Conservative magazine touts the “newer” feminism

Dan R. writes:

You recently said that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin in their joint appearance in Minnesota were speaking the language of feminism, and lo and behold, what should I just receive in my e-mail tonight but an ad from Newsmax touting its cover story, “The New(er) Feminism,” and proclaiming, “We Had It First” (“Sarah Palin and the New Feminism”). The surrender of conservatism to liberalism continues.

Here is the Newsmax ad Dan sent.

Sarah Palin and the Leaders of the Newer Feminism

They are business executives. Political movers and shakers. Sports icons. Media moguls. They’re the most prominent women who are redefining womanhood in 21st-century America.

From Sarah Palin to Oprah Winfrey to Kathy Ireland to Suzy Welch to Ivanka Trump, these women share several traits: They’re smart, independent, successful, and they’re shaping feminism today—even if it means being a mom and raising kids!

Newsmax magazine’s special report “Sarah Palin and the Leaders of the Newer Feminism” profiles 21 strong women living on their own terms and setting the standard for today’s female.

In Newsmax’s special report, writer S.E. Cupp says that the days of bra-burning, feminist militancy from acolytes of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem who defined womanhood as simply anti-male, are gone.

Today, women as different as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton can claim the feminist mantle.

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This exclusive Newsmax report explores … [you can read the rest of the ad at the linked page.]

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