The most hopeful interpretation yet of the Obamacare decision

In my opinion, Chris K. is far too hopeful in his below comment. I do not believe that the American people are anywhere close to seeing what he thinks they are ready to see. However, if we extend the time dimension, it is possible that the events of this week could be the beginning of a process leading ultimately to the profound change of mind—repentance, metanoia—of which Chris speaks. In that spirit, I post his comment.

Chris K. writes:

As disastrous as these two decisions are for America, there is a small upside. Traditionalists have been vindicated. There are two roads before us: a return to tradition, or more liberalism. The slower liberalism of phony conservatives like George W. Bush, John Roberts, George Will, etc. is laid bare for all to see. I was listening to some standard Republican talk radio today, just to hear what the reaction would be. Uniformly it was despair. I am unhappy with the decisions, as any sane person should be. However, it makes it clear that the United States is a bureaucratized dictatorship run by a ruling caste of Leftists on one side and moderate/conservative Eloi on the other. It also makes clear the contempt the Supreme Court and the president have for ordinary language, the law, and the Constitution.

Perhaps now that our true state as a nation has been clarified, the average small business owner will begin to see that traditionalism is the only alternative available to him. If just one of any number of traditionalist ideas were in force in society, these decisions would not have been made.

For example:

  • Women would not have the artificially expanded role they have in public life, and therefore these decisions would not have been made, nor would the issues have been wrongly decided in Congress.

  • There would not be 30 million Hispanics in the U.S. who had to be placated with a Hispanic Supreme Court justice and pro-illegal alien votes in Congress.

  • Non-productive and criminal black people would not have the vote, and therefore blacks would not be able to elect the 40 or so Black Caucus members who are committed anti-American socialists.

If America is ever to recover from the nearly mortal blows of the last week, it must be as a traditionalist, federal republic. The choices have always been a return to traditionalism or the death of America. Now it should be obvious to everyone.

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