew up in a family that really did resemble the Leave it to Beaver model. It’s really depressing to have witnessed the decline and fall of a great nation and race in such a short time. Makes me glad I don’t have all that many years left. Do you see any hope for the future?

LA replies:

We all have these moments of deep discouragement. I’ve replied to this type of comment many times. The entire site is addressing your question.

posted November 20

Thomas Fink writes:

The Swedish sex and race video and the German racism of selective sexual restraint.

If you think it cannot get more crazy, take this: a German influential left wing daily (very pro feminist) recently ran an article which got quite some attention. It was about the sexual sufferings of Muslim men who get rejected by white German women.

The article was very concerned with the latent racism inherent in this attitude of rejection. A racism, so was the diagnosis, that hides behind alleged fears of “cultural differences” and above-average propensities for violence. But, so the bottom line of the article, because this aggressions are being produced by sexual frustration, indigenous women should more live in terms of a welcoming culture of tolerance and openness. Then there is a greater chance that this demented Germany becomes not only more colorful, but also more happy.

Happy in a world where the feminist demand for sexual self-determination has validity only among white men .

Michael S. writes:

The next time you link to a video that you yourself describe as “shocking and disgusting,” I am going to resist the temptation to click. After about 20 or 30 seconds I knew I had to get out, lest that damn hook work its way into my mind and take up permanent residence. I felt the need to disinfect my ears immediately.

Fortunately, the disinfectant was successful.

David M. writes:

This is in response to JC from Houston.

Many white women join the service and then tramp around, not caring who they are sleeping with; it is their break from their blinkered, Ike-and-Mamie small-town life. Some even seek out the black serviceman because it something that would shock mom and dad back home. (I would express my thoughts in the graphic terms they rightly deserve, but this is a website where such wording would be unseamly, and I respect the site too highly for that).

Having set the table, I don’t think the poster shown at AmRen has the Navy promoting miscegenation. The Navy is instead acknowledging a problem that, short of restoring segregation, cannot be solved. They are thus saying “don’t get yourself into a situation you’ll live to regret,” showing the actual situation. If they showed two Freshly Scrubbed Corn-Fed Midwest Rosy-Cheeked kids fresh off the set of Our Town, the poster would likely not connect with its target audience.

It all is unpleasant, but it is the way things stand now. My view may be naive, but I think the message behind the posters is very much on the side against miscegenation.

posted November 26

Ulf P. writes from Sweden

I live in Sweden, and the video is indeed produced by Swedish public service TV, as humor.

You can see the video, on the SVT site (Swedish Television). Svt is the public service television in Sweden.

“Musikvideo—Blanda upp

Var forst med att se klipp ur nya Grotesco—alltid pa svt.se/humor.”

Grotesco is the name of the program.

LA replies:

For Swedish Television to call such intense, racially charged, anti-white propaganda “humor” is an transparent leftist lie.

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