Unassimilable immigrants from without, nihilism from within: while the West fills itself up with “moderate” Muslims, Western women fill up their breasts with silicone

Reported in the “Femail” column at The Mail:
The Boob-Job Boobies:
A-list celebrities and
C-list nobodies with
gravity defying bosoms
These rock-hard
monstrosities seem to
be everywhere.

The article, “Sorry girls, we men just don’t find your Silicon Valleys sexy,” by Cosmo Landesman, is an all-out attack on artificially enlarged breasts. Also, the many photographs in the story back my observations last March on the sure signs that a woman’s breasts have been filled with some man-made substance. I wrote:

The giveaways:

1. The breasts are (as we would expect) noticeably bigger than one would expect for a woman of a given size and shape.

2. The breasts project unnaturally forward instead of sloping naturally downward, and, because the breast is projecting forward, it is clearly delineated from the area of the chest surrounding it, as though there were a visible line circling the breast. It’s just strange and unnatural looking….

… it’s as though there’s a drawn margin circling the breast and forming a distinct boundary between it and the rest of the chest.


The boundary seems to be created by the fact that the breast is being artificially lifted up by the implant, so that instead of the natural curve of the chest flowing into the breast, the breast is standing out from the chest, as though it were an object separate from the chest and attached to it….

Now some people, including some people in this discussion, may look at that photo and think that this is the ideal way that breasts ought to be. I look at it and think this is weird and unnatural. They’re hard looking, as though they were made out of rubber. Whoops, they are.

See the entire thread: “Breast implants—another aspect of our debased culture that conservatives take for granted and never criticize.”

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Thomas Bertonneau writes:

A Google-search for breast implants + suicide revealed numerous findings of correlation, such as the one at this link.

The report never suggests that breast implants are causally related to suicide, but that the subjective perception of a need for cosmetic alteration of the mammaries is tellingly symptomatic of a type of desperation among whose tendencies suicide is one.

LA replies:

How could such a radical expression of alienation from one’s own nature- and God-given body be anything other than suicidal?

LA continues:

Naturally my previous, compressed statement will be misunderstood by some readers. I don’t mean literally and immediately suicidal. I mean an alienation from the basic texture and goodness of life so profound that cultural and personal suicide are the ultimate results.

A female reader writes:

Looking at the article you cite today, by Landesman, with the accompanying photos, I suddenly realized—you can’t get cleavage with artificial breasts! No matter how big, the breasts stand out and stay separate; some women manage to push them closer and get something close to cleavage but not the real thing, that sexy line that comes when natural and reasonably ample breasts are pushed up by a good bra!

Thomas Bertonneau writes:

There is something perverse and even evil about breast implants. They’re a form of scarification, which has also overtaken the cultural scene, even though hardly anyone sees them as scarification. Perhaps because I’ve been reading René Guénon lately, I can’t help but think of all of these things (body piercings, tattoos, fake boobs, and other types of elective cosmetic surgery) as part of the “materialization” of modernity, as life plunges farther and farther from its divine origin.

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